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Friday, June 30, 2017

America's "Fear" of Sharia?

 It's real. So is sharia.

FEAR sharia?! It's a baseless fear but it's not "silly" to fear it. Sharia is the bogeyman of intolerance. It's a compilation of ancient, warped, mindless, idiotic, bestial practices and beliefs designed to beat down those who are being governed by it. To instill fear into those who must abide by it.

The fear of sharia holds some merit to those who are weak.

Americans have no real need to fear sharia. We shouldn't fear sharia but some of us do... more and more by the year.

America is a republic. We live by a Constitutional Law that's deeply rooted in Common Law. The law of the people, of the land. A law that was created by the people, for the people. A fair and just law.

Nope, there's no need to fear sharia but it happens. That fear.


From the Gatestone Institute, Giulio Meotti Calls The Rest Of Us Westerners Out!

 It's a good read. The article's something we have to read. It's something we recognize daily yet refuse to accept, avoid discussing.

The pattern's there. It's all about complacency, ultra-liberalism, tolerance, acceptance of those who wish to destroy us, our culture, our morals, our country. We see it, we live it, we interact with it yet we continue to deny it's happening.

Are we simply too tired, too wimped out to defend ourselves these days?

We're doing this to ourselves. We have no one else to blame but us, each other. The very freedoms we have remaining are being diluted as we speak. Watered down. Stripped from us, our lives! We're tolerating, enabling, accepting those who are intolerant of us. We're enabling those who seek our demise.

We're doing this to ourselves and we're too tired to care! Or are we?


So much for raising the minimum wage, eh! Seattle!

Remember that "thorough study" conducted by the government, the socialists, the flaming liberals and other Seattle politicos regarding raising the minimum wage in Seattle, Washington and setting an example to the rest of the nation, the world? Remember their promises to the masses of potential employees? Those promises of more money, more employment, more hours, more opportunities, happy days and a brighter future?

Well dayum! Who'da thunk it?!  "UW study finds Seattle's minimum wage is costing jobs".

Things just aren't going as well as we were told they would go in that there Seattle area. It seems since the minimum wage in Seattle, Washington was increased those involved in the industrial, employer, employee relationships are reaping the "rewards" of socialism, communism.

Leave it to Seattle's socialist city government to demand the industrial triggers, business owners, employers control and worker incentives be taken under the pretext of "equality in the workforce".

Leave it to that same Seattle's socialist city government to assign guv'ment mandates, sanctions, control, oversight to those very same businesses, industries, employers who've made Seattle the Northwest industrial giant it once was and you'll find a reduction in the quality of goods produced, the quantity of goods produced, an increase in the costs of goods sold and a disgruntled work force at best.

The overall employee, employer, customer, investor loyalty situation has become a whole new issue for Seattle and it ain't for the better. The Seattle, Washington socialist, communist "experiment" has played out exactly as many of us thought it would.

Some say "give it more time".

When the plane's in a downward, out of control spiral... when the ship's taking on water, time is of the essence! As a business owner you can't count on buying more time. You have to fix the problem and level things out again.

Seattle's businesses are doing what they need to do to maintain their level of profit, at least.


Thanks to the Seattle Times for generating the article in the link above.

Monday, June 26, 2017

YouTube and Google. Are they the daesh terrorists latest accomplices to share islamic terror?

Google and YouTube. They are evidently two other outlets that provide a platform for ISIS, ISIL, daesh... ISLAM. Let's call them daesh. These daesh animals, they're proud of their slaughter of innocents.

These videos, this information comes to us compliments of You Tube, Google and islam, the religion of peace. All acting in concert.

You Tube  and Google terror. A place to show the world what terror looks like.

I'm not thinking this islam stuff is all as peaceful as it's been cracked up to be. Not at all! Not nearly!

But then again, I'm a Western Christian, educated man with Western values. I have a profound appreciation of humanity and support a deserved peace. Evidently YouTube and Google don't. They're making too much blood money from daesh, et. al. to evidently give a damn about humanity.


The Ten Commandments! It created a path of resistance for islam.

muslims, daesh... they have no intention of sharing our world. They're whole ideology is to dominate it, us. Anything that's not islam. 

islam, muslims... they're inclined to see our destruction or to see us converted. There's no middle ground. Their claim of being the oldest "religion" is baseless and they know it.

"It is hard to read Islamic law books without concluding that Islamic values are essentially "a rebellion against the Ten Commandments".

So, what's with the "can't we all just get along" charade of yesteryear? Logically, islam follows Christianity and it's effectively argued that "Islam is beyond compatibility with the Western legal system."

In concept, in practice "sharia is not only incompatible with Western legal system but is the direct opposite of Western values; it has violated all ten of the Ten Commandments".

In the conclusion of the above referenced article Nonie Darwish effectively argues that the "fear of sharia is not "silly"; it is probably the most clear-eyed, desperately urgent fear that anyone who cares about freedom can have."


For what it's worth I couldn't agree more! 

The Democrats, the Left they're not our friends.

The left, the liberals in our country? They're not our friends and they don't care to be. They're anti everything proper or so it seems. The left want it their way and ONLY their way NOW or they'll fight to get it later.

Literally "fight" as in destroy lives, property, idiologies, groups to regain control of what they believe should be our destiny!

The Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, hillary clinton and the left's rhetoric is actually dangering the lives of those on the right and those of us who might be hovering in the middle. 

They simply won't allow any other rationale that strays from their beliefs... or so it seems. And they're willing to go to any and all limits to get what they want in spite of what the majority of us in America have told them we want.

The left, the global elite, the world's liberals are on a mission and those of us on the right? Well, we're in their way. They're willing to destroy us to get their way.


SCOTUS supports POTUS Trump's Travel Ban

It's a travel ban and it's for our protection. The demoncrats and the rest of the flaming libs must think bringing folks who want to kill us, want to destroy our existence is a good thing. It's not.

The travel ban that our POTUS Donald J. Trump proposed has been upheld by the SCOTUS.

Parts of it anyways.

That's a start!

POTUS Trump is doing nothing more than trying to make our country safe again. And the left runs amok, compromising our safety, security for their political gain.

Ban travel from those countries who wish to destroy us. PERIOD. If their citizens wish refuge and seek refuge then let's help them refuge safely in place in their own countries!

Or at least their own REGIONS of the world.


The "new" SCOTUS and our Second Amendment.

And yet another disappointment comes from SCOTUS.

SCOTUS? It hasn't changed all that much, yet!

Justice Thomas said the failure by SCOTUS to review this and other Second Amendment decisions "reflects a distressing trend: the treatment of the Second Amendment as a disfavored right."

Sunday, June 25, 2017

And meanwhile, in the Phillipines...

...and in particular, in Marawi city.

It appears ISIS, daesh has come to visit during Ramadan.

"The fighting has forced more than 300,000 people to abandon their homes in Marawi and outlying towns and flee to evacuation centers".

So, tell me again why we're supposed to call this blood thirsty cult of islam the "Religion of Peace"? Everywhere it goes it brings killing, mayhem, pain, intolerance and destruction.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/article158025184.html#storylink=cpy

Europe is falling...

...and they're falling fast. They might as well break out their prayer rugs.

It's not official yet but it's appearing more inevitable by the day. And it's not going to change anytime soon!

If only we'd learn from Europe's liberal mistakes... again.


How is islam a religion?

How is islam a religion when a major part of its very design is to destroy all other religions and those who practice them? How is islam a religion when it condones the rapes of men, women, boys and girls? How is islam a religion when it preaches the death or destruction of all things that are not Islamic?

Their "god" is NOT, cannot be my God. Their precious koran, their holy book calls for the annihilation of those who do not believe in their god, their sick, evil practices.

How is this vile cult a religion?! How can islam even remotely be considered a religion?  It isn't! It's a political movement. It always has been!

In our world today we've learned to accept divergent, polar opposite philosophies... beliefs in order to accommodate those who share rights, beliefs that might run contrary to ours. Normally, there's harmony or at least recognition that not all humans are created equal and philosophies, beliefs, morals, norms can and do vary.

We've even gone so far as to protect those whose beliefs are radically different than the "norm" of society, and we should have protected those beliefs. We've learned to accept the divergent practices and move on... a "to each their own" type of mentality.

But not the cult of islam. The cult of islam demands respect, demands superior recognition to those who do not participate in the cult and they pronounce terminal "sentences" on those who dare cross the lines of islum.

The Western society today accepts the fact that homosexuals exist and quite frankly we accept the fact that they have a right to exist. Many of us may disagree with their practices, their behaviors but it's their right so long as those practices, behaviors, etc. do not infringe on the rights of others. We do not punish homosexuals much like homosexuals do not punish us. We all co-exist. As it should be.

Except mooslums. islamists. They punish those who might "violate" their corrupt, misguided, bestial codes with beatings, fines and even death yet they demand protection from our government so they can continue to beat, fine and kill those of us who defy the "words of the koran" of  "allah" or those of us who simply "slander" their precious prophet.

They claim they're the religion of peace but in reality, they're nothing near peaceful.

Islamists punish homosexuals with death, but today “Islamophobia” trumps “homophobia.”

...and we allow this travesty to continue! Muslims?! They DEMAND protection. They DEMAND a higher standard of freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom to practice their cult's rites. They demand SUPERIORITY over the rest of us and our government is giving it to them. Spoon feeding it to them.

Shame on us. We're the hypocrites here. At least daesh, mooslums are bold enough to express that they really don't give a damn what we think about hem. They want what we have.

And we're rolling over, playing dead and letting them take it.


Thanks for the link Dan!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Destroy the U.S.A.! The Mantra of the obama camp!

I won't go so far as to say the destruction of the U.S.A. is the "Mantra of the Democrats" but I will for Obama and his fools.

Obama's camp was full of greedy, seedy, really seditious characters who didn't like our country and/or were "in it" to make a quick buck for themselves. obummer seems to have sought those particular types of character traits for those he chose to surround himself with. They, in turn hired their staff accordingly. Or so it seems.

Another one of that failed POSPOTUS obummer's State Department personnel is nailed for espionage.

A couple of "guilty" verdicts and some executions for treason would help nip this shat in the bud fast!

Here's hoping this maggot, Kevin Mallory, gets his day in court, gets found guilty and gets his just penalty... preferably life imprisonment or death. Depending on the secrets he sold to the Chinese.

It's time for us to take back our country! The "Left" isn't really the "Left" as we once knew it.

They're all about destroying our culture, our republic. They need to be stopped.


Two Mile Sniper Shot?! HELLUVA SHOT!

Our Canadian friends took the trophy back from the British. I don't care how this shakes out. It was a helluva shot!

This two mile sniper shot disrupts a planned assault by daesh. What a helluva shot!

Of course, there's going to be some argument, etc. Nobody likes to give up the crown but either way this shot did its job. It destroyed a murderous animal and disrupted others from carrying out an assault designed to kill and destroy everything in the path of daesh, including Iraqi Security Forces.

Fantastic job!!! An extra applesauce packet for the sniper!


There's a saying, "Ya can't fix stupid".

Nope. Here's proof that you just can't fix stupid! James Jones evidently didn't like Mexicans so he decided to take it on his own to go to a local establishment and shoot up some Mexicans... in Texas.

Needless to say James Jones, the gun wielding, murdering idiot met his match!

This is a couple of days old but hey, good ol' Texas! They know how to handle their active shooters.

Thank the Good Lord that we still have our second amendment, our right to bear arms and to defend ourselves in this wonderful United States Of  America!

Thank you Texas! And thank you to the Good Samaritan who reacted properly and eliminated the threat.

Oh, and thanks for this one too Dan.


Friday, June 23, 2017

Another mysterious political death and we're surprised, WHY?

 Here's another link forwarded to me by Dan from Montana. Can we say "DUH"? I mean, he snitches off the DNC info, he goes missing and now he's... well, you read about what his status is. You can find a nice article written by Prissy Holly in the Freedom Daily.

This isn't one of those "revelations". This was expected and it happened. 

"...An assassination plot on one of their very own people who was getting close to exposing an ENORMOUS scandal on the DNC". I'm sure all of these very recent deaths were accidental or self inflicted or both.

Is the demoncrat party "literally killing off Americans in order to prevent their dirty laundry from being aired to the American public!"?

By the way, what is that clinton clan up to these days?


Our Canadian friends get one helluva "Thank You" for their liberal generosity!

A good friend, Dan from Montana sent this to me today. I thought I'd share it on here for those who might be interested.

So, this is the "thank you" liberals and others can expect for the liberal welcome mat? Well, it just ain't all that much of a "thank you" afterall....

It seems whatever I read about the Western liberal's generosity when it comes to helping those from the cult of islam I find a common thread. Eventual violence, hatred, disdain directed towards those liberals who provided the generous help the muslims so desperately needed when they initially arrived in the affected neighborhoods seems to be the initial "Thank You". Later it's followed by assaults, disparaging remarks and demands for more respect, assistance, demands to convert to islam by the neighborhood's new islamic "neighbors".

I guess if we want to earn our new "neighbors" respect we need to "convert" and become a member of their cult or put up with their hateful ways.

Personally, I don't care if they respect me or not. No disrespect intended, mind you.


Thursday, June 22, 2017

John McCain? He's more that just a RINO...

He's in it for himself.

Remember the "Keating Five"? McCain was in that up to his neck and subsequently became best buds with good ol' George Soros.

About the time McCain was hit up with some allegations re: the involvement with Keating Five he chummed up with ol' George Soros.

We don't need these lifetime politicos in office anymore. McCain is as much of a poster boy for TERM LIMITS as is dingy Chucky Schumer, Patty Murray, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Joe Biden, Maria Cantwell and unfortunately, so many, many, many more of our politicos.

The longer these birds are in the D.C. nest the more power they seem to think they have over us. It's past time we imposed TERM LIMITS for ALL POLITICOS!


Thanks to THE DAILY CALLER for the story!

SAY WHAT???!!! "CORRUPT MOTIVE"?! What is that???!!!

"Corrupt Motive"?!! Can we use "corrupt motive" criterion for prosecuting members of congress, other politicos too?! How about the press?!

This is absurd!

If anyone should have been prosecuted for "corrupt motive" it should have been Bill or even Hillary Clinton, that failed POSPOTUS obummer and many, many other politicos first!

This is one helluva reach but it does show how angry the left is at us for putting a halt to their march towards socialism, tyranny!

How about we, the people file "malicious prosecution" charges against the members of congress?


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Are Our Politicos Trying To Control Our Freedom Of Speech Rights?


Yep, I'd say they are. They're catering to those who wish to destroy us rather than those of us who wish to protect what we have.

The muslims, daesh... they're winning the votes of our politicos in the name of political correctness in spite of us, the citizens, our safety, our existence as we know it.

Our politicos are willing to throw us, our rights under the bus in order to ensure they're being wholly politically correct to those who seek to destroy us. They want to make us a North American caliphate. Or so it seems.


Racist professor gets jerked from teaching for awhile at least.

The school must be pretty liberal to not fire the woman after the race baiting rant she went on. I mean, if I did this I'd have been not only fired but disgraced and banned by the whole "higher education" community.

She hasn't been. Instead she's been suspended.

Oh, but wait. She's a liberal , BLACK "professor"!

That makes a difference I guess. She'll probably be back from the suspension. And when she returns she can rant and rave all she wants to re: black lives matter and their ban on allowing whites to attend the BLM functions including at least the black lives matter’s all-black Memorial Day celebration. I'm pretty sure that if they allow her to return (and they most likely will to avoid a lawsuit) she'll pretty much have a free rein to say what she wants.

I guess this racism claim seems to only go one way. Black lives matter but white lives? Nahh. Not so much.


Bill Clinton's alleged son Danney Williams comes forward on Father's Day!

Is Danney Williams a "love child" of Slick Willy's? 

Oh, and the accompanying photo in Danney's tweet of "their" (Bill and the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, hillary's) daughter Chelsea is remarkable too. 

Either way, it's nice to see Danney wished Bill a "happy Father's Day".



Get the United States OUT of the United Nations!!!

"Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned the Trump administration on Tuesday that if the United States disengages from many issues confronting the international community it will be replaced..."

Good! We can get rid of the leaches. If they're so inclined to kick us out then let's get our country OUT of the UNITED NATIONS ourselves! Let's not wait for them to do our job for us. Let's divorce ourselves from that group of fat cat politicos.

And while we're at it let's get the United Nations out of our country NOW!

We don't want them, we don't need them, we shouldn't have them in our country. We know who our friends are and we know who our enemies are. This United Nations farce? The vast majority of them, they're not our friends!

So I say to hell with those foreign fat cats trying to call us out!

YES! PLEASE! Move along without us. Move along without the United States of America. Just get your sorry, self serving, back stabbing, parasitical asses out of our country, out of our future!

Move along now. Don't let us delay your hue and cry for kicking us out of your self serving, quasi criminal organization.


ISIS, daesh is cheated... again.

The Free Burma Rangers in Mosul... On the battlefield, praying to God yet, baited by daesh. Pinned down inside of an insane daesh kill zone, the dead and wounded piling up all around them. They make the rescues they set out to make without losing a soul of their own.

Men, women and children were saved while daesh tried to prevent their rescues. It's a daily happening from what I've read so far regarding that insane war "over there". It's humanity, decency, God fearing people against daesh, ISIS, ISIL... the very soldiers of hell themselves. daesh, ISIS, ISIL... islam. The spawn of hell.

Let there be no mistake about it, God does listen and will provide.


Thanks to 1776 Christian for this true story!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

They may be in jail but they're human...

This makes my day a better day. This article...

6 prisoners make good of a bad situation.

If it wasn't for these six prisoners their guard might be dead today. I love these types of real life stories. Thank the good Lord for those six men who didn't hesitate on saving the man's life and hanging around until medical help arrived.

Abbas and the Palestinian Authority appears to be condoning the killing of Jews.

Abbas and the rest of the Palestinian Authority fatcats are having a field day making fools of the United States and those European countries who continue to fund them.

Which begs the question...

Why are we funding Abbas and the Palestinian authority? They certainly aren't our friends!

They're celebrating the slaughter of a young, a 23-year-old Israeli Border Police officer (Hadas Malka) in Jerusalem on June 16. They're calling it "an act of "heroism" which proves that the "revolution against the Zionist entity will continue until the liberation of Palestine, from the (Mediterranean) sea to the (Jordan) river."

And they're "accusing Israel of committing a "war crime"" by killing the three terrorists who killed Officer Malka and prevented a larger attack.

Abbas, his ilk, the PA... they  wanted more. 

And we continue to fund this murdering, ruthless, demonic horde of cowards.


Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Germans. They See Their Foot... and Shoot Their Foot. They can't control their latest invaders.

How ironic is this...

The very rules established and the very laws adopted by post war Germany are biting them in their arses. Many of those laws were self imposed and many of those laws were internationally imposed. Either way, they've become wholly inept at combating the influx of mideastern, islamic criminals. Gangs, cartel's, consortiums... whatever you want to call groups of daesh, of muslims, islamists in Germany are running amok. German citizens are not safe.

Or so it appears from the international news reports. They're going the way of France and beyond.


Will the state of Illinois file for bankruptcy?

Being as we, as a nation are discussing Puerto Rico's bid for Statehood and the argument that one of the disqualifiers for Puerto Rico's statehood could be "bankruptcy" I thought the following would be a great time to post some very recent information about Illinois. You know, that FAILED POSPOTUS obama's self declared "HOME" state...

Are they going to file for bankruptcy? It looks like they might and quite frankly I believe they should... then they can be "reduced to a territory" just like Puerto Rico is now! That would be an appropriate fit for Raum Emanuel, obummer, democrats, RINOs, socialism, et. al.

Even the republicans have a hand in the failures of Illinois' government. After all, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.


Why Puerto Rico should never become a state in the United States of America.

Or so the political discussion goes. At least one side of it.

The fine citizens of Puerto Rico want statehood but here's some of the reasons our stuff shirt politicos are claiming they shouldn't be allowed to get what they want. According to our politicos Puerto Rico has a faltering economy, would most likely be a burden on the United States and it has exhibited a pattern of failed leadership.

These are cited as a few of the reasons Puerto Rico doesn't qualify for statehood, or so we're told.

Sound familiar?

Can we say California, New York, Illinois, Virginia, West Virginia... several other states who came close to having, have or at one time have had one or more of these problems throughout their existence as a state and/or as a territory. I can name several but that's not the issue here. The issue is Puerto Rico and statehood.

The citizens of a United States Territory, Puerto Rico voted for statehood. Well, let's say the overwhelming majority of those Puerto Ricans who voted, voted for statehood. The vast majority of those who voted!

But in all fairness a vast majority of Puerto Ricans didn't vote.

Either way, I don't see much of a difference between what is, what was and what's desired in acquiring statehood in the United States of America and what most, if not all of the previous "Territories" brought to the table when they applied and subsequently were accepted as a state.


The "Hearing Protection Act" and our firearms!

Thanks to Dan Thares for sharing this information with me. You can find Dan on Facebook if you're one of those who use Facebook. Hit him up with a friend's request and go from there. Dan and I used to share a lot of comments, articles and information on Facebook when I was there. Today we do it via email.

Here's what he sent me...

The "Hearing Protection Act" provision was added to the much larger Natural Resources Bill on June 14th.

We need to ensure this gets through congress with an approval. It addresses the protection and preservation of hearing for those of us who have some semblance of hearing left and those generations who follow ours. Suppressors suppress sound. If I had access to suppressors when I was younger I'd have used them personally and throughout my career.

If I did I'd still have most, if not all of my hearing to this day.

The article in The Truth About Guns discusses some topics very near and dear to those of us who believe in preserving what's left of our hearing, our ability to hear AND our gun rights. If you're a gun owner, understand our Second Amendment rights (at least), believe in our country and want to protect, preserve it AND your hearing while exercising your second amendment rights then you'll know what we're talking about.

Also, while you're over at the Truth About Guns site give it a good read and sign on if you get the urge. It's good information. Great folks!


It's a HUNG JURY!!

This Bill Crosby trial!

A MISTRIAL! There must have been some fans of his in that jury.

Either way, the civil remedies quite often tend to be far more devastating and justified than the criminal remedies at times like this.

He may not go to prison but he probably won't have a home to go to when it's all over and done. The preponderance of the evidence is far less of a challenge to prove than the "beyond a reasonable doubt" trigger that determines whether there will be a criminal conviction or not.

Dissenting jurors dissent for a number of reasons including appropriateness of the charges, uncertainty, collusion, belief of innocence, lack of evidence, tampering, credibility of witnesses, race, religion, political affiliations, etc.

Who knows what happened in this "Cosby Trial".


Voter Fraud! It's rapidly becoming the new Democrat (not so) secret weapon.

Yup. There's organized voter fraud in the demoncrat ranks.

In Indiana alone the "Patriot Majority, USA", a political group "associated" (wink-wink) with the demoncrat party allegedly did whatever they had to do “to obtain their quota by any means necessary.” Which, evidently included providing fraudulent "voter" information and alleged manipulation of voter information to their party and the public.

Thanks to the Tea Party Network, Biz Pac Review and the Chicago Tribune for this timely information.


Friday, June 16, 2017

USA discusses migrant resettlement with Australia?!

Why in the hell would we want another thousand or so of the very type of folks who declared war on us and are still battling us on the battlefields?

Not so fast!!!

This just doesn't smack with something that sounds even remotely appropriate. This "group", this "religion", this cult has declared war on us. We have been battling them throughout the globe and even though there's those of them who say they're not at war with us well, they're doing absolutely nothing to prevent it.

At least, from where I'm standing. If I'm wrong please send me some legitimate, convincing links to real information that suggests otherwise.


We need to face terrorism and exterminate it!

This should be a given... A civilized, reasonable, sane society should not embrace nor enable terrorists, terrorism or those who wish to destroy them! Yet, too many nations suggest we be more accommodating to these "extremist" groups, these "terrorists"!

This should not be happening!

"The right place for a terrorist is a prison cell. The right place for a foreign terrorist is a foreign prison cell far away from Britain."... or any other country that won't tolerate terror.

Identify, arrest, detain and if applicable destroy any domestic or foreign terrorists encountered. If they're foreigners, deal with them accordingly and in the most practical way, erring in favor of the general public!


Failed Leadership begets Public Unrest!

In the world of the Palestinian Authority "democracy and freedom of expression and the media are non-existent!"

Under PA and Hamas rule things are even more ruthless. The Palestinian Authority and Hamas rule with an iron fist and will continue to rule with that iron fist until they're either replaced or until Hamas ceases to exist entirely.

From the article:

"...Abu Oun was arrested for posting similar criticism of Hamas on Facebook. Earlier, Hamas also arrested journalists Nasr Abu Foul, Ahmed Qdeih and Hazem Madi on charges of publishing "fake news" and "spreading rumors." Their real crime: posting critical comments about Hamas on social media. Later, Hamas also arrested political activists Mohammed al-Tuli and Amer Balousheh for the same reason.

Another Palestinian journalist from the Gaza Strip who has fallen victim to Hamas's crackdown on freedom of expression is Fuad Jaradeh, a correspondent with Palestine TV. Hamas security officers arrested Jaradeh after raiding his home in the Tel al-Hawa suburb of Gaza City and confiscating his laptop and mobile phone. His family says he was arrested only because of his critical postings on Facebook against Hamas."

I don't see things changing for the Palestinians anytime soon unless they bring the change on themselves.


I love it when ISIS and the Taliban fight each other...

...it's a "win-win" for the civilized world.

Tora Bora falls from taliban hands into isis hands, or does it? You decide.

Neither side can ever seem to be able to tell the truth.

Both of these factions have been seeking some semblance of recognition since, well, forever!

They almost attained that "recognition" over the past eight years of the previous regime but that's water under the bridge now. The POSPOTUS obummer had his hands full trying to deal with that "junior varsity" squad and trying to socialize our republic. Thank God he failed in his little "socialism" attempt.

Now with our real, non-politico POTUS Donald J. Trump we might be able to make some progress against daesh under whatever banner they claim or cave they might choose to hide in.


Europe's enabling a replacement population.

And it's not European.

Europe is transforming before our very eyes. It's willingly opened its arms to wholesale change. Seemingly accepting history for what it was and moving forward down a separate path from that storied history. It's a path that appears to be totally foreign to all things European

Or so it seems.

In a short period of time (historically) all of Europe will be inhabited by approximately 37% non-European "immigrants".

And they're doing this to themselves. WHY?


The escaped Georgia COP KILLING convicts were captured.


In Tennessee, by an armed homeowner...

And the government wants to strip us of our firearms, our guns!

But there's more...

...and here's an AP story of the capture. It's a bit more detailed.

Without this alert Tennessee homeowner being armed he and his family might not be here today. Two cop killing, murdering bastards are off of the streets now and hopefully heading for Georgia's death row.

Let's just say it's a great day to be an American. An armed American. Second Amendment Rights! LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! We have a right to protect ourselves, our family, one another.


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Damn, this Kamala Harris politico is annoying!

I guess Kamala Harris just can't help herself. She's a flaming liberal, bitch!

Or so it seems.

She has no intention of allowing others to answer the questions she's asking. Especially if their answers aren't the answers she wants to hear.

Time for Term Limits for sure! How long has this bag been in office?


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Politicos will use anything to separate us from our guns.

I can't believe this crap! Now they're attacking our Second Amendment rights, AGAIN!!!

McAuliffe's insane! As the demoncrats say, never let a good crisis go to waste! So he's being true to his party.

It's called the Second Amendment! Get over it guv'nor McAuliffe. He's so incensed on separating us from our firearms that he'll tell outlandish lies and embellish whatever he can to try to take away our guns.

Here's his latest idiotic statement..."we lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence". McAuliffe was going to let it hang out there as a "factoid" until a reporter suggested he might have padded the number a bit... actually quite a bit!

Virginia! Do something. This McAuliffe guy needs to retire. Help him do that. Enforce the laws that are already have on the books. Don't legislate more and don't mess with our Second Amendment rights!


Kamala Harris?! Who the hell is she?!

Harris wouldn't pause long enough to let our AG Jeff Sessions respond to her loaded, ridiculous questions. Who the hell is she anyways?

I watched this "exchange" between AG Jeff Sessions and this Harris clown. She appeared to have no idea what she was asking, she blatantly admitted her ignorance and the fact that she wasn't prepared for the interview and she, in the end made an absolute fool of herself.

Harris needs to allow time for the "respondent" to "respond" when she poses a question to the "respondent".

Nope. Harris was on here high horse and had that high horse pulled out from underneath her. She fell flat on her face during the "questioning" of Honorable AG Jeff Sessions.

She's a fool at least! She proved that yesterday at the hearings.

I do love Honorable AG Jeff Sessions statement to her though when she asked one of many questions in a tirade, early in the questioning. She asked Honorable AG Jeff Sessions a rather unhinged question and Sessions replied with "before I can answer that we have to understand the principal..." as she angrily interrupted him with "I don't care about any principal. I want an answer to my question."

Honorable AG Jeff Session then responded to her while she was still ranting. He told her "Well, if you don't understand principal then we have nothing to discuss here" (sic) or something to that effect. She was speechless for a couple of seconds then she went on a full blown vent or rant, wholly failing to let our Honorable AG Jeff Sessions respond to any of her questions. He just looked at her and openly laughed.

At that point she was interrupted and silenced by the Committee's chair.

It was obvious to me AG Sessions hit a nerve of hers and she went off. What wasn't so obvious is that she understood what he said to her when he did answer her.

What she should be thankful about is that finally,  someone with far more intelligence and common sense put an abrupt end to her nonsensical banter.


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

This Heinrich idiot needs to listen carefully to the answers to his friggin' questions!

AG Jeff Sessions testifies re: the Russian witch hunt by the dems. Heinrich didn't like the answers so he cried foul!

New Mexico Sen. Martin Heinrich (D) has been schooled. He put on a show re: the demoncrats Russian witch hunt and got schooled by AG Jeff Sessions. Heinrich was reduced to a name calling, accusatory, finger pointing, threatening, blubbering fool.

This is a travesty. And it's going to continue until we, the citizens demand an end to this crap.

Our politicos need to move on. Neither a Republican nor a Democrat was elected as the President Of The United States in 2016. Nope. A non-partisan, politically inexperienced, non-politico American citizen was elected as POTUS!

Get Over It! The very crap we're experiencing as fallout from the election is why we made the choice we made last November. We don't want any more wholly partisan hacks!



Big Brother? Well, they're still watching us.

...and sharing information with other countries re: purchase of firearms, ammunition and accessories.

Australian citizens "gave up" their guns awhile ago... officially. They're not "gun free" but they are legally "gun free".

On that note, our wonderful government is feeding the Australian government information relating to the online, mail order or other material purchases of firearms related products such as muzzle breaks, solvent traps, etc. This information is used by the Australian government to follow up on the leads and track products used to care for firearms, modify them or create/modify them.

As mentioned, firearms ownership is illegal in Australia, for the most part.

By way of identifying firearms related products being purchased and shipped to Australians the Australian government can establish a bona fide argument relating to illegal weapon possession by the recipient. The information could lead and does lead to the search of residences, seizure of "contraband" and imprisonment of citizens for illegal possession of firearms, at least.

And our "big brother" government is monitoring those purchases.

So yes Dorothy, we are being monitored. Don't think for a second we aren't.


Megyn Kelly. She just doesn't get it...

It appears she'll cater to conspiracy theorists to get a gig. And it cost her a gig.

I don't like Megyn Kelly, didn't like her on FOX News and don't like her anywhere else. I don't dislike her either. I'm simply non-committal re: her reporting, her style, her attitude, etc. Personally I could care less what she thinks or says. She's a "news" hack... nothing more, nothing less and she's not all that good at hacking the news, at least in my opinion.

I prefer not to watch her.


North Korea's trying to warm our relations?

U.S. Student prisoner in North Korea has been released. He's been in a coma for over a year.

The U.S. student Otto Warmbier who was arrested in 2016 by North Korean authorities has been released from his 15 yrs. hard labor sentence and will be returning home today according to authorities at the State Department.

It's been reported that Otto Warmbier's been in a coma for the past year. There's no information available to the public to date as to what might be the cause Otto Warmbier's coma.

Warmbier was reportedly detained by the North Koreans in 2016 because he "stole a poster".


It must be nice to be well connected to a politico in the good ol' U.S. of A.

They ARE untouchable, or so they think. And why wouldn't they think they weren't.

Our guv'ment in this country has become an aristocracy of sorts. They're above the law. I used to say they "think" they're above the law but that's not true anymore.

They ARE above the law unless we take action. As long as we allow crap like this to continue then our politicos and their ilk will continue to take advantage of us and what we're letting them get away with.

The laws should be applied appropriately and in accordance to the law, not the perpetrator or the perpetrators family or political connections.

This is yet another travesty of justice in favor of affluence and influence by a relative of an established, well known politico.


But Wait A Minute!!!

I thought Comey DID say our POTUS Donald J. Trump was "investigated" and the notes of the "investigation" were hand delivered to Comey's friend that had solid contacts in the mainstream media! You mean there's even MORE LIES! coming out of the left's camp!

Oh, wait. Those were nothing more than "memorandum of interview" notes. After the fact. In the backseat of his limo on the way back to his office. There must be a federal distinction between the two.

I've been told there are, there appears to be a distinction so I guess there is. Kinda...

You know those feds. They're like a poorly hooked worm at a fishing hole. They'll do, say anything to get off of the political hook. But that's usually after they'll do, say anything to get the goods they need to preserve themselves. I can't say I blame them for doing that. Besides, the higher they get the farther they have to fall.

Comey was near the top.

But my perspective? I mean, in my professional past when I started asking detailed question and engaged in detailed discussions regarding matters at hand relevant to potential criminal acts or breaches of moral character I tended to call that "investigating".  When I made detailed notes of those discussions and copied those notes and stored or otherwise maintained those notes for any potential future reference then I was wholly in an investigative mode.

It sounds much the same as what Comey did during and after he met with our POTUS Donald J. Trump. He admitted that he memorialized and detailed his discussion(s) with our POTUS Donald J. Trump then committed those discussions to writing and/or recordings. He also passed off a copy of those "notes", "records of information", etc. to a "friend" who was personally selected by Comey because the "friend" had connections with the media and could get the information "out" to the media.

But there's subtle changes to Comey's story-(ies) every time I read or hear them. Either way it all adds up to copious amounts of lies to me. From everywhere!

This is American politics at large here, folks.


POTUS Donald J. Trump was not being investigated!

Per disgraced and fired FBI Director James Comey.

Our POTUS Donald J. Trump, who was recently elected by the American people, was not OFFICIALLY being investigated by the FBI or our recently fired FBI Director James Comey, according to Comey.

But it now appears our POTUS Donald J. Trump actually was being investigated... By Comey.

It's also been revealed to us that our self serving, self important, disgraced-failed-fired FBI Director James Comey leaked a whole bunch of classified, sensitive information to "a friend" who happened to have copious amounts of influence in the mainstream media circles. Comey intentionally copied and knowingly released the information he'd compiled regarding the President Of The United States of America, Donald J. Trump to the "friend" with the sole purpose that the "friend" would get the information "out".

And the friend (or someone) did.

Comey should be in prison pending trial. Why isn't he being held in jail with no bail right now?


Islamists run amok in France... against the Jews.

And the French watch and do nothing.

"None of the French organizations supposedly combatting anti-Semitism talks about Muslim anti-Semitism: therefore, none of them combats it. Talking about Muslim anti-Semitism on French territory can lead one to criminal court."

You could be charged criminally for openly discussing the muslim anti-Semitism that's blatantly occurring on French soil.

Nah, France isn't an independent nation. They're dependent and they're becoming more dependent on mooslums, daesh daily! So they'll protect the hands that feed them even if those hands are feeding them shat.


Monday, June 12, 2017

The last post of the evening. It's about the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, hillary clinton and more of her web of lies.

The Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, hillary clinton was caught lying again... or should I say still.

We already knew she lied to us just about every time she opened her mouth but this just helps nail down the allegations even more. She's better than any habitual liar I've ever witnessed in my life. She's probably one of the best. Her and slick willy, that alleged pedophile and pervert husband of hers.

I guess this isn't news, it's just old stuff we already new but have had corroborated via public records, etc.

Thank you Judicial Watch for the great information on hillary's lies, suspended sanctuary city reports and the most recent Veteran Affairs lawsuit.

Good stuff!


Europe's going insane!

Europe is evidently choosing to destroy themselves.

"It would simply never in a million years have occurred to the authors of the original Convention on Human Rights that it would one day end up in some form being used as a justification to stay here by individuals who are a danger to our country and our way of life."

But it is being used as that justification. And will continue to be used as that justification until something is done about it... or until it's too late.


Is statehood the next step?

Well, 97% of those who voted want STATEHOOD for PUERTO RICO!!!

But only 27% of eligible voters voted. The rest were working or celebrating on the beach, etc. So, according to the opposition for statehood a true majority of the people weren't represented by the 97% "YES FOR STATEHOOD" vote. And it appears they have a valid argument.

Providing the representatives of Puerto Rico in dissent can convince those in Washington D.C. that the majority of the people opposed the idea simply by not voting at all. They'll be traveling to Washington D.C. shortly to make their argument. It's all coming down to the Puerto Rico delegation making an argument via the Tennessee Plan to our Legislators, et. al. in Washington D.C.

Add another star to our Stars and Stripes? That might be an uphill battle.


Germany's sex crimes continues to climb

Germany's migrant sex crimes double...

You reap what you sow Europe!

Problems with the "Comments" section!

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I was informed by several folks that the blog isn't accepting comments. I did a quick review and found the blog is still accepting comments but due to some filters we need to go through a couple of hoops for Google. It's all associated with SPAM filtering, and if anyone's had a website or blog before you know what I'm talking about.

Several folks wrote to me and said the site doesn't allow for comments because it has the words "No Comments" at the bottom of the page. I do accept comments. The notification simply means there's no comments written in reference to the article yet, not that comments aren't welcomed. They are! It's a Google thing, I can't seem to change it so if someone has any ideas on how to change the verbiage let me know.

Either way, if you want to leave a comment please click on the "No Comments" link at the bottom of the page. It should take you to a link that will lead you to a section where you can leave comments. One of the first things you'll be asked is to "Choose and identity". I suggest if you already have a Google Account (gmail, etc.) then use that. If not and you don't want to create one then use one of the other options.

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Google requires you to login somehow. Either via a google account or several other choices including as an "anonymous" commenter. Personally, if you choose the "anonymous" option then I would at least like to see some sort of linked pseudonym there so I have some way of responding to you. I don't necessarily need your email address but if you want to provide it to me then simply send me an email with it to "ttueoop@yahoo.com". I'll reply to ensure that email works and we can go from there.

The simplest way to respond is to sign up for a "google" email account (it's free) via gmail and let's interact.

Thanks to those who brought this shortcoming to my attention. Like I said, it's been several years since I've actively tinkered with this blog and a lot has changed. I'll get around to figuring it out again.


This is what our mainstream media would have us all believe if they could. We're not THIS stupid!

A shout out and "Thank You" to a good friend for the share. Also, it's been brought to my attention by several folks that the comments section on this blog isn't working. I'm trying to remedy that.
Feel free to send any information via email that you might want posted here and after a review I'll most likely post it.

Thanks in advance!
1618 hrs. 06/12/2017 update. It appears to work fine again. Thanks to "Anonymous" for testing it for me. Let me know if there's any other issues.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Comey's deception isn't over... yet.

The Comey saga ain't going away anytime soon. Comey's (what appears to be) perceived bid to be the next J. Edgar Hoover, spy master, FBI Director extraordinaire seems to have been bumbled and fumbled by his inept handling of the Bureau. That, and including his own inept attempt to cover up his political probe of our newly elected POTUS, Donald J. Trump when our POTUS was campaigning for the Presidency... and after he was elected POTUS.

Comey's like a cat trying to cover it's own shat in the neighbor's vegetable garden.

Comey leaves out the details re: a crucial statement he made. What was the deal he made with Chritopher Steele re: Donald Trump?

I'd like to know myself. It's a critical part of this whole what appears to be abuse of authority by Comey. I'd sure love to know what sweet deal was made with the ex- British spy.

Comey appears to be the latest epitome of failure.


Our POTUS Donald J. Trump is new to politics. He doesn't know any better... yet.

Well, our POTUS Donald J. Trump just had one helluva introduction to Politics 101 and he's still surviving.

Don't think for a moment that the whole political structure in this country isn't being manipulated, affected by the global politico community. It is! The argument is our POTUS Donald J. Trump better be a fast learner or he's going to be gutted and devoured by that global politico community, our politicos included.

Our POTUS Donald J. Trump doesn't know any better. Our POTUS Donald J. Trump isn't a politico, YET. Let's hope it stays that way.

That's why he's saying what's on his mind. That's why he's genuine, direct, frank in his discussions, his reactions. He has no time for the "kinder, gentler, more sensitive" approach. He calls things as he seems things and if he's wrong he'll back up, regroup and attempt to make it right.


But the existing politicos... locally, nationally and globally... well, they won't give him a second's notice before they pounce on him.

If I were the POTUS I'd wear their angst, their banter, their disdain, their lack of trust in him as a badge of honor. They're blatantly admitting that our POTUS Donald J Trump has no experience re: being a thief, a liar, a malcontent, a blight on society, a self serving public leach... I could go on but you get the idea.

They're admitting that POTUS Donald J. Trump doesn't know his way around the politico arena... locally, nationally or globally.

Hell! Trump said that himself!!! He told us that up front!

They're admitting that our POTUS Donald J. Trump isn't a member of their precious sorority, their "all about me" club. They're admitting that our POTUS Donald J. Trump doesn't fit in with them and their needs, wants, greeds. He doesn't share their lust for power, authority.

Nope. They're admitting that our POTUS Donald J. Trump is, well... just one of us... but with a helluva lot more money than us, as individuals. Which, quite frankly is why I voted for him. He was by far, without any doubt the best choice for me to make of the last two standing. He is just one of us...

Naivety, gut reaction, logic, experience and frankness seems to be the order of the day for our (so far) non-politico POTUS Donald J. Trump. I find that refreshing... refreshing as all get-out.


Comey! Did he violate the Espionage Act?

Comey Admits He Provided Classified Documents To A "Friend" For Future Release...

Giving detailed personal notes relating to a classified discussion with the President Of The United States... notes made subsequent to and regarding an in depth discussion of classified foreign and domestic issues... giving those notes, copious amounts of notes to a personal "friend"... an associate of the "press" with the expressed order to "get these out"... well, isn't that a violation of the Espionage Act?

I mean, I'm no lawyer. I'm certainly not a politico so I wouldn't even begin to know how those breeds would classify or better yet "justify" this treasonous act by Comey. But simple me, I believe it would be a violation of the act.

Though I'm sure there's going to be a whole lot of word and "legal definition" wrestling that will occur before this whole situation is resolved, if it's ever resolved. And you can throw out the "partisan" argument. As a whole, there's virtually no difference between today's republicans and democrats other than party name. 

For the most part our politicos are not "there" to serve "us". They're there to serve themselves, their party, their handlers. Not us.


Washington State! Keep Our Public Lands Open For Shooting!

Washington State Department of Natural Resources Wants To Add MORE Regulations To Regulate Our Forest Lands.

To "WaDNR", the Washington State Department of Natural Resources,

We, the taxpayers pay for our lands that the Department of Natural Resources seems to limit activities on more and more each year. Being as we pay for our lands and are by statute, provided access to, we should be able to recreate on those lands!

DNR, enforce the laws already on the books! Don't create new laws or rules to address "problems" that can be controlled with an effective current, adequate, relevant enforcement of the existing laws.

Return your enforcement focus back to Resource Protection and reduce the "public use" law enforcement emphasis! Far more damage is being done by thefts, fires, illegal/improper resource harvests, etc. than by trail riding, target shooting and campground antics.

You're in the natural resource generation and protection business primarily. Granted, the lands are required to be and should be open for public use. The taxes and fees paid by taxpayers and resource users are more than adequate for the Washington State Department of Natural Resources to effectively maintain and protect the resources as required by the Revised Codes of Washington  (RCW's) and the Washington Administrative Codes (WAC's).

Do your job, don't shut us out. Don't herd us into areas that inhibit relevant, harmless recreational activities. Enforce the laws that are already on the books and adjust the focus of the Department's law enforcement back to protecting the resource, not enforcement of "permit" violations relating to public recreational use.

The reorganization of the Department a decade or two ago shifted the focus of the department from regulation of a mandated function to regulation of a political function.

Return the Department's priorities back to what the Department's mandated functions should be. The protection of our resources, open access to public lands and equal representation to user groups, not what gets folks elected.


Should Puerto Rico Become Our Fifty First State?

Let Puerto Rico Decide If They Want To Be The 51st State.

They're a loyal United States territory. They have been a loyal United States territory for quite some time. Oregon, Tennessee, Alaska, New Mexico... etc. Many of our states were territories once. Puerto Rico has stood by our side throughout history and their citizens are our citizens. I served in the Army with many Puerto Ricans and we called them all American Soldiers. They were, they still are citizens. Very LOYAL citizens I might add. We're one and the same so make it happen formally. If the citizens decide they want to become a state then let's make it happen!

Oh, and about that there "financial situation" they're in? Several states were and some still are in the same or worse financial situations than Puerto Rico's, giddoverit.

If the Puerto Ricans vote to become a state then let's make it happen.


Friday, June 09, 2017

Islam, is it a humane "religion"?

Personally, I have a problem recognizing it as anything "humane", let alone a "religion". 

Pakistani law and muslim "tradition" killed this man!

Non-muslims, kafirs, Christians, other religious sects are not welcome in the muslim world. The cult of islam's insists islamic law be applied to all people, not just those who participate in the cult of islum... especially during the period of ramadan.

Or so it seems.


Obama sent terrorists to Qatar in trade for a traitor.

Obama's 2014 trade for Bergdahl included the release of five daesh terrorists back onto the battlefields to fight against us and our allies.

obummer had to know that was going to happen. He was and still is no friend of us, of our nation.

That POSPOTUS obummer sent terrorists to Qatar to pick up where they left off.

I wish we could turn back time. I'd love to see obummer in prison orange.


Michael (gag!) Moore is out wallowing around again.

Michael (Mikey) Moore set this little knock off of wiki-leaks up for the sensitive, touchy-feely liberals to run to if/when they become offended by that big bad conservative movement out here.

Here's a new hotline for those sensitive libs to go to when they're challenged with reality.

Man, Moore's put on a helluva lot more weight than the last time I saw his photo. Jabba the Hutt would be proud.

This is all another "make money for Mikey" tour trap that many folks will fall into. What a fraud...


Our POTUS was right about pollution...

What's done is done. And quite frankly, I agree with it for whatever that might be worth. The whole "agreement" is a farce. Another hoax perpetuated on us by the likes of Al Gore, et. al.

It's time for those folks to fade away. Their usefulness ended decades ago.


I'm a kuffaar and proud of it!

They don't hide their hatred well. They don't even try to hide their hatred for us kuffaars...

Muslims hate those who won't convert to islam.

This is a great article that truly explains the mentality of the cult of islam. Muslims everywhere ascribe to this belief...

"No one loves the kuffaar! [unbelievers] ... Whether these kuffaar are from the UK, or from the US ... We love the people of Islam and we hate the people of the kufr. We hate the kuffaar. Whoever changes his religion from al-Islam to anything else kill him in the Islamic state..."

But they'll continue to lie (Taqqiyah) to convince you they're your friends.

Until... well, you know the rest. If you don't then perhaps you should read a bit more information and less trash tossed around on the internet.

Thanks for the great, informative read authored by Denis MacEoin that I found at the Gatestone Institute site in the link listed above.


Changes in U.S. Military primary battle weapons?

Is the 5.56 NATO round going away? It might be. Check out this article by Max Slowik in "Guns America".

What are the proposed changes and why?

Here's a hint... innovation in body armor has a lot to do with any potential decisions.

CNN (Clinton News Network?) is really, really getting annoying these days.

Some folks just don't know when it's over.

It's become apparent that CNN, they have no idea when to stop. I actually don't think they realize what they're doing to the CNN network. Given their blind anger, outright hatred for all things conservative they're insisting on staying their failed course of blatant disgust, bias directed towards our newly elected and serving President Of The United States, Donald J. Trump. 

By their very actions they've effectively eliminated themselves from any type of credible "news source" list. As I see it they are and will forever be a failed news source. They've become a typical 24 hrs. one stop shopping gossip rag. 

They're a laughing stock of the "news" industry. They've become so pathetically biased.. 


James Comey was a failed FBI Chief... or did he intentionally "fail"?

Well, word has it that James Comey lied under oath but hey, I'm not following the hearings that much these days simply because they're nothing more than a show, a song and dance. Comey can and most likely will lie all he wants to but nothing will shake out of it. I see little, if any difference between the republicans and the democrats these days other than the fact that the politicos in each party are all about destroying the "other" party... democrats want republicans gone, republicans want democrats gone. Both are liberal as all get out in my book.

Comey was either derelict or he intentionally failed to adequately conclude key investigations as an agent and as the FBI chief.

Comey appears to have been heavily influenced by the likes of Obama, Clinton, Lynch and many, many other politicos who had (and still have) their sights set on the final push to bring our nation to its knees and make our republic a socialist state.

He and the rest of the politicos almost pulled it off were it not for the true power of the vote by the people!


Thursday, June 08, 2017

This explains a lot about my several Facebook experiments.

It didn't work well for me. Farcebook and I parted ways... a couple of times.

Facebook's being called out, again.

The Farcebook crowd controls the timelines not you and they're not accepting of truth that runs against their preferences, their established (biased as all get out) standards. But then again, it is their corner of the internet and they do "own" your timeline, like it or not.

Trust me, I know. I can't recover anything from those timelines I've left behind after having been shut out. Looking back on it though I look at those closures, those shuns as blessings in disguise in a way. I've had this blog up and running for over a decade and have revisited it from time to time if for no other reason but to dust it off and make a post or two.

Now, after this last Farcebook episode I'm wholly committed to "keep on keeping on" with Blogger and this blog.

Good luck to those fellow Facebook folks out there I got to know over the past couple of years. Here's hoping your posts are more tolerated by that crowd than mine were.

Or not. If not, c'mon over to Blogger and drop me your url.

Islam's month of Ramadan, 2017.

The month of Ramadan. If you're one of that Religion of Peace crowd you're setting new records. It evidently is going well for them and just might be a new record of accomplishments.

They must be proud. The appeasers in Europe have given them incentive.

Check it out!

They're on a roll. Yeah, right. Religion of peace my arse!

It's beyond me how folks can condone this B.S. and even worse, how they can call it a "religion"! But then again, I'm a pork chop munching, bacon loving infidel and am very proud of that fact.


America doesn't scare.


We have a true patriot in charge again.

We don't scare. We won't be bullied. We are citizens of the United States of America! We might argue amongst ourselves, we might err in favor of good but we will not allow foreigners to terrorize us. We may grieve but we won't grieve forever, we do prepare and we will not be scared into submission.

General Mattis tells it like it is, as usual.

There will be nowhere to hide and we will not be intimidated nor will we be tolerant of attacks on our soil or against our citizens anywhere. We will not apologize for our freedoms, our republic, our way of life nor will we apologize for defending those freedoms, our republic, our way of life.

Think about it...


History, Precedent and Comey Statement Show that Trump Did Not Obstruct Justice

I'm borrowing this from the Gatestone Institute's website! One of my favorite reads.

History, Precedent and Comey Statement Show that Trump Did Not Obstruct Justice


A Democrat and Republican hit on our POTUS compares to the WATERGATE scandal?! No Way!

Let's be fair, this is not all things demoncrat, these POTUS Trump, Russian collusion allegations floating around. They're nothing more than a hit piece on a non-conforming, non-political, successful businessman who received the majority of the votes to defeat an attempted corrupt government takeover by the left. IMHO

Ya' gotta love Huckabee! He calls them as he sees them...

The traditional republicans were as much a part of that leftist conspiracy as the demoncrats were. The voters saw through it. We elected a non-partisan, non-political businessman to do the job for us, not a bought and paid for hack from the global elite.

Personally, I don't want socialism. I'm not a socialist. I don't want everything given to me. I want to be able to pick and choose and if I can afford it, buy it on my own without guv'ment interference. I don't want my children and grandchildren and the following generations to have to cow-tow to politicos for their very existence.

So this most recent hit on our POTUS Donald J. Trump is nothing more than a politico hit. We defeated the global elitists at the polls so they're trying to take down our choice and replace him with one of their own.


Bill Cosby's gonna go down!!!

 I don't know. I watched him throughout my childhood and early adult life and I enjoyed what I saw. He was a very familiar face on our television and was a riot to watch.

Now it looks like he might have been and still is a demon in disguise all the while.

Bill Cosby's a serial rapist? 

The first witness appears very convincing, very genuine and very harmed by what allegedly occurred. Of course, who wouldn't be? True victim's don't act. If what's alleged is true then may Cosby rot in prison! If not then may his accusers be held legally accountable for any harm brought upon Cosby and his family.

Just when you think humanity's about to implode...

Just about the time when I feel there's none, there is hope.

May God Bless and continue to bless these two and those in the world just like them!

I know I vent angst towards those who wish to insult, injure, maim or kill me and those associated with me. I also realize this rock called Earth is a very cruel, seemingly impossible place to navigate through at times as a healthy, able person. I can't imagine what it would be like without my eyesight or other senses. I couldn't even come close to imagining that!

With all of the angst and destruction going on in this world today it's good to see these seemingly simple, genuine acts of kindness happen.

Thank you two whoever you are!


Comey's latest saga... it continues.

Isn't Comey the same Comey who "cleared" slick willy Clinton of wrong doing and, in essence saved his and slick willy's and the demoncrats from assured voter shame?

 Yeah, That's the same Comey.

He lied or at least failed to tell the whole truth and he allegedly was well compensated by not only the Clinton cartel but the demoncrats as well in his previous life as a climbing politico. Or so the story goes.

Now he's smearing a non-politico who has been elected POTUS. Smearing POTUS Donald J. Trump with just enough stench to, well stink just enough to lead one to assume there's something rotten in the Trump camp.

And there is something rotten there. It's the likes of Comey and all of the others when Trump, in a non-partisan way made a politically ignorant gesture and tried to accommodate all walks of the political arena in the new administration. You know, that "bi-partisan" idea.

Republican, demoncrat, communist, socialist, tea party, independent... it makes not difference. They're all organized to protect, defend and provide for themselves, their particular political agendas, NOT us, the voters, the taxpayers, the citizens...