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Monday, April 30, 2007

Straw Poll!

I sure hope this works. Kudo's to you dhimmi-crats. You got me posting this stuff on my blog in spite of you!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

A mix of world news. My tirades for the week of April 28---

The Dhimmi-crats are well on their way to suggesting total, unconditional surrender.

Problem is they can't seem to put their finger on who they want to surrender to and that's a shame.

They've spent weeks, months writing surrender speeches, rehearsing dhimmification ceremonies, running straight pins through the Bush doll to no avail.

Now, when they've finally mastered the art of appeasement, perfected their version of dhimmi-crat cowardice they can't seem to find anyone to surrender to.

According to dhimmi-crat (majority appeaser) Reid, fat cat "let's do business later" Murtha and appeaser of the house Pelosi the war against terrorism is lost.

I guess someone forgot to tell the rest of us. Someone forgot to inform the thousands of citizens in this country, in the world that America lost the war!

If you were here in front of me right now Reid I'd spit in your face. I can't stand fat cats like you, Murtha, Pelosi, Kennedy, etc. who sit on your high horses, preach to everyone else and demand respect.

You get none from me! NONE!

I'm of no consequence to you though. I'm not one of your constituents so my disgust of you and your spineless party falls on deaf ears. However, there is Patty Murray and Maria Cant"-do-anything-"well, both dhimmi-crats who are affected by my vote, my influence--- however slight.

And trust me I will do all in my power to help put an end to this arrogance, this path to appeasement, this blatant display of cowardice over the course of the next 18 months.

Now, back to the main theme "Who to surrender to?"

Perhaps you might try the French. You'd better do it quick though, I hear they're looking for someone too! In fact, I believe they're currently negotiating for their right to be dhimmified as we speak.

And what about Representative Adam Smith? He's already running for the door.

Another dhimmi-crat.

Pathetic politicians!


Do we quit this battle too?

Do we Reid? Murtha? Pelosi?

How about it Smith? How about it Murray? How about it Cantwell? Do we quit this battle too? Do we give up on Afghanistan, on destroying Al-Qaeda? Do we walk away and try to forget and forgive?

Do we appease? Do we convert?

Do we simply "call it a day"? Tell ourselves "we gave it our all"?

Do we? Is this what you want? Is it?

What are your pathetic answers dhimmi-crats? What do you suggest?

You too you spineless republicans? Where are you great "leaders" of this country going to lead us today?

Are you going to lead us to yet another politically lost war? Are you going to lead us to defeat?

Are you wanting us to quit? To 'cut and run'?

And where is it you intend to send us running?

I'm sick. Sick and tired of hearing the political crap from both sides of the aisle. You're a pathetic, classless group of self important politicos who are not acting in the best interests of this country, us--- the people of this country who plopped your fat asses where they are.

For what it's worth, I'm sick of you! Sick of the Peloshis, the Murthas, Reids, Murrays, Cantwells, Adams, Kennedys, Reicherts--- sick of all of you and more!

I, for one am an American that is sick of your infighting, of your despicable behaviors in public AND private (eh, Murtha. Don't worry, that money's most likely still waiting for you--- wink, wink)! You people are disgusting!

While you posture, position, point fingers, cry (that is a bit petty John, tone down those tears), kowtow. While you insist on appeasing and appease with junkets to our enemy's camp--- AT OUR EXPENSE!!! While you continue to humiliate all of us, globally on this world's stage, while you do all of this and more, people--- soldiers, civilians, innocents, terrorists, police, scholars, students continue to die.

And they'll die whether we're fighting this war on terrorism or not. In short, they can't be abandoned. They can't be left to do without!

I agree with one thing you "nay sayers" are saying. This fighting does have to end! It does have to stop sometime!

But walking away, leaving the war in the middle of a battle does not bring an end to this wholesale slaughter.
It only serves to embolden the enemy. To appease and encourage more energetic assaults against our very mettle, our character, our purpose--- us!

You know that better than any of us yet you continue! You cater to them!

I remember them bringing the fight to us, several times--- on our soil. We didn't go looking for a fight with them, this enemy of enemies! They brought it to us!

And they'll do it again, and again, and again until we put an end to it!

That Mr. Reid, Mr. Murtha, Ms. Pelosi, Ms. Murray, Ms. Cantwell, Mr. Adams and the rest of you sorry assed excuses for Senators and Representatives is how this humble, blue collar, all American, Pacific Northwest citizen sees things---

I'm wholly embarrassed, frustrated and bewildered.

For what it's worth.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Al Qaeda group claims responsibility for executions!

On April 17, 2007 the islamic State in Iraq (possibly the same as the mujahideen shura council), an Iraqi terrorist group linked to Al-Qaeda claimed that the previously kidnapped 20 Iraqi police and soldiers that they claimed responsiblity for would be killed.

According to information released by an internet posting from the group on April 17, 2005, the Iraqi government failed to meet the group's original demands within the deadline provided. Those demands included that all female sunni prisoners being held in Iraqi jails be released AND that the government release to the group those Interior Ministry agents who were "accused of involvement in the widely publicized alleged rape of a Sunni woman and other reported rapes and killings of Sunnis."

"Our Islamic court ... has ruled (to execute) them and we shall soon issue pictures of it," the internet posting stated.

I found the story today on Yahoo News. I tried to link it but, as usual with Yahoo the link wouldn't work.

Here's the story as it was released.

Terror group posts execution video
By OMAR SINAN, Associated Press Writer

"CAIRO, Egypt - Al-Qaida-led Iraqi insurgents issued a video Thursday purporting to show the killing of 20 kidnapped Iraqi police and soldiers, shot in the head execution-style as they knelt in a row.

The video showed a masked gunman walking down the row of captives, who were blindfolded with hands bound behind their backs outdoors in a clearing near trees. He shot them one by one, sending each tumbling forward as three other masked militants stood nearby, holding a black banner of the Islamic State of Iraq.

The Islamic State of Iraq, a coalition of Sunni insurgents including al-Qaida in Iraq, claimed on Saturday to have abducted the 20 and threatened to kill them after 48 hours unless the government freed female prisoners and handed over police accused of rapes in the northern town of Tal Afar.

The authenticity of the six-minute video could not be independently confirmed. It was posted on an Islamic militant Web forum where the Islamic State of Iraq has issued previous videos.

The Iraqi government has denied that 20 police and soldiers were kidnapped. Interior Ministry spokesman Brig. Gen. Abdul-Karim Khalaf said Thursday that the men in the video could not be identified and said the insurgents may have dressed up civilians to kill them.

"We checked with our commands then and all the troops were accounted for," Khalaf told The Associated Press. "They are immoral criminals. They have used all criminal methods and we don't rule out that they executed civilians whom they dressed in military uniforms."

The video first showed the 20 men inside a room, lined up in three rows with black blindfolds over their eyes and their hands tied behind their backs. In front of a black Islamic State of Iraq flag, they wore blue police uniforms or military fatigues, and the camera focused on ID badges from the Defense or Interior Ministry on their chests. Some can be heard identifying themselves on the video and giving their positions in the military or security forces.

"I call upon the brothers in the national guards to agree to throw down their weapons and return to the path of God and Islam," said one after identifying himself as Mizher Jassem Mohammed Hussein, an engineer and army captain.

One of the men, wearing army fatigues, was seen shaking and swaying back and forth as he stood, then collapsing as his colleagues spoke.

The Islamic State of Iraq has claimed responsibility for attacks on Iraq's security forces, denouncing them as "apostates" helping U.S. troops, and has carried out numerous suicide bombings, most targeting Shiite civilians."

When will this senseless slaughter end?

islam, the peaceful religion???

I think not!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wyrsch fundraiser---

The following was copied from a recent comment to a March 26 post of mine on this blog entitled "To all". I'm passing the information along and will be posting it onto the sidebar until the fundraiser occurs.

"We are having a fundraising auction to help support the Shane Wyrsch family. Planning for the event tentatively scheduled for June has just commenced. You can get updates, info on making donations and buying tickets to this event at: http://www.wyrschbenefit.com/.

Thank you for your support!"

I should note that the link provided links to a website that's still under construction.

You can go to the link here.

I encourage those of you who wish to attend to bookmark the url and visit it periodically until you find the information you need.

Monday, April 16, 2007

On the trail of a panther!

Malik Zulu Shabbaz is the leader of the racist and
anti-Semitic New Black Panther Party.

He's been a bit vocal over the past several years.

How about this little clip?

During a protest in front of the B’nai B’rith building in Washington, D.C. (April 20, 2002), Shabazz led chants of:

"death to Israel," "the white man is the devil," and "Jihad." Shabazz also said, "Kill every goddamn Zionist in Israel! Goddamn little babies, goddamn old ladies! Blow up Zionist supermarkets!"

Ah, hints of that religion of peace, islam.

But then, what can be told about this malik ZULU shabbaz, shabazz, shabaz other than what is told here.

The following is a copy with my comments and edits---

"Malik Shabazz formerly known as Michael Jones was born June 28, 1965 in Mobile, ALABAMA!!!! (Not in the holy land, the mecca, the middle east like most good mooooooslums.)

No, Michael was plagued with trouble since his early childhood. (He was a friggin' thug... hoodlum!!!). He was the oldest of his mother's three sons. He never knew his father which filled his heart with anger (and) caused a rage that no one could control. After his mother's untimely death when he was twelve he and his brothers were sent to New York to be raised by their grand parents in Brooklyn, NY.

As time passed the rage seemed to grow stronger and more out of control. He always stayed to himself but soon was known as a neighborhood thug.(see, I told you the freak is a thug!) He stayed in and out of juvenile homes and county jails for crimes such as assault, armed robbery, car jacking, thief, etc. At the age of 18 he was sent to state prison for a man slaughter charge. His days as a free man were now over.

While serving his time he met many people but none like Kareem mooohammad.(another friggin' muhammad??? Hell, when does this muhammad crap end?)

Kareem was a member of the nation of islam (read, Kareem was a perverted friggin' freak and turned to islam so his activities would not only be accepted but encouraged) and he told Michael about the Nation of islam beliefs. Kareem recognized Michael's hurt and told him that allah could take all the hurt and anger away.(read Kareem took a particular fancy to Michael, among other things--- wink, wink!) Kareem became the father Michael never knew and he also taught him the ways of the Islamic religion.

Michael later became a muslim and changed his name to Malik Shabazz after the slain civil rights leader known as Malcolm X. With Kareem's teachings and help Malik finally made parole. After finally becoming a free man both physically and mentally he put all his efforts into making all his wrong right.

One day while doing some work in the community he saw a flyer about wrestling tryout. He thought why not since it was so hard getting a job being a black ex-convict. At first he wasn't much of a wrestler but he was a genuine physical specimen.

With a lot of hard work and training his first major fed appearance was in the OLWF. Being such a loner he never had many friends. After joining the RWL he was befriended by three wrestlers, the Outlawz [Gris Lee, Kane, Abel]. These four began working together a lot then Malik joined the group. They changed the name to Outlawz Immortal. After the RWL closed Malik mysteriously disappeared. The Outlawz went on destroying competition but loaned for ''The Honorable One'' returned.(I have no idea what this dude is trying to say here unless it "longed for the 'honorable one' to return.

On his return in the AGW, he became the Outlawz mentor hanging up his boots. Malik's return put a new flame under the Outlawz but it also regenerated Shabazz's fire. He soon took down the boots and replaced them tight joining his fellow friend in the warzone. whatever!"

Anyways, you get the point--- this big 6-02, 300 pound wrestler, murderer, thug who turned to islam and subsequently emerged to the "chief counsel" position of that there Black Panther hapless, rag tag unit got his royal ass kicked by that big-little, stand up and tell it like it is Michelle Malkin on the O'reilly factor!

Yup Shabazz, you were spanked! And spanked good!

---and you liked it didn't you Mikey!

Hah! That was one fantastic interview.

And Michelle "yes, you earned a merit badge!"

Sunday, April 15, 2007

All's quiet in Gaza---

---or is it?

According to this report found at The Jawa Report things may not be all that quiet in that troubled area of the world.

The Battalions of Jihad and Tawheed in Palestine released a flyer dubbed "An Announcement of the Killing of British Journalist Alan Johnston".

It claims BBC journalist Johnston has been executed and that it intends to release a video of his execution soon. To date, there's been no confirmation to their claim.

Let's hope the report's in error.

Johnston is the BBC journalist that was kidnapped over a month ago by this previously unknown terrorist group. According to information the Palestinian group claims to have close associations with Al-Qaeda.

UPDATE--- 04/19/2007

BBC announces that Alan Johnston is fine!.

Still captive but alive and well.

Let's hope this can be resolved soon and Alan Johnston will be released under the proper conditions.

Nilofar Bakhtiar, she fears for her life!

She fears for her life because of a hug! Or was it a pat???

She allegedly hugged her parachuting instructor. Or was she allegedly patted by him!

I know there were times when I got to the ground safely after jumps that I'd made from planes and helicopters where I wanted to hug anyone near me! But, by the time I gathered my gear and took off for the rally point those thoughts had left me.

However, I would have had anyone been close enough!

So, who is this alleged fiend? This alleged blight on morality? This hugging muslim woman? None other than Pakistan's Minister of Tourism, Nilofar Bakhtiar.

Her crime to humanity?? She hugged (and/or was patted by) a foreigner!

A FOREIGNER!!! She friggin' hugged (and/or was patted by) a foreigner!

In short two whacky, self righteous, insane chief clerics of a radical mosque in the Pakistani capital have issued a decree calling on the government to fire Bakhtiar after a photograph was published showing her hugging a foreign man, her French parachute instructor. She was in France last month raising money for victims of that devastating earthquake in Pakistan in 2005.

It was a FUNDRAISING JUMP idiots! Sheesh!

Damned French anyways! They always seem to be stirring it up somewhere.

In an article found at Women Living Under Muslim Laws authored by SADAQAT JAN, Associated Press Writer

"10/04/2007 - Photos in the Pakistani media have shown Bakhtiar being helped by a male instructor during a charity parachute jump in France last month to raise money for victims of the devastating October 2005 earthquake in Pakistan. Another picture shows a woman - apparently Bakhtiar - hugging the instructor.

This was "an illegitimate and forbidden act,"the clerics said in their edict, or fatwa. "Without any doubt, she has committed a great sin," the fatwa said. It declared that Muslim women must stay at home and must not venture out uncovered. The fatwa demanded that Bakhtiar be fired, given another unspecified punishment and that her family "force her to ask for forgiveness so that she does not repeat this un-Islamic act."

You can read the whole article here.

Ah, but when and where will that self professed tolerance practiced by those clerics who are an integral part of this religion of peace, islum ever surface?

Here's a dated but great little piece of history about Nilofar Bakhtiar that I found in Asia Week. It shows just how much of an uphill struggle she and other women like her truly have in a muslim culture if they wish to make something of their lives outside of the traditional muslim roles for women.

For humanities sake I apologize to oppressed muslim women. Hell, all oppressed women... all oppressed people!

I'm embarrassed for these freaky littly clerics actions. They're idiots to the "nth" degree.

These fat, radical, insane little clerics are of the belief that muslim women "must stay at home and must not venture out uncovered".

I have an idea--- make those fat, radical, insane little cleric freaks stay in their mosques and practice their cultish, demonic beliefs amongst themselves inside the mosque's perimeter. I mean, that would fair. That would be an equitable balance.

Make them "stay at home and not venture out!" For the good of the order, of the world!

Make them stay in their little walled up mosque, threatening and harming no one from the outside. Doing their little cultish things, practicing their little perverse acts--- harming no one of any real substance, character--- just themselves.

And if for some perverse reason, if someone from the outside wishes to "join" these little perverted cleric freaks let them "join"--- after they're screened by a mental health professional of course

Yes, this would be a viable solution to silencing these run amok, all important, freaks of nature clerics..

FATWAH THIS! oh great, freaky little muslim cleric dolts!

You're not as all important as you'd like to be.

God I tire of them---

---freaky clerics anyways!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A mix of world news. My tirades for this week---

What can I say, it was a pretty crappy week!

Associated Press image
-Don Imus, you idiot! Just what in the hell were you thinking?

Never mind, you said what you were thinking!

And because you did, because you opened your mouth and shouted "nappy headed hos" the coffins have been opened and those vampirish blood suckers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are infesting the news again.

Everywhere I look I'm getting blasts of their pathetically hypocritical, self important, bigoted mugs! And I don't like their mugs!

Look what you've done! It's a feeding frenzy and you're the main course!

I mean, I don't like you. I didn't listen to or watch you.

Okay--- well, I have to admit I did watch you once for about five minutes. All the time I was watching your simulcast I was asking myself why I was watching it. A quick flick of the remote button changed that little annoyance though.

So now you've gone out and really screwed things up for yourself, haven't you!

It's fitting that the last thing you tasted before your impromptu retirement was your foot. I hear a foot is a bit more palatable if there's condiments served with it. Did you get any? Probably not.

One of the many questions I have regarding your brain fart of an outburst is---

"Just what in the hell are your dhimmi-crat politico friends going to do now?"
And, look at the new spin you've given Hillary! Hop on over to Classical Values and check it out!

The dhimmi-crats have lost one of their rare left wing radio hosts! And Hillary's already trying to make the most of your demise.

Overall though, you've empowered Sharpton and Jackson again! You've given them renewed vigor and purpose!

You should have resigned on Sharpton's radio show the day he gave you the opportunity to. At least that would have had a bit more of a positive spin to all of this than you getting fired by CBS and MSNBC.

Oh well. I don't really care about you and your career. I DO care about the furor you caused for the likes of those bigoted hypocrites like Jackson and Sharpton.

But, for what it's worth I thought your firing was way, way overboard. Another knee jerk appeasement by the left wing main stream media to hate mongering radicals.

Way to go! Sheesh.

Thanks to Eric Scheie for the link to his work at Classical Values.


-Appeaser of the House, Nancy Pelosi and her half assed planned Iranian Adventure. A sequel to her half assed planned Syrian Adventure.

Are the Appeaser of the House, (California dhimmi-crat) Pelosi and sidekick Representative (California dhimmi-crat) Tom Lantos going to follow through with their plan to visit Iran and Iran's little prick of a president, Ahmadinejad?

If so, can we say Logan Act? C'mon Bush--- give it a shot, assign a special prosecutor to at least investigate the possibility of a violation of the act.

See what Curt has to say about it at Flopping Aces. It's pretty informative.

Also, check out Richard's post at Hyscience. Both are good reads.

Stay tuned for their Cuba and Venezuela adventures coming to a theater, television, radio or whatever probably pretty damned soon.

Remember, this is all in the spirit of fostering peace and goodwill with our radical friends from that there so called religion of peace, islam and their dhimmified allies.

If only they'd take Rosie along for the ride! But then what would little prick president Ahmadinersclub or whatever his name is do with all of that pork?

Oh, and just for the record I think Nancy's twin melons got a bit perkier somehow. Perhaps it was when she had her face stretched the last time.



Need I say more? He's like a friggin' fly that won't go away.

Damn, now he's telling his military top brass that if they don't want socialism then they need to find work elsewhere!

I wonder how many turned in their resignations?

Hey, pork's okay to eat in Venezuela!

Rosie! Rosie! Nancy and Tom might be planning a trip soon. See if you can hook up with them.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Be proud Appeaser of the House, be proud!

Appeaser of the House, Nancy Pelosi's and the demoncrats path to peace.

So much is being told in this work of art. Humorous but so darned "on the mark".

Many thanks to those at Town Hall for posting this cartoon created by Mike Shelton.

What should we be looking for?

I've received emails and comments over the past couple of years from individuals, fellow concerned citizens who have thanked me (and others) for bringing to the forefront the threats to our global community brought about by the radical, fundamentalist islamic movement.

A lot of those emailing and commenting ask what they can do themselves in their daily lives to help recognize and subsequently abate these threats.

I've provided information to those that I thought were relevant and on the mark however, Spree at Wake Up America has pretty much summed up seven logical signs that could suggest terrorist activity is occurring.

Keep in mind these signs are not necessarily attributed solely to terrorist activity but if observed individually they should warrant more attention than say, two individuals whispering in a remote area of a park, etc.

If observed as clustered signs then awareness and attention should be heightened. Pay notice to the activities and report them to the appropriate authorities. Let those authorities determine the scale and purpose of them.

So, in short---

Seven telltale signs of possible terrorist (and other criminal) activity

1. Surveillance

If there is a specific target that terrorists have chosen, that target area will most likely be observed during the planning phase of the operation. They do this in order to determine the strengths, weaknesses and number of personnel that may respond to an incident. Routes to and from the target are usually established during the surveillance phase. Therefore, it is important to take note of such things as someone recording or monitoring activities, drawing diagrams or annotating on maps, the use of vision-enhancing devices, having in one's possession floor plans or blue prints of places such as high-tech firms, financial institutions, or Government / military facilities. Any of these surveillance-type acts MAY be an indicator that something just is not right. Nothing is too menial and should not be discarded as such.

2. Elicitation

The second sign or signal is elicitation. What this means is anyone attempting to gain information about a place, person, or operation. An example is someone attempting to gain knowledge about a critical infrastructure like a power plant, water reservoir, or a maritime port. Terrorists may attempt to research bridge and tunnel usage, make unusual inquiries concerning shipments or inquire as to how a military base operates. They may also attempt to place "key" people in sensitive work locations.

3. Tests of Security

Tests of Security are another area in which terrorists would attempt to gather data. This is usually conducted by driving by the target, moving into sensitive areas and observing security or law enforcement response. They would be interested in the time in which it takes to respond to an incident or the routes taken to a specific location. They may also try to penetrate physical security barriers or procedures in order to assess strengths and weaknesses. They often gain legitimate employment at key locations in order to monitor day-to-day activities. In any event, they may try to gain this knowledge in order to make their mission or scheme more effective.

4. Acquiring Supplies

Another area to be cognizant of is anyone acquiring supplies. It may be a case where someone is purchasing or stealing explosives, weapons or ammunition. It could also be someone storing harmful chemicals or chemical equipment. Terrorists would also find it useful to have in their possession law enforcement equipment and identification, military uniforms and decals, as well as flight passes, badges or even flight manuals. If they can't find the opportunity to steal these types of things, they may try to photocopy ID's, attempt to make passports or other forms of identification by counterfeiting. Possessing any of these would make it easier for one to gain entrance into secured or usually prohibited areas.

5. Suspicious People Who Don't Belong

A fifth pre-incident indicator is observing suspicious people who just "don't belong." This does not mean we should profile individuals but what it does mean is that we should profile behaviors. This includes suspicious border crossings and stowaways aboard a ship or people jumping ship in a port. It may mean having someone in a workplace, building, neighborhood or business establishment that does not fit in because of their demeanor, their language usage or unusual questions they are asking. If you are a police officer or a security employee* you may respond to a complaint that may appear to be a routine investigation but results in something much bigger in scope.

6. Dry Runs

Another sign to watch for is "dry runs." Before execution of the final operation or plan, a practice session will be run to work out the flaws and unanticipated problems. A dry run may very well be the heart of a planning stage of a terrorist act. If you find someone monitoring a police radio frequency and recording emergency response times you may very well be observing a "dry run." Another element of this activity could include mapping out routes and determining the timing of traffic lights and flow. It is during this stage that it is actually our best chance to intercept and stop an attack. Multiple dry runs are normally conducted at or near the target area.

7. Deploying Assets / Getting Into Position

The seventh and final sign or signal to look for is someone deploying assets or getting into position. This is a person's last chance to alert authorities before the terrorist act occurs.

It is also important to remember that pre-incident indicators may come months or even years apart. Therefore, it is extremely important to document every fragment of information, no matter how insignificant it may appear and forward this information.


As an aside, it's important to understand that this type of behavior does not necessarily suggest there's terrorism afoot. It does warrant scrutiny and if clustered, certainly warrants some sort of review and subsequent intervention by appropriate authorities.

I'm not a terrorism expert nor am I pretending to be. However, Spree has provided some fundamentally sound indicators of activity that could lead to things less than appropriate and I felt it appropriate to share these indicators with you.

I'm not suggesting paranoia, simply suggesting vigilance when warranted.

* The italicized portion of this sentence was my edit.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

A mix of world news, my tirade of the past week---

---Over at the MEMRI Blog there's the latest information on German hostage Hannelore Marianne Krause's fate in the hands of the islamist terrorist group "the arrows of god". This renegade terrorist group has extended the execution deadline of Ms. Krause and her son for another ten days, affording Germany an opportunity to comply with their demands.

Their very name--- "the arrows of god" is deceiving. They should be calling themselves "the arrows of allah" for no real God would allow the kidnapping, mistreatment, torture and slaughter of innocents.


---And what about the suggested "amnesty" for illegal aliens? How's that little topic coming along?

You might want to learn a bit more about our friends, the "illegals" over at IllegalAliens.US before you start supporting their efforts.

It's just a suggestion, nothing more. Keep in mind that they're not that innocent, not that friendly, not that responsible and not your friend.

If any citizen of the United States was to go to Italy, France, Canada, Mexico, China, Sri Lanka or any other sovereign nation in this world and demand citizenship without having to apply and earn it what type of official government response do you think we'd get from the respective government?



Nah, I think not. And let's take it a step further. Let's say we demand citizenship, the government refuses to give it to us and sends us back to the United States. Within months we're back in the "other" country illegally (again) demanding that citizenship with no strings attached (again). But this time we're demonstrating--- blocking traffic, commerce, throwing bottles, waving placards with vile, hate driven messages stenciled on them. Belittling the very government and people we're demanding this amnesty from!

With the exception of France, do you think we'd be warmly received and catered to?

Would you honestly expect our demands to be met?

The arrogance of our illegal alien population is astounding.


---And finally, my third little addition to this tirade of the week---

Britain 0- Iran 15!

Sorry, but it has to be said! Britain crumbled. I love the U.K. Love the U.K. dearly but what were the brit politicos thinking?

Don't get me wrong, I'm delighted to see the fifteen military personnel returned to their homeland after their harrowing ordeal but at what expense?

What has this lesson taught the rest of the world about the west?

Check it out here and here!

I'll put money on an increase in kidnappings of military and government personnel worldwide!

And why not! Tehran got exactly what it wanted--- more time for their nuclear program to continue, distraction from Syria's and Iran's support for global islamic terrorism, recognition and respect from their middle east neighbors and global allies, bolstered morale, unfettered ingress/egress to Iraq and the cessation of the boarding and interdiction operation in the gulf.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ah, a face only a mullah would love---

This is a face only a fat cat mullah could love!

Pelosi and her group of wannabes are wallowing around in Syria making pathetic, political asses of themselves.

This brings back memories of Hanoi Jane partying it up with the enemy in North Vietnam while American prisoners of war were being tortured and killed.

Yah, pelosi is really taking the appeasement road isn't she. It's actually embarrassing.

These pathetic politicians will stop at nothing to advance their own personal agendas, won't they!

This is actually a very disturbing photo. She's pretty much dhimmified herself up front.

Damn. And she's one of this countries "leaders"????

God help us!

April 06, 2007

For a far more informative post check out Carl's post at:

Israel Matzav: 'Palestinian' terrorists endorse Pelosi's visit to Syria; WaPo pans it#links#links

Why wouldn't they endorse her visit? She did more to support the oppression of women and non-muslims than anyone of her western political stature has done in a long, long while!

Visions of the Jimmy Carter days--- appease and be dhimmied.

The interesting parts of Carl's post includes possible legal remedies that can be taken against "appeaser of the house" Pelosi on behalf of the real United States. On behalf of us, the citizens of this great country I hope someone in the legal community will follow up on these remedies and pursue some course of legal action to curtail future excursions and misrepresentations by her and other politicos.

It's evident these appeasement junkets are solely for these politico's personal and political gains--- nothing more.

When will it end?

Lest we forget this peaceful religion---

If you've ever wondered about the penalty "stoning" that's practiced in islam check out the information here. There's also a video at the site but take care it's very, very graphic, disturbing and certainly not for the squeamish.

This is not "made up", "fictionalized" information. It's direct, "on the mark" and still practiced by this so called Religion of Peace.

My many thanks to Uspace at Hard to Swallow for sharing the link and special thanks to The Apostates of Islam for making this information available to the rest of us.