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Monday, April 11, 2022


Thank you Martin Glynn for your contribution to the 82nd's history. I borrowed this from Martin Glynn's post. I inserted my information in it before posting it here. Martin Glynn, former MI Officer at 82nd Airborne Division (1990-1994) Answered Mar 15, 2020 · Upvoted by Dan G, former Scout at 82nd Airborne Division and Milton Franklin, former Ex Paratrooper at 82nd Airborne Division (1981-1985), Dennis Heryford, former ex-paratrooper 82nd Airborne Division (1972-1974). Related Which unit is more historically prestigious, the 101st Airborne or the 82nd Airborne? How different are their missions and training? The 82nd Airborne Division is more historically prestigious. The 101st is just more well known to the American public because of the “Band of Brothers” mini-series and because everyone likes their “Screaming Eagle” shoulder patch. The 82nd served in World War I as the 82nd Infantry Division. Sergeant York of the 328th Infantry Regiment was its most famous Soldier in that conflict. In World War II, the 82nd Airborne Division was the Army’s first Airborne Division. It served in North Africa, Sicily and mainland Italy in addition to Northwest Europe, and made four combat jumps. The 101st served only in Northwest Europe, and made two combat jumps. The only combat veteran unit that jumped into Normandy was the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82nd, which was also the only regiment that took all of its assigned objectives before H-Hour, when the regular infantry divisions hit the beaches. That’s where it earned its regimental motto, “H-Minus.” During the Battle of the Bulge in late 1944, the 101st got a lot of publicity for holding the town of Bastogne in Belgium until General Patton’s Third Army rescued them. The media was focused on them, because the 101st was almost destroyed. Meanwhile, the 82nd was stopping the advance of Kampfgruppe Peiper of the 1st SS Panzer Division. Since WWII, the 82nd served in the Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, the Persian Gulf War, Haiti, Bosnia, and in the Global War on Terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. It also made another combat jump into Panama in 1989. The 101st served in Vietnam, where it was taken off of jump status in 1968. It also served in the Persian Gulf War, Haiti, Bosnia, and in the Global War on Terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. The 101st still maintained a few small units, such as a Pathfinder Detachment and a Long Range Surveillance Detachment, on jump status for quite a while, but most of the units in the 101st haven’t been Paratroopers for over half a century. As an ideal situation, I’d like to see the Army maintain the 82nd as its East Coast Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, NC, and put the 101st back on jump status and move it to Fort Lewis, WA to be the West Coast Airborne Division. That’s not likely to happen anytime soon though, and until then, the 82nd is a Paratrooper unit, and the 101st isn’t. >>>>>>> You "screaming eagle" folks don't kill the messenger. When I enlisted I went directly to basic training in Ft. Polk, Louisiana (June-August, 1972) and to Jump School at Ft. Benning, GA (September, 1972). I was assigned to the HHC 4/68th Armor as a 17K2P and later to the 2/504th. Infantry, 82nd ABN. I made several jumps... chopper blasts, C-130s and more... loved it! ...and all for a fat $35.00 of hazardous duty pay a month on top of my pithance of a salary as a spc4. I still loved it but, the pay sucked. Just thought I'd share... MAGA2024! TRUMP2024!

Taking The Fight To The Criminals...

BRAVO! for the retired police captain! I retired after 40 years of law enforcement. I started as a rookie cop fresh out of the Army in 1975 and retired as a Law Enforcement Chief 40 years later. Though I’ve had my moments on the job I don’t believe for a moment this can’t happen to me or others like me at any given moment. I carry daily. I can’t imagine how this retired captain felt when those idiots decided to prey on him. All I know is the fellow who wrote the article was pretty tongue in cheek and seemed to slight the captain for refusing to become a willing victim of an armed robbery at least. BRAVO for that captain. If you willingly become a victim then expect to be the victim and whatever goes along with that label… this captain opted to take the fight to the bad guys. No problem there. Good for him. He has the ability and he knows his limits much more than this article’s author. Our society is pretty full up on willing victims these days. It’s a target rich environment out here for these punks and pukes who are wanting and feel entitled to everything we might have simply because we have it and they want it. MAGA2024! TRUMP2024! FJB! LET’S GO BRANDON!

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Life Is Good.... Until It Ain't!

I removed the post that used to be here. No need for it. Enjoy life! It's too short. I'll be shutting this site down in a bit.

MAGA2024! TRUMP2024! #

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Facebook is censoring Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch

The liberals are going nuts. They're doing all they can to censor and silence good, true patriots like Tom Fitton and others.

Here's an excerpt from Tom Fitton's Facebook page.
From YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGDaOZg2INC0Qg2Z203F1dA Facebook Censoring Tom Fitton and the information he's passed on to his online news source, Judicial Watch
As I mentioned, Facebook suppresses Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch: Via Tom Fitton: “Facebook began suppressing and censoring" his posts on the same day the Biden White House announced its censorship program to pressure Facebook and other Big Tech companies to censor and deplatform conservative Americans." Coincidence?
I think not! After the obvious suppression of "Judicial Watch" Fitton has joined Parler and Rumble. Fitton and those associated with him have encouraged those of us who followed him before to follow him at "Judicial Watch" to stay updated on the latest news they have--
Here's the three new outlets where you can get Fitton's latest information. If you've never heard of Tom Fitton and/or "Judicial Watch" then it's definitely time to give the site(s) a visit and find out what the real truth is in the world, not what you're being told to believe.
RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/user/JudicialWatch
PARLER: https://parler.com/profile/JudicialWatch
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/JudicialWatch
This information was copied from YouTube.

MAGA2024! TRUMP2024!

Tuesday, March 09, 2021

<b>Biden's Latest!</b>

I'm making a reference to Biden's latest run on executive orders that was published in The Republican Wire recently. I tried to provide a link to it in this post but it wouldn't work for some reason.

As usual, Beijing Biden’s doin’ the bidding for Beijing. He’s rendering us penniless and in need of imports from…. ready for it?

CHINA! Socialism is on it’s way… real time. Don’t think for a fleeting second that biden’s writing those “executive orders”! I’m going to go out on a really sturdy limb here and suggest he has absolutely no idea what’s in those executive orders he keeps signing. In fact, he even stated as much. Nah, ol’ slow joe has no idea what he’s doing, let alone is he able to pretend to know what he’s doing. The fool’s embarrassing at best. Entertaining in a sick, sordid way. But, it’s disgusting how the left, his handlers openly prey on his inability to govern. He’s their closet puppet, they’re his puppeteers. Sad.

And now, because of his idiocy our local mom and pop’s stores are already having one heckuva time keeping up with the biden constraints… AND it hasn’t even really got to the real shutdowns and global price hikes yet. Yup, so much for our industry, so much for our retailers, so much for our infrastructure… we’re doomed if we get another four years of this leftist regime with their puppet on the string in 2024. The best thing we can do now is hang on, quit buying foreign stuff and wait it out until November, 2024. Face it, the biden camp is in the capitol and there’s nothing we can do but evict them in 2024. Then we can regain our nation from the grips of global socialism.


TRUMP2024! VOTE2024!

Oh, as a side note I got this "Your comment is awaiting moderation", a usually endless "moderation" on that particular site. Hence, that's why I brought this info over to here. I truly doubt my comment will pass the Republican Wire's muster. It might but most online "Republican" sites aren't all that interested in true conservative's opinions or comments anymore. I truly believe they've been sucked into the liberal vortex that's obviously destroying anything conservative.


Tuesday, February 23, 2021


I've been watching, listening to and reading a lot of the news over the past couple of years. News that I normally wouldn't have read as much of back "in the day" when I was still on the "job". Lately the news has provided me with one helluva lot of entertainment. Entertainment in a good and a bad way. "Good" because the scabs, the wounds of our society are being exposed and tended to, good or bad. Tended to via liberal rants, ultra left tantrums and blatant global propaganda that folks are gnawing on every waking moment of the day, some admittedly "dreaming" it. "Bad" because that exposure opened and continues to open up old wounds, resurrecting those bogeymen, the nightmares of life, of change that were once buried and nearly forgotten. Now we're being assaulted from within by an old adversary, liberalism, socialism. Liberalism's relenteless lust for socialism is most definitely upon us. I'm no liberal, never was, never will be. I'm not fond of over the top liberals but I can and do tolerate and interact with those liberals who maintain somewhat of an open mind. I'm of the opinion that the liberal crowd as a whole isn't intentionally destructive, hateful, bitter throughout their existence but hey, let's face it, they're pretty dad-gummed annoying at times. Well, quite often, lately.

But then again, I'm a conservative.

I was raised by conservative parents. My brother's and I started working for and earning what we needed and wanted at an early age. My parents were all about making sure we knew we had to work for what we want, what we think we might need. They wanted us to learn that there's no "free ride" in life, to love and protect our own and our country and to help our neighbor whenever possible. In the end, I think it's all shaking out. They (my parents) were right, as in correct, ONCE AGAIN. May they continue to rest in peace.

I've been thinking things over as of late, especially since those dreaded "elections" where (to me, obviously) the fix was in before the votes were cast (IMHO). I actually thought our nation, our government was above the fraud of politics but hey, that's me. I was evidently naive enough to think our country wasn't vulnerable to the third world politico ruses. Boy, did I learn my lesson. Nearly seventy years of life in me and I'm still learning. Now that's a refreshing thought even though the lesson(s) tend to be hard lessons learned. At least the ol' brain's still active.

I used to trust folks for what they say they are. I used to believe in right (as in correct) and wrong. As mentioned, we were raised that way... sometimes taking a lick or two to learn and remember the difference. This day and age I wonder. I truly wonder if folks actually know the difference. I'm not ranting here, I'm just having a conversation with myself on this particular blog. I'm "talking" to no one but myself. Judging from the number of visitors I've had over time that's a pretty accurate assessment of my activity (ies) here. This blog being my online personal echo chamber of sorts.

So, I guess where I'm going with this whole rant is that I too, will get over this. Somehow, somewhere. I won't last long, if at all as a socialist citizen. I'll always be some agent of dissent to a socialist government. That's a given. Dad always told me to question authority. He'd encourage me to question it if I didn't agree or didn't understand. He did, so I do. He's gone now but he survived the fighting in a horrendous world war, he maintained a career in a totalitarian military environment and he and my mother raised a family of boys and lived over eighty long years without having to wholly succumb to what our government is now telling us we have to succumb to, socialism.

Like it or not, agree with me or not but that's what I believe is happening to us, our country, our Constitutional Republic, our very existence. I can't help but feel I've somehow, some way failed to do all in my power to protect my family, our nation. But time's most definitely not in my favor to do much about it now...

I'm not good to go with that. Not at all. Somehow, some way this nation will continue to persevere with or without me. I'm hoping we can move past these chaotic times before I punch the proverbial clock.

May God Continue To Bless America, our Constitutional Republic.


Friday, May 22, 2020

The Continued Corruption Of Biden Regarding Ukraine

I copied this article verbatim from Patriots For America. It looks like quid pro quo Joe and his offspring are still lying about their little shenanigans in the Ukraine. It also looks like the Ukrainian judicial folks are a bit curious, if not miffed re: Biden's previous lies.

Here ya' go... enjoy the read. It's revealing. Nothing really new other than the whole quid pro quo thing seems to have been resurrected regarding ol' Joe and his son.


Judge in Ukraine Orders Biden Listed as “Perpetrator of Crime” in the Corrupt Firing of Investigator Going After His Son
May 21, 2020 editor

The Joe Biden-Ukraine drama is reaching a fever pitch. The twists and turns are piling up so quickly, we can hardly keep up. While Joe Biden may have the Democratic presidential nomination all sewn up now, that does not mean that he is out of the woods yet. Biden’s efforts to force out a chief prosecutor who was not doing his bidding have come to light.

All those who tried to deny what had taken place probably feel pretty foolish at the moment. Things are heating up in Kiev as we speak. District Court Judge S. V. Vovk has made a major decision that should have Biden and company sweating. The chief prosecutor that he forced out, Victor Shokin, is now being listed as a victim of crime.

The perpetrator of this crime? None other than Biden himself. The Prosecutor General’s Office and the State Bureau of Investigations had already been ordered to look into the case. They wanted the claim from Shokin to be fully investigated and here we are. Shokin was let go because of his willingness to investigate Burisma Holdings. This is the company that was employing Biden’s son Hunter at the time.

The ruling orders “a competent person of the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine who conducts procedural management in criminal proceedings No. 62020000000000236 dated February 24, 2020 to enter information into the Unified register of pre-trial investigations … a summary of facts that may indicate the commission of a criminal offense under Paragraph 2 of Article 343 of the Criminal procedure code of Ukraine on criminal proceedings No. 62020000000000236 dated February 24, 2020, namely: information on interference in the activities of the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Shokin, Viktor Mykolaiovych performed by citizen of the United States of America Joseph Biden, former U.S. Vice President.”

The judge added, “the order of the court may not be appealed.”
Read the full document

The court found that there was more than enough evidence to investigate the matter. This should not come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention since this case began to unfold. Petro Poroshenko was the president of the Ukraine at the time and he was the recipient of the Joe Biden shakedown.

He was told that the United States would be withholding at least $1 billion in aid if he did not comply with Biden’s request. If all of this sounds an awful lot like what Donald Trump was accused of during his impeachment hearings, you are not alone. It’s funny how the leftists have not been nearly as loud about this one, though.

Biden’s unlawful interference is finally being investigated at long last and not a moment too soon. He’s had quite the eventful campaign run, hasn’t he? There are credible sexual assault allegations being made against him and he’s also in hot water for these shady dealings in the Ukraine.

This is a major about face for the Ukraine, as they were previously unwilling to list Biden as the perpetrator of the crime. Vovk has changed the tide by altering the ruling. He said that the initial listing that did not provide a perpetrator was not proper. That’s why you are seeing Biden’s name listed as the perpetrator now.

It took a decent amount of time but it seems like justice may finally be served here. This court order is also not eligible to be appealed so we are definitely wondering how Joe Biden plans on wriggling his way out of this jam. Oleksandr Ivanovych Teleshetskyi has been hired to serve as one of Shokin’s legal representatives and he confirms that the ruling has been made.
If not for Viktor Shokin’s continued willingness to pursue this case, we wonder what would have actually happened. Even his own attorney believes that the change was made as a direct result of his words. This saga has been dragging on for years now. It also played a major role in the Democratic impeachment proceedings.

The videotape is out there and it’s going to be tough for Biden to answer for this during his campaign. He is trying his best to concoct a good lie but no one is going to believe a word he says. Biden really wants folks to believe that he was not withholding federal aid for the most obvious reason of all. Instead, he is trying to make the world think that Shokin was fired from his post for legitimate reasons.

He said that Shokin was not good enough at combating corruption. If anyone would know about that, it would be him. Shokin’s court affidavit on the matter says otherwise. Why would this man be motivated to sit in a court of law and lie about what we all know took place? The United States State Department even sent him a letter the year before he was fired to let him know what an awesome job he was doing when it came to corruption.

You just can’t make this type of stuff up. Joe and Hunter Biden both acknowledge that there are things they should have done differently. That’s what makes this continued pursuit so interesting. There may be even more to the story that we have not heard yet. According to Shokin, the best is still yet to come.

Read the actual blog post and other interesting posts here: Patriot For America.


Saturday, April 18, 2020

Ol' Joe Biden And His Latest POTUS Rants

Ol’ Joe Biden

You do know that ex Senator Joe Biden is running for the office of the President of the United States don’t you? He’s running against our current President, Donald J. Trump. POTUS Donald J. Trump is seeking his second and final four years as our President this November, 2020. Biden's the only candidate running against him, this Joe Biden guy that the left, the democrat party and the obama’s global elites are supporting. It's going to end in failure for them. Biden will not see the inside of the White House again unless he attends Trump's re-election celebration.

That given, I was browsing through one of my usual morning internet reads when I came across some interesting “facts” regarding ol' Joe. The "facts" were culled from Biden’s recent speeches by someone, somewhere who painstakingly went through the transcripts of those Biden speeches and gleaned the gems that I listed below from them. Biden's comments, they're a bit troubling at best.

Why won't Biden be elected? Let's take a look. Somewhere in these Biden gems lies an answer.There has to be a reason the likes of Obama and the rest of the over the top liberals and democrats are toeing the Biden line for POTUS. It can't be that they think he can actually win the race can it? I mean, really, the guy's losing his mind… IMHO

Here’s some of Joe Biden’s quotes from speeches he made over the past several years, from the recent past through today. Yeah, I "double dog dare you" to read this list (there’s far more floating around) and tell me with a straight face that ol’ slow Joe’s a viable candidate for the office of President of the United States. If you agree with Joe being a viable candidate for president then you’re either lying to yourself, you’re na├»ve, an idiot, insane, a blithering lunatic or you’re simply evil and want to watch the man fail as his brain rots, for your sole enjoyment.

NAH, ol’ slow Joe isn’t POTUS material. He needs to retire and step away from the microphone unless he’s going to go on tour as a standup comedian or the likes. Even then I wouldn’t pay to watch the fool make a bigger fool of himself. However, don’t believe me? I can't make this stuff up. It's the best of what the left has to offer.Here’s a few of his “truths” that he’s hyped over the past couple of years. Especially while trying to convince you to vote for him as POTUS during this upcoming 2020 election.

Let's get on with the Biden's nuggets of wisdom, shall we?

"BIDEN: "Um, you know, there's a, uh, during World War II, uh, you know, where Roosevelt came up with a thing, uh, that, uh, you know, was totally different than a- than the- it's called, he called it, the, you know, the World War II, he had the war- the War Production Board."

Here’s a few more...
BIDEN: Recently announced “I think we can win back the House”
BIDEN: Promised to ban the “AR-14.”
BIDEN: Mistook Super Tuesday for “Super Thursday”
BIDEN: Forgot the words of the Declaration of Independence, saying “We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women are created, by the, you know, you know the thing.”
BIDEN: In South Carolina, misstated what office he was running for, declaring “My name’s Joe Biden. I’m a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate.”
BIDEN: On three occasions last month, declared he was arrested in South Africa trying to visit Nelson Mandela in prison — an incident his campaign later admitted never happened.
BIDEN: Earlier described meeting a Navy captain in Afghanistan, but The Post reported that “almost every detail in the story appears to be incorrect.”
BIDEN: Claimed to have worked with Chinese leader “Deng Xiaoping” on the Paris Climate Accord (Deng died in 1997).
BIDEN: Claimed during a debate that “150 million people have been killed [by guns] since 2007” (which would be nearly half the U.S. population).
BIDEN: Said he met with Parkland victims while he was vice president even though the shooting took place after he left office.
BIDEN: Has declared that Democrats should "choose truth over facts” and that “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”
BIDEN: Pledged to use biofuels to power “steamships.”
BIDEN: Repeatedly gets confused about what state he is in.
BIDEN: Called well known “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace “Chuck”
BIDEN: Said his late son Beau “was the attorney general of the United States”
BIDEN: Confused former British prime minister Theresa May with the late British prime minister Margaret Thatcher.
…and oh-so-much more! Simply put, any one of these gaffes by themselves would be nothing more than that... gaffes, misstatements. However, taken together they form a pattern and raise serious questions about whether Biden has experienced a cognitive decline."
If you don’t like these factual excerpts then do your own research and get back to me and I'll make any changes I feel are relevant. In a way, I’m really hoping these “gaffes” have been fabricated simply out of pity for Biden… what little I can muster. I mean, these are just the tip of the long, increasingly bizarre Biden iceberg of “gaffes”, idiocy.
Biden, retire with the little bit of dignity that you have left. Please. But wait until after the election. IMHO

Thanks for reading,

You can find the comment I used to glean much of this information from on the liberal Yahoo site at "Biden Stumbles Televised Interview". Just scroll down through the comments until you find one similar to this one.

Hang on! It's going to be a fun ride!!!


Monday, March 23, 2020

Comment made by me in response to this articleTrillion-Dollar US economic rescue package crashes in Senate,
AFP March 22, 2020
The article referenced was authored by AFP correspondent Michael Mathes.


My comment.

“Ah, yeah... I can see the democrats, the liberals are still butt-hurt over losing the 2016 elections. They're not going to pass any bill, anything that's going to favor the majority of the citizens, voters who voted for our POTUS Donald J. Trump. They're doing everything they can do to fight our POTUS every step of the way as he progresses through his presidency and prepares for his second term. To the left, the democrats it's not about the good of us, the citizens, the good of our country. Nah, it's more about themselves. Their liberal agenda that they've been trying to install into our lives over the last couple of decades at least. They want socialism... plain and simple. They want it and they want it now. They don't want a conservative, constitutional republic. Not anymore, though I doubt they ever did. Liberals are "all in" for social control. They want to establish our daily lives in the way they believe we should be living them, NOT how our forefathers directed and certainly NOT how we choose to live them. They're all about a heavy handed guv'ment and absolute control of our daily lives. All of these "anti-Trump" tantrums they're pulling are designed specifically to weaken our own base, those conservatives who are already beginning to crack, beginning to show signs of acquiescing to the left's "cause" simply to shut them up, to appease the left's global handlers.

Nah, this isn't about "the good of the people". It's about the left's lust for installing socialism as our form of government as soon as they possibly can. And that "possibly can" passed them by in the 2016 elections. The left, the liberals had the politics behind them, they had the "votes" to install their government and were well ahead of the vote game until it came down to "We, The People". We, The People tossed both major political parties on their heads and voted to maintain our Constitutional Republic's continued governance of this, our mighty fine United States of America regardless of what the global politico community preferred, prefers.

I'm truly hoping We, The People will once again vanquish the liberal threats and choose our nation's Constitutional governance again in 2020 rather than succumb to the left's incessant demands and choose their chosen path of socialism, their Marxist, Leninist, Cloward-Piven driven agendas. Needless to say, if they can't win us over this time they'll find a way to invoke their agenda via the "legislative" process that will follow the election.

Prepare for little, if anything to get done between now and November's election. The left's agenda is clear... disrupt, delay, deny, destroy any attempts by our chosen government, the conservatives, led by our POTUS Donald J. Trump that would otherwise ensure our constitutional republic lives on.

No, they're not going to work together with our conservative base for the benefit of our country. No, they're not going to move our constitutional republic forward to ensure our independence, our self governance, our very way of life is protected and ensured into the next generation as our fathers and forefathers and founding fathers have done before them. Nah, the left, the democrats and their fellow non-partisan liberals will be hell-bent for election to get their socialist agenda(s) established into our system. They will not cooperate with our chosen conservative government, those who represent us and our constitutional republic's progression, continued growth into the future. Nah, the left's backs are to the wall and they're pulling out all stops, playing every card they can, stepping on any toes that might get in their way... their backs are to the wall so they're making their final push to ensure they "get their way"...

We can't let them do that. The Pelosi's, the Bidens', the Shumer's, the Watter's, their ilk... ALL of them. They're in this fight to win and they could care less about what we, the people want for our government, our nation... us.

In a scant eight months we'll be committing our votes as citizens, voters of a Constitutional Republic to paper to determine if we collectively choose to remain a Constitutional Republic that would be relatively free, independent of abusive, intensive, politically inclined governance.

I hope and pray I'm not of the minority. I fear for our country. For the first time in my long, long life I genuinely fear for our country, our freedoms.

I, for one will defend my constitutional rights that are assigned to me via our constitution and our Founding Father's visions. I will not submit to a socialist agenda, nor anything other than short of what our fore-father's intended.

This whole situation, all of these "distractions", our failed government, the lack of leadership that we've been subjected to by our separate houses of government has to end. We, the people need to ensure our nation prevails as the constitutional republic it was intended to be. We the people control our government, the politicos work for us.


Thursday, March 12, 2020

Bloomberg's "Gun Rationale"

I had this sent to me by a friend of mine (Thanks again Dan). It's a great, "telling" meme that shows how the pampered, the pompous politicos in our country believe they know better than us regarding our firearms, our Second Amendment rights. They're naive at best, totally ignorant and over the top conceited at least if they think they know how we should live our lives and raise our own children.

This Mikey BLOOMBERG idiot's truly a fool!

My brothers and I were raised around guns. Guns, firearms were tools to us. We'd hunt our game, we respect the power, the limits of our firearms and we managed their use, their care. The first pistol I ever fired was a model M1911, Dad's. I was a very young fellow, well before my teens when Dad took "us boys" to a local gravel pit to "shoot some guns". I remember Dad showing me how to grip the gun, putting my little hands in place the best he could and him standing behind me with his hand hovering over the pistol while allowing me to squeeze the trigger. I remember the feeling when the round discharged. Dad's hand kept the 1911 from knocking me senseless with its recoil. He said I "hit the target" (to this day I have to take his word for it) but either way it was a great education. We each had a shotgun and a long rifle of our own on or before we turned 13 years old. We were "plinking" with bb-guns and .22 rifles before we were given our "bigger" guns. According to Dad our 13th birthday was the day he'd hand us our first rifle. Mine was a Winchester '94. Later, when I was old enough my Dad took me to SeaMart and I paid for my first rifle myself, an old German 8mm Mauser with a shorter, smaller stock. That was my primary hunting rifle for quite some time.

A couple of years later, when I was a scant 18 years of age I was invited and did join the United States Army. In June, 1972, three days after I graduated from High School I was standing in some semblance of a formation at Ft. Polk, Louisiana. Lined up and ready to serve my country for the next three years, at least. Nah, I doubt Bloomberg ever took a step outside of his little, spoiled rich, spoon fed, silver lined life. But, I could be wrong... I doubt I am.

Bottom line, my father, brothers and I, my friends included... we all hunted and fished for a lot of our food throughout our lives and somehow we managed to make it well into our 60's and 70's without being shot by any errant rounds or accidents associated with the mishandling of firearms, guns.

Either way, Bloomberg needs to shut up and quit trying to force his pompous, silver spoon "values", "morals", "life" on the rest of us... IMHO.