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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hillary's gone!

She's done! She's against the ropes and there's no mercy in sight!

Obama isn't winning, Hillary's losing!

Everything she does gets turned against her. The whole world knows the Clintons now. They've been exposed.

Exposed a little but exposed nonetheless.

And it ain't pretty.

The Left is claiming it's because of her pro war vote, her tacit support of the Iraq war.

Let's paint a clearer picture. She's married to one of the most allegedly corrupt president's we've ever had, she has her hooks into questionable money, her past and present business dealings are certainly worth probing, her army of "investigators" who were sent out to gather information so she could smear opponents were met with more formidable dynamic competition, her integrity and honesty has been publicly questioned, her temperament is borderline psychotic, like her primary opponent (Barack Hussein Obama) she's borderline communist... willing to socialize everything!

Yup, Hillary's an artifact, a has been.

Thank God! the Clinton's are done.

Now, break out the prayer rugs... Obama might have a shot at it after the Clinton elimination.

It's all about "change" in the Obama camp... it's just not clear what "changes" are in store for us if he does win in November.

Can we say "convert"?