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Friday, September 21, 2018

Our Country's In Trouble...

Our beloved United States of America is in some serious trouble from within and globally. But then most of us already know that, many of us don't want to admit it. Every morning I wake up and read the local, state, national and international/global news I can't help but feel the angst, the overt disdain for our country, us, our government by everyone involved. I read then "news", the world's events more than I watch the idiot box. I'm not one to pull up a chair, pour myself a cup of coffee and turn on television just to watch and listen to the talking heads of newsrooms everywhere who ask questions of their guests then talk over the top of them when the guest(s) try to answer the questions. That's the entire liberal "news" staff of the world and most definitely it is or is quickly becoming the Hannity, Beck, O'Reilly, Ingraham and more standard operating procedures relating to "interviewing" and "discussions". Even Tucker Carlson's starting to do it...

When a "reporter", a "news caster", left or right asks a question I'd love to hear the answer given to the news media by the person they're posing the question to. The whole, unadulterated answer not the chopped up, mixed up exchange via a heated "he said, she said" shouting match between the "reporter" and the "guest".

Nah, instead of putting myself through that crap I'll jump online, I'll pull up a chair and I'll read as many different "news" sites and web sites as I can stand to read each morning to glean and subsequently cull out the information I'm seeking. And that reading includes the comments by fellow readers like myself who follow those online, in print "discussions". Besides, my hearing isn't the best these days so when I try to listen to two or more idiots trying to talk over one another on a "news debate" I shut the darned idiot box off in frustration. Back when I debated on the debate teams in High School and College I remember "Robert's Rules of Order" and remember having to conform to the local, district, state, national and international rules we were required to follow so as to ensure a fully informative, non-confrontational formal discussion. Conformance to those rules helped to established arguments for both sides from which the viewers/listeners could weigh out the facts presented, the relevant rebuttals and make a somewhat more educated decision or come to a more personally relevant conclusion relating to the topic(s) being discussed.

It was a rather simple practice that most anyone who was watching or listening could walk away at the end of the "debate/discussion" and more effectively form their own conclusion(s) regarding the topic(s) being discussed.

Either way, I'm thinking our country's in trouble. In BIG trouble. We've reduced ourselves (myself included) to name calling, finger pointing, slobber slathering mutants who have little or no respect for each other, let alone our true enemy(ies). Let there be no doubt that our nation, our mighty fine United States of America as we know it is in very, very deep trouble. I'm a product of the early 50's, raised in the 60's and became an adult in the 70's. I've seen changes, I've participated in effecting changes as well as resisting changes.

I've never seen it happening at this level with this intensity and with so much of it coming to us from the global community(ies).

We're being attacked globally. Not so much on our streets, in our own homes, etc. via guns, knives, bombs, chemicals and more but by the global elite, the press, the mercenary mobs, the dis-information campaigns forwarded by ALL politicos, partisan or not! They've recruited our neighbors, our enemies... they've even recruited us to do their dirty work for them. Many of those attacks, those "threats" have evolved past the "campaign" stages into whole blown programs, activities, cultural mutations are dumbing and numbing us down to the point where we're accepting the chaos as a normal day by day "fact of life".

Nah, I'm not proud of what we've evolved to nor am I looking forward to more of this "evolution of society" of sorts. But then again I probably won't have to worry about it much longer. I'll be hanging around for the next thirty years (maximum) but most likely the next ten or twenty years at best.

My whole intent of this particular "rant" of mine was to post links to sites and "information" I received in my emails over the past two days... but why? Why would I participate in sharing that information. It's more of a "dis-information" campaign being played out by others who seek dominance over us, over our lives. In essence wouldn't that be playing into the hands of those who wish to destroy us. Wouldn't that be sharing with you all of the information you might have or might not have yet received from those very same folks who sent it to me already? As I wrote this vent, this rant I decided in this last paragraph that I wasn't going to post the links. I'm just going to RANT.

This is my RANT for today.