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Wednesday, January 28, 2009



Don’t apologize for me, for my family, for my friends, for my neighbors, for our country to our enemies!


Stop it!!!

Don’t grovel to Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Al Q’aida, Hamas, radical Islam and so many others you’re planning on humbling up to! You’re only here for four years… eight at the most. I’ve done no wrong… my family, friends and neighbors have done no wrong so don’t apologize for us!

If anything tell THEM we realize we showed our weakness multiple decades ago... back when we bailed out and defended those in need, back when we showed our weakness by being compassionate, responsive. Back when we believed in global peace, back when we believed in open and honest communication! We fell into their traps by acquiescing to their “demands”, by relinquishing our identities and selling our souls to them for peace!

Obama, stop selling out our country.

We’re good people who are and will protect what we have. We’ll help neighbors in need, we’ll work with those who are suspicious of us to ensure they know we mean no harm. But Barack, I can’t follow you down this path of giving up our soul to our enemies… apologizing to them for having provoked an attack on our country on 9/11. I’m not into dhimmifying myself, my family, my friends, my neighbors.

If you’re up to that Barack then do it alone. Leave our country out of it.

Quit kissing ass with our collective lips!

For what it’s worth.

Mine aren't kissing.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Nations condemn Israel's Gaza invasion!

"by Samer al-Atrush Samer Al-atrush – Sun Jan 4, 7:10 am ET


(Picture: This religious freak's creed to his fellow muslims.)

Israel's ground offensive in the Gaza Strip was roundly condemned across the Middle East on Sunday, with Egypt also accusing the UN Security Council of failing to act quickly to resolve the crisis.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit said Israel's incursion into the impoverished territory on Saturday night came in "brazen defiance" of international calls to end the fighting.

"The Security Council's silence and its failure to take a decision to stop Israel's aggression since it began was interpreted by Israel as a green light," he said in a statement as Israeli forces rumbled into Gaza."

(Picture: hamas freak with missile)

Okay, you hit a nerve here...

Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Turkey… hell, all of the middle east fanatics are condemning Israel… CONDEMNING ISRAEL for kicking ass on the friggin’ Hamas clan! You know, the same clan that launches missiles into Israel on a daily if not hourly basis. The same clan that uses “peace” as a weapon and hides behind women and children. The same clan that's killed Israelis over and over and over again without provocation.

It's a given that the middle east zealots CONDEMN ISRAEL. The question is where were these same biased sons of pigs when Hamas missiles rained down on Israel over the years. Where were these piglets when the Hamas tribe terrorized innocent citizens of Israel?

(Picture: hamas missiles they claim they don't have)

You, you middle east "leaders"... where was your CONDEMNATION OF HAMAS when all of that was going on you friggin’ one sided islamic, ass kissing, piglet pricks?

Your “condemnation” carries no weight, means nada when it’s not equally enforced.

Piss up a rope you middle east fanatics. You're all nothing but a friggin' bunch of pompous cowards. Your supposed condemnation is a poorly veiled, pathetic attempt to protect a nest of terrorists bent on destroying Israel. Let the terrorist be destroyed!

(Picture: jihad terrorists with mortar)

You CONDEMN a nation for defending itself? You CONDEMN a nation for wanting to stop the killing of its innocent citizens? You CONDEMN a nation for wanting to end the fight once and for all? You CONDEMN a nation that simply wants to live in peace?

You’re all sick. You’re so full of yourselves over there in that cesspool of sand called the middle east. I can only hope the proud and valiant Israelis finish their fight this time rather than succumb to your shameless global politics.

“Saudi's Al-Riyadh attacked US President George W. Bush "who started his first presidential mandate with wars of occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan and ends his (White House) days welcoming the spilling of Palestinian blood."

(Picture: Remnants of terrorist missile in Israeli field.)

Damned straight Riyadh baby! Take it up with your pedophile prophet mohamud if it bothers you so. What would you, a Saudi know about protecting your citizens? You've always relied on others to do that for you. George Bush is only doing what the Jimmy Carters of this world wouldn’t and couldn’t do. Bush is standing up to all of you fanatics and is finally bringing the fight to you... you know, we call that taking the fight to the enemy. Something you and your saudi royalty know nothing about.

Israel is protecting it's very right to exist... plain and simple!

And furthermore SAUDI idiots, where was your condemnation when we were hit on 9-11? If I recall you tried to dhimmify us by telling us how wrong WE were and what WE did to provoke the attacks. Then you tried to buy our good will with a check, a handout of corrupt oil money… money that Rudy Giuliani promptly and righteously turned down.

Yeah, Middle Eastern “CONDEMNATION” means nothing to us. The clans of the middle east have always condemned what Israel and the United States have done. Why change now you freaks.

We CONDEMN YOU, our middle eastern friends!

Israel, go kick some terrorist ass! Don’t stop with Hamas!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Don't poke sticks at a beehive...

(Photo by Michael Freeman)

Here's a lesson in life... when I was young growing up in the great Pacific Northwest, U.S.A. I learned a lot from my four older brother’s accomplishments and mistakes… primarily their mistakes. I'd watch and listen to what they did that just didn't work out the way they thought it would at the time they did it. I'd listen to them rationalize their failed activity to themselves and those who would listen and I'd watch them re-enact their fruitless (and quite often painful) activity... fine tuning everything for the next go 'round. Yeah, I watched and learned. By the time I was able to experience some of my own life activities I had a pretty well rounded education as to what worked and what didn't work... basically.

So, I've never poked a stick at a bald faced hornets nest. I've never teased yellowjackets, animals with young and geese up close. I've thrown rocks from a distance at bee’s nests but never really stood close enough to poke sticks at an active hive. That's just not logical. It's not a wise thing to do even for those who aren't all that wise. You don't mess with wildlife and you don't taunt your neighbors. Those are facts of life learned early in life... at least they should be. Most sensible people realized these things within their first six years.


So, what the hell is going on with that freaky Hamas clan? Are they brain dead or something? Are their skulls thicker than believed? Are they high?

Blithering lunatics! What the hell are they thinking?

They had a truce with a neighbor who simply wanted to be left alone. I have neighbors. I don’t like all of them but I don’t throw rocks over the fence at them. I don’t sabotage their property, I don’t harass or kill their children or pets and I don’t dig tunnels into their back yards.

That’s just not right! It’s not sane!

In a nutshell Israel and Hamas arrived at a cease fire/truce/whatever months ago. Hamas saw the truce as an opportunity to rebuild, resupply and retrain their obsessed and utterly insane “army” of miscreants. All the while they’d lob a missile or two towards Israel at whim, improve their crazy little tunnel system, arrest and abuse dissenters (Christians) within their communities, terrorize bordering Israeli settlements, kidnap, torture and maim innocents and otherwise carry on their Hamas business as usual. Nothing really changed for Hamas during the cease fire/truce/whatever. They viewed it as a sign of Israeli weakness… a time for Hamas to regroup.

When the truce ended they showered Israel with rockets and mortars for days on end. Israel like the bees in the hornets nest stirred, complained, called for the activity to cease to no avail. Hamas viewed Israel’s refusal to fight as cowardice.

Eventually Israel had enough. Using necessary force Israel hammered the Hamas network in Gaza leveling buildings, killing Hamas commanders, militants and their supporters. Hamas was hit and hit hard… on the chin and boy did they feel it!

Hamas cried and continues to cry to the international community to make Israel stop. Israel continues to pummel Hamas (and those who support Hamas) mercilessly, making a very loud statement… LEAVE US ALONE!

To this day the international community condemns Israel… the victim in this fight. The neighbor who has had enough. The patient, bullied neighbor now kicking the bully’s inept ass.

I say let the fight end the way it will end. Let the bullied teach the bully a lesson they’ll never forget. A good ass whupping promotes respect, at least for those who have any semblance of sanity.

There are calls from the islamic community to rise up against Israel and the United States of America.

Hell, they’ve been making that call for decades. Mooslums everywhere, always calling for our heads. Citing the pedophile prophet moohamad’s name somewhere in their never ending gibberish. So what’s new?

In short, Hamas don’t poke sticks at the beehive. You’re going to get stung and stung bad!

Lesson in progress.