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Sunday, March 25, 2018

March for Our Lives... The Hypocrisy Of It All!

Remember that big ol' 60's style protest by the baby boomer generation's babies yesterday? That thing called "March For Our Lives" march. You know, the one that mandates all guns be eliminated from our society, especially those "M-16" types and the "assault rifles" and the "assault shotguns" and all things guns?

Remember that hippy generation throwback? Well, guess what. While they protested oh-so-loudly against guns, against the evil assault weapons, against whatever... while they threw their tantrums and shouted out the global elite's leftist mantra they were protected from us law abiding folks by ARMED POLICE OFFICERS, SECURITY AND allegedly members of our MILITARY!

The hypocrisy of the left never ceases to amaze me! Evidently what we can't have they want in their little fu-fu world. These folks and those who claim to be "proud" of them... "oh so proud" of them are what's wrong with our country. They want if for themselves, not for us.

Thanks to the Conservative Tribune for their accurate report of the "protection" details!


The "March For Our Lives"... a different perspective.

We all remember the Parkland school shooting, the Sandy Hook school shooting and oh-so-many others but we remember them differently as we grieve together, differently.

The most recent Baby Boomer generation's manipulation of their own offspring, their own spawn suggests they're not about to let a crisis go to waste. Especially if that crisis has a strong political link to their once failed and now resurrected agenda... The "March For Our Lives" wasn't a march for their lives. It was a march by the left for the left to promote the left's absurd global agenda once again and it failed. Regardless, it was another opportunity by the left to seize the stage relating to an insane, misguided, evil 19 yr. old failed product of liberalism's assault on all things he despised... freedom, happiness, family, friends, unity, diversification, security, peace...

And now the globalists, those who supported the most recent whiney liberal "march"... this "March For Our Lives" are laughing at those they manipulated into participating in that event. And all the while at least one lone wolf, one victim of that assault by the insane, murderous liberal product of the Baby Boomer society of the 60's sees the sanity in the whole ordeal. He sees this march for what it is, a blatant assault on all things conservative. An assault on the National Rifle Association and all things, all people associated with it. He sees it as another blatant attempt to strip us, our republic, our fellow citizens of our right to personal protection, of our second amendment rights in particular.

Yeah, Kyle Kashuv survived the insane attack on his school that day by spending most of the day hiding in a closet. Wondering when he would hear that door open and face his killer. He survived that day much like the rest of the survivors did... thankful to be alive in the end and he sees things differently, much differently than those like that fool Hogg who are fist pumping the air at every opportunity they get to advance the global liberal agenda on our society.

Kyle Kashuv's shown the maturity that folks like David Hogg and others fail to grasp, let alone feign. Kyle Kashuv recognizes there's problems that need to be addressed and division is one of those problems. He's suggesting that this whole new view of liberal knee jerking needs to be reviewed and called out for what it truly is...

I'm guessing it most likely has something to do with maturity. The global left recognizes the impressionable, the naïve, those who are adults by age but still children mentally and they manipulate them to promote their global agenda. Kashuv refused to be manipulated. He held his ground and spoke his mind.

The left, they don't like what he has to say. Too bad. Giddoverit!


The Government's Use Of Anti-Terrorism Laws...

They're in place for our protection. They're there for the protection of our republic, our very existence yet we find them being used more and more against those of us who might have differences of opinions with our government rather than harboring any terrorist inclinations whatsoever.

Yes, those "anti-terrorism laws" are on the books and are being used against us. It's a subtle use for now but things will most likely change given the nationwide push to restrict or even abolish our Second Amendment rights, at least. The push to seize our guns, to restrict our access to ammunition  and firearms components is a HUGE step towards complete control of us, the citizens and the proposed taxes. Given time, the implementation of those proposed additional fees on guns, components, licenses, ammunition, ammunition components will be instrumental in moving the gun "forfeiture" (seizure) effort forward to fruition. Oregon has once again tossed out Oregon Initiative 43, an initiative to the public calling for such a seizure. It's a "limited" seizure for now but it's still a seizure of firearms. When that occurs we'll be a conquered nation, conquered from within by those very people we elected into office who assured us they would protect our very liberties that they've targeted.

Our politicos are nothing more than pawns for their financiers and here's a hint, WE are not their financiers. They're not representing us, they're representing outside influences and their own personal greed.


Saturday, March 24, 2018

Well, It's Official, We've Been Betrayed!

I'll keep this short. Trump betrayed us! He didn't veto the omnibus bill! The leftist's (democrat AND republican) sellout of America.

Now we have to listen to the democrats and republicans and independents tell us how this bill was necessary to save our country. Rather than tighten our belts and make the tough choices they were elected to make, they seized the opportunity to bankrupt our country and convinced Trump to sign the bill.

He did. He told us he wouldn't but he did. He betrayed us.

This is the first brick in the wall. There's many more bricks that will be pulled or otherwise removed. But, a 1.3 trillion dollar "bail out" of obummer's and the left's prior spending sprees WAS NECESSARY?! The very suggestion for it to pass is absurd! PAY THE BILLS UP FRONT! Eliminate programs if you have to but pay the bills that are due!

This bill will be bringing one huge blow to our republic. Yep, Donald J. Trump sold us out and Schumer's and his little faeries from both sides of the aisle are laughing and loving it. He and his ilk played Trump big... really big! HUGE! And now that they've found the secret to playing him they're going to play him all the way through his long, now most likely disastrous term.

We have officially become dependent on our government, and vice-versa!

In case you missed his claim that he wasn't going to sign this bill I posted it. Here's one of many articles that documented that claim. For what it's worth I'm finally, officially pissed off, feeling betrayed, vamboozled. But hey, there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. The damage has been done!

Hang on, we're in for a long ride.



Don't believe me? Then read what this blue collar, American trucker has to say about things "then" (during that POSPOTUS Obama's "rule") and "now", during our POTUS Donald J. Trump's short time in office. It's a "night" and "day" comparison.

During obama's eight years of failed leadership our nation was in a nose dive towards certain doom. A nose dive that was planned and even suggested by him BEFORE he won the election. Remember, he announced to the world that it was his intention to rein us in, his intention to make amends for all the seemingly evil things we have done as a nation, as a society to the rest of the world. He went on his "apology" tour and followed that up with his promises of open borders and curtailed involvement in foreign aggression against us. He assaulted and his ilk is still assaulting our constitutional rights and demanding adherence to his failed policies. His minions even tossed around the idea of eliminating "term limits" but realized it wouldn't fly... for now at least. Having lost that battle obama and his handlers tried to get his agenda carried forward via one of the most corrupt politicos in the world, hillary clinton and the Clinton cartel but that also failed... miserably thanks to us, the mindful, true American voters.

So, the obvious comparisons of the "then" (the obummer rule) and "NOW" (our voter's revolt that led us to a Trump victory) are "in your face" recognizable and hopefully the changes will continue and will be here to stay!

This trucker documented much of what many of us witnessed and are still witnessing in our country today. A renewed faith in our society, a resurrection of sorts from the failed eight very long years of liberal rule.

Now if we can just get the RINOs to get on board we'd be riding high on the wave of liberty and freedom again.



Friday, March 23, 2018


Again! France is submitting to an insistent migrant threat and the government doesn't seem to care. They've taken on the muslim immigrants and now they're reaping what they sowed... the muslims are reaping what they sowed that is. They're close to conquering France. Very close!

"Who has the right to say that in thirty to forty years, France will not be a Muslim country? No one in this country has the right to extinguish our right to hope for a society that is globally faithful to Islam ". — Marwan Muhammad, spokesman of the "Collective against Islamophobia in France".

And you know what? Given the apathy of the French re: threats to their very existence as a society, a culture, an independent nation they're deserving of this threat from within. I mean, after all they invited the hostiles to France, they paid to bring the threat to them and they passed laws and created government agencies to accommodate the invaders.

Come to think of it, they do what they always seem to do when they recognize a threat to their existence. They support, encourage, nurture and embrace that threat...

Stupid me... it's their nature. Never mind, nothing new here. It's just the French being the French... The women will be wearing burkas and their children will be indoctrinated into islam in no time.

At least France will slow some of the spread of islam... for the time being anyways.


Thursday, March 22, 2018

Another Multiple Homicide In Florida.

I think it's safe to say this freak isn't a Catholic, let alone a Christian... just saying. Why do they call their cult a "religion"? Better yet, why do they insist it be called a "religion of peace"!

He slaughtered his "partner" and her daughter and tried to kill his nine years old son. All in the name of the allah pig!

“Right now, it’s just a blow to the whole family. It really is. We don’t understand it,” Angela Gaudette, O’Neal’s cousin" said. Yeah, sure. No one saw THIS coming. Nope. No one seems to "notice" anything. Everyone thought he was a nice, easy going, stable "good neighbor" who didn't seem to stand out in the crowd nor did he ever seem to display any "indication of violence or a decreasing mental state".

Well, except Walter Ballard who is a friend of Oneal. Ballard shared with the press that Oneal “...always told me had demons, but I never thought it was like that. I don’t know what would make him do anything to his kids,”

"Demons" seems to be an appropriate descriptor relating to Oneal's cultish preference.

When is our country, the rest of the world going to pay attention and wake up to this "religious" charade called islam?!


Homicide Rates, A Dated Comparison By Country.

  • It's always interesting for me to take a peek back in time and review some of the data that was collected "then" to address the questions we were having relating to problems we're experiencing as a society and how they were addressed, remedied (if appropriate) and how they might apply to what we're currently experiencing in our society and globally today.

    This little tidbit sent to me recently is pretty revealing. 

    It was sent by a friend. As mentioned, a portion of it is dated but it helps to define the trends, assigned assumptions, potential remedies, successes and failures relating to the deterrence of murder and crime in particular.

    Here's the information:

    REB Research Blog by Dr. Robert E. Buxbaum


    Crime: US vs UK and Canada

    The US has a lot of guns and a lot of murders compared to England, Canada, and most of
    Europe. This is something Piers Morgan likes to point out to Americans who then struggle to
    defend the wisdom of gun ownership and the 2nd Amendment: “How do you justify 4.8
    murders/year per 100,000 population when there are only 1.6/year per 100,000 in Canada,
    1.2/year per 100,000 in the UK, and 1.0/year per 100,000 in Australia — countries with few
    murders and tough anti-gun laws?,” he asks. What Piers doesn’t mention, is that these anti-gun countries have far higher contact crime (assault) rates than the US.

    The differences narrow somewhat when considering most violent crimes, but we still have far
    fewer than Canada and the UK. Canada has 963/year per 100,000 “most violent crimes,” while the US has 420/year per 100,000. “Most violent crimes” here are counted as: “murder and non-negligent manslaughter,” “forcible rape,” “robbery, and “aggravated assault” (FBI values).

    England and Wales classify crimes somewhat differently, but have about two times the US rate, 775/year per 100,000, if “most violent crimes” are defined as: “violence against the person, with injury,” “most serious sexual crime,” and “robbery.

    It is possible that the presence of guns protects Americans from general crime while making
    murder more common, but it’s also possible that gun ownership is a murder deterrent too. Our murder rate is 1/5 that of Mexico, 1/4 that of Brazil, and 1/3 that of Russia; all countries with strong anti-gun laws but a violent populous. Perhaps the US (Texan) penchant for guns is what keeps Mexican gangs on their, gun-control side of the border. Then again, it’s possible that guns neither increase nor decrease murder rates, so that changing our laws would not have any major effect. Switzerland (a country with famously high gun ownership) has far fewer murders than the US and about 1/2 the rate of the UK: 0.7 murders/ year per 100,000. Japan, a country with low gun ownership has hardly any crime of any sort — not even littering. As in the zen buddhist joke, change comes from within.

    One major theory for US violence was that drugs and poverty were the causes. Remove these by stricter anti-drug laws and government welfare, and the violent crime would go away. Sorry to say, it has not happened; worse yet, murder rates are highest in cities like Detroit where welfare is a way of life, and where a fairly high fraction of the population is in prison for drugs.

    Detroit’s higher living wage, has made it hard for people to find honest work. Stiff drug penalties have not helped Detroit either, and may contribute to making crimes more violent.

    As Thomas More pointed out in the 1500s, if you are going to prison for many years for a small crime, you’re more likely to use force to avoid risk capture. Perhaps penalties would work better if they were smaller.

    Detroit 1967 to 2017: unemployment comes down, murder rate doesn't.

    Homicide rate per country:

    Thanks for sharing this Dan!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

David Hogg

This David Hogg guy. This liberally funded "crises actor"? Is he one and the same? You decide... take a look for yourself. Do your own comparisons with an "open mind". Is the David Hogg spokesperson from the Parkland, Florida school shooting a student, a fraud, an actor, an addict, a reformed addict, a convicted felon or what?

Here's how it was presented to me in an email from a friend and fellow conservative...

Via the email:

"David Hogg of SC arrest photo, he is 26, and was on meth a few years ago. Same guy~

Recognize this little punk?   He has been on TV a whole lot since the Florida shootings.  Funny, its the people like you and I, the honest, law abiding citizen that are the problem according to him and the Lying Liberals like Schumer and Pelosi.  This is something that will twist your anti-gun readers guts.  (And cause them to have a stroke, most likely.)"

End of email

And here's yet another link to some more interesting material on "David Hogg" and the "Hogg" family that was emailed as well...A little more of the "alleged truth"?

You decide.

I honestly don't know if I have any "anti-gun readers" that frequent this site. But for any that might, let me know what you think. I'm just sharing shared information that was shared with me. This coupled with the other pictures in the links provided in my text are certainly interesting enough to generate some questions at least. Especially the "half face" photos, etc.


Are Facebook And Zuckerberg Taking A BIG dive?!

It appears so, a BIG ONE.

What's this all about? "Davidsen just admitted on Twitter that Facebook was “on our side.” 

Check it out yourself.

Zuckerberg's reported losses are at least $5.1 billion. It appears Facebook, i.e. Zuckerberg is being targeted for targeting conservatives and for working with obama and his ilk via Carol Davidsen, the director of integration and media analytics for Obama for America during obummer's 2012 presidential campaign to censor conservative opinions on their social "media" site. Facebook provided access to and information from users sites to Davidson and her minions on Obama's behalf and to other liberal political data miners. This included the wholesale censorship of those conservative Facebook accounts that dared to post conservative information running contrary to the truth at the time.

Farcebook has a looonnnnggg history of targeting conservatives. I'm one of those ex Farcebook folks who was banned by Zuckerberg's crew for carrying my portion of the conservative flag on that otherwise liberal internet forum.

I don't normally wish ill-will to those who are descending into the dredges of humanity but hey, in this particular circumstance I'm elated. Zuckerberg and his cronies have tried to silence thousands of conservatives like myself over the years. In fact, when they locked me out of my page I questioned the "lockout" from my two separate sites. Regarding the first site, the site I had kept open for over five years I wasn't even given the courtesy of an answer other than a simple "That account no longer exists". Initially I did get a request from them for a photo copy of my identification to ensure I was indeed the person I signed on as being. The Facebook "staff" wasn't comfortable with my initial response and requested some form of government identification. I sent them a copy of my driver's license sans date of birth, address and identifying numbers and they responded that they would review my information and send me a response upon the completion of that review. Well over four years later? No response? Nah... I gave up.

When I get the urge and try to logon I'll prod them with another email after the "that account no longer exists" notification and get their generic reply "The information you submitted to our staff is under review. Thank you for your patience."  Personally, I enjoy sending that email to them every now and then, if for no other reason but just to let them know I'm still lurking in their shadows and enjoying their downward spiral.... tremendously.

So, for you Farcebook folks be prepared for some bad times ahead, or so it appears. They'll probably get bailed though, by someone, somewhere who finds some semblance of information in that site.

Good riddance Zuckerberg and Facebook! Enjoy your ride!


Thursday, March 08, 2018

Predictive Policing Tools and Big Brother!

We're all tuned in to some level of technology these days. Some of us more than others. We watch "cable" television, are wired (or wireless) to our computers, laptops, notebooks, i-pads, Alexa, baby monitors, wireless security cameras, cell phones, "smart" phones, i-phones, fit-bits, car radios, etc. but very few of us really, truly know how wired we are. Not that it's always a bad thing, it's not, but like all good things it can get abusive fast.

Case in point the city of New Orleans was experiencing "out of control" murders, assaults, robberies, rapes... all things bad that people could do to people in the grand city of New Orleans was on the up-tick with no end in sight. Or so it seemed until the city's government quietly opted to tie in with some Silicone Valley folks in California, that liberal bastion of "personal freedom over anything" state. In desperation New Orleans opted to give Palantir, a new program designed to log and track anything anyone who's name is entered into the program does, anywhere, anyhow, anytime for any reason a try.

The upside? New Orleans homicide rates, assaults, robberies, drug sales, sex trafficking, etc. allegedly have dropped tremendously since the six plus years of marriage between the NOPD and Palantir. But rest assured Law Enforcement agencies in California's PredPol, New York, Washington State, Illinois via Chitcago's HEAT program, Holland and several other states and countries are either testing the waters with Palantir or have quietly jumped on board with them altogether. I find it difficult to understand how our "rights" have changed over the past ten or twenty years. Back in the day when I was knee deep in cleaning up the streets I was prohibited by our prosecutors, our legislators, our government from conducting investigations partially based on my suspects prior involvement in illegal activities, prohibited from openly suggesting that I suspected involvement in illegal activities. I was prevented from suggesting those who the folks who were being investigated were associating with were involved in illegal activities or most likely were involved in those activities. I was most definitely prohibited from taking into account the suspects demeanor, their friends, the lifestyles they lived including the possibility that their hang outs, their places where illegal activities are known to happen might be indicative of them being a participant of those activities as well. In essence the left, the politicos suggested that the good police work we did day in and day out or were trying to do back in the day amounted to "PROFILING"... whatever that meant. All I know is it cost the politicos votes! The administrators their jobs.

Back then, profiling solved crimes. BAD ASSED crimes! Then the political climate changed and criminals were allowed to walk free for commiting crimes we actually predicted they would commit but couldn't do anything about because we "profiled" the bad guys. Our administrators, our politicos ensured there was a layer of insulation between us, the law enforcement officers and select criminal elements.

Now, the big cities, the big tech gurus seem to have joined forces and found an ideal way to profile without calling it "profiling". Hence, cops can do their jobs again, bad guys are getting caught sooner and more AND our government is building, or should I say adding to one helluva invaluable database on all of us.

The scary part? The internet isn't a local, city, county, state, regional, national thing. It's a worldwide effort to collect information and it's been up and running and collecting information for quite some time now. They're just trying to numb our senses, dumb us down, normalize the intrusions via the more recent "crime fighting" tools being made available.

And they're gathering information. All kinds of predictive information and we're paying for it. All the while the government's wanting to destroy our second amendment rights, they want to take our guns and they want to monitor our very existence.

That's just the beginning of scary.


George Orwell's 1984 wasn't all that fictional was it. At least it doesn't appear to be a work of fiction from my point of view.


Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Proof! The Clintons, The Left Colluding With Russia!

At least. Who else did they and are they colluding with?

Via the released emails and information gleaned from the review of recent emails that were forced by law to be released it appears the Clintons and several other government officials gave Russia the information they needed to complete the super-sonic missiles they needed to carry their warheads anywhere in the world. And according to Putin they "can't be stopped or shot down" by any country's defense systems.

ANY COUNTRY.  It's now evident that technology given to the Russians and others was handed over by the Clinton's, Obama's traitorous regime and those democrats AND republicans who supported them.

According to the most recent report on this traitorous released of highly classified information it's been established a "set of emails that the Examiner reported on shows the nexus of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s foundation, Hillary Clinton’s State Department, Bill Clinton, Russian oligarch Vekselberg, and Skolkovo, “Russia’s Silicon Valley,” the Putin project to transfer Western technology to Russia that was championed and driven by Mrs. Clinton"

From there the Russians only had to create the "unstoppable supersonic" missile that could carry the warhead to anywhere in the world to deliver that warhead. It appears they have and according to the global experts, there exists no modern technology available to stop it or shoot it down. Obviously, the Clinton Foundation stood to gain by the release of the information to the Russians. It's reported that at least "17 out of 28 tech companies that hitched up with Skolkovo also contributed to the Clinton Foundation!"

They and others sold out our country for personal gain... again!

If this isn't treason then treason does not exist!


Thanks to the Gateway Pundit and author Jim Hoft for the report I received.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Ahhh, Those Peaceful Muslims!

At least four of their Imamas or whatever they call themselves are calling for an increased slaughter of Jews, Christians and anything else that's not muslim. Yup... they want to see more of us if not all of us slaughtered in the name of islam and they want it to happen soon. When will the world ever get a handle on these freaks?

Hey wait. These (at least) four imamas are here in the grand ol' U.S. of A. North Carolina, Texas, Florida, California... but I'll wager there's more. You know like Michigan, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Utah... states with mosques. Give those mosques time and eventually they'll be preaching the slaughter of non-muslims right along with their fellow mosques who are already openly preaching it.

Yup, it makes total sense... this "open border", refugee, immigration thing.

It's time to make it end! Let's take back our country.



Monday, March 05, 2018


You bet!

Rather than go into detail about how Comey, clinton, obama and oh-so-many others colluded to coverup their collusion with our enemies, those who would otherwise wish to destroy us I'll simply suggest you read this article authored by Former United States Attorney Joseph E. DiGenova, a founding partner of diGenova & Toensing, LLP. The article was posted from an IMPRIMUS, Hillsdale College email I received earlier today.

It's revealing, at best. I can't help but wonder why little to nothing has been done to at least expose Comey and the whole clinton/obama cartel for what they are and for what they plotted to achieve. I thank the good Lord for ensuring these politicos didn't achieve their goals... this time around at least.

We dodged another bullet, or so it seems.


Christianity, Islam's Largest Target Has Never Changed!

It's just grown and moved. Christianity is growing and it's all about the cult of Islam's push to destroy the faith that's helped advance the faith's messages. Islam is a global cult that has zero tolerance for any other faith. Its whole foundation is based on evil, the anti-Christ. Thus, the potential of any islam-Christian global peace is pretty much a no-go.

I'm going to borrow Gatestone Institute's article "Don't Dare Sit With Us If You Want To Live" to remind us all of what's been going on for decades, at least. The hatred, the violence, the intolerance of islam, of muslims directed towards all things not muslim, in particular Christians. Make sure you read the article at least but if you want more evidence read those other incidents listed chronologically at the end of the article.

Currently, the muslim's are running helter-skelter all over the world slaughtering or otherwise destroying Christian's lives, their property... anything to do with their Christian faith. Children are being slaughtered in the name of allah, young girls are being kidnapped and sold as sex slaves, young Christian boys are being imprisoned for decades in muslim hell-holes, whole Christian families are being drug out of their homes in the middle of the night, beaten, slaughtered and their homes burned.

Nope, this islam bullshat! It's not like any other religion I've ever known, heard, read about or seen. It's a vile cult all to itself.



Sunday, March 04, 2018

Did a One Time Trump Aid Collude With Russia?!

Roger Stone, who's been around in politics since, well the tricky Dick Nixon days has been exposed once again via WikiLeaks addicts (i.e. the mainstream media) so it just HAS TO BE TRUE! Eh?!

But wait! That's not how this whole exchange between Stone and WikiLeaks seems to shake out much to the (CNN) Clinton News Network's very own Andrew Kaczynski's chagrin. It seems Kaczynski and those at CNN released the WikiLeaks information regarding the "hacked emails obtained from John Podesta" after representatives of WikiLeaks had an "off the record" exchange of information with Kacynski. Kacynski suggests in his exchange with WikiLeaks that he AND CNN violated their trust with WikiLeaks representative(s) over an "off the record" interview that was rather fluid and based on perception, not facts.

One can only surmise Kaczynski was evidently given the boot by WikiLeaks.

Roger Stone? He was asked directly by WikiLeaks prior to CNN's releasing off the record information, "to stop any false claims of association with the anti-secrecy website". This would suggest Stone was shut down by WikiLeaks prior to the release of those Podesta emails to WikiLeaks.

So, for what it's worth, so much for POTUS Donald J. Trump's collusion with Russia via Roger Stone prior to the election.

Keep trying libs, keep trying.

Are we having fun yet?

Saturday, March 03, 2018

By They Way, Those Cuban "NOISE ATTACKS"?

Well, they seem to have finally been explained. Kind of, sort of... maybe. Perhaps.

After months of studies, tests, experiments, finger pointing, accusations, etc. the spy-vs-spy discussion has, well been discussed and a conclusion has been arrived at by those who have conducted their analysis of all of the illnesses caused by the bombardment of "noise" a our Embassy in Cuba.

The conclusion?  "I'm not sure". The experts kinda, sorta, woulda arrived at the suggestion of the possibility that the sounds could have been made by placing two sources of "listening devices" too close to each other which could generate interference and "provoke the intense sounds described by the victims".

So, in essence for us 1960's dudes... "feedback". Or not.

I'm thinking the "embassy" that houses our government folks is so heavily bugged by Cuba, Russia, et. al. that their listening devices were and still are bleeding over each other, causing one helluva bunch of "sonic" feedback. I thought that for quite awhile, personally. I mean it's common sense proven by experience. You know, if you've ever played an electric musical instrument coupled with the mikes, etc. you'll know what I'm suggesting because, well, you've most likely experienced it yourself.

But hey, that was then this is now. Besides, it's Cuba... they're our friend now. Why woudl they bug the hell out of our embassy... or the Russkies for that matter.

I just wonder how much tax paid money was spent on this study.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/cuba/article203221919.html#storylink=cpy

Don't believe me? Read it yourself.

This was a fun one to follow.




It looks like it's finally received a green light by the federal courts. One of our POTUS Donald J. Trump's targets of his criticism, U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel determined that both the Congress and the Executive Branch of our government are responsible for our national security, thus opening the door to continued construction on that border wall we so desperately need in spite of California's rants otherwise.

Those folks in California don't agree but hey, that's just too bad. BUILD THE WALL! It's overdue!

In the meantime California's Attorney General Xavier Becerra stated in response to the decision that he and his staff will examine all other options and do what is necessary "to protect 'our' people, 'our' values, and 'our' economy from federal overreach." (Note the multiple use of "our" when xavier mentions protection of our nation's borders). Xavier seems to suggest their interests differ dramatically from the rest of the country's. I'm also wondering who Xavier is including when he mentions "our". I have an idea but I'd love to hear the official answer.

Xavier also goes on to mention "A medieval wall along the U.S.-Mexico border simply does not belong in the 21st century" but Mexico keeps super strict enforcement on their own borders. They just don't want us to be able to regulate ours?! The lowly California AG contradicts his own system... the U.S. District Court. Time to build that wall.

Yeah, I have a problem with that. We need that wall! More now than ever before. And Californicatia needs to be reined in. They're failing as a state and they're standard of living, infrastructure, quality of life has obviously plummeted over the past ten or twenty years, at least.

Refer to a recent earlier post on this blog for more of THAT information.

NAH! Xavier... it's time to BUILD THAT WALL! Now more than ever!!!