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Friday, November 25, 2016

Intelligence Briefings Begin

Intelligence Briefings Begin for new United States Top Executives!

You have to LOVE the election results for the United States President. A butt whooping and positive direction finally.

Changes are already happening.

POTUS-ELECT Donald Trump has delegated certain authorities to Vice President Elect Mike Pence regarding the monitoring of our national security. Vice President elect Pence will be attending daily intellingence briefings and will keep POTUS-ELECT Trump informed.


Pretty soon we'll be rid of that POSPOTUS obummer and his band of idiots. When that happens we can start moving forward again and repair the damage that was done over the past eight years. Thank you fellow AMERICANS for waking up from the past eight years of nightmarish, out of control wannabe "leadership". Thank you for taking those positive steps to get us back on track.

We're going to survive this fool and his troupe of clowns after all.