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Saturday, January 11, 2020

I grew up in the 50's and 60's very early 70's... I remember things were most definitely turning "anti-American" (as we knew it) in the 60's and kind of "mellowed" in the early 70's but the rift was still there through the 70's and into the 80's at least. The sad thing is that the liberals really seemed to catch on to the whole leftist movement and they continued to assert their multiple, varying agendas... into everything in earnest. In some places those "agendas" were adopted, quite often with tongue in cheek, wait and see implementations while others were "all in", "hell bent for" implementations. Either way, the conservatives in the country were taking a beating. After the dust settled we, the United States of America's conservatives came out of it with admitted losses to the left yet, we still retained many, if not most of our conservative values that we had in the 50's. Albeit, many of those values were diluted somewhat via the global elites push towards liberalism, socialism.

"Fast forward" to today. There's seemingly no end in sight to the liberal's goals. With each passing day I see another tacit "assault" on yet another one of our society's conservative "values", "icons"... Each year I see another inch of "ground, values" of conservative ideals ceded to the liberal movement. The liberals successfully argued that those conservative "ideals" lacked practicality for the period. I never bought off entirely on their "arguments", their liberal "movement" at the time but hey, I'm of the minority, or so it seems.

The liberals chinked and continue to chink away at our conservative culture one brick in the wall at a time. Lately their effort is beginning to show, to bear fruit for them. Are we as conservatives tiring of this endless fight, this never ending battle to retain our conservative values? Is it just me who sees what I believe is happening to our country, our society as a whole? Am I wrong to question the liberal's influence regarding our politics, our culture? I don't know society's 'preferred' answers to those questions but I'm assured I have been and still am on the right track, unless otherwise proven wrong.

As a conservative I question what's considered "conservative" today, given the liberal dilutions in the past and those proposed for the present, near and far future.

Conservative "values"? They're a huge stretch from what they used to be.