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Friday, September 29, 2006

Oh, just blowing off some steam.

I need to establish that I’m not a Republican, Democrat, Green(whatever), Libertarian, Communist, Socialist, etc.

I’ve always voted for a PERSON who most accurately represented MY views, MY takes on the world and our fantastic country. I admit, I’m self serving when it comes to politics.

I have to say--- establish up front--- that I did not vote for George Bush when he ran against Gore. Now--- today I’m embarrassed to admit that!

I did vote for George Bush when he was “challenged” by Kerry. Holy crap that was a nightmare. Kerry was so damned condenscending--- he never seemed to remember what he said from one day to the next. He was just trying to appease those who he was speaking to at the time he was talking. Can you imagine where we’d be right now if Kerry was president? We’d be reading the Quran and learning Spanish.

In hindsight I for one appreciate George Bush’s overall plan to invade Afghanistan and subsequently Iraq. At first I was furious. I have a son who was at the time in “harms way” and I was furious that the President of this grand United States was placing him on the front lines--- hell, he was placing him in areas where there were no REAL lines yet, DIRECTLY in harms way--- well before any United States “build up” in Pakistan began that would directly support the preparation for the battles of Afghanistan and Iraq in this war on Islamic terrorism.

So now it’s time to toss out some thoughts that I’ve had for quite awhile regarding this whole discussion of Iraq and the dramatic increase of terrorist activity in Iraq.

I've read and heard angry politicians, newscasters, religious leaders and others claim that the United States has created an islamic extremist battlefield in Iraq, drawing to that country islamic terrorist from all parts of the globe--- terrorists who would not be in Iraq were it not for the battle against terrorism--- which just happens to be focused on Iraq right now.

What’s wrong with that?

What? Do we want these alleged “terrorists” (read cowards) to remain scattered throughout the world for us and our allies to root out--- to kill covertly or not at all?

Doesn’t it make better sense to attract these cowards, draw them to a common place where we can effectively kill them? Kill them on a battlefield of our choosing and their acceptance?

These cowardly bastards were drawn to Iraq with the grand notion of “JI-effing-HAD” like moths to a candle’s flame.

Hell, they played into the hands of the President and his advisors and I love it!

Although the sunni’s, shia’s and others are slaughtering each other daily they still get caught up in the overall “ji-effing-had” bullshit!

This is just the beginning of the end for their cause. They’re struggling big time right now. That dude who supposedly replaced that zarqawi dude is begging for outside help. He's wanting to pull the plug but doesn't quite know how to do it.

We’re kicking butt and they know it!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Well. Thank you 7-11!

Even though you had ulterior motives I still support your move when it comes to CITGO, fat boy Chavez's group. Drop the corporation now- like the hot potato it is. You're better off and I'll buy gas from you again.

Zarqawi's battle plan! Who's friend? Who's foe?

Read it all here. Although that was in 2004.

Things have changed considerably.

Zarqawi is with many of his other pig brethren right about now- and that isn't with those virgins.

40 torture victims found- Islam, the religion of peace!

It seems our Islamic friends have scattered throughout Baghdad 40 of the most recent trophies they've garnered in their sectarian bickering. All bodies of men who bear the marks of torture, their hands and feet bound.

"The bodies of 40 men, more apparent victims of sectarian death squads, have been found dumped in eastern and western Baghdad in the past 24 hours, police said. All showed signs of torture, had been shot, and had their hands and feet bound, police Lt. Thayer Mahmoud said." (The Associated Press 09/28/2006)

All this while Muqtada al Sadr's little militia is crumbling around his ears- the only good news in this whole mess.

But then again, is that really good news?

Who knows.

All I know is that this was one helluva display for the "religion of peace", Islam in Iraq this week. They're killing each other in droves.

Read the watered down version of Al Bawaba's accounting of the incident.

There's far more detailed accounts out there by the AP and others.

Islam, the religion of peace my ass. They're feeding on their own!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Check this out!

The fat, ugly, ignorant prick is stroking the African Union now.

It's great to hear Chavez is bringing more islamic culture into his little fiefdom.

After all, it is the religion of peace! Surely there is nothing to fear from these religious zealots. (point of clarification here- is the big guy's name "muhammed", "mohammed", "mahammed" or some other variation of the name? I mean, every time I read his/her name it's a different variation! Dayum! Settle on one and let us infidels know what you've settled on!)

So, given muhammed's religion of peace- that peace compelled by the sword- given his/her compulsion to ride camels- given his/her raucous behavior you'd have thought that he/her would be a bit more identifiable and all.

Either way, Chavez and the African Union appear to be hooking up with the hopes of whatever. Who knows what Chavez is hoping for!

We certainly know what the mooslims are hoping for.

The bottom line is he has invited the very devil into his house. This is going to be interesting.

Oh yeah, why is it muslim or moslem? Pick a spelling and stay with!

Damn this is distracting!


That little, annoying, fat Venezuelan dude is at it again.

He's the little, fat, ugly guy on the right in this Yahoo image. He's not the shorter, hooked nosed, Iranian dude on the left. Well, actually he's the one on the left in the bigger picture.

Aw hell, let's make it simple. He's the fat, ugly dude in the darker suit. The little ratty looking character we'll get to another day. Right now, he (the little Iranian dude) is a bit busy showing the Russians where he wants his nuke sites built (oh crap. That's supposed to be a secret!).

Yeah. Hugo filed a "diplomatic protest" regarding a circus sideshow performed by his foreign minister Nicolas Maduro and a couple of tagalong's when they were temporarily detained by airport authorities in New York.

It seems the thugs were complaining about airport security measures after they'd drawn attention to themselves as they approached the gate.

The security personnel- as trained, recognized the odd behaviors of these idiots as behaviors that warranted further review. They intervened and attempted to screen the entourage in the appropriate manner- as any other odd acting passengers would be screened within the United States.

You know the rest of the story.

I propose (duh!) these security folks were set up! Chavez wanted to leave his mark with the press as he departed our country. His mark is an ugly one.

But then again, that's only my take on things.

Berlin's Deutsche Oper won't go forward with "Idomeneo".

"Our ideas about openness, tolerance and freedom must be lived on the offensive. Voluntary self-limitation gives those who fight against our values a confirmation in advance that we will not stand behind them," said Mayor Klaus Wowereit.

So, the show won't go on!

At the risk of irking those from the Religion of Peace, ISLAM a slight adaptation of the 225-year-old opera, Idomeneo was pulled from the stage.

It appears the adaptation completed by Hans Neuenfels that first appeared in 2003 included King Idomeneo offering the severed heads of the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon and those of muhammad, Jesus and Buddha much to the chagrin of our Islamic brethren.

German officials, taking into account the stir that the Dutch caricatures of muhammmad caused in September of 2005 strongly suggested the show be cancelled.

Bernd Neumann, the federal government's top cultural official, said that "problems cannot be solved by keeping silent."

"When the concern over possible protests leads to self-censorship, then the democratic culture of free speech becomes endangered."

Read about it HERE and explain to us that we're not a herd of cattle being led to our slaughter.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Islamic intolerance!

I was over on the Infidel Bloggers Alliance this morning giving it a good read. I found the "Killed in a Burka" post chillingly real. The fundamental lesson- speak out against islam and you die. Intolerance- the islamic reaction to adversity. Anger- hate- death- the result of islamic intolerance!

Another good read was found further along in the blog. Here's a couple of powerfully written paragraphs posted to the Infidel Bloggers Alliance by Jai Hind (We need a "Jihad" against intolerance)-

"Muslims must realise that this attitude of “intolerance” – of believing that there is only one truth; only one way to redemption, salvation and glory is fundamentally flawed and completely incompatible with any norms of a civilised and evolved society.We are not living in the Stone Ages and the sooner Muslims realise this, the better.

When will Muslims wake up to this?…and accept that some of the very fundamental tenets of Islam are flawed? accept the need for reform…accept that there will always be people who will not agree with what they believe in – will not agree with their way of thinking and will not agree with their interpretations – but will still need to be accorded respect, given space and treated as being equally worthy in any dialogue.

Is this asking for too much?"

The question is not "is this asking for too much?". That answer's painfully obvious. We are asking for too much of the islamic community to realize certain facts of life- flaws.

The real question was asked by Jai Hind (and many others) and continues to loom like an elephant in the room- When will Muslims begin to tolerate and accept other beliefs?

So far, the answer is "NEVER"!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bin Laden- Dead or Alive?

I'm wondering. You're wondering. Hell, everyone's wondering if he's alive or dead.

And the worst part of the whole question is that everything is based on French "intelligence". Go figure!

French "intelligence".

If he is dead was it a result of contracting typhoid or some other slow, life sucking, painful disease?

One can only hope it was a long, agony filled trip!

A Yahoo report of Chirac's information.

A CBS account.

-and a CNN video reference depicting the Saudi's intelligence relating to UBL's illness and eventual demise.

Chavez- That Venezuela dude-

Yo! Hugo Chavez- that dude from Venezuela.

You know that ugly, little fat guy from down that way recently came up here and chatted about things at the U.N. last week. In the end he hugged a very liberal, tyrant hugging, in need of work, hapless, washed up and rapidly aging Danny Glover (most likely copping a feel in the process) and in effect, promoted his Citgo holdings.

I'm suggesting we urge Hugo Chavez, his entourage, his liberal supporters and his Citgo friends to find another place to play.

(This photo is courtesy of the Infidel Bloggers Alliance and Pastorius).

Some global views- September 23, 2006

Points of view from others throughout the globe. Here's five worth reading. I'll post five more next Saturday.

  • Al Gordon addresses the United Nations (National Post)

  • Islam and Europe (Times Online)

  • Is Islam dying? (The Brussels Journal)

  • European immigration. (San Bernardino County Sun),

  • U.S. Islamic Schools Teaching Homegrown Hate! (Fox News)

  • Domestic spying. What's the issue?

    Why the hell is everyone so concerned about our government's authority to covertly gather information?

    What the hell is wrong with that? Isn't that what we want from our government? Protection!

    Personally, I don't care if they're looking at my bank accounts or listening in on my phone conversations to determine whether or not I'm participating in activities that might possibly harm our country or fellow citizens. I truly don't care if they follow me around and keep book on my daily activities. If the government feels there's a need to tap into my conversations and poke around in my personal life then so-be-it. Bring it on. In fact, they can stop by the house and chat with me up front and personal. I'll tell them everything I can about what I know. It may bore them to death but then again I have nothing to hide.

    What I AM concerned about though is the protection some of you seem to have that actually ALLOWS you to fund hate and terror groups- that actually ALLOWS you to prepare for- train- plan and subsequently carry out vile and cowardly assaults on innocent, unsuspecting citizens here in our country and throughout the world!

    I'm concerned that our government and our laws protect you too much! You continue slaughtering others in the name of Islam, the religion of peace (yea, right!). Islam- where beheading, assassination, slaughter and bombing are a way of life-

    Pope Benedict XVI was so very "on the mark" recently when he repeated Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Paleologus' statement to an "educated" Persian in 1391 as they compared Christianity and Islam. The emperor said to the Persian-

    "Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

    The emperor goes on to say that violence is incompatible with the nature of God and the nature of the soul.

    "God," he says, "is not pleased by blood - and not acting reasonably is contrary to God's nature. Faith is born of the soul, not the body. Whoever would lead someone to faith needs the ability to speak well and to reason properly, without violence and threats."

    Isn't this true? If so then why is there so much bloodshed in the name of Islam?

    If not, then are you saying God is pleased by blood, by violence, by hatred? Are you saying all "infidels" shall be compelled to convert or die? Is that the message Islam is trying to spread?

    I'm confused here, obviously. I'm hearing Islam is the religion of peace yet I'm seeing acts carried out in the name of Islam that are murderous, unprovoked, hateful and cowardly attacks against an innocent, unsuspecting public. Truly these contradictions exist! Islam cannot be the religion of "peace" as "peace" is defined.

    It's pointless to argue the fact that true faith cannot be effectively spread by violence and threats! Yet, the Ismalic faith continues to press for converts by actively using violence and threats of death. Many Islamic followers actively participate in or support covert, radical terror cells scattered throughout the world. Many more tacitly, quietly condone the activities of those terror cell participants by simply keeping quiet while the cowards butcher others in the name of their religion- Islam.

    These are some of the reasons I'm in support of domestic spying, of our government's need to continue to gather information in order to protect us. I'm not concerned what they'll find out about me- I could really care less.

    I'm more concerned about what they won't be able to find out about you if you're so damned concerned they're spying on you.

    What do you have to hide?

    Thursday, September 21, 2006

    The United Nations needs to leave our country!

    Why is it that the United Nations is housed in the United States?

    Most of those countries leaders comprising the organization are nothing more than a group of arrogant thugs- tyrants and self centered idiots who are so very anti-west. So I guess my question is why afford them a place to stay within our very borders.

    By doing this we bring the very enemies of our culture, our way of life into our home and house them, feed them and protect them. Do you think for a moment that our leaders would get the same hospitable treatment in their countries? Hell no!

    The United Nations is a useless, has-been organization that needs to disband or move elsewhere. It's saturated with corruption, it's so diluted in it's make up that it's incapable of making any real, effective, positive influence anywhere on the global front and it needs to go!

    The United States has to quit pouring money into this defunct organization. We, the taxpayers of this great country are paying 3.5 to 6 billion U.S. tax dollars a year to the U.N.'s greedy, demanding, money grubbing system through our government!!! 3.5 to 6 BILLION HARD EARNED TAX PAYER DOLLARS!!!

    Instead of paying this useless group to stay within our borders, insult our nation- us! Instead of actively housing them and cow-cowing to them our leadership should be reclaiming the building and property that houses this criminal group of thugs and wannabes, effectively removing them from our soil.

    Personally, I'm sick and tired of seeing our leadership cow-cow to these idiots only to get humiliated and insulted in the end.

    Anan is a criminal- that's been exposed. His son made big bucks off of our charitable nature. Anan claims he had no idea what was happening- and I have some ocean front property to sell someone in Arizona too.

    The United Nations has to go!!!

    Let China or Russia do their part now. Let one of those countries house this defunct, impotent, ruthless group of idiots.

    No, wait- France would be a much better fit. Chirac and Anan could try and outdo one another with their absurd, out of this world comments and commitments- and they can both bend in the breezes like the spineless bastards they are.

    Send the U.N. away!!! NOW!!!

    Get us out!!!