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Saturday, November 14, 2015


DO WATCH THIS TWENTY MINUTE VIDEO! Muslim "Refugees" Turn the volume up and actually LISTEN to what the REFUGEES have to say! It'll take a much needed 20 minutes of your valuable time to watch!

If you're alive and have a brain and share ANY concern this will certainly wake you up. If you can't see the problem then you're a part of the problem.


Share the video. Get it out before You Tube takes it down.

Saturday, October 17, 2015



1. Reverend Wright, your POSPOTUS obummer’s pastor…
Your POSPOTUS obummer’s pastor, reverend wright during the recent million man march in Washington, D.C. claims “Palestinians are fighting against those who say “their god told them they could have somebody else’s country,” calling it “one of the most egregious injustices in the 20th and 21st centuries.” Wright also said that youths in Ferguson, Missouri, and youths “in Palestine” have “united” and that blacks should join them. Read it here: Obama's Reverend Wright is alive and well and still hatin' America/

2. Your POSPOTUS obummer decides to leave troops in Afghanistan and to send more. “I know many of you have grown weary of this conflict,” Mr. Obama said from the White House. “I’m firmly convinced that we should make this extra effort.” – See more at:Obama's Folly

3. Obamacare! An epic failure that keeps on failing. Your POSPOTUS obummer can’t hide from these failures Here’s a dozen of most significant co-op stories, some of which were reported in the Washington Examiner. Read more:Obamacare Failures

4. Josh Earnest blatantly lying about your POSPOTUS obummer’s Syrian situation. It’s tough when even your number one press guy gets it wrong err, right err, wrong… err, “what he said”. LOL Pathetic. Here’s the link:Obama's Lies

5. Is your POSPOTUS obummer trying to influence the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi’s email investigation? It sure looks like he is. Check it out on the NY Times:Obama's meddling in the Benghazi Investigation

6. Even this liberal physicist says your POSPOTUS obummer’s wrong re: global warming. Even though Obama thinks he’s “all that and a bag of shat” his blatant exaggerations are coming back home to roost. See for yourself here:Obama's Wrong Re: Global Warming

7. The Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, hillary clinton and her handlers are doing everything they can to stifle free speech when it comes to the slaughter of our heroes in Benghazi. It happened on her inept watch. She’s doing all she can to bury the incident under the rug and move on. Live with it clinton. You created this mess and are currently ignoring the disaster, now you have to live with it. We have a right to know! Any ads used to prompt the release of information relevant to your failure here will be used. At this point what difference does it make anyways? Clinton doesn’t like this:Clinton's Benghazi Failures

8. Is another one of your POSPOTUS obummer’s favorite “accomplishments”, Bo Bergdahl going to get off Scot Free? It looks like there’s a strong possibility of that happening. Obama's token taliban

9. Pork is no longer on the menus in the Federal Prison system. They claim it’s not all that “popular” to the inmates therefore they’re not providing it anymore. Hmmm… I’m inclined to think it has far more to do with the muslim inmates than it does with the “inmates”. Once again, while your POSPOTUS obummer’s at the helm we cave to the muzzies. Bacon is pork isn’t it? Seems to me the last time I looked it was. I can’t believe the prisoners in the Federal Prison system don’t want bacon or pork sausage and gravy… but then again, the majority of the prisoners just might be muzzies. Either way, take a look at the story here: No Mo Pork

10. This has to be one of those “epic failure” moments when it comes to doing research prior to demonizing your opponents. Ben Carson surges in the polls after the debates and especially after the media’s week long character assault on him. The media wants him demonized… unfortunately for them it backfired, fortunately for us it backfired. Ben Carson is surging in the polls. Jimmy Fallon can get back to his crappy Donald Trump impersonations now. You’ll love this short read:Carson Surges!

11. If you don’t understand anything else your POSPOTUS obummer’s doing understand this at least! That POSPOTUS obummer wants our guns! He does not want empowered citizens. He wants our guns confiscated. Pretty plain and simple. Read it for yourself:Stealing Our Gun Rights

12. Finally, to top off this list here’s a 2008 video that your POSPOTUS Barack Hussein Obama does not want released. So hell, let’s get it released. Here’s a link to it!:The Video

Compiled by Bwa Ha, banned by Facebook. To The Utmost Extent Of Our Power!


Sunday, April 12, 2015

BLOGSPOT EXCLUSIVE!!! Hillary Clinton makes an announcement on Social Media!


Hillary Clinton announces her aspirations for the 2016 Presidential election via SOCIAL MEDIA! See it HERE now!

In the interests of Killary Klinton, the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi and only Killary Klinton the previous message has been deleted by the candidate or her political handlers, minions or otherwise politicos..