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Friday, June 23, 2017

Another mysterious political death and we're surprised, WHY?

 Here's another link forwarded to me by Dan from Montana. Can we say "DUH"? I mean, he snitches off the DNC info, he goes missing and now he's... well, you read about what his status is. You can find a nice article written by Prissy Holly in the Freedom Daily.

This isn't one of those "revelations". This was expected and it happened. 

"...An assassination plot on one of their very own people who was getting close to exposing an ENORMOUS scandal on the DNC". I'm sure all of these very recent deaths were accidental or self inflicted or both.

Is the demoncrat party "literally killing off Americans in order to prevent their dirty laundry from being aired to the American public!"?

By the way, what is that clinton clan up to these days?


Our Canadian friends get one helluva "Thank You" for their liberal generosity!

A good friend, Dan from Montana sent this to me today. I thought I'd share it on here for those who might be interested.

So, this is the "thank you" liberals and others can expect for the liberal welcome mat? Well, it just ain't all that much of a "thank you" afterall....

It seems whatever I read about the Western liberal's generosity when it comes to helping those from the cult of islam I find a common thread. Eventual violence, hatred, disdain directed towards those liberals who provided the generous help the muslims so desperately needed when they initially arrived in the affected neighborhoods seems to be the initial "Thank You". Later it's followed by assaults, disparaging remarks and demands for more respect, assistance, demands to convert to islam by the neighborhood's new islamic "neighbors".

I guess if we want to earn our new "neighbors" respect we need to "convert" and become a member of their cult or put up with their hateful ways.

Personally, I don't care if they respect me or not. No disrespect intended, mind you.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

John McCain? He's more that just a RINO...

He's in it for himself.

Remember the "Keating Five"? McCain was in that up to his neck and subsequently became best buds with good ol' George Soros.

About the time McCain was hit up with some allegations re: the involvement with Keating Five he chummed up with ol' George Soros.

We don't need these lifetime politicos in office anymore. McCain is as much of a poster boy for TERM LIMITS as is dingy Chucky Schumer, Patty Murray, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Joe Biden, Maria Cantwell and unfortunately, so many, many, many more of our politicos.

The longer these birds are in the D.C. nest the more power they seem to think they have over us. It's past time we imposed TERM LIMITS for ALL POLITICOS!


Thanks to THE DAILY CALLER for the story!

SAY WHAT???!!! "CORRUPT MOTIVE"?! What is that???!!!

"Corrupt Motive"?!! Can we use "corrupt motive" criterion for prosecuting members of congress, other politicos too?! How about the press?!

This is absurd!

If anyone should have been prosecuted for "corrupt motive" it should have been Bill or even Hillary Clinton, that failed POSPOTUS obummer and many, many other politicos first!

This is one helluva reach but it does show how angry the left is at us for putting a halt to their march towards socialism, tyranny!

How about we, the people file "malicious prosecution" charges against the members of congress?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Are Our Politicos Trying To Control Our Freedom Of Speech Rights?


Yep, I'd say they are. They're catering to those who wish to destroy us rather than those of us who wish to protect what we have.

The muslims, daesh... they're winning the votes of our politicos in the name of political correctness in spite of us, the citizens, our safety, our existence as we know it.

Our politicos are willing to throw us, our rights under the bus in order to ensure they're being wholly politically correct to those who seek to destroy us. They want to make us a North American caliphate. Or so it seems.


Racist professor gets jerked from teaching for awhile at least.

The school must be pretty liberal to not fire the woman after the race baiting rant she went on. I mean, if I did this I'd have been not only fired but disgraced and banned by the whole "higher education" community.

She hasn't been. Instead she's been suspended.

Oh, but wait. She's a liberal , BLACK "professor"!

That makes a difference I guess. She'll probably be back from the suspension. And when she returns she can rant and rave all she wants to re: black lives matter and their ban on allowing whites to attend the BLM functions including at least the black lives matter’s all-black Memorial Day celebration. I'm pretty sure that if they allow her to return (and they most likely will to avoid a lawsuit) she'll pretty much have a free rein to say what she wants.

I guess this racism claim seems to only go one way. Black lives matter but white lives? Nahh. Not so much.


Bill Clinton's alleged son Danney Williams comes forward on Father's Day!

Is Danney Williams a "love child" of Slick Willy's? 

Oh, and the accompanying photo in Danney's tweet of "their" (Bill and the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, hillary's) daughter Chelsea is remarkable too. 

Either way, it's nice to see Danney wished Bill a "happy Father's Day".



Get the United States OUT of the United Nations!!!

"Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned the Trump administration on Tuesday that if the United States disengages from many issues confronting the international community it will be replaced..."

Good! We can get rid of the leaches. If they're so inclined to kick us out then let's get our country OUT of the UNITED NATIONS ourselves! Let's not wait for them to do our job for us. Let's divorce ourselves from that group of fat cat politicos.

And while we're at it let's get the United Nations out of our country NOW!

We don't want them, we don't need them, we shouldn't have them in our country. We know who our friends are and we know who our enemies are. This United Nations farce? The vast majority of them, they're not our friends!

So I say to hell with those foreign fat cats trying to call us out!

YES! PLEASE! Move along without us. Move along without the United States of America. Just get your sorry, self serving, back stabbing, parasitical asses out of our country, out of our future!

Move along now. Don't let us delay your hue and cry for kicking us out of your self serving, quasi criminal organization.


ISIS, daesh is cheated... again.

The Free Burma Rangers in Mosul... On the battlefield, praying to God yet, baited by daesh. Pinned down inside of an insane daesh kill zone, the dead and wounded piling up all around them. They make the rescues they set out to make without losing a soul of their own.

Men, women and children were saved while daesh tried to prevent their rescues. It's a daily happening from what I've read so far regarding that insane war "over there". It's humanity, decency, God fearing people against daesh, ISIS, ISIL... the very soldiers of hell themselves. daesh, ISIS, ISIL... islam. The spawn of hell.

Let there be no mistake about it, God does listen and will provide.


Thanks to 1776 Christian for this true story!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

They may be in jail but they're human...

This makes my day a better day. This article...

6 prisoners make good of a bad situation.

If it wasn't for these six prisoners their guard might be dead today. I love these types of real life stories. Thank the good Lord for those six men who didn't hesitate on saving the man's life and hanging around until medical help arrived.