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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

And now a Public Service Announcement re: Natural Health tonic(s)

Two simple tonics...

The first tonic I've been drinking for decades. I drink at least three 16 oz. bottle of this a day but usually more.

Water, apple cider vinegar and organic honey.

Though I use a slightly different mix.

It works! It works great. I was weighing in at over 300 pounds ten years ago when my back was in bad shape and now, after surgery and after drinking this concoction for several years I'm at my old fighting weight of 210-220 pounds. It most definitely increased my energy and curbed my appetite.

I owe my weight loss and increased energy to this concoction, good, wholesome food and simple walks in the woods. I will admit the surgery on my back took most of the pain away but it didn't get me up out of that ol' "easy chair" as often as I should've been getting up.

So I tried out the concoction.

After I lost all of that weight I threw another one in the mix too. Turmeric, cinnamon, organic honey, lemon, Himalayan Sea Salt and warm water. This particular concoction is more for ailments, cleansing and increasing energy. I've been using this last concoction for over three years and have found it helps with the old arthritis I've had forever, curbs my appetite a bit and seems to help me with my joints and all around pains that crop up when we grow older.

The dosage on the Turmeric is 1/2 tsp of ground, natural turmeric, 1/2 tsp of cinnamon (natural, ground, I use Saigon), 1/8 cup raw or organic honey, 1/2 of a lemon juiced into an 8 of warm water.

Stir it well very well (I use a shaker) and drink it every morning.

I find I have more energy throughout the day, much less appetite, far less aches and pains and can think clearer. My old, previously diagnosed high blood pressure that required meds for years is no more, my appetite is reduced to a healthy appetite, I quit drinking alcohol and quite frankly I feel great...

Neither of these are "miracle cures", they do need some help from you re: exercise, focus, commitment, etc. but they both helped and still me cope with everyday living and keeping the weight off. Since starting the vinegar, honey, water concoction I've been drug free except for the 2 Aspirins and 1 vitamin D-3 I take each morning.

Bottom line, it works for me. I've been consuming these two concoctions for quite awhile now and have not used any meds for over five years. Before I was taking meds for blood pressure AND weight loss (both dangerously high), sciatica (very bad, painful) and a blood thinner. I quit them all after I started drinking the concoctions I found I had far more energy, less appetite and far less pain. But, it doesn't work for everyone. I'm just saying it works for me.

...and it's all natural.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

This blog's public service announcement for Washington State re: Spiders

It's nothing new. We have venomous spiders here in Washington State but mainly only four of those here will give you a pretty rugged ride if you get bit by them. The Black Widow, the False (Fake) Black Widow, the Yellow Sac and the Hobo spider.

Though there's a helluva lot more spiders out here in our neck of the woods they're really not ornery enough nor do they pack enough of a wallop to draw the attention of the top four. For the record, we "officially" do not have the brown recluse here. Though I've heard of circumstances where they've been transferred here in boxes by our fellow countrymen/women from those states who do have them and back in 1971 I had the honor of having been bit by one while working as a pump jockey at a local gas station. Thank the Good Lord for military dependent medicine. Madigan Hospital recognized it for what it was, treated it and the affects of it was gone in a couple of weeks.

The west side's too cool and wet for them to hang around for any length of time but they've been known to "visit" when tourists invade. However, I believe the east side of the state could be an ideal area for them if the critters ever decide to take hold.

Either way, this spider info is my public service announcement that I used to send out to those who worked with me and those who I associated with over the past thirty or more years. I try to upgrade it as much as possible. I've also provided a link to Washington State's official guv'ment website re: Spiders...

Here's that link, for what it's worth.

Anyways, enjoy your summer. Or what's left of it.

Yawn... Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's dead.

Snuffed out like a flea on a goat. Or a parasite on a hogs ass...

It is confirmed... sort of.

Died during a Russian airstrike, or so the story goes.Yawn... who cares.


Who Killed Seth Rich?!

It's been a year and we still aren't any closer to finding out who killed him.

Question to the Democrat National Committee... Who killed Seth Rich?

I suggest folks start focusing on John Podesta. Ask him some pretty specific questions and hold his feet to the fire for awhile. I'll bet if he thinks his fragile, little bubble of affluence and influence gets burst he'll roll like a three dollar thief.

Either way it all ties back to the democrat party way of doing things, of eliminating things that might be a problem later on down the road. A life is nothing of value when it's the only thing standing between influence, affluence and power or failure.

I believe Rich's life was snuffed in favor of feeding the demoncrat greed.

Just my opinion.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Something that the failed POSPOTUS obama would never do...

Stoop to help someone

Not without having any strings attached and even then I'd doubt he'd do this.

Especially a member of the Armed Forces. POTUS Trump was all over it... twice.


This is what makes Law Enforcement interesting and rewarding...

I've been on these types of incidents. They break up an otherwise dull-assed shift.

It's probably just another dull night in Burlington, Vermont but it gets livened up a bit for a couple of police officers out on patrol. They find a vehicle parked in an open business' parking lot late at night. There were obviously multiple occupants in the vehicle who appeared to be passed out or otherwise incapacitated. Sergeant Nguyen and another officer conducted a welfare check on the inside of the vehicle and was successful in waking at least one of them up. He begins to ask that particular individual some questions re: their well being, their purpose for sleeping in the running vehicle parked in the business parking lot and overall was just trying to determine the status of the individuals, their sobriety, etc.

One of the occupants, Logan Huysman (18 yoa) decides she's had enough of the officers doing their job and assaults Sergeant Nguyen at least. Bottom line? She gets arrested.

Prior to arresting her Sergeant Nguyen notified Logan Huysman's father by phone and requested that he travel to the scene to take custody of his daughter, Logan Huysman. Huysman's father agreed to meet the officers at the location so he could take Logan home. In the meantime little Logan, the foul mouthed, vile, despicable little puke decided she was going to kick, hit and scream at the two officers, forcing them to subsequently arrest her for assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, at least.

She ruined her good high with her friends and has one helluva story to tell the judge. Especially after she "officially" claimed the officer(s) sexually assaulted her even though the whole incident was captured on Sgt. Nguyen's body cam.

When you're a cop it's incidents like these that makes a graveyard shift go by faster. Especially when there's spoiled "kids" like Logan Huysman running around in the world.

Here's the bodycam footage of the entire incident.

Seems ol' Logan's got some 'splainin' to do. Starting with her allegations of sexual assault. Looking at her I couldn't see any possibility of that ever happening unless she was the assailant.

BRAVO OFFICERS! You did a fantastic job. Thank you for doing your duty and beyond!


Sunday, July 09, 2017

This Noise Suppressor On Firearms Makes Total Sense To Me...

 I've been shooting guns since the Good Lord know when. I've been wearing inadequate ear protection over the same period of time. Noise suppressors on guns would have prevented the bulk of my hearing loss over time. Granted some of the gun noises couldn't be all that well planned in advance, hence... no ear protection but when we've been shooting all of our lives those ears, that hearing is going to dim over the years.

But suppressors? Yeah. They'd have made a difference for sure.

My good friend Dan from Montana sent me this link. I've been following proposed legislation throughout the United States regarding suppressors on firearms and am wholly in favor of using them (suppressors AND firearms).

It's just common sense to suppress the noise.

There's absolutely nothing to suggest that suppressed firearms are more dangerous or nefarious than non suppressed firearms. Nothing at all. 

At Least Eastern Europe Is Awake...

They like and prefer a Western Civilization. Let Western Europe abandon their roots. Eastern Europe will keep on keeping on, thank you very much.

They're in no hurry to throw their freedoms away.

Germany, Britain, Italy, France, Holland, Sweden etc... well, they seem to be more about accommodating daesh rather than their own citizens needs.


Our POTUS Donald J Trump's government is trusted more than...

...the press. Globally AND nationally.

And we have every reason to trust him and his government.

Over that failed global "press". ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Al-Jazeera News, FOX... all of them. All of the television, radio networks and all of the published pieces are blatantly biased and globally cater to their or their "handlers" own agendas.

No one seems to report the "news" anymore.  Liberal slants are heavily published by liberal "news" sources, conservative slants are heavily published by conservative news sources. There is no real news these days. Albeit might be informative it's definitely not "neutral", "unbiased".

Personally I trust our POTUS Trump's cabinet's information, progress reports far more than what I see, read or hear via the extremely biased local, national and global press. 

We get what they pay for I guess. 


"Generosity begets beggars"

Remember that discussion back in the "civics" education days? The discussion about everything, everyone being equal. Everyone having the ability to get whatever they want. Everything being free.

I do! It was a circular discussion with no end in sight. A dog chasing its tale.

Just making that comment stirred the crowd. Many agreed, most didn't but in the end the facts always favored the phrase... "generosity begets beggars".

And philanthropist Bill Gates agrees. Amazingly.

Free shit ain't free...

Everything has a price. Quite often, a helluva price. Whole societies, whole civilizations have been brought to their knees because of "free shit" as opposed to "earned shit".

Human nature, personal respect, individualism... society suffers when all things are free, all things are equal, all things belong to everyone. It's not practical, it's not possible.

There's not enough food on the planet, not enough clothing, homes, available transport, civility to accommodate the "needs" of everyone, let alone the "wants" of everyone. At least their perceived needs and wants.

When I was a single man, raised as an Army brat and fresh out of the Army becoming an adult amid a very anti-government, anti-military/police society I helped a friend out with a garage sale at her parents home. They were borderline libs and were certainly affluent in a lot of ways.

There were a lot of "hippies", "peace loving folks", "gypsies" who quite frankly made a living off of other folks generosity and they loved going to garage sales. I was asked by my friend's parents to bring something to the "garage sale" to contribute so I did. Several days in advance I put out signs throughout the surrounding neighborhoods that led to the garage sale. The signs included the words "Free Stuff" on them. Before the sale started I went to every store in town that I knew was hiring, gathered five job applications from each place and brought those to the garage sale. I also bought a huge bag of old fashioned suckers, made a sign and set up a separate table away from the main tables.

The sign said "free stuff" and was taped to a typical 1960's-70's folding card table (that I still have). I put all of the applications on the table in separate piles, each identified by the store and each store was most definitely in need of help.

I also put out a bowl filled with those old fashioned "suckers" .  I taped a sign saying "free suckers" to the bowl.

It was my little human experiment. Within the first hour the whole bag of suckers (three bowls worth) were gone. I kept the empty bowl with the "free suckers" sign on the table and folks were asking for more. I got all kinds of rude remarks when I told them I didn't have any more suckers.  By the end of the day only one application was taken and I found it later down in the ditch where everyone parked. Crumpled up and discarded like a used condom.

My moral of MY lesson? Free stuff begets beggars... Perhaps I expected too much.