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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Obama returns to his birthplace...

That failed POSPOTUS barrack hussein obummer has gone to what some believe is his birthplace to "help" monitor their "elections".

Time eventually  reveals all. Kenya is thought by many to be obama's place of birth. After he was born to a drunk and a womanizer the global elite took it from there.

The rest is history.


Dr. Gorka, I agree with you.

For what it's worth Dr. Sebastian Gorka I agree with you. I agree we are a hyper-power that shouldn't be tested. I agree that the choice of most politicos allegedly "serving" us, their constituents is defining what's most important to them... their respective political party or us, their constituents, America!

Unfortunately, I'm thinking there's another factor to throw in the mix as well... the global agenda. I don't think us American Citizens mean much to these folks anymore. They're on another payroll, have allegiances elsewhere that can't be compromised for any reason.

However, I do believe a decision must be made by them and I believe that very decision is coming. It just might not be what many of us anticipated.

I'm thinking our politicos are near the point of assuring global order first and foremost before regional and national order is restored. And I believe our nation as we know it will lose a lot in the transition from national order, national governance to the global agenda. Those politicos who have toed the mark for global order will have earned their seat in the hall of the global elite. Those politicos who chose our country's agenda over a proposed global agenda will be forever ostracized, reduced to servants of the ruling class, hapless nuisances along with the rest of us "citizens" of the globe.

But again, I'm thinking too much lately. I'm bored. It makes a good plot for a novel though.


Hello! Thank you liberals, thank you Obama

North Korea is now a nuclear weapons state and we have eight years of that POSPOTUS obama and his liberal flock of politicos to thank for making it happen.

Yep, it's officially a Nuclear Weapons State.  What are our options now? What are we going to do about it? What can we do about it?

I'm thinking nothing. 

Obama and his flock allowed this to happen. Actually, I believe they made it happen. He and the rest of the global elite managed to get the distractions they wanted before they lost their hold on our election, though I'm convinced the global elite, the global politicos still retain an iron grip on our country's politicos and our allies politicos.

Our nation is not safe. Our citizenship is diluted and is becoming more diluted by the day. I might be knee jerking here but I don't have anything else to do with my time right now other than read what's happening in our world as we know it.

I believe the global politically elite have their "ace in the hole" with the rise of North Korea and subsequently the destruction and rebuild of the elitists global agenda. We set them back with our politically incorrect vote for our politically incorrect POTUS Donald J. Trump but they've recovered and are hell-bent on regaining the ground they lost after having been humiliated by the most recent election results.

The global elite aren't friends of those of us who are free-thinkers. They prefer we didn't exist at all and if unchecked, they might just get their way.

Remember, North Korea and it's nukes. The global elite isn't in the habit of letting any good global "crisis" go to waste. They'll play this for all it's worth. Including war or the brink of war!


Please Assure Me We're Not Going Down Europe's Path

Especially when it comes to the lies and rhetoric of the cult of islam!

Things appear our government is falling for the endless arab propaganda that's being hyped globally. Has their "jihad" finally arrived on our shores via the politicos who inhabit our political offices?

I'm believing the likes of  General McMaster,  retired Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice and the National Security Council have bought into the pro muslim hype at least.

It appears we're heading down the same path that Europe's been heading down for a couple of decades now. And it isn't looking good, not good at all.


Non-citizens encouraged to vote...

College Park, Maryland. A liberal, non-citizen paradise?!

Illegal aliens, non-citizens are actively being recruited to vote in College Park, Maryland. The city council is doing all they can to figure out a way to make it happen. If/when it does College Park, Maryland will be the ninth city in Maryland to allow non-citizens – including illegal aliens – to vote in municipal elections. They'll in essence be putting their citizens fate, their futures into the hands of non-citizens.

There are already eight other Maryland cities that allow non-citizens a right to vote. College Park would be the ninth. So much for the 14th. and 15th. amendments. 

Apparently, "no documentation will be needed at all for non-citizens, green card holders, undocumented fence-jumpers, or over-stays on visas".  The council did informally agree to "retain the other qualifications" that Maryland law stipulates, "barring felons and mentally incapacitated people". 

I'm real curious what their definition of "felons" and "mentally incapacitated people" is.

According to the University of Maryland newspaper a U.S. Army veteran, Larry Provost and several other citizens voiced their opposition to the council's proposal but their opposition appears to have fallen on the deaf ears of the council.

I gleaned this information from: American Thinker another great source of information. IMHO

 @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

Senator Ben Sasse?

"Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse is the media’s favorite “conservative.” He hates our POTUS Donald J. Trump. Or so it seems. I do know from what I've read that Sasse is not fondly thought of in Iowa though. 

I never heard of the politico until NOW! Will someone please turn this thing off. He calls himself a conservative yet he's not about being conservative at all. He's a sell out to conservatives and is hell bent on destroying our POTUS Donald J Trump's blueprint for our nation's recovery from the past eight years of failed liberalism. In short, he seems to have a politico's deathwish re: politics.

Where does he get off telling us our POTUS Donald J. Trump isn't qualified for the job. What makes him think he, Sasse is?!

Ben Sasse is trying to build a name for himself. I don't think he meant to build this type of a name though or maybe, just maybe he's truly that naive or that stupid. Either way, he's not what should be considered a "leader" of our country in any sense of the word.

Sasse? He's just another self serving anti-Trump, anti-conservative politico hack who happened to scam some Nebraska voters into voting for him. He's made a mockery of Nebraska. Let's hope Nebraska wakes up soon.


Paul Ryan gets called out by Joe Citizen!!!

And Ryan gets it handed to him by a blue collar American.

I guess Ryan's briefing and prepared questions divvied out to the audience didn't register to them that they were supposed to stay on HIS agenda not America's.

Hell, he's talking to Americans! BLUE COLLAR AMERICANS! Not stuff shirt politicos and money men.

Ryan had it handed to him! and he didn't really know how to respond other than to hype his usual crap and wander around the topic with prepared "factoids" to support his "talking points".

Ryan's not one of us. We need TERM LIMITS! NOW!!! He's in it for himself, his fellow politicos not us!


Keep your friends close,

Your enemies closer...

Maybe that explains why our POTUS Donald J. Trump is keeping General McMaster around.

Or the president is like a cat that just ate a full meal and is toying with the mouse. Giving the mouse enough rope to hang himself then the cat will destroy the mouse. But whatever the case I'm not a fan of McMaster.

For what it's worth.


11 California Counties have more voters than "citizens"

I've been reading this information via the Gateway Pundit, Judicial Watch and Dan, my friend who has pretty much the same slant on this politico bullshat that I do.

Dan sent this link  to me a day or two ago so I thought I'd post it. Eleven California counties have more registered voters than they have citizens! And guess what? They're all demoncrat counties.

Yeah, fraud runs rampant in Californicatia! Let the sanctions begin!

California, a liberal paradise that's slowly being destroyed by liberals and illegal aliens!

It's time to take back our country!!!


Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Two Hikers Do The Right Thing...

When they cross paths with a mountain lion.

Here Kitty-Kitty-Kitty...

They were on a hike in the mountains when they round a corner on the trail and see something watching every move they're making from a perch above the trail. One of the fellows whips out his trusty cell phone or camera and begins filming their surprise guest.

The standoff didn't last long.

The critter just kept watching and the two hikers backed out and tried the trail the next day, making it to their eventual destination without the cat's interference. Though it may have been watching that day too.

Who knows? Only the cat does for sure.