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Friday, September 22, 2017

The Beasts Eat Their Own

I've said in the past and I still haven't been convinced otherwise. Islam, muslims, daesh... call it what you will. It, they are not anything about "PEACE". At least not about a shared peace then they're a muslim.

A muslim's professed intolerance of the "moderate muslims" simply suggests they're not going to change. They're not going to condone the moderate muslim reformers but they'll use those "moderate" imams to their advantage.

Case in point...

"Abdelbaki Essati, the imam the authorities believe was at the center of terrorist attacks in and around Barcelona, was apparently a master of deception -- "too polite, too correct". He was apparently able to deceive European intelligence services by preaching a "moderate" version of Islam, while at the same time, orchestrating deadly jihadist attacks."...

abdelbake essati called himself a "moderate muslim". It was subsequently determined he was nothing more than a muslim, "moderate" or otherwise.

Taqiya, taqqiyah... the practice of muslims lying to achieve acceptance from those who aren't muslims (and some of those who are). It's alive and well in Europe, the next caliphate. I have a problem with the term "moderate muslims". I mean, if they're preaching the koran, quran... whatever you want to call that book. If they're preaching from it and preaching in earnest from it then they're absolutely not teaching peace.

If they're recruiting in Europe then it's to establish a caliphate. A European caliphate for one of their satanic "muslim" leaders.

Merkel's most likely going to be one of those muslim's short lived roof top spectacles when the muslims take charge.

Moderate muslims are nothing more than enablers!


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Well hell! Where's the Wall already?!

Israel's making one!

And it's already having an affect! Why are we delaying? Build the wall already!!!

Israel's border has tunnels, our border has tunnels. Fix it Trump! Build that darned wall!

In the meantime Hamas, Hezbollah and all those other yahoos who want to destroy Israel are being hand spooned money... U.S. dollars I might add by obummer and his Iranian buddy that sheik alla babba dude.

Barack hussein obama and Iran! Where'd the money go?

Remember when your POSPOTUS Barack Hussein Obama sent plane loads of cash to Iran one dark and stormy night before that failed POSPOTUS obummer got the boot?! 

Well, here's a take of where some of that cash went... and is still going.

Iran seems to be lining the pockets of terrorists with at least SOME of the cash your failed POSPOTUS barack hussein obummer handed over to Iran. And they're not going to stop any time soon.

"Last month, Hamas terrorist leader Yahya Sinwar admitted relations with Iran are excellent and Iran is the largest supporter of the [Hamas military wing] Izz el-Deen al-Qassam Brigades with money and arms."

"Iran reportedly provides Hamas with about $60-$70 million."

Tell me again that POSPOTUS barack hussein obummer was our friend, was looking out for our interests, wasn't our enemy! 

You're a fool if you believe what you were told by obama and a liar if you repeat it with any hint of agreement! The proof's in the pudding and quite frankly it wasn't all that veiled of a "gift" anyways. Everyone and their brother knew obummer was lining the pockets of terrorists throughout his time in office spent betraying us and more importantly before he left office. 

Allegedly, (wink-wink).

obama's not our friend. He never was, he never will be. He was a bought and paid for shill who was groomed to do just what he did. Except he didn't finish the job. I'd call obummer a traitor but I truly don't think he had nor does he have any allegiance to our country whatsoever. 

We haven't heard the end of that puke!

All of this is, of course IMHO!

More About Terror and the European Union

But in essence this is more about the state of our global security and societal sanity. That given, let's get started...

Members of the European Union have clipped the wings of their existing Intelligence agencies, respectively to the level of borderline "inept-ness". Frustration runs rampant within the rank and file of the law enforcement and intelligence agencies. At least, that's my perspective.

To put it into very general terms, these agencies are designed to gather information that might be counter productive to their nation's (at least) or their multi national region's (at best) best interests. That's a very simplistic take on their duties but it should suffice for the sake of this discussion.

The forbidden word "profile" and the verboten yet productive practice of "profiling" pukes, terrorists, bad guys, WHATEVER... has, well, rendered the local, regional, national and global intelligence industry AND the respective law enforcement industry's capabilities to detect and prevent crimes before they happen, ineffective.

I admit AND agree there should be a line drawn when "profiling" individuals, groups, activities gets out of hand but don't take the tool out of the tool box. You cripple the industry, you cripple our very security when you do. Punish those who knowingly abused their authority. Educate those who were truly ignorant.

Rather than prohibit the tool to be used by the industry simply teach the apprentice or the journeyman how to use that tool properly, legally, effectively and let them do their job!

Law enforcement and Intelligence agencies simply can't do their jobs when they can't incorporate the very statistics their respective industries gather and provide into their respective "investigations"... the historical data at least. They can't effectively complete their tasks at hand and they can't effectively protect those who they're sworn to protect.

In essence our global "society" has diluted our intelligence and law enforcement organizations to the point where they've become nothing more than a re-active clean-up crew (at best). Responding after the incident's started. The intelligence and law enforcement organizations can't effectively predict trends, events that run contrary to social norms let alone track them! after they occur! At least not as thoroughly as they did in the past.

Personally and professionally I realized that it's more productive if our law enforcement, our intelligence organizations proactively work the "trends" and take APPROPRIATE action before the events occur rather than collect the bodies, statistics and other data AFTER THE FACT!

When law enforcement and intelligence folks are "pro-active" they tend to prevent things from happening, or at least they help to reduce the carnage. When they're "re-active" they serve to help clean up the mess, determine responsibility and hunt the bad guy(s) down to prevent more carnage. Unfortunately, quite often during the "re-active" process more damage, carnage occurs. When law enforcement and intelligence agencies are reduced to becoming a reactive element in the protection of our society they've been rendered ineffective. At least from the "prevention" standpoint which, quite frankly I'd personally prefer over the "enforcement" or "re-active" alternative.

I don't understand why we won't accept the fact that we need eyes and ears out "there" for our protection. Why are we blinding and deafening them? Why are we rendering those who we've empowered to protect us, to serve us, to police us... why are we rendering them to be essentially nothing more than a reactive clean up crew?!

Again, that's just my take on things. I've been known to be wrong in the past about many things. For what it's worth.


Possession's 9/10ths Of The Law!

At least, that's what we used to say when I worked "the beat". I started in '75 after a stint in the Army and retired in '15.

I spent over 40 yrs in Law Enforcement enforcing laws, keeping folks from killing one another... trying to keep folks from killing one another, breaking up fights, solving puzzles, riddles, crimes, etc. I responded to scenes that would curl the hair on anyone... cause folks to projectile vomit. I've been in those "loser-at best goes to jail" fights with bad guys and have visited emergency rooms or doctor's offices plenty of times after a wild and crazy shift. I've solved puzzles created by the most inhumane of animals in the world... humans... and I've ensured countless scum were put in their proper places over time.

Throughout that career we had sayings we'd use for most anything coming down the 'pike at us as we drove towards the problem we were dispatched to. One of my favorites was the line "Possession's 9/10ths of the law". Which, quite frankly meant if you're in possession of something whose ownership is being disputed when I show up then as far as I'm concerned, until proven otherwise you're the owner of whatever it is you're in possession of!


Europe used to be a region of independent "nations". Each "nation" possessed its own government, its autonomy, its rules. Rules created by a government that the people, the citizens realized, understood and opted to either live, leave or die by. Rarely, rarely could an "immigrant" group change those rules to accommodate their own, preferred existence at the expense of the majority of their hosting nation's lifelong citizens.

But I guess in the European Union today "Possession's 9/10ths Of The Law" and those daesh, isis, isil, isieu... whoever, whatever. I guess those muslim "immigrants", "refugees" will be doing the talking soon, at least in the European Union. They seem to be in possession of the EU, its collective governments, its fractured states and they're changing those European Union laws as I write this.

The "immigrants", the "refugees"... those "religion of peace" folks, they're certainly letting it be known that the EU laws are unacceptable to them and being as they have the ear of the collective governments and they're dictating their expectations to those governments then it appears to me (at least) that the "migrants", "refugees", muslims are by proxy in possession of those governments.

Or so it seems.

Good Bye Europe. Too bad, so sad.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017


You aren't the President of this mighty fine United States of America anymore. Get over it. You've done enough damage while in office. There's no need for you to meddle anymore. We're done with you.

Your obummercare fiasco is going to be history soon, hopefully.

Get over yourself. We don't want you, don't need you or your prejudicial,extremely divisive angst anymore.


North Korea is working on a Nuclear Submarine?

Shhh... it's top secret stuff so don't tell anyone but North Korea, China and Russia are in the development stages of building a nuclear submarine for North Korea to add to its arsenal.

A friggin' Nuclear Sub!

And here we thought all of those guys were warming up to us! Dayum!! No wheat for NK. At least from us.

White Privilege?

If you're lagging on education, if you're just not sober enough every day to make that first class of the day. If you're wanting to skate out on some future "lectures" then take the white privilege test and get extra credit at Professor Dae Elliot's San Diego State University's Sociology class.

Her test is designed to identify levels of white privilege afforded to white students in attendance who take the test for extra credits.

Isn't that in and of itself a "white privilege"? To take a test that identifies your level of white privilege and get extra credit for being white and taking the test.

I can't help but ask why our taxes are paying for this garbage. It's apparent that the left, the liberal element of our society can't afford to accept an unsegregated racial population. They won't allow it to happen. It's the left's "Ace in the hole" card that, if subsequently vanquished will destroy their entire existence.

The Left thrives on the existence or perceived existence of racism. They fabricate it when it doesn't exist, they fueled and maintained it when it did exist and they encourage its recurrence when the hint of racism shows it's ugly face. In short, the Left has to maintain a level of racism in our society in order to continue to exist. "Equality", the absence of racial prejudices is unacceptable to those on the Left.

The Left's fascination with racism is a disturbing fact that history has exposed. The Left cannot afford to "let it go", to "accept the facts" that racism is a fabricated myth of theirs of which they can't wholly support with current facts, examples. Hence they hype an agenda of racism... perceived racism to further their twisted, warped cause(s).

Primarily, white privilege is most definitely behind us! Those of us on the Right buried the racist fallacy decades ago.

It's time to move on.


Robber Sues Good Samaritan...

Only in California!

Okay, maybe New York, Illinois (Chitcago primarily) and even Washington State (Seattle primarily).

30 yrs. old Ryan Flores is a wannabe, failed, would be robber who was prevented from robbing a Starbucks in Fresno, California by a 58 yrs. old good Samaritan, Cregg Jerri... a true HERO! Jerri, the Samaritan prevented the robbery, was stabbed in the neck by Flores, the wannabe robber in the process and Jerri subsequently wrestled the knife away from Flores, the puke. After acquiring the knife Jerri stabbed the puke Flores into submission with the maggot's own knife.

Now the wannabe failed robber Flores wants to sue Cregg Jerri, the Good Samaritan!

He'll probably win the lawsuit. After all, it is Californicatia.

Transplanting a Liberal to a Conservative State...

It's like giving a child something sweet for the first time in their life.

Take it from this transplanted, life-long (until recently) Californian who wrote the article I included in this post. She was born, raised and seemingly a forever resident of Californicatia until she had a "need to move" to Middle America.

Since living in Middle America she's realized there's a whole different world out there. One that isn't so biased, so culturally challenged. A mid-continent "melting pot" of ideas, nationalities, cultures... of norms that one would never knew existed without experiencing it first hand.

She's exposed the west coast of our mighty fine United States of America as, well... the most aloof, ultra-biased and ultra-liberal portion of our nation. She's realized there's true conservatives who mean well, do well and interact very well with one another but they reside in Middle America. She realized there's folks who truly do have realistic values, goals, ethics. Unlike the liberal mindset that's always going for the "one-up-on-you" trophy, regardless of the price, the cost. 

She's realized that those in the mid-west. Those who live in the "fly-over" states, those who are not bordered by any ocean or sea... She's realized those folks are truly hard working, understanding, compassionate, dedicated, loyal, diverse, family oriented, sincerely patriotic folks. 

In other words she's realized those who live in Middle America are truly good, conservative Americans.

Imagine... all of this from the mouth (and mind) of a former West Coast, California
native... former die hard liberal who saw the "light"!

Me? I was raised and grew up on the West Coast but I wasn't raised as a liberal. My parents were from Illinois, one of the "fly over" states. They had very strict conservative traits. We were raised by those mid-west standards. We're Army brats to boot so conservative values run deep in our bloodline. 

I don't have to transplant my family to the mid-west to realize the difference in values, culture. I live my conservative life here on the West Coast. I'm one of those "odd men out" folks I guess but I can live with that. It's just getting more difficult to cope with the liberals and fascists that seem to have overwhelmed a once great portion of our mighty fine United States of America! 

Overwhelmed it and are currently ruining it... IMHO.