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Monday, December 11, 2017

A Terrorist Attack In New York...

At least three people were injured as a result of a terrorist attack in on a subway platform near a New York bus terminal.

"The suspected bomber is a 27-year-old ISIS-inspired Bangladeshi national who lived in Brooklyn, The New York Post reported. Ullah Akayed was injured and taken into custody, according to the NYPD." Here's another link to the idiot bomber's story. I found it somewhat interesting as well.

I guess we should have expected this being as ISIS told us they'd be attacking us during the Christmas holidays. And maybe we did. Maybe that's why this particular attack wasn't as brutal as it could have been.

It's just a reminder I guess. These islamist freaks are still out there and they're certainly not our friends. They'd just as soon kill us as look at us.


POTUS Trump Can Stand Tall!

POTUS Trump can stand tall amongst all other global "leaders". He has the courage to act where others don't. He's a man of vision, a leader, a man of character and one who refuses to cower to the global politicians. Our current POTUS Donald J. Trump doesn't cower and won't cower. As the Jerusalem Embassy issue established, he takes the bull by the horns and charges full speed ahead to get the tasks done right. Unlike May, Merkel, Trudeau, et. al. he's "all in" for his fellow citizens and our true allies.

He has his faults but we all do. Personally, I appreciate his candor. We tend to know what our POTUS has in mind because, well, he tells us. And I've noticed that if he's convinced he's wrong then he'll admit he's wrong and alter his thoughts, his decisions accordingly.

Yeah, our POTUS Donald J. Trump has the courage to act on global issues when other world leaders failed and still fail miserably.

I'm proud of our POTUS again. Thank you POTUS Donald J. Trump.


Culling My Inbox. November 26- December 10, 2017

I've already tossed some of the latest news I received on here so here's what I have left in my inbox for the past couple of weeks that I thought I'd share the links to. This information is news and information that was emailed to me that survived my original purge and subsequent disposal.

I'll begin with this very important and well documented piece. It was sent to me over a week ago. I had to take time to "fact check" what I could before I threw it on here...

November 30:
-From The Middle East Quarterly- The Islamic State's Virtual Caliphate- jihad in the West.

Now, here's the rest. Enjoy!

December 03: 
-From World Israel News (WIN)- IDF Strikes Iranian bases and more
-From the Mideast Forum- The Future of Israel's Peace Treaty With Egypt (and more)
-From The Gatestone Institute- Europe's Migrant Crisis- Still More To Come (and more)
-From Conservative Tribune- Moore's Accuser Caught Lying (and more)
-From United With Israel- UN Votes 151-6 Against Israel.. (and more) Get the UN out of the U.S. and the U.S. out of the UN, NOW!
-From Fox News Insider- Dershowitz Sees No Obstruction Case Against Trump (and more)

December 04:
-From The Gatestone Institute- Palestinians: More Missed Opportunities (and more)

December 05:
-From Islamist Watch: Islamist Watch is looking for an intern. (and more)
-From Islamist Watch: Leading American Islamist Endorse Violent Anti-Ahmadi group. (and more)
-From Mideast Forum: There's Only One Road To Peace For Israel... (and more)

December 06:
-From Fox News Insider: Hannity: Conduct Of Mueller Probe. (and more)
-From The Gatestone Institute: A Two State Solution For Europe. (and more)

December 07:
-From Daniel Pipes, Washington Times: The Dubai Miracle Has Become Real

December 08:
-From Islamist Watch: Why Is Harvard University Group Honoring Islamist Extremist Nihad Awad?
-From The Gatestone Institute: Violence Should Not Determine Policy.

December 10:
-From Mideast Forum: Backgrounder: The Jerusalem Embassy Controversy (and more).
-From The Gatestone Institute: NEWSFLASH: Jerusalem Not On Fire!! (and more).
-From The Gatestone Institute: The Real Palestinian Response To Trump's Jerusalem Speech.
-From Fox News Channel: Tucker Rips Dem's Senator... (and more).
-From The Gatestone Institute: Welcome to the Hell Hole that is Brussells... (and more).
-From The Mideast Forum: Erdogan: No Moderate Islam... (and more)

And a couple more that were sent that I missed the first time around.

-From The Gatestone Institute: "I Am Muslim" I Am Not An American, Said The Islamist, I Am Muslim!
-From the Middle East Forum: "Palestinians and Internationalization: Means and Ends".

I've posted more and have culled redundant articles. They're all seemingly important in their own way and help sort out what's happening around us domestically and globally.



Sunday, December 10, 2017

obama Fails Again!

I love it when that America hating, ultra left, failed POTUS barack hussein obama plants his huge foot in his mouth. I truly enjoy those moments... and there's plenty of them.

Here's on of his most recent "foot plants" where he's giving a speech belittling our POTUS Donald J Trump's financial recovery and employment plan. In this "speech" by the failed POTUS obama he belittles POTUS Trump. Now, after POTUS Trump did what obama failed to do obama's wanting the footage removed from the air.

Want in one hand and shat in the other obama.

You see, obama had (and still has) no idea what our POTUS Trump's capable of doing. Neither do we. But we do know that unlike previous presidents POTUS Trump is delivering on his promises to us, the mighty fine citizens of this might fine United States of America!

And obama? He "don't like that".

Me? I'm "all in" behind the fact the failed POTUS obama wishes he'd never made that particular speech now. I'll bet that shoe of his isn't tasting good right about now. Unlike obama, we know our current POTUS Donald J. Trump is a man of his word... so far. I have no reason to doubt POTUS Trump and him keeping his promises.

After all, this isn't all about politics. The very existence of our country, our nation is at stake here.



Yep, CNN was caught and subsequently admitted to publishing fake news that was manufactured by them. The fake news was manufactured for the sole purpose of being used against our POTUS Donald J. Trump.

And they used it as they intended to use it. In a failed, vain attempt to discredit our POTUS Donald J. Trump.

It's becoming more obvious each day that the Clinton News Network (CNN) is, well, in favor of the Clinton Cartel and all things left winged, globally.

They're a bought and paid for "news" organization that really doesn't seem care much about real news. Their sole intent, sole purpose these days seems to be spreading fake news relating to all things American, all things conservative, all thing Trump. Their "news" is anti-America (as our country is currently governed), anti American against those of us who are conservatives or dare disagree with their liberal agenda and anti America, Americans.

In CNN's world we're nothing to them if we are conservative and care about our country, are patriots. In their obviously skewed world CNN wants our country, us to always be in the CNN gun sights. To hell with the truth! They'll create and weave a lie to make their point, to muddy the water.

I mean, if they're caught manufacturing fake news they simply deny it until it's proven and then "retract it" once it's been floating around like the proverbial turd in the liberal cesspool for weeks, months on end. By then their lies and liberal gibberish has taken its toll on the truth.

That's the way of the liberal press... local, regional, national, global... that's they way the liberal press operates. It's all the same. Lie, even if caught on top, lie!

Once the truth is revealed they hope their damage has already been inflicted and normally it is.

CNN is not news. It's a liberal lie rag that was established and wholly funded and designed by the global left to manipulate the naieve.

I even quit using it to line the cat's litter box.

I'm sure this latest CNN lie was nothing more than another "simple mistake" added to the huge list of other "mistakes" made by CNN, the global left media.



UNESCO. The Weasels Are In The Chicken Coop.

The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization council ( UNESCO) is now wholly managed by anti-United States, anti-Israeli factions.

 "Of UNESCO's 195 member states, 35 are fully Islamic nations, another 21 are members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and four are OIC observer states. That makes 60 who represent a bloc favourable to Muslim-inspired resolutions."

Leave it to the United Nations to continue their catering to those who are anti-western... France included. The French have once again sold their souls, their very identities to those who occupy their country.

The United Nations is a fraud. UNESCO is a fraud. Get the United Nations out of the United States! All we're doing by allowing them to stay here is enabling them, enabling our enemy.

Get the United States out of the United Nations!



Friday, December 08, 2017

California's Latest Anti-Gun Law...

The target? Ammunition!

Yep, the idiocy never ends. The folks of California, foreign and domestic, legal and "dreamer", live and dead voters were recently given an opportunity to vote against a mandate requiring all purchasers of ammunition to register for each purchase of the ammunition when they buy it. The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of the legislation... but that's no surprise.

Now gun owners in California will have some changes happening when they go to buy ammo. They'll need to identify themselves via an acceptable form of identification at least, before each purchase is made. Records will be made by the seller of each purchase and those records will be retained by the seller and the guv'ment.

I remember back in the day... the late 60's and into the 70's here in Washington State and several others where I had to show my identification and sign my life away before I could purchase ANY ammunition... and that was at the point of sale for each sale. I remember buying ammunition from some rather shoddy, surly, non-descript, probably not so "above board" places throughout this country over the years (Sea-Mart, K-Mart, Sears, Ernst, Piggly-Wiggly, TG&Y, etc.) simply to have some ammo on hand to "plink" with when the reloads ran dry and I always wondered what happened to the information I gave. Over time most of those states, including (then not-so-liberal) Washington State dropped the "ammo buyer i.d." rule in favor of personal liberties. But, only the Good Lord  knows what was ever done with my personal information albeit not quite accurate when it was given.

Besides, leave it to Californicatia to cater to those who can afford to "pay to play" when it comes to firearms, ammunition, etc. The average Joe Blow (can I say Joe Blow these days without offending Joe or those providing sexual favors?)... The average Joe Blow won't be able to pay for the increase in ammo to the point of recouping their losses via the increase in seller fees for the costs associated with the new mandatory acquisition of information. Not to mention offsetting the public expense associated with the review and retention requirements and the increased costs of production within that hell-hole of a state... California.

Once again, only the rich, the privileged, the lawless will be able to purchase personal defense ammunition. The rest of the folks will have to steal it or reload it. I'd choose the latter or purchase the ammo out of state.


National Concealed Carry. Will It Happen?

Legally I mean.

Although it's a Second Amendment Right some states believe it's their right to deny us our right to carry a firearm concealed while others refuse to recognize any concealed firearm carry permit that's not issued by their state.

Yet it's a Second Amendment Right.

So, will this most recent National Concealed Carry legislation make it through all of the legislature hurdles to finally allow us this one right, at least? I'm sure we can discuss all of the "but", "if", "you don't understand", "it's our right" interpretations, etc "but" IT IS OUR RIGHT and I will CONTINUE TO CARRY CONCEALED wherever I go within personal reason.

So, hopefully the Senate of this Mighty Fine United States Of America will finally do its job in relatively short time and vote to approve this legislation.

Until then? I'm a criminal.


“There are more than 16 million concealed carry permit holders in America,” explained Gahanna, Ohio Police Chief Dennis Murphy. “That number has surged in the last decade, and at the same time, violent crime has declined nearly in half. Law-abiding gun owners are not to be feared or mistrusted. We should focus our attention on those who commit offenses against others, not those who simply wish to protect themselves.”

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Jerusalem, Recognition.

This most likely won't please many folks but I believe our POTUS Donald J. Trump is doing the right thing by moving our Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, the cradle of the Jewish, muslim and Christian faiths.

Why is our POTUS Donald J. Trump doing this? To enforce a 1995 law. A law that his inept predecessors Bill Clinton, George Bush and barrack hussein obama failed to enforce. That appears to be water under the bridge now. POTUS Donald J. Trump will enforce that 1995 law requiring the United States to move our embassy to Jerusalem. It's becoming more obvious daily, our current POTUS isn't the coward that his three most recent predecessors are.

Here's several potential sites for an embassy.

Jerusalem is recognized as one of the world's most religious areas. Israel laid rights to protecting it decades ago and is currently the most reliable protector of all things religious in that area.

Of course the Palestinians, they're not happy. But then again they never seem to be happy.



Polls, Bad News, Democrats...

Polls are popular "pre-vote" tools. They serve as propaganda tools for those who wish to influence the voting public. (I'd normally say "voting citizen" but we've discovered that's not the case anymore). All levels of liberals, all levels of conservatives and those who hold the middle ground in politics use polls to influence folks one way or another.

It's been less that a year since our POTUS Doanld J. Trump took office and the polls are everywhere. The liberals, the left are clamoring for attention... positive attention... so they can get a "head start" on the next major election. They want to continue to chip away at conservatism, at the will of the majority of citizens in the United States who voted against their agenda in 2016. They want to get a leg up on the conservatives in this country.

They seemed to have been making some progress towards that goal, albeit arguable progress and I, like many others was getting a bit frustrated with the whole politico atmosphere. It seems politics just never seems to "go away" these days. It always seems to be in the forefront of everything anymore.

So to ensure the left, in order to ensure the left that their intentions are "good to go" to us, the citizens of this mighty fine United States Of America (God Bless America!!), greatest country on earth! ...to ensure the followers of the left agenda, a poll was taken by their liberal, bought and paid for Washington Post and ABC regarding our feelings, as voters about the democrats chances of winning back congress in 2018...

It ain't pretty for them... Actually, it's ugly.

Personally, I don't need a poll to realize that the left's only platform is "anti-Trump". It's a global platform. The whole world's watching and the whole world's waiting for us, America to slide in behind the global flagship of liberalism to the "nth" degree.

They almost defeated our nation during the last election but the majority of the voters and our POTUS Donald J. Trump upset the apple cart and steered our nation away from the wake of liberalism, nationally and globally. At least for the time being. The left, via the media, politicos, entertainment industry and other liberal agents tried force feeding their liberal arguments on us during the last election and lost that election after having invested millions, billions of finances, resources to deal the coup de grace to American conservatism, as we know it.

Given that their near "last ditch" attempt to intimidate those of us on the right to stay home or simply not vote failed miserably they're going to be far more assertive this time around. And I didn't think that could be possible. But we have to realize, to remember their ranks are comprised of those who make their livings from portraying fictional life, fictional characters in life, those who gather at the public trough and drain our resources for their own political gain.

The liberal agenda is comprised of those who assure us our pains will subside and eventually go away without any efforts on our part, those who assure us food, lodging, happiness should be free and should be equal for all... etc.

In short, the liberals are creative and most are very rich. They're bold and have absolutely no aversions to lying to us or otherwise deceiving us. In short, the left will do anything it needs to do to attain their global goals. And I'm thinking they believe they're closing in on their end game. I'm thinking they're thinking they're running out of time.

I'm thinking this next election is going to be one hellacious push towards the defeat of conservatism, as we know it. It's going to be ugly, at best. IMHO

Is this poll good news? I'm not so sure. I've been wrong before... several times.



Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Poor Hillary! She's Just Another Matt Lauer Victim.

Or so she claims.

It wasn't  recent, it wasn't about sex (I don't think so anyways), it wasn't anything of any significance but she claims she was victimized by Lauer as well. Why not, Lauer's name begets press coverage these days.

The Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, hillary clinton claims she was "mistreated" by Matt Lauer during the elections and she claims his mistreatment of her contributed to her failure to win that election. Or, to put it bluntly HER LOSS! Her failure... again.

Of course it did... of course it did. Yeah.

Hillary "the perpetual victim" clinton. She still hasn't realized she lost that election because she wasn't electable. She's claiming Lauer helped torpedo her and she's still upset that she's not the POTUS that she was told she was going to be... again. In the end she failed her global handlers and now it appears they're willing to throw her under the bus. They're content to abandon her, leave her and slick willy behind like they did to all the other failures they've tried to shove down our throats over the past several decades. Their only "victory" for their cause was that POSPOTUS Obama. And that's only because he ran against a man who is as liberal as the rest of them in McCain and against a man who really didn't want the job in Mitt Romney but the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi lost the election to obama too, lest we forget. That's understandable in a way though. Back then even her own "party" didn't want her.

Yeah, that POSPOTUS obama is their most recent claim to fame in the global elite's push to destroy our country as we know it and though they really had nothing to follow up on obama with, the global elite, the left thought that us conservatives were beat down enough for them to finally eek the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, hillary clinton into the "win column" if, for no other reason but to stop her from whining to them. I mean, after all, she IS owned by them and could be considered their politico whore in my opinion.

But really hillary, REALLY?! Matt Lauer? Matt Lauer contributed to your loss?

Now that's funny.



Sunday, December 03, 2017

At Least 30 MORE Hidden Clinton-Lynch Documents Found?!

According to Ben Marquis' recent post in the Conservative Tribune it looks like slick Bill Clinton and then Attorney-General Loretta Lynch's infamous "meeting on the tarmac" has roughly thirty more documents that FBI Director James Comey allegedly hid from exposure and were very recently released via a slew of Public Records Requests. There's most likely still more to be found out there. The release of the documents is in response to a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request filed with the Justice Department. The most recent Justice Department's FOIA requests followed several FOIA requests filed by "Judicial Watch" and others previously according to Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch.

Evidently, given the fact that there's much more damning information yet to have been revealed and most likely yet to be revealed suggests to me at least that those previous requests were never wholly nor properly completed by Comey's office at the time Comey was "in charge" there.

Sharyl Attkisson, an investigative journalist has a sobering view of this whole "disclosure" matter when it comes to getting records from our almighty guv'ment. In this particular situation she warns us not to expect anything ultra-revealing in the most recent documents...

I have to say, that's my experience too.

Yep, our government's so corrupt at all levels that even the legal departments in our government can't stay the course and follow the rules of the land!



Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Balfour Declaration... Islam's Recognition of Jewish Rights?

Was the Jewish settlement in Palestine meant to be? The whole concept of acceptance of Zionists, Zionism in the Middle East, in Palestine is shrouded with assertions, accusations, denials and outright dissent.

It can be argued that the Ottoman Empire was the standard carrier for all things muslim, Islam back in the day! Even their leader of the most influential muslim authority agreed with the British that the Jews had a right to exist and had a right to a homeland in Palestine! But, as usual nothing's clear and exact when it comes to the Middle East. Their support fell to the wayside relatively soon after the decision was made by the global community to support Jewish settlements in Palestine, in the Middle East. As it's explained now, the very document that encouraged the acceptance of the Jewish settlements in Palestine by the Ottoman top brass was alleged to have been forged. And so the story continues.

In short, there appeared to be a tacit Recognition of a Jewish Nation, a home in Palestine by the muslims, the Ottoman empire at least.

This acceptance appeared to be in agreement with the Balfour Declaration. Following is some of that discussion...

"In a meeting in Istanbul on August 12, 1918, Grand Vizier Talaat Pasha gave Leopold Perlmutter, a German Jewish businessman and a personal acquaintance, an official statement on behalf of the Ottoman government. Formulated during a month-long negotiation with a 16-member Jewish delegation, headed by Perlmutter and comprising Zionists and non-Zionists from Germany, Austria and the Ottoman Empire,[3] the statement acknowledged the Jewish right to national and religious revival in Palestine. "I am happy to be able to tell you that my negotiations with delegates of several Jewish organizations some time ago have led to a real result," Talaat wrote. The statement continued:

The Council of Ministers has just decided, following my statements to the Jewish delegation, to lift all restrictive measures on Jewish immigration and settlement in PalestineStrict orders have been given to the relevant authorities to ensure a benevolent treatment of the Jewish nation in Palestine based on complete equality with the other elements of the population.

Regarding my invitation to several Jewish organizations, I declare once again, as I already did to the Jewish delegation, my sympathies for the establishment of a religious and national Jewish center in Palestine by well-organized immigration and settlement, for I am convinced of the importance and benefits of the settlement of Jews in Palestine for the Ottoman Empire. I am willing to put this work under the high protection of the Ottoman Empire, and to promote it by all means that are compatible with the sovereign rights of the Ottoman Empire and do not affect the rights of the non-Jewish population. It is my solid conviction that the special commission, which will be appointed to lay out a detailed project for this work, shall shortly complete its work. I will be happy to see the delegation here again thereafter to continue the conversations.[4]
In 1919...
Emir Faisal, King of Syria and Iraq, made a formal written agreement with Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann, which was drafted by T.E. Lawrence, whereby they would try to establish a peaceful relationship between Arabs and Jews in Palestine.[173] The 3 January 1919 Faisal–Weizmann Agreement was a short-lived agreement for Arab–Jewish cooperation on the development of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.[w] Faisal did treat Palestine differently in his presentation to the Peace Conference on 6 February 1919 saying "Palestine, for its universal character, [should be] left on one side for the mutual consideration of all parties concerned".[175][176] The agreement was never implemented.[x] In a subsequent letter written in English by Lawrence for Faisal's signature, he explained:

"We feel that the Arabs and Jes are cousins in race, suffering similar opperssion at the hands of powers stronger than themselves, and by a happy coincidence have been able to take the first step toward the attainment of their national ideals together. We Arabs, especially the educated among us, look with deepest sympathy on the Zionist movement... We will do our best, in so far as we are concerned, to help them through; we will wish the Jews a most hearty welcome home." [173]
While following up on this information I found the following statement within the Palin Report relating to the very idea of Jews settling in Palestine. It's the product of a formal review of the Jewish, Palestinian situation "after the fact" that addresses the formation of a Jewish state...

"President Wilson brushed away all doubts as to what was intended from his point of view when, in March 1919, he said to the Jewish leaders in America, "I am moreover persuaded that the allied nations, with the fullest concurrence of our own Government and people are agreed that in Palestine shall be laid the foundations of a Jewish Commonwealth." The late President Roosevelt declared that one of the Allies peace conditions should be [p10] that "Palestine must be made a Jewish State." Mr. Winston Churchill has spoken of a "Jewish State" and Mr. Bonar Law has talked in Parliament of "restoring Palestine to the Jews".

The angst, accusations and the indecisions continued on a global scale...

"It is said that the effect of the Balfour Declaration was to leave the Moslems and Christians dumbfounded... It is impossible to minimise the bitterness of the awakening. They considered that they were to be handed over to an oppression which they hated far more than the Turk's and were aghast at the thought of this domination... Prominent people openly talk of betrayal and that England has sold the country and received the price... Towards the Administration [the Zionists] adopted the attitude of "We want the Jewish State and we won't wait", and they did not hesitate to avail themselves of every means open to them in this country and abroad to force the hand of an Administration bound to respect the "Status Quo" and to commit it, and thereby future Administrations, to a policy not contemplated in the Balfour Declaration... What more natural than that [the Moslems and Christians] should fail to realise the immense difficulties the Administration was and is labouring under and come to the conclusion that the openly published demands of the Jews were to be granted and the guarantees in the Declaration were to become but a dead letter?" August 1920

Later, at another meeting in 1929-1930 Emir Faisal "finds it exceedingly strange that such a matter is attributed to him as he, at no time would consider allowing any foreign nation to share in an Arab country"

Unfortunately over time greed, hatred, anger, intolerance directed towards the Jewish community throughout the globe prevailed over practicality, acceptance, and decency. Today we have the continued shared angst and contempt that the cult of islam has directed and continues to direct against our Jewish friends and us, the Christians and other faiths of the world, or so it seems

It is obvious, from what I've read and witnessed that there was a time when someone from the muslim community was close to being tolerant of our Jewish friends. But historically it appears they've digressed, and became blatantly intolerant of others decades ago. They also appear to be content with their intolerance.

There's more interesting information to be found on Wikipedia , in Jewish records and elsewhere regarding the Balfour Declaration, the alleged forgeries and tampering that occurred.

In short, the Ottomans, the Arabs denied the authenticity of the agreement and pushed for removal of their jewish neighbors from Palestine but global powers at the time ensured the Jewish communities in the Middle East stayed in place, in their homeland, Palestine.


Revelation and the Middle East

Maybe it's timely that I read John's "Revelation" again last night.

Something piqued my curiosity yesterday and my memory was a bit blurred so I thought I'd just give the text another good read. It's been decades, many decades since I last read it. I'm not one to go to public masses nor am I active in any church but I am a Christian and was baptized by the Catholic church when I was a wee lad. I learned over the years that every "church", every "denomination" has their self serving quirks hence, I took the solo route and opted to be my own maverick preacher to myself, no one else. I've been getting along just fine since I made that decision.

But I digress, that was a long winded way of getting to where I was going with the opening statement of this post. I read John's "Revelation" again last night and realized it's alarmingly prophetic, again. At least in my opinion. I don't mean "prophetic" to the point that John saw and wrote what Revelation would entail but, more about what John witnessed and subsequently wrote about when he documented the Revelation. Albeit, that would bring some argument from many folks, most folks who believe otherwise.

So, in essence I'm suggesting there's some serious parallels to then and now and there's certainly some familiarity to John's documentation.

It's been suggested that Revelation just might be near or even here (again?) but I won't argue it. I don't normally discuss religion so I'll let it be. I just thought I'd share my thoughts for what they're worth and get this particular thought cleared from my mind for the time being. 

Yep, I strayed from my normal politically inclined rants to throw this out there. I guess I can attribute it to "the season". 



The Love's Dimming Amongst The Arabs

Abbas, the PLA, the Palestinians ain't feeling the love of their neighbors, their one time allies.

It seems the Palestinians are poised to bite the hand(s) that feeds them. At least Saudi Arabia's hand. The Saudis (and other mid-east nations) have been propping up the Palestinians for, well as long as I can remember and now the Palestinians are turning against their own, demanding more support, more acceptance and recognition than the Saudis (at least ) are willing to give.

So in response to Saudi Arabia's the Palestinians, via Mahmoud Abbas are demanding yet more support from Saudi Arabia and their other "allies" in Palestine's struggles to rid the region, perhaps the globe of one of our staunchest allies, Israel and the Jewish communities throughout the globe.

Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and most likely several other Arab nations have grown tired of those Palestinian folks and their lust for endless war.

But the Palestinians are thick skulled. It's going to take more effort, time and unfortunately more carnage for peace to take hold in that region, if it ever will.



Wednesday, November 29, 2017

More "News" I Overlooked.

I just found these gems in my emails as I was culling through them. Special thanks to the fellow who sent them to me...

Let's start with this one from Liberty Planet. It's all about Sex and The Clintons: A History Of Scandals. Check out the part where obama arranged for his daughter Malia to intern with Harvey Weinstein... (wink-wink).

Then we can go to this one about our guns, our second amendment rights and how we apply them. It comes from Tribunist.com. Americans bought enough firearms on Black Friday to arm the Marine Corps- Again! Ya' gotta love it!

And this one from The Daily Wire. It appears the liberals, the democrats forgot to mention a couple of sex scandals of their own. Twenty four to be exact. Oh, and still counting. But let's not stop here, there's still more. It's Ontario's latest in it's never ending desire to ensure everyone gets a trophy.

Oh, and reference our American embassy in Tel Aviv? According to World Israel News it's not "if" the embassy will be moved it's all about "when and how" it will be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

But there's still more, much more...

Like the latest ICBM missile launch by North Korea. Our POTUS Donald J. Trump isn't fretting over it. According to the folks at Newser he's promised that it will be taken care of in due time. Now, living in the Pacific Northwest and all, I'm not real comfortable with all of these things going on but hey, what can I do? I could try to shoot it out of the sky with my .45. It would keep me busy until impact at least.

And this one (again) that suggests there's one heckuva lot of dirt on those clintons and hillary clinton isn't all that well liked by her "protection detail" folks. Wasn't then, isn't now. I just couldn't resist posting it again. I really do like Dan Bongino... I have since I saw him on one of those mainstream media news stations back in the day. He's matter of fact, experienced and obviously knowledgeable and skilled in his field and he has a helluva delivery. Yeah, I couldn't pass up posting this one again.

Life is getting better...



History. Is It Trying To Repeat Itself?

I would like to suggest that "history" is a living, breathing, existing entity but it's evident that it's not. It's simply a collection of memories, of lessons learned, lessons failed, lessons forgotten from our past. Among other things of course.

I can't help but think we haven't learned from our past mistakes. At least not all of us, collectively. I'm pretty sure I haven't and I personally know there's others who haven't learned or who have otherwise failed to accept what we've learned. Many of us have opted to "move on" with what we have going at the time. We all know tomorrow's history is today's existence, or at least we should know that. It's simple logic. One person, individually, each with our own personal contribution to ourselves, our families, our culture, civilization, our future... to history, we're the creators of our history. We are all part of the overall cause and effect of then and now. 

If we haven't learned from those mistakes we've made then we seem to allow, or at least tacitly condone that which should have been vanquished decades ago.

So, why would the Muslims wish to destroy the Jews and us, the non-muslims, the rest of us who are not nor will we ever be muslims? Why would these muslims, this cult of islam demand the destruction and death to all things, all people who are not islamic, not muslim.

It's beyond the pale to me.  I just thought I'd share this.

A special thanks to my friend Dan for forwarding this to me. Dammit Dan, you got my old brain cooking again.

I don't understand the "logic". What could ever be positively gained by accomplishing the extermination of another race, another culture?

It's all absurd!


A Week Or More Of Some Interesting Stuff...

I was culling out my last couple of weeks of emails this morning and thought I'd toss up some of the stuff I've already read and moved past. It's a lot of information that's good to know but quite frankly I don't have the time to comment on it so I thought I'd just provide some links to the information and you can take it from there.

Just in case anyone out there in cyberland wants to read this stuff here it is...

Old news I know but it's still about that Clinton Cartel and specifically about the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton.

- Let's not forget hijab Barbie...
- Or how about our POTUS Donald J. Trump getting sued by obama and his ilk!
- And what about Starbucks war on Christmas via their "Gay Agenda"?!
- Our government's offer to sell to us citizens our military's stored M1911 pistols.
- And how about that RACIST ANTI-WHITE Pediatric Nurse who wants to throw our white babies to the wolves... yes, wolves... literally.
- Let's not forget Portland, Oregon's liberal utopia... where the shat does hit the fan. LOL.
- And more on the outbreak of liberalism in America...
- Oh, and let's not forget the unforgettable and unforgiveable Weinstein mess... you know, that bit about sex trafficking and all associated with it. Oh, and that crotchety, old, perverted Conyers fool too.
- The Chinese General who killed himself to avoid a possible court martial.
- France's submission to islam, terrorism.
- Israel's continued diplomacy with African Nations.
- A heckuva lot of STOP AMNESTY and illegal immigration information.
- Wikipedia's necessary and low profile "Donor Drive" so they can keep their fantastic site going as well as it is without popup ads, etc. I don't know about you folks but I give to them every year. Not much but every little bit helps.
- The Patriot Depot site where you can get hoodies, hats, books.... whatever to make your statement be heard.
- The Palestinians claiming that if they're not given everything they want then we cannot be trusted. Yeah, I read it right. It's their response (read rejection) to our POTUS Donald J. Trump's peace plan for them.
-The Boston Islamic Society (BIS), an alleged (wink-wink) terrorist support group if not a terrorist organization that's mentoring "students" in unusual ways to do what's most likely unusual things. To put it delicately.
- Many, many great, informational pieces from the Middle East Forum.
- The rhetoric regarding the possibility of Hillary Clinton running for POTUS again. Personally, I hope she does. From prison. Either way it would be a wonderful show! I'd pay to see her lose again.
- Draining that swamp, including Europe's swamps!
- Why does ISIS kill muslims?
- More on France's submission to islam, terrorism, anti-semitism.
- A myriad of Yahoo Daily liberally driven  rhetoric, propaganda... it actually is sent to me daily, hence Yahoo Daily.
- Matt Lauer gets fired from NBC and nobody really cares. Guess why he was fired. Yup... you got it.
- A surge in migrant attacks against German Police. It's the beginning of an end? Maybe?
- CNN and Islam's love/hate relationship. A match made in hell. But then again, we don't call it the Clinton News Network for nothing.

That just cleared my email "inbox" for the past couple of days. I have some others I'm keeping handy for a post or two later in the week depending on how the situation(s) develop. I do want to thank those personal friends who have sent me some links too. I've been using them and will use some more soon on these pages. Unfortunately my past couple of days have been tied up in "other stuff" that's distracted me from this blog.

Hopefully that's all past me now. At least for my sake, this is one of my relief tools... this little blog of mine. So, for the three of you that read it THANKS!

Much thanks to The Conservative Tribune, The Gatestone Institute, American Action News, Newshub, FOX News, Newser, United With Israel, NumbersUSA, Wikipedia, Patriot Depot, the Islamist Watch Blog, Middle East Forum, Yahoo and a bunch more I can't remember the links to right now. Also those folks in the left column of this blog. I go there from time to time and borrow their stuff as well. They're all good reads. You might not agree with all of what they write but they're still good reads.



ESPN Lays Off Even More!!!

Remember ESPN? That half sports, half politically inclined (leftist) television/cable network?

Well they're experiencing some "dying" pains. It seems those folks who used to pay attention to them are ignoring their leftist network broadcasts and sources of liberal news in droves and there isn't any end in sight.

Sooo, this month's response? Give some of the worker bees their final checks and eliminate them from the network. I mean, after all there are bills to pay and ESPN isn't keep up with the bills, let alone their competitors.

How about we take a knee for that soon to be defunct ESPN and pray to the good Lord that the network is finally going away. That greed is finally being recognized and vanquished in the celebrity industry for what it is, self serving, out of control greed. Slowly, ESPN's finally fading into obscurity. ESPN hit their "on air" folks with ESPN's initial purge during the first wave of horrible ratings, now they're going after the worker bees, those who don't have anything to fall back on for work, those who do the heavy lifting, the building, the moving, the videoing of the pampered network "celebrities" and their staff. This time around ESPN's decided to dump on their blue collar folks who will be impacting an increasing market of out of work blue collar, sports related workers.

I'm beginning to think that kaepernick dude did us a favor. He opened our eyes and showed us just how demanding, how materialistic, how deceptive and conceited the liberal press can be. They played into his hands on a global scale. The press followed their money, not their at one time loyal viewers and now the press, the mainstream media are losing millions of dollars as a result of their selfish, self serving ways.

'bout time.

Thanks Kap... I'm pretty sure, given your self loving personality that you didn't intend to make it happen this way but I thank you for opening our eyes. Folks who refuse to employ you are right. You do suck and you don't deserve a job in the NFL. But thanks for creating all of this angst. You've now brought the whole pampered athlete, NFL, ESPN bullshat to the forefront and it isn't going away anytime soon.



Monday, November 27, 2017

Roy Moore And His Vietnam Brothel Visit...

It most likely didn't go the way you might have thought it went.

Roy Moore's one and only, very short lived visit to a brothel while he was in Vietnam in the early 70's didn't go as it was intended to go by his guide. Here's an account of that "brothel" visit that's provided by a former Army officer, Bill Staehle who met Moore when Staehle arrived in Vietnam. He's one of the two Army officers who went with Moore to the brothel, the third officer being their volunteer "guide" for the evening. Their guide decided the other two officers needed to get "off base" and go into the city where things were more lively so he led them into the belly of the beast. Moore and Staehle thought they were going to a more active, off base "drinking spot" but were wrong. The third officer, their "guide" for the evening evidently had a "low morality tour" planned for them but failed to reveal the details of the tour he was providing to the other two until after they arrived at their destination, a brothel. The bottom line, it wasn't Moore's and Staehle's idea to go to a brothel but that's where the other seasoned soldier took them. According to Staehle it definitely wasn't what Moore was used to nor was it where he wanted to be. Moore and Staehle... well, let's just say they both had a bit more character, integrity, self-control, honor than the other guy did. They left the brothel immediately after they realized they were in one. In fact that character, integrity, self-control, honor... well, it appears Roy Moore has all of that and a bit more!

Tell me again the accusations against Roy Moore aren't politico hit pieces on him by the left. Fabricated, bought and paid for, manipulated evidence to provide some semblance of credence to the left's fantastic claims?! I mean, the left's allegations... Allred's allegations, hell they're unraveling before our very eyes. Witnesses accounting of alleged incidents being discredited within hours of their "revelations" hitting the mainstream media's hit lines? Alleged and somewhat evident  tampering of evidence by Gloria Allred? And the list goes on!

Yeah, that left. They're certainly worthy of our trust... NOT!!



Sunday, November 26, 2017

POTUS Trump calls out "coverup" funds.

Did you know that at least the Congress (both houses... senators and representatives) have a slush fund to pay off folks who claim to have been "discriminated against or sexually harassed" (among other things) by our elected politicos?! I'd venture to say it's in place for ALL politicos. Elected, appointed or otherwise "serving".

Did you know our taxpayer dollars pay into this "hush money" account on behalf of our errant and outrageous elected wayward "public servants" fund?

"the House of Representatives had paid out $15 million in the two decades between 1997 and 2016"


Our taxpayer money is being used to pay off complainants in lieu of them bringing their allegations against our politicos out into the open. In essence we're paying funds for our elected folks illegal and/or inappropriate behavior and the handlers of those funds were keeping that fact hidden from the public...

...until our POTUS Donald J. Trump called them out on it.

DRAIN THAT SWAMP! INVOKE TERM LIMITS, twelve years maximum service!



California, Curb Your Dog Please!

California's Maxine Waters is on another rant again. She must've got some bad, rot-gut wine or crack somewhere but she's on another rant. I'm not all that sure where she thinks she's going with this particular rant but she's certainly targeted our POTUS Donald J. Trump again. And like the junkyard dog she is she just won't let go of the whole theme until she makes a complete idiot out of herself AND her handlers.

Which she will do... in short order.

So, California... please curb your dog. She's embarrassing and well, ugly and old and seemingly mentally feeble. She's proven herself to be the failed politico she is.




Saturday, November 25, 2017

Clintons, Democrats, RINOs and Sexual Perversions...

They're all the same!

They'll abuse folks, demonize those who speak out against them, ruin the lives of those they victimize and scheme to scam all of us into believing their accusers are "in it for the money" or "in it for notoriety". Yeah, right. Even that POSPOTUS obama's adminstrators are coming out of their closets and providing their two cents worth, and it ain't anything positive re: those clinton folks, fellow democrats and their RINO toys.

I'm beginning to believe the water level in this swamp is lowering and exposing the debris stuck in the scum and mud on the bottom.

First, that hillary clinton thing. She's turned her head the other way when it comes to bill clinton's sexual misconduct so much that she has no idea which way is forward these days. She's so used to looking elsewhere to avoid her tragic reality. The life she chose for herself. She can't find the trail out of her and bill's demented world that they live in and it's her own fault. But let her reap what she and bill sowed.

But let's not stop there. Wander over and check out all of the other folks, liberal "artisans", producers, directors, "actors", athletes, preachers, priests, imams, moolahs, etc. They're all being exposed. They're being exposed by their victims, by the rest of us and there's nowhere for their sorry, depraved souls to hide.

So they lie and continue to lie. Like that old saying, that old errant piece of "advice"... "even if you're caught on top, LIE".

Let them all rot in hell.


Thanks to Dean James from America's Freedom Fighters for the linked article.