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Friday, December 22, 2017

Let's Put "Jihad" back in the Jihad!

Our POTUS Donald J. Trump tends to favor common sense discussions and tends to call things as he sees things. He wasn't elected as our POTUS because he's politically correct, soft on crime, tolerant and even enabling to those who prefer us dead or otherwise neutralized.

Like the vast majority of us our POTUS Donald J. Trump is proud of our great nation, proud of our accomplishments and realistic about our global interests, allies.

He also believes in calling a jihadist a jihadist, calling a jihad a jihad which is why he insists the terms be put back into the "intelligence" documents, briefings, etc. Call them what they are... jihadists and jihads. To hell with what offense the prima donnas might take if we use them. They're not disparaging terms, they're descriptors and they're accurate.

Use them!



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