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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Turkey? Our Ally?

Is Turkey still our ally?

Given the latest decisions made by Erdogan, given the latest defense and weapons purchases Turkey's made... give the "fatwas" and "warrants" issued by Erdogan and his minions re: all people anti Erdogan, anti Turkey... even those who dare question the tyrant. Given all of what's come down the 'pike recently re: Turkey's NATO defiance and the arrest of one of the U.S. Embassy's employees, the kowtow-ing to Russia, Erdogan's snub of our POTUS Trump, etc.

Given everything so far it appears Turkey's on course to cause even more hate and discontent in their little corner of the world, let alone ours. So if you've truly convinced yourself that Turkey's the same ally we had in the past then I think you need to back up, take a deep breath, put the bong down and think again.

I believed awhile ago that Turkey's no longer a viable and valuable ally to our country. At least, not under Erdogan's rule.


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