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Saturday, January 06, 2018

A California TRAVESTY, again

The family, friends... those who knew and loved Kate Stenlie can be assured that the state of California and those illegals inhabiting California have gone "all in" against the enforcement of our national borders and laws. A California jury and that state's legal system has blatantly condoned the murder of yet another innocent citizen who was simply enjoying a day in her life with her family and friends!

The fact that 45-year-old Jose Garcia-Zarate, an illegal from Mexico who's been "deported" repeatedly over the years for crimes committed in our country shot and killed Kate Stenlie in front of her father on a beautiful San Francisco day... the fact that this Garcia-Zarate maggot can be given "credit for time served" two years later is beyond justice!

The Federal folks have their hold on him. He'll most likely be held until he's deported back to Mexico, again! But what then? He'll be back! Californians embrace these "victims" of our "oppression", our "imperialism". Besides, there's too much money to be made up here in the drug and sex trades and California's nothing more than a petri dish of illegals.

Nope, we won't see the last of this murderer, Jose Garcia-Zarate. I just hope he gets his due justice in the end.



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