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Thursday, January 18, 2018

This "Professor" Has Problems..

Nothing that his beloved allah can't cure I guess.

Daniel Mashburn, a Tarrant County College Astronomy "professor" shocked several of his students today when he showed up for his lecture at the local college campus. It seems he kind of went off the deep end with his good ol' Allah bullshat! But then again, "deep end"... it's all in the translation and a matter of perspective.

To him I imagine he sees no wrong with his gibberish and odd behavior but I clearly fail to see the connection he makes regarding the cult of islam and Astronomy, the subject he should be teaching, not preaching. It's time for Mashburn to turn in his sanity card and let those college students get a real Astronomy education from a real Astronomy professor, not an allah-babba babbler.

The bottom line is that he certainly scared some of them off and he certainly caught the interest of the local police.

Perhaps better "vetting" of  "professors" is need at that particular institution.

(FYI: Tarrant County College has several campuses in the Fort Worth, Texas area from what I've found on their main website. It was not clear which campus this particular incident too place at.)


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