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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Germany's Sliding Into The Abyss!

If you don't do anything else at least read the article I've linked this post! Pay particular attention to the chronological survey of some of the main stories about Islam and Islamism in Germany during the second half of 2017 including following the link to "part one" that I posted previously on this blog that was written by Soeren Kern.

I'm concerned and you should be too.

Since the EU, Germany in particular have opened their arms and invited the THOUSANDS of Middle East REFUGEES into Europe they've noticed some serious challenges relating to assimilation by those "refugees". Merkel and Germany in particular have been embracing and going out of their way to accommodate their most recent "refugee" arrivals... middle east muslims.
And now those "refugees" are beginning to reap their profits from their hosts whether their hosts like it or not!

There appears to be no reasonable, peaceful way of reversing, let alone slowing Germany's transition from the independent, somewhat peaceful European nation it used to be after their defeat in World War II to the islamic caliphate Merkel and friends are urging it to become.

Germany, like France, Great Britain and many more European nations is well on it's way to becoming an integral part of the "European Caliphate"... or so it seems.



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