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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fred Thompson!!!

In case you haven't heard, Fred Thompson threw his hat into the ring last night!

I like his style, his charisma, his directness. He seems like a good fit for the country and a bit of a curveball for those whose interests were straying elsewhere.

Let's hope Fred will bring everything back into focus.

So, he's now officially a POTUS candidate!!!


Let's see what happens. Hopefully things will get clearer regarding our choices.

Bailed out and on the lam!

So Norman Hsu is a free man again!

He had his bail reduced enough so he could pay it (a cool million... don't expect THAT money to be going to anyone's campaign) and high tail it to parts unknown! (Wink, wink)

Yah, parts unknown... lol. How funny! A fugitive again.

This time he's hiding!

Some folks think he's back in his native home, Hong Kong. You know, that city in China that just keeps pumping out corrupt and less than scrupulous folks. It's been doing it for decades!!!

I find it more than just a little odd that the Chinese nationals and Hong Kong business representatives are elbows and knees deep involved in our United States politics... in the selection of our next president of the United States, among the elections of other politicos at ALL levels of government.

Has someone overlooked China's "reclamation" of Hong Kong? Has someone overlooked the very real possibilities that those Chinese who are raising funds for the dhimmicrats are most likely not as loyal to our causes as they are to, well... maybe China's causes.

Hmmm. Let's see. The bulk of the funds Hsu's raised for political contributions during these past several years are going to the dhimmicrat, Hillary Clinton. You know... Hill, the wife of Bill, our ex president and strong ally of China.

Hillary's the one who reduced the size and effectiveness of our military back in the day of Bill. Well, she did it through Bill. After all, a husband who's been getting it regularly on the side is going to do whatever he can to placate his wife after she discovers his many affairs, eh?

But I don't think that's the whole story behind this China, Clinton, dhimmicrat, ally thing. I'm thinking it goes back quite aways... at least to the early 1980's, most likely well before that.

In short, China found our achille's heal and has tapped into it. The dhimmicrats are beholden to the almighty dollars that China has routed into their campaigns and China, through it's agents is trying to assert it's political influence, political clout into the selection of our next president much like it did when Bill was elected.

If the dhimmicrats win then the markers will be called in one by one.

It's not the first time China's pretty much had it's way with us. There's already history of sellout to China by a previous Clinton regime.

It's pretty pathetic... politicos doing whatever they're told just so they can get another almighty buck. The politicians in this country are money grubbing whores on a global scale.

They'll sell us out to win an election!

So, Hsu's allegedly "back home" in Hong Kong. I wonder how long it will be until we hear he's "committed suicide".

I mean after all, he did let a lot of his compatriots down for all of the wrong reasons. His private, greedy little swindles brought the Chinese connections back out of the shadows again.

Isn't it odd that it just happens to be another Clinton and the dhimmicrats who were benefitting from the bulk of Hsu's "fund raising" activities.

Can we say "snookered"... again?

Monday, September 03, 2007

The Paw family gives a bunch...

(Photo by Steve Schwartz)

It seems a good friend of Hillary Clinton's, Norman Hsu, woke up the other morning and found himself in a bit of hot water.

You see, he's been sought by California authorities for "Grand Theft". A bit embarrassing, I know but true.

Hsu admitted to some California authorities awhile back that he took a BUNCH of money from some people... errr, swindled folks out of a BUNCH of their money back in the early 1990's.

It seems he set up some potential investors, took a cool million bucks from them in exchange for importing a bunch of latex gloves or something and well, after getting the money he forgot to import the gloves.

Yup he got the money, no one got the gloves. Go figure... latex gloves.

Big bucks- no gloves- no lube. Poetic.

As the story goes, in 1991 Hsu pleaded guilty and agreed to spend three short years of his life in prison for the, errr... well, theft. Oh yeah, and he agreed to pay restitution.

Herein lies the problem. Hsu actually forgot he copped the plea.

No shit!!! He forgot!!! Just ask Larry, his D.C. attorney.

Here's proof he forgot! The following is an excerpt from an August 29, 2007 story found in the L.A. Times written by Chuck Neubauer and Robin Fields, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers.

Larry is quoted in the article. He explains everything. It's gotta be honest and factual, right? After all, Larry is an attorney!

"Barcella said his client did not remember pleading to a criminal charge and facing the prospect of jail time. Hsu remembers the episode as part of a settlement with creditors when he also went through bankruptcy, Barcella said."

So what we're supposed to believe is that in 1991, shortly after Hsu copped his plea and agreed to do all of those little legal things like serving time and paying restitution he simply forgot. Much like he forgot to import the gloves. Much like he forgot where he lived when he dropped out of sight... except in plain view. He dropped out of sight in plain view. Difficult to understand, I know but he did.

Call it politics. Call it political influence. Call it "making money for the dhimmicrats" type of protection or whatever.

Yup, outta sight in the national media. 15 years worth of hiding in plain view.

So what's Norm got to do with Hillary?

Well, he's one of her major fund raisers. He's already established that he's pretty dat-gammmed good at swindling folks out of their hard earned cash... hell, he's a man of his word and has even agreed to serve 3 years in prison, trust him.

Yup, he's been pretty adept at gathering cash for Hillary and friends, a bunch of dhimmicrats.

I mean, just ask the Paw's.

Their financial contributions to Hillary splashed them onto the front pages of many of our national fish wrappers. Not just Ma and Pa Paw and but the Kid Paws too.

They're one example of the kind of first-time donors Hsu has worked with over the years.

The Paws are a family of six adults, most of whom live together in a small house near San Francisco International Airport. They've allegedly never donated to national candidates until 2004. Since 2005, after meeting Hsu they've donated $213,000 to the dhimmicratic cause. $55,000 to Hill Clinton and $14,000 to various New York state candidates. Not to mention a bunch of money to several other dhimmicrat candidates and politicians... you know "fat cat" Senator Ted Kennedy, U.S. Representative Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania, U.S. Representative Michael Honda of California and political wannabe, comedian Al Franken, a U.S. Senate candidate in Minnesota to mention a few. In all their donations are kind of like a grab bag of donations.

(AP Photo by Jeff Chiu)

So, one might reasonably ask how a blue collar family living in a small, "modest" home in San Francisco can afford to shell out $213,000.00 to the dhimmicrats over the past two years.

You be the judge. Let's take a closer look at this hard working family.

Pa Paw (William Paw) is a mail carrier and Ma Paw, his wife Alice is a homemaker. Both of them are contributors.

Winkle Paw, a son who evidently works for or with Hsu is another contributor. The other contributors include another son who works for a California school board and two daughters, one who works for a hospital and another who works for a computer company. They all opted to max out their contributions to the dhimmicrat cause.

Either way, at least six members of the Paw family... evidently dedicated dhimmicrats... donated at least $55,000 to Hillary Rodham Clinton since 2005.

Not bad for a bunch of blue collar stiffs.

Understandably, there's some questions regarding the source of funds donated by the Paws and many others like them. Reasonable folks are asking themselves how the Paws could afford those sizable donations to the dhimmicrats and why they'd even be donating to dhimmicrats who are running for New York state's government positions rather than California's.

I'm just wondering if Hsu's seeding the pot here. I guess not... Larry's already explained things to us.

"They have the financial wherewithal to make their own donations," Hsu's Washington D.C. attorney, E. Lawrence Barcella Jr. said. "It didn't come from Norman."

Hey Larry, who'da thunk it? Ya' nervous about things dude? Why would you jump to that conclusion?

In the meantime Hsu's got some legal wankering to do and Hill and friends are scrambling to "get rid" of the money Hsu's given them.

Yeah, right! Trust them! They're going to give it all away.

Uh huh...

Yawn. I tire of the dhimmicrat's corruption.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Time for a lesson.

Run on over to GuyK's blog, "Charming, Just Charming" and catch up on your Sunday sermon.

He's got a great rendition of David, Goliath, Saul and all going.

Go on, bring some religion back into your day!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Corruption only Democrats can love...

Let's start with...

Representative Alcee L. Hastings, Dhimmicrat, Florida 23rd. Congressional District.

Alcee's an impeached federal judge now serving as a United States Representative. He holds the distinction of being one of six federal judges in the history of the United States who's been removed from office by the United States Senate.

He was impeached in 1988 by a Dhimmicrat controlled House of Representatives for accepting a $150,000.00 bribe and committing perjury regarding his testimony against Frank and Thomas Romano during their racketeering case. The vote was a whopping 413-3 in favor of impeachment.

In 1989 he was then convicted by the United States Senate of the first article levied against him and he was removed from office. The vote on the first article was 69 for and 26 opposed, five votes more than the two-thirds majority of those present that's needed to convict. The first article accused the judge of conspiracy. A conviction on any single article was enough to remove him from office.

According to Hastings he's simply an innocent victim of politics.

Hasting's "alleged" co-conspirator, William Borders refused to testify against Hastings and was sent to jail for contempt. He was later pardoned by slick Willy Bill Clinton, dhimmicrat.

One of Willy's many controversial pardons.

No corruption here though! Yeah, right.

Now let's chat about Representative William J. Jefferson, Dhimmicrat, Louisiana 2nd. Congressional District.

...not to be confused with William Jefferson Clinton, aka: Slick Willy, aka: Whitewater Bill, aka: Monica's Main Man... ah, you get the idea.

Don't confuse William Jefferson with the ex prez though there are many, many similarities.

Nope. William J. Jefferson has the distinction of being the first and only sitting member of congress to have ever had their congressional office "raided" by the FBI... or any law enforcement agency for that matter.

In a nutshell, here's what's going on with Mr. Jefferson...

On July 30, 2005 Jefferson was videotaped by the FBI receiving $100,000 worth of $100 bills in a leather briefcase at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Arlington, Virginia. Jefferson told an investor, Lori Mody, who was wearing a wire that he would need to give Nigerian Vice President Atiku Abubakar $500,000 "as a motivating factor" to ensure they obtained contracts for a Kentucky based internet company (iGate) and Mody's company in Nigeria.

Shortly after the exchange of money, on August 3, 2005 FBI agents raided Jefferson's Washington D.C. home and found $90,000 of the cash in the freezer, in $10,000 increments wrapped in aluminum foil and stuffed inside frozen-food containers... lasagna style!

The serial numbers found on the currency in the freezer matched those serial numbers of funds that were previously recorded by the FBI and subsequently given to the informant.

On May 20, 2006 agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided and searched the congressional office of William J. Jefferson as part of an investigation regarding an ongoing corruption probe.

Some of the allegations used by the FBI in their affidavit to secure the search warrant included...

- Jefferson being videotaped as he received a stock certificate from Mody for a company set up in Nigeria to promote iGate's technology. On the tape Jefferson predicted the deal would generate $200 million annually after five years.

- Jefferson telling Mody that he wants a similar financial stake in the business in Ghana.

- Jefferson sought $10 million in financing from Mody to take over iGate and install "confidants" on the new board. In two payments, Mody wired $89,225 to the ANJ Group LLC, a company controlled by Jefferson's family.

- Jefferson lent $4,800 of the money Mody gave him to an unnamed congressional aide. Another $4,900 was given back to the FBI by one of Jefferson's attorneys.

- The FBI claims it has uncovered "at least seven other schemes in which Jefferson sought things of value in return for his official acts

Now, this really pissed off those congressional folks who believe they're above the law.

There's still a turf war going on over the very legal and fruitful FBI search and recovery of evidence.

Jefferson claims he's innocent. Another victim of entrapment, of police running amok. An innocent victim of vile politics.

Yet one of his former aides, Brett M. Pfeffer tells it a bit differently. Particularly after he's plead guilty to federal bribery charges.

Ah, yeah. We can go on with the dhimmicrat corruption parade but I'm tiring of it for now. I'll pick up on Jerry Stubbs and his past "diddlings", Barney Frank and his alleged business association with Steve Gobie, a male escort whom Frank had befriended, the 52nd. Governor of New Jersey, Jim McGreevey and his closeted sexual exploits, Fat Jack Murtha and his "Let's talk about this later" tape and many, many more dhimmicrats from Bill and Hill on down.

Where doesn't the corruption lead us?