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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama! Was it Kenya or Hawaii???

We, the citizens of this fine country demand to know where you were born!

Were you born in Kenya?

Barack Hussein, were you born in Kenya to muslim parents as you've stated in the past? Were you born in Kenya and adopted in Indonesia as you've said in the past? Were you born in Hawaii as your bogus 1970 Hawaii certificate of live birth suggests?

Where were you born and what are your true allegiances?

Why are you refusing to produce a REAL certificate of live birth. Your arrogance is overwhelming. You place yourself well above us regular Joe and Joanne Blue Collar citizens. You hide behind your DNC and Chicago cronies. You talk in circles and avoid the hardball questions. Your gang of thugs have tried to humiliate and destroy anyone who asks legitimate questions about you, your past and your candidacy.

Isn't it about time that you answer these questions? Don't you think you should serve the public you so desperately want to serve by letting us know more about you?

While you're producing that vault copy of your live birth certification why don't you produce the other information all of the other candidates had to produce. You know your health records, your various college transcript, etc. We don't want to see a one page letter from your doctor. We want you to be truly vetted! ...not powdered over by your gloss team.

As you've probably figured by now I'm not voting for you. Nope. I'm not one to throw away a very important vote on a person who won't reveal his true identity let alone on a person who ignores a righteous hue and call to explain his relationships with terrorists, radical preachers and priests and con men.

What do you have to hide Barack Hussein Obama?

As mentioned in an article entitled "Obama Refuses to Answer Birth Certificate Lawsuit" authored on Friday, October 24, 2008 4:16 PM By: Kenneth R. Timmerman... "Lawyers for Obama and the DNC did not return calls for comment on the current status of the case, or explain why the Obama campaign did not simply put to rest the whole controversy by releasing the birth certificate that Obama apparently cherished as a teenager."

I mean, afterall in order to be considered as a legitimate candidate for the president of this great United States you have to be a natural born citizen of this country. It's a simple rule... a simple and safe requirement. If you aren't a natural born citizen of this fine country then you cannot run for the presidency.

Pretty simple...

So, if you are who you claim to be and are truly legitimate you shouldn't have a problem complying with such a simple request. And while you're at it fill in the holes you have regarding the other issues too.

The American public has every right to know!