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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Two muslim cowards!

Undoubtedly the whole world knows about the Boston Marathon bombings by now. If you don't then you're either not breathing or brain dead.

But c'mon, the assignment of blame? The rush to judgment? Where do we, the civilized portion of this society get off thinking the way we thought the moment we heard, saw, experienced the bombings?

What right do we have to almost immediately assign blame for the acts of cowardice, the slaughter and maiming of innocents to a "religion", a "peaceful" religion with ancient roots? Why was there this knee jerk almost immediate reaction?

Get Real!

REALLY?! Was there any doubt who was responsible?

When I mention "who" I mean "who" as in what group of cowards, what sub-human pigs routinely place killing, maiming bombs in large groups of innocents at large, highly publicized events to draw attention to their senseless, totally worthless, pathetic cause... the blatant disregard for anything but what they believe and what they believe we should subscribe to as well...

...or die.

These pathetic pieces of fecal matter who try to pass themselves off as human beings live, work, breathe and walk amongst us. Their sole function, sole purpose is to destroy infidels... us, the non-believers of their supposed "god" allah. I don't understand them and I really don't care to. I've moved beyond that!

I'm watcing, I'm learning.

Ultimately their world will collapse around them and their evil cult will be exposed for what it truly is... a failed following of murderous rogues... a following of baby raping, self loving, blood thirsty tyrants in the likes of timur the mongol, genghis khan, moohamud, etc.

...not to mention that allah dude, their wannabe god.

These two brothers, these two mooslums are the epitome of what a "sleeper cell" is. They were raised as mooslums, taken by friends and family to another culture that consists primarily of "infidels" (Christians), assimilate in their new found society as "equals" and when the time comes to serve their false prophet, their "god" they slaughter innocents.

These two brothers and many others like them live amongst us. We're too quick to overlook the obvious. We're too conditioned by society, by our morals to not question "religious" angst, the restlessness of those who can't seem to tolerate our personal habits, our own righteous beliefs. We're conditioned to believe in the good of people, to overlook or at least somewhat tolerate the bad.

I defy you to tell me we don't tolerate much of that which should not be tolerated. Tell me we don't condone acts and omissions that we shouldn't condone simply for the sake of "religious rights".

We allowed ourselves to be their herds for slaughter... their wolves feasts. These two demons, these two practitioners of islum, these two murderers lived amongst us, are supported by their friends to this day and are revered by some as heroes, soldiers serving the cause of islum. We let this happen to us!

dzhokhar and tamerlan tsarnaev were destined to serve this religious cult called islum. I will say this, in all fairness they had no choice! Their life was planned and subsequently manipulated by others to serve this cause, to commit these cowardly acts from birth for "the cause".

Tamerlane, the oldest was undoubtedly named after Timur The Mongol, another monster in a long line of murderous mooslum tyrants. Perhaps one of the most brutal, if not the most brutal. One of his claims to fame includes the building of a pyramid that consisted of the skulls of 90,000 (plus)of his conquered enemies. A pyramid that was topped with his personal throne once it was completed, so the tale goes.

No, this will not end soon. This needless slaughter of innocents in the name of "religion", of cult membership.

We, as Americans need to be more vigilant. We need to be prepared to defend our own when necessary. There is never a good time for our government to seize our weapons, to limit our abilities to defend ourselves, our families, friends, neighbors, innocents.

But if there ever is a time, this isn't it!