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Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Balfour Declaration... Islam's Recognition of Jewish Rights?

Was the Jewish settlement in Palestine meant to be? The whole concept of acceptance of Zionists, Zionism in the Middle East, in Palestine is shrouded with assertions, accusations, denials and outright dissent.

It can be argued that the Ottoman Empire was the standard carrier for all things muslim, Islam back in the day! Even their leader of the most influential muslim authority agreed with the British that the Jews had a right to exist and had a right to a homeland in Palestine! But, as usual nothing's clear and exact when it comes to the Middle East. Their support fell to the wayside relatively soon after the decision was made by the global community to support Jewish settlements in Palestine, in the Middle East. As it's explained now, the very document that encouraged the acceptance of the Jewish settlements in Palestine by the Ottoman top brass was alleged to have been forged. And so the story continues.

In short, there appeared to be a tacit Recognition of a Jewish Nation, a home in Palestine by the muslims, the Ottoman empire at least.

This acceptance appeared to be in agreement with the Balfour Declaration. Following is some of that discussion...

"In a meeting in Istanbul on August 12, 1918, Grand Vizier Talaat Pasha gave Leopold Perlmutter, a German Jewish businessman and a personal acquaintance, an official statement on behalf of the Ottoman government. Formulated during a month-long negotiation with a 16-member Jewish delegation, headed by Perlmutter and comprising Zionists and non-Zionists from Germany, Austria and the Ottoman Empire,[3] the statement acknowledged the Jewish right to national and religious revival in Palestine. "I am happy to be able to tell you that my negotiations with delegates of several Jewish organizations some time ago have led to a real result," Talaat wrote. The statement continued:

The Council of Ministers has just decided, following my statements to the Jewish delegation, to lift all restrictive measures on Jewish immigration and settlement in PalestineStrict orders have been given to the relevant authorities to ensure a benevolent treatment of the Jewish nation in Palestine based on complete equality with the other elements of the population.

Regarding my invitation to several Jewish organizations, I declare once again, as I already did to the Jewish delegation, my sympathies for the establishment of a religious and national Jewish center in Palestine by well-organized immigration and settlement, for I am convinced of the importance and benefits of the settlement of Jews in Palestine for the Ottoman Empire. I am willing to put this work under the high protection of the Ottoman Empire, and to promote it by all means that are compatible with the sovereign rights of the Ottoman Empire and do not affect the rights of the non-Jewish population. It is my solid conviction that the special commission, which will be appointed to lay out a detailed project for this work, shall shortly complete its work. I will be happy to see the delegation here again thereafter to continue the conversations.[4]
In 1919...
Emir Faisal, King of Syria and Iraq, made a formal written agreement with Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann, which was drafted by T.E. Lawrence, whereby they would try to establish a peaceful relationship between Arabs and Jews in Palestine.[173] The 3 January 1919 Faisal–Weizmann Agreement was a short-lived agreement for Arab–Jewish cooperation on the development of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.[w] Faisal did treat Palestine differently in his presentation to the Peace Conference on 6 February 1919 saying "Palestine, for its universal character, [should be] left on one side for the mutual consideration of all parties concerned".[175][176] The agreement was never implemented.[x] In a subsequent letter written in English by Lawrence for Faisal's signature, he explained:

"We feel that the Arabs and Jes are cousins in race, suffering similar opperssion at the hands of powers stronger than themselves, and by a happy coincidence have been able to take the first step toward the attainment of their national ideals together. We Arabs, especially the educated among us, look with deepest sympathy on the Zionist movement... We will do our best, in so far as we are concerned, to help them through; we will wish the Jews a most hearty welcome home." [173]
While following up on this information I found the following statement within the Palin Report relating to the very idea of Jews settling in Palestine. It's the product of a formal review of the Jewish, Palestinian situation "after the fact" that addresses the formation of a Jewish state...

"President Wilson brushed away all doubts as to what was intended from his point of view when, in March 1919, he said to the Jewish leaders in America, "I am moreover persuaded that the allied nations, with the fullest concurrence of our own Government and people are agreed that in Palestine shall be laid the foundations of a Jewish Commonwealth." The late President Roosevelt declared that one of the Allies peace conditions should be [p10] that "Palestine must be made a Jewish State." Mr. Winston Churchill has spoken of a "Jewish State" and Mr. Bonar Law has talked in Parliament of "restoring Palestine to the Jews".

The angst, accusations and the indecisions continued on a global scale...

"It is said that the effect of the Balfour Declaration was to leave the Moslems and Christians dumbfounded... It is impossible to minimise the bitterness of the awakening. They considered that they were to be handed over to an oppression which they hated far more than the Turk's and were aghast at the thought of this domination... Prominent people openly talk of betrayal and that England has sold the country and received the price... Towards the Administration [the Zionists] adopted the attitude of "We want the Jewish State and we won't wait", and they did not hesitate to avail themselves of every means open to them in this country and abroad to force the hand of an Administration bound to respect the "Status Quo" and to commit it, and thereby future Administrations, to a policy not contemplated in the Balfour Declaration... What more natural than that [the Moslems and Christians] should fail to realise the immense difficulties the Administration was and is labouring under and come to the conclusion that the openly published demands of the Jews were to be granted and the guarantees in the Declaration were to become but a dead letter?" August 1920

Later, at another meeting in 1929-1930 Emir Faisal "finds it exceedingly strange that such a matter is attributed to him as he, at no time would consider allowing any foreign nation to share in an Arab country"

Unfortunately over time greed, hatred, anger, intolerance directed towards the Jewish community throughout the globe prevailed over practicality, acceptance, and decency. Today we have the continued shared angst and contempt that the cult of islam has directed and continues to direct against our Jewish friends and us, the Christians and other faiths of the world, or so it seems

It is obvious, from what I've read and witnessed that there was a time when someone from the muslim community was close to being tolerant of our Jewish friends. But historically it appears they've digressed, and became blatantly intolerant of others decades ago. They also appear to be content with their intolerance.

There's more interesting information to be found on Wikipedia , in Jewish records and elsewhere regarding the Balfour Declaration, the alleged forgeries and tampering that occurred.

In short, the Ottomans, the Arabs denied the authenticity of the agreement and pushed for removal of their jewish neighbors from Palestine but global powers at the time ensured the Jewish communities in the Middle East stayed in place, in their homeland, Palestine.


Revelation and the Middle East

Maybe it's timely that I read John's "Revelation" again last night.

Something piqued my curiosity yesterday and my memory was a bit blurred so I thought I'd just give the text another good read. It's been decades, many decades since I last read it. I'm not one to go to public masses nor am I active in any church but I am a Christian and was baptized by the Catholic church when I was a wee lad. I learned over the years that every "church", every "denomination" has their self serving quirks hence, I took the solo route and opted to be my own maverick preacher to myself, no one else. I've been getting along just fine since I made that decision.

But I digress, that was a long winded way of getting to where I was going with the opening statement of this post. I read John's "Revelation" again last night and realized it's alarmingly prophetic, again. At least in my opinion. I don't mean "prophetic" to the point that John saw and wrote what Revelation would entail but, more about what John witnessed and subsequently wrote about when he documented the Revelation. Albeit, that would bring some argument from many folks, most folks who believe otherwise.

So, in essence I'm suggesting there's some serious parallels to then and now and there's certainly some familiarity to John's documentation.

It's been suggested that Revelation just might be near or even here (again?) but I won't argue it. I don't normally discuss religion so I'll let it be. I just thought I'd share my thoughts for what they're worth and get this particular thought cleared from my mind for the time being. 

Yep, I strayed from my normal politically inclined rants to throw this out there. I guess I can attribute it to "the season". 



The Love's Dimming Amongst The Arabs

Abbas, the PLA, the Palestinians ain't feeling the love of their neighbors, their one time allies.

It seems the Palestinians are poised to bite the hand(s) that feeds them. At least Saudi Arabia's hand. The Saudis (and other mid-east nations) have been propping up the Palestinians for, well as long as I can remember and now the Palestinians are turning against their own, demanding more support, more acceptance and recognition than the Saudis (at least ) are willing to give.

So in response to Saudi Arabia's the Palestinians, via Mahmoud Abbas are demanding yet more support from Saudi Arabia and their other "allies" in Palestine's struggles to rid the region, perhaps the globe of one of our staunchest allies, Israel and the Jewish communities throughout the globe.

Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and most likely several other Arab nations have grown tired of those Palestinian folks and their lust for endless war.

But the Palestinians are thick skulled. It's going to take more effort, time and unfortunately more carnage for peace to take hold in that region, if it ever will.



Wednesday, November 29, 2017

More "News" I Overlooked.

I just found these gems in my emails as I was culling through them. Special thanks to the fellow who sent them to me...

Let's start with this one from Liberty Planet. It's all about Sex and The Clintons: A History Of Scandals. Check out the part where obama arranged for his daughter Malia to intern with Harvey Weinstein... (wink-wink).

Then we can go to this one about our guns, our second amendment rights and how we apply them. It comes from Tribunist.com. Americans bought enough firearms on Black Friday to arm the Marine Corps- Again! Ya' gotta love it!

And this one from The Daily Wire. It appears the liberals, the democrats forgot to mention a couple of sex scandals of their own. Twenty four to be exact. Oh, and still counting. But let's not stop here, there's still more. It's Ontario's latest in it's never ending desire to ensure everyone gets a trophy.

Oh, and reference our American embassy in Tel Aviv? According to World Israel News it's not "if" the embassy will be moved it's all about "when and how" it will be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

But there's still more, much more...

Like the latest ICBM missile launch by North Korea. Our POTUS Donald J. Trump isn't fretting over it. According to the folks at Newser he's promised that it will be taken care of in due time. Now, living in the Pacific Northwest and all, I'm not real comfortable with all of these things going on but hey, what can I do? I could try to shoot it out of the sky with my .45. It would keep me busy until impact at least.

And this one (again) that suggests there's one heckuva lot of dirt on those clintons and hillary clinton isn't all that well liked by her "protection detail" folks. Wasn't then, isn't now. I just couldn't resist posting it again. I really do like Dan Bongino... I have since I saw him on one of those mainstream media news stations back in the day. He's matter of fact, experienced and obviously knowledgeable and skilled in his field and he has a helluva delivery. Yeah, I couldn't pass up posting this one again.

Life is getting better...



History. Is It Trying To Repeat Itself?

I would like to suggest that "history" is a living, breathing, existing entity but it's evident that it's not. It's simply a collection of memories, of lessons learned, lessons failed, lessons forgotten from our past. Among other things of course.

I can't help but think we haven't learned from our past mistakes. At least not all of us, collectively. I'm pretty sure I haven't and I personally know there's others who haven't learned or who have otherwise failed to accept what we've learned. Many of us have opted to "move on" with what we have going at the time. We all know tomorrow's history is today's existence, or at least we should know that. It's simple logic. One person, individually, each with our own personal contribution to ourselves, our families, our culture, civilization, our future... to history, we're the creators of our history. We are all part of the overall cause and effect of then and now. 

If we haven't learned from those mistakes we've made then we seem to allow, or at least tacitly condone that which should have been vanquished decades ago.

So, why would the Muslims wish to destroy the Jews and us, the non-muslims, the rest of us who are not nor will we ever be muslims? Why would these muslims, this cult of islam demand the destruction and death to all things, all people who are not islamic, not muslim.

It's beyond the pale to me.  I just thought I'd share this.

A special thanks to my friend Dan for forwarding this to me. Dammit Dan, you got my old brain cooking again.

I don't understand the "logic". What could ever be positively gained by accomplishing the extermination of another race, another culture?

It's all absurd!


A Week Or More Of Some Interesting Stuff...

I was culling out my last couple of weeks of emails this morning and thought I'd toss up some of the stuff I've already read and moved past. It's a lot of information that's good to know but quite frankly I don't have the time to comment on it so I thought I'd just provide some links to the information and you can take it from there.

Just in case anyone out there in cyberland wants to read this stuff here it is...

Old news I know but it's still about that Clinton Cartel and specifically about the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton.

- Let's not forget hijab Barbie...
- Or how about our POTUS Donald J. Trump getting sued by obama and his ilk!
- And what about Starbucks war on Christmas via their "Gay Agenda"?!
- Our government's offer to sell to us citizens our military's stored M1911 pistols.
- And how about that RACIST ANTI-WHITE Pediatric Nurse who wants to throw our white babies to the wolves... yes, wolves... literally.
- Let's not forget Portland, Oregon's liberal utopia... where the shat does hit the fan. LOL.
- And more on the outbreak of liberalism in America...
- Oh, and let's not forget the unforgettable and unforgiveable Weinstein mess... you know, that bit about sex trafficking and all associated with it. Oh, and that crotchety, old, perverted Conyers fool too.
- The Chinese General who killed himself to avoid a possible court martial.
- France's submission to islam, terrorism.
- Israel's continued diplomacy with African Nations.
- A heckuva lot of STOP AMNESTY and illegal immigration information.
- Wikipedia's necessary and low profile "Donor Drive" so they can keep their fantastic site going as well as it is without popup ads, etc. I don't know about you folks but I give to them every year. Not much but every little bit helps.
- The Patriot Depot site where you can get hoodies, hats, books.... whatever to make your statement be heard.
- The Palestinians claiming that if they're not given everything they want then we cannot be trusted. Yeah, I read it right. It's their response (read rejection) to our POTUS Donald J. Trump's peace plan for them.
-The Boston Islamic Society (BIS), an alleged (wink-wink) terrorist support group if not a terrorist organization that's mentoring "students" in unusual ways to do what's most likely unusual things. To put it delicately.
- Many, many great, informational pieces from the Middle East Forum.
- The rhetoric regarding the possibility of Hillary Clinton running for POTUS again. Personally, I hope she does. From prison. Either way it would be a wonderful show! I'd pay to see her lose again.
- Draining that swamp, including Europe's swamps!
- Why does ISIS kill muslims?
- More on France's submission to islam, terrorism, anti-semitism.
- A myriad of Yahoo Daily liberally driven  rhetoric, propaganda... it actually is sent to me daily, hence Yahoo Daily.
- Matt Lauer gets fired from NBC and nobody really cares. Guess why he was fired. Yup... you got it.
- A surge in migrant attacks against German Police. It's the beginning of an end? Maybe?
- CNN and Islam's love/hate relationship. A match made in hell. But then again, we don't call it the Clinton News Network for nothing.

That just cleared my email "inbox" for the past couple of days. I have some others I'm keeping handy for a post or two later in the week depending on how the situation(s) develop. I do want to thank those personal friends who have sent me some links too. I've been using them and will use some more soon on these pages. Unfortunately my past couple of days have been tied up in "other stuff" that's distracted me from this blog.

Hopefully that's all past me now. At least for my sake, this is one of my relief tools... this little blog of mine. So, for the three of you that read it THANKS!

Much thanks to The Conservative Tribune, The Gatestone Institute, American Action News, Newshub, FOX News, Newser, United With Israel, NumbersUSA, Wikipedia, Patriot Depot, the Islamist Watch Blog, Middle East Forum, Yahoo and a bunch more I can't remember the links to right now. Also those folks in the left column of this blog. I go there from time to time and borrow their stuff as well. They're all good reads. You might not agree with all of what they write but they're still good reads.



ESPN Lays Off Even More!!!

Remember ESPN? That half sports, half politically inclined (leftist) television/cable network?

Well they're experiencing some "dying" pains. It seems those folks who used to pay attention to them are ignoring their leftist network broadcasts and sources of liberal news in droves and there isn't any end in sight.

Sooo, this month's response? Give some of the worker bees their final checks and eliminate them from the network. I mean, after all there are bills to pay and ESPN isn't keep up with the bills, let alone their competitors.

How about we take a knee for that soon to be defunct ESPN and pray to the good Lord that the network is finally going away. That greed is finally being recognized and vanquished in the celebrity industry for what it is, self serving, out of control greed. Slowly, ESPN's finally fading into obscurity. ESPN hit their "on air" folks with ESPN's initial purge during the first wave of horrible ratings, now they're going after the worker bees, those who don't have anything to fall back on for work, those who do the heavy lifting, the building, the moving, the videoing of the pampered network "celebrities" and their staff. This time around ESPN's decided to dump on their blue collar folks who will be impacting an increasing market of out of work blue collar, sports related workers.

I'm beginning to think that kaepernick dude did us a favor. He opened our eyes and showed us just how demanding, how materialistic, how deceptive and conceited the liberal press can be. They played into his hands on a global scale. The press followed their money, not their at one time loyal viewers and now the press, the mainstream media are losing millions of dollars as a result of their selfish, self serving ways.

'bout time.

Thanks Kap... I'm pretty sure, given your self loving personality that you didn't intend to make it happen this way but I thank you for opening our eyes. Folks who refuse to employ you are right. You do suck and you don't deserve a job in the NFL. But thanks for creating all of this angst. You've now brought the whole pampered athlete, NFL, ESPN bullshat to the forefront and it isn't going away anytime soon.



Monday, November 27, 2017

Roy Moore And His Vietnam Brothel Visit...

It most likely didn't go the way you might have thought it went.

Roy Moore's one and only, very short lived visit to a brothel while he was in Vietnam in the early 70's didn't go as it was intended to go by his guide. Here's an account of that "brothel" visit that's provided by a former Army officer, Bill Staehle who met Moore when Staehle arrived in Vietnam. He's one of the two Army officers who went with Moore to the brothel, the third officer being their volunteer "guide" for the evening. Their guide decided the other two officers needed to get "off base" and go into the city where things were more lively so he led them into the belly of the beast. Moore and Staehle thought they were going to a more active, off base "drinking spot" but were wrong. The third officer, their "guide" for the evening evidently had a "low morality tour" planned for them but failed to reveal the details of the tour he was providing to the other two until after they arrived at their destination, a brothel. The bottom line, it wasn't Moore's and Staehle's idea to go to a brothel but that's where the other seasoned soldier took them. According to Staehle it definitely wasn't what Moore was used to nor was it where he wanted to be. Moore and Staehle... well, let's just say they both had a bit more character, integrity, self-control, honor than the other guy did. They left the brothel immediately after they realized they were in one. In fact that character, integrity, self-control, honor... well, it appears Roy Moore has all of that and a bit more!

Tell me again the accusations against Roy Moore aren't politico hit pieces on him by the left. Fabricated, bought and paid for, manipulated evidence to provide some semblance of credence to the left's fantastic claims?! I mean, the left's allegations... Allred's allegations, hell they're unraveling before our very eyes. Witnesses accounting of alleged incidents being discredited within hours of their "revelations" hitting the mainstream media's hit lines? Alleged and somewhat evident  tampering of evidence by Gloria Allred? And the list goes on!

Yeah, that left. They're certainly worthy of our trust... NOT!!



Sunday, November 26, 2017

POTUS Trump calls out "coverup" funds.

Did you know that at least the Congress (both houses... senators and representatives) have a slush fund to pay off folks who claim to have been "discriminated against or sexually harassed" (among other things) by our elected politicos?! I'd venture to say it's in place for ALL politicos. Elected, appointed or otherwise "serving".

Did you know our taxpayer dollars pay into this "hush money" account on behalf of our errant and outrageous elected wayward "public servants" fund?

"the House of Representatives had paid out $15 million in the two decades between 1997 and 2016"


Our taxpayer money is being used to pay off complainants in lieu of them bringing their allegations against our politicos out into the open. In essence we're paying funds for our elected folks illegal and/or inappropriate behavior and the handlers of those funds were keeping that fact hidden from the public...

...until our POTUS Donald J. Trump called them out on it.

DRAIN THAT SWAMP! INVOKE TERM LIMITS, twelve years maximum service!



California, Curb Your Dog Please!

California's Maxine Waters is on another rant again. She must've got some bad, rot-gut wine or crack somewhere but she's on another rant. I'm not all that sure where she thinks she's going with this particular rant but she's certainly targeted our POTUS Donald J. Trump again. And like the junkyard dog she is she just won't let go of the whole theme until she makes a complete idiot out of herself AND her handlers.

Which she will do... in short order.

So, California... please curb your dog. She's embarrassing and well, ugly and old and seemingly mentally feeble. She's proven herself to be the failed politico she is.




Saturday, November 25, 2017

Clintons, Democrats, RINOs and Sexual Perversions...

They're all the same!

They'll abuse folks, demonize those who speak out against them, ruin the lives of those they victimize and scheme to scam all of us into believing their accusers are "in it for the money" or "in it for notoriety". Yeah, right. Even that POSPOTUS obama's adminstrators are coming out of their closets and providing their two cents worth, and it ain't anything positive re: those clinton folks, fellow democrats and their RINO toys.

I'm beginning to believe the water level in this swamp is lowering and exposing the debris stuck in the scum and mud on the bottom.

First, that hillary clinton thing. She's turned her head the other way when it comes to bill clinton's sexual misconduct so much that she has no idea which way is forward these days. She's so used to looking elsewhere to avoid her tragic reality. The life she chose for herself. She can't find the trail out of her and bill's demented world that they live in and it's her own fault. But let her reap what she and bill sowed.

But let's not stop there. Wander over and check out all of the other folks, liberal "artisans", producers, directors, "actors", athletes, preachers, priests, imams, moolahs, etc. They're all being exposed. They're being exposed by their victims, by the rest of us and there's nowhere for their sorry, depraved souls to hide.

So they lie and continue to lie. Like that old saying, that old errant piece of "advice"... "even if you're caught on top, LIE".

Let them all rot in hell.


Thanks to Dean James from America's Freedom Fighters for the linked article.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Huge Organized Crime Bust In Michigan!

The good Americans in Michigan, one of Islam's preferred caliphates here in our country are realizing first hand the wonders of islam. And it ain't working out so well for them. Instead of reaping the rewards that their new muslim "citizens" claimed they'd be bringing to Michigan they're crying the blues.

You see, in Michigan these muslims, they can't seem to help themselves. They can't seem to shake their islamic ways. When it comes to taking advantage of society, of charitable programs established by good Americans to help those in GENUINE need well, Michigan's muslim population, they're right at the top of the list for ripping those charitable programs off!

And Michigan's just a start for those folks.

It's already been pretty well corroborated that the muslims are the leeches of social programs for the needy EVERYWHERE. They're the blood sucking, alpha worms when it comes to scamming "free stuff" and scamming good, charitable programs of their services, those program's funds and services until those programs are bled dry and subsequently fail, wholly depleted.

It truly seems that islam is and has always been the parasite that feeds off of the world's charitable hosts.


Thanks for forwarding this Dan.


Monday, November 20, 2017

The Spin Doctors Are At Work RE: Uranium One

It looks like the spin doctors are rushing to the side of the clinton cartel and the democrat elite again. I knew it wouldn't take long for them to try to trash Florida Businessman and former FBI Informant William Douglas Campbell relating to the information he collected that detailed "suitcases of cash" relating to the Uranium One investigation.

It's odd how he's so unreliable that the Obama regime found it necessary to put a "gag order" on him and threaten him with a lengthy prison sentence if he came forward with the information. Obama's no longer the POTUS (never really was) so now that "gag order" put into effect by Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch via a "Non-Disclosure Agree" that threatened him with imprisonment if he testified has been lifted and will not be honored by POTUS Donald J Trump's administration.

At least, for now.

Yeah, with over a hundred million United States Dollars allegedly going to the clinton foundation from that little "transaction", the sale of our uranium to Russia (which, by the way was illegal until the Clintons and Obama got involved) while hillary clinton was serving as a New York senator and later as Secretary of State, with that sale our government basically compromised our national security. Why? For some quick, serious bucks for our politicos and the allegedly corrupt clinton foundation.

Let's drain the swamp and prosecute those who should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!



When satan Calls...

Evil comes in all shapes and sizes but Charles Manson is the epitome of evil.

Charles Manson is dead. Satan's called him to his side where Manson will rot in hell as he should have decades ago. Here's hoping he's soon followed by those who assisted him in his slaughter of innocents.

A very rare shout out to Jerry Brown, California's governor. Great job for denying paroles for these murderers. Thank you for that Governor Brown.

Rot in hell Manson.


Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Clintons, Suitcases Full of Cash and the Russkies!

Folks can say what they want about the Clintons and their (alleged, wink-wink) illegal activities but they're very good at what they do in that arena. Or so I used to think.

They just might have let their greed get the best of them this time.

Remember that little "Uranium One" situation they seem to have got themselves into. Yeah, you know the one where they allegedly (wink-wink) made big bucks on the sale of our uranium to Russia via an alleged shell corporation?

Well, it seems a fellow named William D. Campbell, a past lobbyist for a "Russian firm" and a self admitted undercover operative for the Justice Department has somehow obtained and retained videos and other information detailing "briefcases full of cash" that were allgedly intended to be transferred between Russia to the Clintons.

Like all good undercover operatives Campbell's ready to close the deal on this particular investigation. He's all set to step up and testify to the information he obtained while working as an undercover operative.

“(H)e gathered so much information, there are videotapes where the Russians are opening up briefcases full of cash — these are the people that we then gave uranium to, that we then gave nuclear fuel contracts to,”

"Those briefcases of cash may have been part of a larger money laundering and payoff scheme designed to put cash in the pockets of the Clintons and other officials in return for political favors to Russian firms."

I can't seem to help thinking there might be something going on here that's not all that kosher. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Here's hoping none of the witnesses commit suicide in the next several months while this investigation runs its course.

In the past it seems to me that those who were set to testify against or otherwise crossed the Clintons in the past seem to have met with tragedy in one form or another. Just sayin'

Be careful out there folks.


Body Cams on Cops? A good idea?

I would have loved wearing a body cam back in the days when I worked the street! It would have mediated some angst I had with the administration. Especially when the bad guys declared I or one of my fellow deputies I was working with "abused" the bad guy and/or deprived them of their rights. But then again, that was back in the day when most folks who went to jail knew what they were doing would lead them to at least a night in jail, knew they were going to jail and fessed up to the fact that they deserved to go to jail. Back then most of those folks accepted their fate. For the most part they knew the rules and respected the rules well enough to know that if they violated those rules they were going to go to jail. Fights, they happened. Sometimes they evolved to "difficult arrests", "face plants", "leg sweeps", mace/pepper spray, nightsticks, hair holds, or worse... and if those tactics were used they were only employed when necessary. I've never had any of those folks file a lawsuit against me or any of my compadres for that matter, though I have had them threaten to sue me until they sobered up or otherwise realized their lawsuit wouldn't stand a snowball's chance in hell in court.

It's funny how this whole "body cam" thing that these folks wished for and got is backfiring in their faces . They've finally realized these body cams are providing very good evidence against them and they were instrumental in insisting that this very productive and accurate law enforcement tool was provided to the law enforcement community. I personally thank them for their contribution to ensure our law enforcement community is equipped with and trained in the use of equipment that will provide accurate, honest, timely and professionally collected law enforcement information that, in the past was rarely collected.We, the taxpayers are providing the video/audio recording equipment, the training associated with it, good, trained, experienced police officers and their protective gear to use and effectively apply it and now the good evidence that leads to acquittal or conviction to our law enforcement so we can ensure all of our constitutional rights are being fully represented, respected and protected.

If you ask me the use of these cams provide us, the taxpayers a great return on our investment!

It's a wonderful idea. Keep the cameras. Insist the officers review the footage and audio recordings of their respective "incidents" that were recorded and insist those officers use that information in any of their reports to provide a more accurate depiction of the event(s) that prompted their response and subsequently occurred during the officers response, including any arrest(s) made.

The lawyers and social activists like black lives matter, etc. want these body cams to ensure proper policing and public safety. As a citizen, I thank them for that. Many law enforcement officers wear them today as a result and as a former cop I wish I had the opportunity to wear one throughout my career as well. Let's continue to use these body cams to ensure the arrests made are necessary and proper arrests and the accuracy of the reporting process is enhanced, at least.

Let's err in favor of more accurate reporting and more effective law enforcement.


Friday, November 17, 2017

'Bout Gun Control... An Old Blog Friend Of Mine Once Said...

I had some idle time here tonight so I decided to go back a-ways on my blog and look at some of the old posts, comments and links I've been a part of over the years. One in particular really caught my attention though it's well over ten years old. 

It came from the old Western Wisdom (Semper Vigilans) blog (if anyone remembers them Patrick and Joseph). They always had a great story to tell and shared some rather unique views on things. Oddly, a review of most of the stuff they posted then and what's occurring now is uncanny in some ways. 

Regardless, I borrowed the following information verbatim from Patrick's September 25, 2007 post. Here it is... a reflection of a reflection...



Gun Control

I have a message for all you liberals that may be reading this. LAY OFF GUN CONTROL! We don't need more gun control laws. We need to enforce the ones we already have. I am tired of hearing the whining and crying about how we need to make more gun control laws. NO WE DON'T! We can see what you are trying to do. You are trying to outlaw gun ownership. When this happens, let me show you what will happen. Firearm and severe crimes will increase. Think about it; when a criminal knows that people can no longer protect themselves properly they will have nothing to fear from law abiding citizens. Therefore, crime increases. We have nothing to fear from law-abiding gun owners. Instead of picking on law abiding gun owners lets focus on those who DO NOT abide by the law. Lets punish gun toting criminals with HARSHER PUNISHMENTS. They get their guns illegally anyway, so what makes you think that if you get rid of firearms they won't be able to get theirs either? There are so many guns on the black market it scares me. I will protect my family, so I WILL NOT GET RID OF MINE! I have been raised around firearms my whole life. NOT ONCE have I used a firearm illegally. NOR do I intend to. But if one breaks into my home in the middle of the night, they will learn the true meaning of gun control. I know I speak for millions of people when I say that. I borrowed the following from Andrew Wilkows Myspace page and I believe that we need to get the word out. Also if you have Sirius Satellite Radio Check out Andrew Wilkows show on 144 starting @ 11:00 a.m. CDT. 

25 Point Firearms Refresher

1. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.

2. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.

3. Colt: The original point and click interface.

4. Gun control is not about guns; it's about control.

5. If guns are outlawed, can we use swords?

6. If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words.

7. Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.

8. If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

9. Those who trade liberty for security have neither.

10. The United States Constitution (c)1791. All Rights Reserved.

11. What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand?

12. The Second Amendment is in place in case the politicians ignore the others.

13. 64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday.

14. Guns only have two enemies; rust and politicians.

15. Know guns, know peace, know safety. No guns, no peace, no safety.

16. You don't shoot to kill; you shoot to stay alive.

17. 911: Government sponsored Dial-a-Prayer.

18. Assault is a behavior, not a device.

19. Criminals love gun control; it makes their jobs safer.

20. If guns cause crime, then matches cause arson.

21. Only a government that is afraid of its citizens tries to control them.

22. You have only the rights you are willing to fight for.

23. Enforce the gun control laws we ALREADY have; don't make more.

24. When you remove the people's right to bear arms, you create slaves.

25. The American Revolution would never have happened with gun control. 

Andrew tells it like it is and I appreciate all he and people like him do for our country.

Good ol' boy Franken

 Isn't he a gem?! He's been running around for decades decrying the immoral, corrupt police, he was elected on a "throw them out" platform demanding that the corruption and pandering cease and desist in Washington D.C. and anywhere else his fellow politicos wander.

He's called for the heads of a lot of his fellow politicos and is currently demanding a political lynching for Moore.

Now, it seems he's the center of attention himself. You know, one of those "aw shat" center of attention moments. I can't help but find it hilarious. I don't know Franken, don't care about Franken, don't respect Franken and would never vote for him but this latest "gaff" of his?! It's a classic example of fantastic poetic justice.

And his fellow demoncrats and other politicos. You know them. The ones who have been screaming for Moore's head on a platter, for the Republicans to be held accountable for "womanizing", "groping", "demeaning", "sexually abusing" female and male citizens while "serving" us, their constituents.

 You have to truly appreciate the level of Democrat morality and their sincerity in ferreting out the truth when they or one of their own are exposed. They'll toss their "morality" aside, compromise it in very short order to secure a party seat anywhere in government. But then again I'm pretty sure the Republicans would do the same.

Yeah, those same democrats who damn and try so very hard to demonize anyone else, any Republican or independent who might be a challenge to them, their party are "all in" for us, their constituents so much that they're willing to overlook, forgo sexual harassment in their ranks. After all, they ARE the Democrats.

Yeah, right. Those democrats... it's so entertaining to see them squirm when the whole situation is turned back on them.

It's going full circle on them and as absurd and as decadent as it all is their reactions are wholly beyond the pale. Now they're worried about losing a seat. They're no longer worried about the "poor, helpless victims". They're no longer worried about the sexual predators who just happen to be running this country from both sides of the aisle.

Nope! It's nothing more than politics. They're worried about losing a seat to the "other party".

Move along folks, nothing to see here.


BLM's Twitter Trump Poll Went Bad...

For them! LOL

On November 15, 2017 BLM slapped a poll onto Twitter asking users to rate our POTUS Donald J. Trump's performance to date. Within a very short period of time the Black Lives Matters (BLM) minions felt the need to pull it from the feed.

Why? Well, because it most definitely wasn't going the way they were hoping it would... it wasn't going their way FAST so it was pulled FAST. Unfortunately for them but fortunately for the rest of us a screen grab was made of the poll before BLM could remove it from the feed.

Here's that screen grab! Read the article in the link as well. It's pretty darned interesting and revealing. BLM seems to take their lead from the mainstream media... or maybe it's vice-versa. Manipulate the facts if they can, if they can't manipulate them then they're going to pull the facts from public view.

The screen grab showed 67% of those polling were in favor of our POTUS Donald J. Trump, 28% opposed him and 5% didn't know who he was or were just having fun in the screen shot. It's reported the figures in favor went  up from there before the black lives matters crowd pulled the poll.

How chicken shat is that?!


Liberal University of Memphis Professor Called Out For Tweet!

I get it now! This having to account for your trash talking, politico bashing, hate stirring bull shat only works one way.

The liberals, those who have run us into the ground and divided our country over the past eight years are holding themselves superior to those of us on the right, those of us who believe in our freedom, or rights.

This nurse/professor JUDY COLE, UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS tweets that no one would miss Sarah Huckabee Sanders if Sarah froze to death and the idiot Cole expects no backlash?! Now that takes some balls! Especially when Sarah's the daughter of Mike Huckabee.

Stupidity and prejudice prevails at the University of Memphis if they agree to let that idiot keep "teaching".


California's NAACP Wants Our National Anthem Replaced.

Yep, the California chapter of the NAACP wants to strike the Star Spangled Banner from being our national anthem. They tend to find the Star Spangled Banner, the very song written by Francis Scott Key and adopted as our national anthem. They want that song replaced with something else because Star Spangled Banner is too "racist" and demeaning to us.

The naacp circulated two resolutions that were subsequently passed at their naacp California state conference in October, 2016.This one regarding the removal of the Star Spangled Banner as our national anthem and the second resolution that seeks state support in recognizing kaeppernick, that failed, wannabe black privileged NFL quarterback.

“We owe a lot of it to Kaepernick,” California NAACP President Alice Huffman said. “I think all this controversy about the knee will go away once the song is removed.”

I don't care about that "take a knee" thing. I don't watch that particular "sport" nor will I take a knee for any racist or quest for entitlement causes.

I'm really having a problem with this whole california state thing these days. Here's hoping they resurrect that calexit idea.

Just sharing some more idiotic ideas from that liberal cesspool California with you. Why should I keep them to myself. Misery loves company!


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste!

Or so it seems with good ol' uncle Joe Biden, the potentially next democrat POTUS hopeful. He's not inclined to let gun control get out of his sites (play on word intended).

Yup, good ol' Joe, the idiot who suggests we simply wander onto our balcony and pop off a round or two through our twelve gauge pump the next time we have someone in our yard we don't want in our yard. Yeah. That Joe.

He's still screaming for gun control and suggests the hero who ended the killer rampage in the Texas church incident shouldn't have been allowed to have the gun he used to end the rampage in the first place. Biden suggests the hero was wrong for even possessing the "assault rifle".

Yeah, Biden and his liberal counterparts, they're not going to let their gun control effort of the left fail. In fact, I'm believing they're going to try a complete national gun ban within the next four or eight years.

I can only hope he gets the democrat nod in 2020. He sure is fun to watch. I can't imagine the fun I'll have when he and the democrats will be rejected by the voters again. Maybe then they'll get the hint and quit buying votes to try to strip us from our freedoms.

Either way, Uncle Joe's a funny act to watch in a pathetic sort of way.