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Sunday, November 05, 2017

"No More America First"

I have believed that John McCain hasn't appreciated nor liked our country for some time now. He's done all he could do to bring our country down to the level that the failed POSPOTUS Barrack hussein obummer had us at before obummer got the boot and McCain's stooping even lower now.

He's claiming we have no right to make America First again. He said as much in his rambling speech at the Annapolis, the U.S. Naval academy.

Why do people still call this politico a "patriot"? I used to respect the man. I used to respect him a lot until I started learning more about him. I'll admit, I was naïve at the time and opted to educate myself regarding McCain's "accomplishments" and "failures". I'm not impressed.

Though I supported McCain in the past I most certainly haven't over the past (at least) ten years and won't support him again. McCain's done more to deter our global footprint than most any of those politicos serving today. He sold us out to a continued, watered down version of obummercare, he's alienated himself from true conservatives, he's attempted to block and/or diminish the most recent efforts to protect our country, he's supported the left far more than he has those of us on the right and he's still claiming he's relevant?!

Have some dignity McCain and step down, retire. You're of no significance anymore. You've become one of the many political poster children for TERM LIMITS!


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