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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Last Week's Round Up. Ten Quick Links.

Every morning I wake up and read the news in my email news feed and every morning I cull out about 80 percent of it because it's garbage, riddled with advertisements and links to annoying side shows, liberal gibberish, or redundant and very dated. But there's some days where there's news or other information that just seems to beg for another chance for review. I keep those emails in my "inbox" so I can get to them later if I remember...

I've decided to post some of the past week's links I "didn't get to" but saved in my email so others might be able to read them if they want. I'll be honest here, if it's too time consuming and/or boring for me to post these links then I'll quit doing it but at least I'm going to give it a try today.

So, here goes... I DIDN'T GET TO:

1. Comey's subtle change of words changed the way the legal community regarded the mounting evidence of gross negligence against the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, hillary clinton's thousands of emails and messages saved on her partially damaged "servers". Thanks to American Action News.

2. Donna Brazile's "We Had Three Democratic Parties" discussion. She also identifies Obama as a leech. It's quite the discussion. Thanks to The Conservative Tribune for sharing it with us.

3. Here's yet another one from American Action News that includes a Latino Trump Supporter and High School Senior who takes on an ultra liberal "educator" and educates the biased educator. I'd say he did a great job!

4. How about those ACCOMPLISHMENTS of our POTUS Donald J. Trump's a scant one year after he won the election!? Mind you that's not one full year in office but one year after he won! Pretty dad-gummed good if you ask me. Even if you don't ask me it's pretty dad-gummed good!

5. POTUS Donald J. Trump dines with the MILITARY! He chose to have a sit down lunch with the military folks rather than a posh lunch with the mucky mucks. I'm sure this ain't going to sit well with the stuffed shirts back home.

6. In Germany, the University of Hamburg, one of Germany's most prestigious universities is getting a bit fed up with the muslim student population's "religious" practices. They've rewritten the University's codes to address the challenges they're facing re: their newly acquired and wholly accommodated muslim students. Me thinks these educators might be re-thinking their idiocy! But then, it's probably too late.

7. Another one of my favorite sources of on the spot news relating to Europe and, well... globally actually is the Gatestone Institute's articles that I didn't get to during this particular week. I provided a link to their site for your convenience. If you haven't read their work in the past you should give it a read. If you've read their work in the past then you'll know what I'm saying. Their works range from news related globally from Indonesia to California, to all of Europe and the rest of the globe! Wherever islam exists or wishes to exist! The information also includes government successes and failures globally, timely educational essays, statistical information and more! These articles are very well written, verified by fact, not always politically correct and are seriously informational. Read their articles once and you'll become addicted.

8. A video of Donna Brazile's discussion with Tucker Carlson of FOX News regarding her new book detailing her experiences encountered while chairing the Democrat Party. In particular the Clinton cartel and their enablers. Though it's a plug for her book it has some interesting information in the exchange between Carlson and Brazile.

9. A warning by the National Rifle Association regarding Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson's renewed attempt to resurrect and/or re-introduce legislation that will establish strict gun control in Washington State, effectively depriving us Washingtonians of our Second Amendment Rights. I posted an earlier piece regarding this but we still need to circulate this information so it will be soundly defeated in the state's legislature again!

10. A piece from The Daily Caller that discusses information relating to major American Corporation's funding of Islamic terror groups throughout nationally and throughout the world.

There, that's ten pieces that should get you going. I would've posted more but I ran out of time and quite frankly some of it's redundant IMHO.


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