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Sunday, November 05, 2017

Our Pacifist, Enabling "Christians", They're Sealing Their Fate

And in the process, selling the rest of us out.

The link below serves to document a month of islam's "tolerance" throughout the world. And it doesn't catch the whole picture. Not nearly the whole picture. It only describes what has been reported.

Islam, muslims are still on their global purge and Christians are still trying to co-exist with and accommodate them.

"By defending at all costs islam and seeking to exonerate it from the horrors committed every day in its name, one ends up betraying the truth"!

Islam, muslims, ISIS, daesh... it's a cult of hate no matter how you present it. Those Christians in the world who would think they could co-exist with muslims let alone simply be tolerated by them have another thing coming. You are betraying the rest of us and you'll learn your fate if you prevail.

It's been established globally that muslims comprise the ranks of ISIS, Al Qaeda, ISIL and the oh-so-many other spin-off "armies" of islam out there in our real world and they refuse to tolerate any Christian existence whatsoever.

Their sole collective goal is to ensure islam is the only religion that will exist once they complete their "purge" and they'll do whatever they think needs to be done to ensure islam prevails. They will never allow muslims to wholly "co-exist". Yet there's so many of you who believe there's room in their world for all of us. There isn't... unless we become one of them.

If you'll just take some time to read CURRENT and RECENT historical "events" relating to muslims treatment of those of us who aren't muslim then you'll at least have been forewarned. Hopefully, you'll be awakened to the threats of "radical islam" which the enabling muslims seem to turn a blind eye to.

"ISIS publicly caged and burned alive 19 Yazidi girls for refusing to have sex with ISIS fighters..."

CAGED AND BURNED! As in burned alive! Why? Because they're Christians and they refused to have sex with muslims. That's why they were sentenced to such a horrific death! But don't believe me, don't stop there. READ THE ARTICLE... click on the link above and READ THE ARTICLE!

A special "Thanks" to Raymond Ibrahim, a contributing author to the Gatestone Institute for bringing this information to us.

It's a sick world!


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