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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

History. Is It Trying To Repeat Itself?

I would like to suggest that "history" is a living, breathing, existing entity but it's evident that it's not. It's simply a collection of memories, of lessons learned, lessons failed, lessons forgotten from our past. Among other things of course.

I can't help but think we haven't learned from our past mistakes. At least not all of us, collectively. I'm pretty sure I haven't and I personally know there's others who haven't learned or who have otherwise failed to accept what we've learned. Many of us have opted to "move on" with what we have going at the time. We all know tomorrow's history is today's existence, or at least we should know that. It's simple logic. One person, individually, each with our own personal contribution to ourselves, our families, our culture, civilization, our future... to history, we're the creators of our history. We are all part of the overall cause and effect of then and now. 

If we haven't learned from those mistakes we've made then we seem to allow, or at least tacitly condone that which should have been vanquished decades ago.

So, why would the Muslims wish to destroy the Jews and us, the non-muslims, the rest of us who are not nor will we ever be muslims? Why would these muslims, this cult of islam demand the destruction and death to all things, all people who are not islamic, not muslim.

It's beyond the pale to me.  I just thought I'd share this.

A special thanks to my friend Dan for forwarding this to me. Dammit Dan, you got my old brain cooking again.

I don't understand the "logic". What could ever be positively gained by accomplishing the extermination of another race, another culture?

It's all absurd!


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