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Saturday, November 04, 2017


Of course! IMHO. I have no doubt obama at least had knowledge of the collusion between Russia and the Clinton cartel and the democrat party. And being the "professor of law" that he professes to be, given his self professed,  over the top awesome knowledge of our "justice system" I have no doubt that he knew about the dossier shenanigans AND allowed the monitoring, the manipulations, the acquisition of resources to continue on his watch.

But then that's me. I'm prejudiced in favor of truth, public safety, transparency where warranted and public service. I'm thinking this failed "professor of law", this failed "POTUS", this politico shill obama knew about the collusion and laughed about it all of the way out of the white house doors when he left, when he was given the proverbial "term limit" boot!

Thank the GOOD LORD for TERM LIMITS!!!

Now we need term limits for the rest of the politicos!

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Dan T. said...

There is no way that the "Secretary of State" could sell that much uranium without the go ahead of the POTUS. I just have to wonder how much money was transferred into Obama's hidden account. (Swiss or Caribbean, I dont know.)

I DO know the sombitch is guilty of smuggling firearms into Mexico along with Holder. He is also guilty of hiding evidence against Holder by illegally using "executive privilege to hide holder's emails that would incriminate himself and possibly Obama himself.

What the hell is Sessions and the DOJ doing? Playing with themselves? (Special prosecutor, NOW)