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Thursday, November 02, 2017

Al Gore's Climate Change Scam...

He's a bit off skew. Quite a bit actually but hey, he's making big money off of his scam and he's a failed politico so I guess it's fine with his fellow politicos and his minions for him to continue scamming those who will listen to him and his absurd theories. The bottom line? The REAL INCONVENIENT TRUTH?! The climate's changes are nothing new. They've happened before and they will happen again.

And here's the REAL kicker... climate change is caused by completely NATURAL and somewhat PREDICTABLE weather patterns and changes. It's NOT HUMAN CAUSED like Gore and his minions would have you believe.

There's at least 400 REAL scientists who believe there's nothing unusual about our climate. They claim that what we're experiencing is a change in climate, yes but it's not human caused. It's predictable and it's happened before and it's a NATURAL FUNCTION.

According to the results of their extensive, independent research of our climate Gore's scam is just that, a scam that a bunch of folks bought hook, line and sinker. It's been suggested (again) that the only climate changes that we can depend on and somewhat predict will continue to happen roughly four times a year... winter, spring, summer and fall.

But Al Gore? He'll have us believe otherwise. After all, he has bills to pay too and he is a liberal and he is a Democrat. Of course he's going to try to make millions off of lies, deception and fear.


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