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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste!

Or so it seems with good ol' uncle Joe Biden, the potentially next democrat POTUS hopeful. He's not inclined to let gun control get out of his sites (play on word intended).

Yup, good ol' Joe, the idiot who suggests we simply wander onto our balcony and pop off a round or two through our twelve gauge pump the next time we have someone in our yard we don't want in our yard. Yeah. That Joe.

He's still screaming for gun control and suggests the hero who ended the killer rampage in the Texas church incident shouldn't have been allowed to have the gun he used to end the rampage in the first place. Biden suggests the hero was wrong for even possessing the "assault rifle".

Yeah, Biden and his liberal counterparts, they're not going to let their gun control effort of the left fail. In fact, I'm believing they're going to try a complete national gun ban within the next four or eight years.

I can only hope he gets the democrat nod in 2020. He sure is fun to watch. I can't imagine the fun I'll have when he and the democrats will be rejected by the voters again. Maybe then they'll get the hint and quit buying votes to try to strip us from our freedoms.

Either way, Uncle Joe's a funny act to watch in a pathetic sort of way.


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