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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Diversity Visas, islam, obama, taqqiya and "domestic" terrorism...

Is there a connection between those "diversity visas", islam, Obama, taqiyya and domestic terrorism?

I'll go out on a limb here and say "Yes" I believe there is.

We've had two domestic attacks within the past two months, one as recently as yesterday, October 31, 2017. From what I've read, heard and watched each of those attacks resulted in multiple deaths. Regarding the most recent assault against our citizens the Uzbekistan attacker shouted "allahu Akbar" before he was corralled by our law enforcement. Unfortunately,  not before he killed at least eight innocent victims. ISIS took credit for the attack.

The other maggot? A United States Citizen named Stephen Paddock? He destroyed the lives of 58 people and injured at least 527 more! He took the coward's way out... or if  he was a muslim, the martyr's way out. ISIS took credit for the attack. His latest "girlfriend" before he destroyed himself was a Philippine national which in and of itself isn't all that suspicious but hey, there are problems with muslims down in that neck of the woods much like there's problems with muslims wherever they happen to be.

It's no secret there's problems with  muslims in the Phillipines, Myanmar, Uzebekistan, the Middle East,... heck, the world.... If you don't know about the problems then you need to get crackin' and bone up on the tragedies they're experiencing in the, our global problems with the cult of islam that we've been battling for decades, at least.

Again, I'm not trying to stir up "conspiracies" I'm simply pointing to some of those conspiracy theories that are already out there. Although conspiracies do happen I don't necessarily make that leap nor do I discount them. But, like that old saying goes... "where there's smoke there's usually a fire"... usually.

You be the judge.


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