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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Huge Organized Crime Bust In Michigan!

The good Americans in Michigan, one of Islam's preferred caliphates here in our country are realizing first hand the wonders of islam. And it ain't working out so well for them. Instead of reaping the rewards that their new muslim "citizens" claimed they'd be bringing to Michigan they're crying the blues.

You see, in Michigan these muslims, they can't seem to help themselves. They can't seem to shake their islamic ways. When it comes to taking advantage of society, of charitable programs established by good Americans to help those in GENUINE need well, Michigan's muslim population, they're right at the top of the list for ripping those charitable programs off!

And Michigan's just a start for those folks.

It's already been pretty well corroborated that the muslims are the leeches of social programs for the needy EVERYWHERE. They're the blood sucking, alpha worms when it comes to scamming "free stuff" and scamming good, charitable programs of their services, those program's funds and services until those programs are bled dry and subsequently fail, wholly depleted.

It truly seems that islam is and has always been the parasite that feeds off of the world's charitable hosts.


Thanks for forwarding this Dan.


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