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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A Week Or More Of Some Interesting Stuff...

I was culling out my last couple of weeks of emails this morning and thought I'd toss up some of the stuff I've already read and moved past. It's a lot of information that's good to know but quite frankly I don't have the time to comment on it so I thought I'd just provide some links to the information and you can take it from there.

Just in case anyone out there in cyberland wants to read this stuff here it is...

Old news I know but it's still about that Clinton Cartel and specifically about the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton.

- Let's not forget hijab Barbie...
- Or how about our POTUS Donald J. Trump getting sued by obama and his ilk!
- And what about Starbucks war on Christmas via their "Gay Agenda"?!
- Our government's offer to sell to us citizens our military's stored M1911 pistols.
- And how about that RACIST ANTI-WHITE Pediatric Nurse who wants to throw our white babies to the wolves... yes, wolves... literally.
- Let's not forget Portland, Oregon's liberal utopia... where the shat does hit the fan. LOL.
- And more on the outbreak of liberalism in America...
- Oh, and let's not forget the unforgettable and unforgiveable Weinstein mess... you know, that bit about sex trafficking and all associated with it. Oh, and that crotchety, old, perverted Conyers fool too.
- The Chinese General who killed himself to avoid a possible court martial.
- France's submission to islam, terrorism.
- Israel's continued diplomacy with African Nations.
- A heckuva lot of STOP AMNESTY and illegal immigration information.
- Wikipedia's necessary and low profile "Donor Drive" so they can keep their fantastic site going as well as it is without popup ads, etc. I don't know about you folks but I give to them every year. Not much but every little bit helps.
- The Patriot Depot site where you can get hoodies, hats, books.... whatever to make your statement be heard.
- The Palestinians claiming that if they're not given everything they want then we cannot be trusted. Yeah, I read it right. It's their response (read rejection) to our POTUS Donald J. Trump's peace plan for them.
-The Boston Islamic Society (BIS), an alleged (wink-wink) terrorist support group if not a terrorist organization that's mentoring "students" in unusual ways to do what's most likely unusual things. To put it delicately.
- Many, many great, informational pieces from the Middle East Forum.
- The rhetoric regarding the possibility of Hillary Clinton running for POTUS again. Personally, I hope she does. From prison. Either way it would be a wonderful show! I'd pay to see her lose again.
- Draining that swamp, including Europe's swamps!
- Why does ISIS kill muslims?
- More on France's submission to islam, terrorism, anti-semitism.
- A myriad of Yahoo Daily liberally driven  rhetoric, propaganda... it actually is sent to me daily, hence Yahoo Daily.
- Matt Lauer gets fired from NBC and nobody really cares. Guess why he was fired. Yup... you got it.
- A surge in migrant attacks against German Police. It's the beginning of an end? Maybe?
- CNN and Islam's love/hate relationship. A match made in hell. But then again, we don't call it the Clinton News Network for nothing.

That just cleared my email "inbox" for the past couple of days. I have some others I'm keeping handy for a post or two later in the week depending on how the situation(s) develop. I do want to thank those personal friends who have sent me some links too. I've been using them and will use some more soon on these pages. Unfortunately my past couple of days have been tied up in "other stuff" that's distracted me from this blog.

Hopefully that's all past me now. At least for my sake, this is one of my relief tools... this little blog of mine. So, for the three of you that read it THANKS!

Much thanks to The Conservative Tribune, The Gatestone Institute, American Action News, Newshub, FOX News, Newser, United With Israel, NumbersUSA, Wikipedia, Patriot Depot, the Islamist Watch Blog, Middle East Forum, Yahoo and a bunch more I can't remember the links to right now. Also those folks in the left column of this blog. I go there from time to time and borrow their stuff as well. They're all good reads. You might not agree with all of what they write but they're still good reads.



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