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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Allah- the anti-christ?

A great comment posted by MICHAEL CHAPMAN in response to a Michael Carl WND article about allah being God… hardly.

Anti Christ? Most likely…

”Allah was the name of the principal though not the only deity in pre-Islamic pagan Mecca. He stood supreme over and above all the other gods just as the Ka'ba was pre-eminent among the other sanctuaries - also called Ka'ba(s) - of Arabia.

He was Lord of Mecca.

In reality, Allah is NOT the God of Israel, but the PERSONAL NAME of the 'divine spirit' that according to the beliefs of the pagan Arabs, RESIDED in the Black Stone meteorite - embedded in the wall of the Ka'ba - that was VENERATED by the pagan Arabians long before Muhammad and his Quran.

The Allah of pagan Arabia was only the NAME (not a TITLE) of the supreme god at the head of their Pantheon of gods and goddesses similar to Jove/ Jupiter or Zeus in the pantheons of the gods of the Romans and the Greeks.

Just as Jove and Zeus were NOT the One and Only God of Israel,neither was Allah. ALLAH is NOT The GOD of ISRAEL. ALLAH is NOT GOD.

Allah is Muhammad's own ALTER EGO projected onto the persona and into the mouth of ALLAH, the supreme PAGAN DEITY of Arabia.

Hence, according to the Quran, the Arabised name of the God of Israel and the god of the Muhammadan Muslims was made one and the same: ALLAH

This was accomplished despite the fact that the God of Israel has NO NAME and most certainly NOT Allah.

In the Torah, God told Moses when he enquired about the Almighty's name, He replied-

Exodus 3: 14 "I am, who I am" which is YAHWEH, a term repeated in the Bible over 6800 times, but never ALLAH.

Actually, in the Arabic language, God is called al Ilah, similar to the Hebrew Elohim.

For the last 1400 years, the followers of Muhammad have succeeded in perpetrating one of the greatest falsehoods that was ever insinuated into the human consciousness, namely, that Allah was or is the God of Israel.”

That should clear things up a bit, eh?! This allah dude is not God!

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Religion of Peace My ASS!

The following link will take you to a very GRAPHIC image and article from Nigeria, 2012 that documents some of islum's latest "accomplishments" in their quest for global peace and tranquility.

I have no idea how anyone can argue islum as being a "religion", let alone the "religion of peace"!

Where's the mainstream media when this occurs? Where's ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, Reuters, Al Jazeera, UPI, AP, CURRENT,etc?! Where are they when things like this occurs?! Where are the cowards, the Main Stream Media COWARDS when it comes to reporting REAL FACTS! REAL information we all should be made aware of?!

Those were human beings in that photo. Men, women, children slaughtered by an evil cult! Slaughtered in the name of islum. islum is NOT a RELIGION by any stretch of the imagination!

Where's the outrage?!

Covering this Piece Of Shit President of the United States skeet shooting follies? Reporting on Hillary Clinton's overdue resignation?! Hagel's inept, totally out of focus with the real world responses to his Secretary of Defense screening?

Are they focusing on the stripping our second amendment rights?! John Kerry's appointment to Secretary of State?! The upcoming friggin' Super Bowl?!

YEAH! That's what the scum in the MSM are doing... focusing on what fits the political agenda handed down to them. SHAME ON THEM! Shame on the politicos who insist on serving their own interests, on lining their own pockets, securing their next terms in office.


Shame on us for being led by our noses to where they want to herd us!

Go back, read the article... LOOK AT THE PICTURE!!... AGAIN!! ...tell me what type of "religion" would do such a thing!

Their professed GOD allah... is NOT A GOD!

islam... islum is simply the epitome of EVIL! #