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Friday, June 29, 2007

In response to a recent email...

Let's not forget our immigrant "friends" from the south who seek our wealth and happiness.

Isn't this whole illegal immigration discussion primarily focused on those from Central and South America?

Let's be honest with ourselves. Isn't that what this whole discussion's about? I know we've had some attempts to "smuggle" in Chinese Nationals via shipping containers, etc. But they're normally discovered and sent back. What about those from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia? What about them. We're not seeing the huge, coordinated outcry from their advocates.

Who's the folks hanging their flag above ours? Who's the folks hanging our flag upside down under theirs? Who's the one's showing up at immigration protests waving the Mexican flag?

Are the Koreans, Chinese, Hungarians, Thai, Vietnamese protesting in our streets and demanding all rights be granted to them, regardless of their allegiance?

Nope, it's the Mexicans... The Mexicans and their Latin American cronies.

They're not willing to take the legal route like those before them did. They're not willing to become true citizens of this country. They just want the money, the land and whatever buildings might be left behind for them to keep. Oh yeah, and maybe a low rider or two.

They don't want us, they don't want our compassion.

They want what we have. Nothing more, nothing less.

If it makes you feel any better call me a racist.

I'm not but if it makes you feel any better call me one.

You truly are avoiding the truth when you start dishing out that "racist" label though. If you're crying racist because folks see what's happening around us and are bringing it to other peoples attention... if you're calling us racists because we're aware, we're observant, we're realizing there's a drive to force us out of our life, our possessions, our country then I suggest you pull your head out of the sand or learn to subject yourselves to their demands, if you haven't already.

Call me paranoid while you're at it too. That label might help as well.

I'm not but call me that if you feel compelled to hang a label on me. I'm not paranoid because I know where I'll be twenty years from today. I know how I'll respond to an infestation of illegals... especially when they're demanding all I have.

So, let's look back at the wonderful education the students at Montebello, California High School got this year. Let's look back at that education and learn from it ourselves.

Let's put an end to this madness and stop the flow of illegal immigrations now!

How about this for some great news!!!

This is coming from an article I read on Yahoo news yesterday. I was going to comment on it yesterday but got tied up at work. Go figure!

Here’s the info with some of my comments tossed in…

"Fla. sheriff targets illegals
By MELISSA NELSON, Associated Press Writer Wed Jun 27, 2:27 PM ET

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. - The sheriff's department has developed a remarkably effective — and controversial — way of catching illegal immigrants: Deputies in patrol cars pull up to a construction site in force, and watch and see who runs.

Those who take off are chased down and arrested on charges such as trespassing, for cutting through someone else's property, or loitering, for hiding out in someone's yard, or reckless driving, for speeding off in a car.U.S. immigration authorities are then given the names of those believed to be in this country illegally.

"It's not wrong for them to run, but it's not wrong for us to chase them either," said Sheriff Frank McKeithen, who created his Illegal Alien Task Force in April to target construction sites in this Florida Panhandle county."

I hate to break the news to some of you folks but this has been around for quite awhile. I’ve seen it used on lumber and cedar mills up here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s very effective and although “controversial” to illegal immigrant advocates (i.e. the ACLU, Catholic Church, Mexican American Legal Defense Fund, etc.) it’s been dubbed an effective, proper and legal tactic in this neck of the woods anyways.

”Immigrant advocates say the technique is repugnant, and the ACLU says its constitutionality is questionable.

Illegal immigrants are leaving town. And builders are worried the crackdown will deprive them of the labor they need to take part in a building boom in which Panama City's Beach cheap spring-break motels are being torn down and replaced with high-rise condos."

”Illegal immigrants are leaving town.” Isn’t that the overall goal of immigration reform? Convince those who are in this country ILLEGALLY to leave. Wouldn’t it make sense to get those who are going through the proper legalization process LEGALIZED ahead of the line-cutting, demanding, want it all now cockroaches who infested this fine country over the past couple of decades?

Why aren’t the ACLU, the Catholic Church, the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund and the other immigrant advocate groups out there defending those who are trying to get things done the RIGHT WAY? Why do these organizations insist upon protecting those who are here ILLEGALLY? Why defend the criminals over the righteous?

”The sheriff said the raids are justified under a long-standing Florida law prohibiting employers from knowingly hiring illegal immigrants.

His department has conducted dozens of these raids over the past three months, sometimes using five or six patrol cars, and has reported more than 500 people to immigration officials since November.”

Finally, someone with balls who will stand up and work WITH the INS. I heard yesterday that the 25 largest cities in the United States are sanctuary cities for ILLEGALS. Go figure! But if you or I were to cross the street outside of a crosswalk in any of those cities, if we were to inadvertently run a red light we’d be stopped, cited and our entire pedigree would be run through the computer. They’d certainly be identifying us, the LEGAL citizens.

”The Mexican American Legal Defense Fund is investigating the arrests because "the intimidation factor is of great concern," said Elise Shore, regional counsel for the organization.

Benjamin Stevenson, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union in Florida, said he finds the tactic troubling."Why are they sending out six or seven agents to investigate a paper crime, and are they causing them to run in the first place through intimidation?" he asked.”

What would be the source of intimidation? Perhaps uniformed law enforcement officers driving up to a work site to do their job. The ILLEGALS surely know their status and are going to run… why not? That’s not intimidation, that’s good police work. It’s a simple drive up and watch the roaches flee type of work. Then they simply follow those who flee until they break a law. Once a law is broken the officers intervene and do their job to protect and serve the taxpaying public who’s paying their salaries.

I thought that’s what the whole law enforcement profession was all about… to protect and serve.

When I was a kid growing up out here in the Pacific Northwest we would have little parties in the woods called “keggers”. Someone of legal age would buy at least one keg, give out a location and we’d all go to that location after school, usually on a Friday evening. We’d be partying down pretty good and the local deputies would quite often pull up in force. Those of us who were under the legal age would take off running through the forests. The deputies would chase some of us. Some would get caught, most wouldn’t. Those who didn’t run were identified by the deputies and were “released” because they were of legal age.

This is not a new tactic… just an effective one.

”As the debate over illegal immigration plays out in Washington, McKeithen is among a growing number of state and local officials taking it upon themselves to enforce immigration laws that up to now were regarded as a federal responsibility.

For example, Farmers Branch, Texas, is trying to prohibit apartment rentals to illegal immigrants in the Dallas suburb. Georgia passed a law requiring employers to verify the immigration status of all new employees.

Barbara Gonzalez, a spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Miami, would not comment on the sheriff's tactics.

McKeithen has asked Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum for a legal opinion on his tactics. A spokeswoman for McCollum said the office is researching the request.”

Yea Baby!!! The dhimmicrats and those few spineless republicans had it handed to them yesterday, eh? I think the debate over illegal immigration was pretty much put on ice with yesterdays IN YOUR FACE defeat of that Kennedy/McCain amnesty bill congress tried to shove down our throats.

”McKeithen is already under fire from civil rights groups over the videotaped 2006 death of a 14-year-old boy who was roughed up by guards at a juvenile boot camp operated by the sheriff's department. Eight former employees are facing manslaughter charges.”

Although tragic, what the hell does this have to do with the deputies chasing ILLEGAL immigrants? Those who “roughed up” the 14 years old inmate are facing manslaughter charges. Give them their day in court. It’s not as if someone tried to cover the incident up and really has no relevance to the ILLEGAL roach infestation currently at hand.

”The sheriff said that more recently, his officers have been making fewer arrests of workers who flee, and are concentrating more on asking employers for the paperwork on their employees. Sheriff's deputies then arrest workers whose documents are found to be fraudulent.”

More good police work! What’s wrong with sending deputies to check the documents of employers to ensure the documents are not fraudulent? Isn’t that what this whole law enforcement thing is all about? To follow up on tips, leads, to act on trends to ensure the community they’re sworn to protect and serve is protected and served appropriately?

If these officers weren’t doing their jobs the community would most likely be in an uproar. And rightfully so!

”Mexican illegal immigrant Jose Madrid, 28, said he has been unable to find a construction job over the past six weeks because of the crackdown, and hasn't been able to send money to his parents and his 7-year-old son back home.”

Oh… poor Jose! If he can’t find a job then something right is happening for once.

All of those folks who have been saying the laws we currently have in place ”just simply aren’t effective enough” should stand up and take notice of Jose’s plight.

He can’t find a job in construction because the police are enforcing the immigration laws… those VERY laws that are currently on the books. The money that he can’t send home to his parents and his 7 year old son can be earned by a fellow citizen and used here in this country to support his or her family.

What a concept!

"We immigrants, we are leaving Panama City. People are afraid they will be deported," he said. "The companies don't want to hire illegal people. Now they're only hiring those with papers."

Cool! Especially the part about ”The companies don’t want to hire illegal people. Now they’re only hiring those with papers.” Spoken by one of the very ILLEGAL's himself!

Wow! So what MELISSA NELSON, the Associated Press Writer is telling us in her recent article is that the Sheriff’s law enforcement tactics are working very well!
Those laws that our congressmen and congresswomen have been claiming to be unenforceable, those very tactics that we’ve been told are inept and simply won’t work are being used quite effectively by Sheriff Frank McKeithen in Florida.
Fantastic work Sheriff!

“Developer Louis Breland is finishing the first phase of a $750 million beach condo project. "Subcontractors could not function without immigrant laborers for painting, rebar and steel work. They are the best workers," he said. "Without them, the cost of construction would be 10 times as much and nothing would get built."

How about cutting back on your fat cat profits you get from using the ILLEGAL crowd? How about doing things right? How about hiring those who live in this country LEGALLY and paying them a wage for once? How about supporting those families who ARE your fellow citizens rather than sending the money home with those who have no intentions of spending any of it here?

I have no compassion for ILLEGAL immigrants who are being hunted down like the dogs they are and shipped back to where they came from. I also have no compassion for those "contractors" who are circumventing the system, taking advantage of our "social" medicine and aren't paying their fair share of labor and industries insurance for their "employees". They're making huge bucks by cheating the system.

No compassion! NONE!

I'd provide the direct link to the article but Yahoo's archived it by now. So go to Yahoo and do a search if you're interested in reading it in its entirety.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sheehan found a sucka!!!

She found a sucker to buy her 5 acres for a pretty hefty profit. She sold the land for $87,000 to Bree Walker, a radio talk show host in California. Walker paid Sheehan $26,500.00 more for the property than what Sheehan paid.

Sheehan bought the property close to Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas so she could be the never ending pain in his ass that she was so good at being. She bought the property for $52,500 cleaned it up a bit, punched a road into it and dubbed it "Camp Casey" in honor of her 24 yrs. old son who was killed while serving in Iraq.

Sheehan became well known for her anti-war antics as well as her anti-America, anti-Bush, anti-family, anti-anything that she can be anti to antics just so long as she could get her ugly mug in the press.

She's seen here with another anti-everything person, Representative Jim McDermott (Democrat, Washington State) at one of McDermott's fund raisers.

According to reports, Sheehan is going to drop out of the anti-everything movement and try to salvage what's left of her life and family. She should have done that some time ago.

I feel terrible for her loss but I also think there's a point in time where you grieve and move on. She has a right to protest. I don't deny that but I don't believe she should sell out our country, "bud up" to our enemies, turn traitor to serve her "cause"--- whatever her cause was for any particular day.

Even her liberal "friends" abandoned her freak show. She became a liability to them.

Overall, I guess that's what finally brought her to her "senses". She found herself a media has been. No longer news worthy, dumped alongside the road of anti-everything, crumpled and meaningless, no longer worthy of attention--- filled and abandoned like a used condom.

A tired, used, abused, wore out media whore. How poetic.

Abused and devoured by those very liberals she trusted.

Who cares.