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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sheehan found a sucka!!!

She found a sucker to buy her 5 acres for a pretty hefty profit. She sold the land for $87,000 to Bree Walker, a radio talk show host in California. Walker paid Sheehan $26,500.00 more for the property than what Sheehan paid.

Sheehan bought the property close to Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas so she could be the never ending pain in his ass that she was so good at being. She bought the property for $52,500 cleaned it up a bit, punched a road into it and dubbed it "Camp Casey" in honor of her 24 yrs. old son who was killed while serving in Iraq.

Sheehan became well known for her anti-war antics as well as her anti-America, anti-Bush, anti-family, anti-anything that she can be anti to antics just so long as she could get her ugly mug in the press.

She's seen here with another anti-everything person, Representative Jim McDermott (Democrat, Washington State) at one of McDermott's fund raisers.

According to reports, Sheehan is going to drop out of the anti-everything movement and try to salvage what's left of her life and family. She should have done that some time ago.

I feel terrible for her loss but I also think there's a point in time where you grieve and move on. She has a right to protest. I don't deny that but I don't believe she should sell out our country, "bud up" to our enemies, turn traitor to serve her "cause"--- whatever her cause was for any particular day.

Even her liberal "friends" abandoned her freak show. She became a liability to them.

Overall, I guess that's what finally brought her to her "senses". She found herself a media has been. No longer news worthy, dumped alongside the road of anti-everything, crumpled and meaningless, no longer worthy of attention--- filled and abandoned like a used condom.

A tired, used, abused, wore out media whore. How poetic.

Abused and devoured by those very liberals she trusted.

Who cares.


Anonymous said...

In the middle of the immigration debate, Democratic Congressman Jim McDermott introduced a private bill, HR 2181, to give a green card to a convicted terrorist who was set to be deported from the US. The congressman has introduced this bill inspite of US court rulings that this man engaged in terrorist activity and should be deported. McDermott is trying to give this man a green card while DHS and the US courts are trying to deport him.

Here's the link to the private bill:

Here is the 9th circuit court's decision denying the terrorist's appeal:

ttueoop said...

Thanks for the information. It's amazing what McDermott thinks he can do while "representing" his constituents.

Though, his "constituents" are some of the most liberal people in the nation. They are well represented by him, that's for sure.

I appreciate the links. I went to each site and read what was there. Obviously Mohuiddin A.K.M. Ahmed is a convicted terrorist in his own country. He participated in the slaughter of the president of Bangladesh and his family in 1975 and has been ordered out of our country. That's pretty clear, pretty simple and should be easily understood.

McDermott waves the terrorist appeasement flag once again. I wish we could get him out of DC.

This will be another blog post for another day. Thanks!

ttueoop said...

Here's some more info on Ahmed and McDermott's folly.


Anonymous said...

Here is the US government's brief filed with the 9th Circuit:

The evidence at trial against Ahmed was extensive. I wonder if McDermott actually read any evidence.

USpace said...

Goodbye Cindy you moonbat, may God help you see the error of your ways...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
Bush is worse than Hitler

defend brutal dictators
fascist regimes are better

Anonymous said...


ttueoop said...


Now that's funny! An anonymous post at that. Who'd a thunk that!

I love it when these anonymous posters show their ironclad support for their "hero"... el piggo Chavez-o. LOL.

Yup... total support via anonymity. Isn't that a bit conflicting?

We do have to laugh at the idiocy of this particular practice though. It's like the closeted Mets fan who lives in New York City.

VIVA HUGO my ass! You, anonymous supporter, do not have enough of a spine to "VIVA" anyone. So, you sprinkle anonymous internet graffitti on this blog.

For the sake of entertainment I'll leave it.

As for the fat, ugly, little prick hugo--- Sheehan's even walked away from the pig.


Now-o go back to your closet and quiver a bit longer-o,