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Friday, November 16, 2018

Second Amendment Advocate Killed!

In Maryland, one of our fifty states, a Second Amendment advocate, Gary Willis was shot and killed by police in his own home for refusing to give up his firearms. From the information gleaned out of a GunsAmerica Digest publication documenting the incident it appears the man identified as Gary J. Willis and his family were awakened at 0500 hrs. by loud knocking on his door. When Willis opened the door he was armed with a pistol and was met by at least two individuals who were armed and appeared to be law enforcement officers. Willis placed his pistol on a table as the officers entered his home. The two officers advised Willis that they had a court order to confiscate his firearms and were there to seize them. A struggle ensued between the officers and Willis. Willis reached for his gun and the weapon discharged. No one was injured.

While at least one officer continued to struggle with the Willis, the other officer shot and killed Willis. The reason for shooting Willis, the Second Amendment advocate? Willis had access to a gun and the pistol was previously discharged during the struggle. Now, having been in law enforcement for quite some time myself I can understand the need to separate Willis from his pistol and I'm not going to second guess the other officer regarding his response that resulted in Willis' death. There appeared to be a struggle between his partner and an armed individual, a shot was fired, the second officer responded with what he felt was the force necessary to neutralize the threat. In this case, lethal force.

I question the underlying reason for the officers being there in the first place. They're on site to prevent a United States citizen from exercising his Second Amendment rights via a poorly drafted, difficult to enforce "Red Flag Act" law that serves to water down and streamline laws already in place that make the forfeiture of our constitutional rights a government necessity... in the protection of the public. Yeah, right.

The reason for the confiscation order issued by the court? This whole "RED FLAG" ruse? A disgruntled close relative allegedly served as an affiant to the police, suggesting her relative, Gary J. Willis was a danger to society and needed to have his firearms removed from his realm of control via the "Red Flag Act". The very same "Red Flag" law that's being introduced throughout the states. Based on the "witness'" declaration local law enforcement received via the relative they subsequently obtained that fatal court order to seize the firearms of Gary J. Willis, the now deceased homeowner/second amendment advocate.

This "Red Flag Act" is coming to our neighborhoods sooner than you think unless we start demanding our government leave our constitutional rights alone! All it takes is one disgruntled family member or "close" friend or disgruntled neighbor to suggest we, those of us who are gun advocates, Second Amendment advocates pose a serious threat to society. The law will be used to separate us law abiding second amendment advocates from our second amendment rights.

Read the link provided in the text and take it from there. 1984, George Orwell, Machiavelli, Cloward-Piven? Call me a conspiracy theorist if you will but hey, I spent a long career in law enforcement and government. I wouldn't put anything past our liberal polticos these days.

Enforce the laws that are already in place! We don't need to nor should we create new ones to accommodate the politicos incessant need to "legislate" us.

We need to protect our constitutional rights!



Sunday, November 11, 2018

Peggy 6824's Comment

I'll keep my gibberish short. When I read "news" articles I also like to read the comments and sometimes I'll even interact with others in the comments sections. I recently read an article regarding the Houston Chronicle's biased, faux reporting and found this comment by Peggy6824, a reader of the article who commented on it. In short, she's matter of fact, articulate and, in my opinion she's spot on! I won't go into detail on this blog. Just click on the link above and read her comment in Disqus comments following the article. Or you can read what she had to say below... I copied and pasted it with her permission.

Peggy's comment:

peggy6824 Earnest Evanston • 2 days ago


It is Democrats a.k.a. "Social Justice Warriors" who are the ultimate hypocrites & racists who label minorities, both black & brown, like me losers at birth because of the color of our skin, as if stamped on our foreheads.

It is they who view us as “LESS THAN” in every imaginable way simply because of the color of our skin. We are less intelligent, less industrious, less ingenious, etc. & in doing so, it is they who seek to destroy us from birth.

It is they who will remind me, for the rest of my life, that I will forever be a victim of “white people”/“white privilege” & that they are responsible for any/all of my failures at any/every point in my life.

They will repeatedly remind me that I am entitled to welfare, food stamps, affirmative action, etc. & that I will always be entitled to a free college education & job whether I am qualified or not thanks to quotas because of the color of my skin rather than because of my intelligence, qualifications, abilities, & talent.

Truth be told, it is Democrats a.k.a. "Social Justice Warriors" who belittle, degrade, demoralize, insult, & victimize me on a daily basis!

While my parents pushed me to get a good education, work hard, & reach for the stars with regard to what I could accomplish in life, Democrats a.k.a. "Social Justice Warriors" were telling me that the best I could hope for was government dependence thus I was destined to live on the Democratic Poverty Plantation where the government determines your worth (based on what they dole out), where you can afford to live, & what you can afford to buy.

Tell me, what’s the difference between the Democratic Poverty Plantation & a Zoo????

Democrats a.k.a. “Social Justice Warriors” claiming to be the champions of the poor, middle class, American working families, & minorities like me promise equality via “redistribution of wealth” a.k.a. “Socialism” from those they refer to as the “greedy rich” while they themselves serve as the instrument of their destruction as they continue to bend over backwards to provide the “greedy rich” with the cheap labor/new customers (subsidized by our taxpayers) that they seek.

Theft, redistribution from others does not even begin to replace all that the Democrats a.k.a. “Social Justice Warriors” have stolen from me. It does not replace my honor, integrity, pride, self-respect, self confidence, etc. thus their idea of equality & mine differ.

In my opinion, it is simply a win-win for Democrats at the expense of others. Millions of loyal supporters (slaves) living on their Poverty Plantations, millions more from 3rd world nations they seek to add to the plantation, & the loyalty of the “greedy rich” who benefit most from the cheap labor (slaves) & new customers, subsidized by our own taxpayers, they seek.

Democrats are absolutely dividing our citizens based on race & pitting us against each other.

Without perpetual "victims", of their creation, there would be no need for Democrats a.k.a. "Social Justice Warriors"!

(We cannot educate others as long as we limit ourselves to posting our views on just one site when “Disqus” is available on numerous sites. No need to log in again on other sites.)



Thank you for your frank and accurate comment Peggy6824! And thank you for letting us share it.

The Continued Saga of The Houston Chronicle...

In case you missed it the Houston Chronicle was called out awhile ago regarding their obviously slanted, biased reporting of fake news. They initially denied the fake news allegations but in the end the evidence was overwhelmingly against them. In all fairness to the Chronicle they called in Pulitzer Prize winner David Wood to review the allegations made by the public against the Chronicle's Austin Bureau Chief, Mike Ward. The reviewing editor discovered that many of the Ward's "sources" didn't seem to exist anywhere on earth. Even though Ward's work suggested many of those "sources" who he claimed and declared in many of his articles he wrote were refutable sources that corroborated his extremely pro-left, biased reporting they weren't real sources after all. They were simply figments of his imagination. The Houston Chronicle's Austin Bureau Chief, Mike Ward was subsequently "let go" by the Chronicle.

Here's the article
, it's a good read if you like to read about how the left manipulates unsuspecting or sometimes willing "News Media" outlets.

This seems to be the continued biased left's way of insuring we're being spoon fed their liberal agenda. Hat's off to the Houston Chronicle readers for calling them out on their faux reporting. In short today's just another day in liberal frenzy land.



Sunday, November 04, 2018

And Then There's Alec!

I don't normally dedicate a post to those who lie, act out fictitious scenes and deceive for a living. I normally don't post about actors, actresses... thespians- those who are pampered and catered that live amongst us but, I can't help myself here. Alec Baldwin... yeah I know, I know... "Smart Alec" Baldwin... he's evidently a liar AND a fool. He was recently arrested for assault by NYPD. Of course, Baldwin not only suggests no "assault" took place but he's chastising those in the press who would suggest such a thing. Even though he was detained, arrested and subsequently charged with assaulting a Boston Marathon bombing survivor for "taking his parking space" in a friggin' parking lot.

Yeah, the privileged... the Alec Baldwins of the world... they're fun to watch. The New York City Police Department did their part and arrested Baldwin now let's see what the New York City's judicial system will do to the prima donna. Will they charge him, will they try him in an open court, will the prosecutors agree to a plea, will the charge(s) be dismissed? It's going to be interesting. But then again anything "Baldwin" related is "interesting" in a sick, evil, self serving, privileged sort of way.

All I know is the victim of the assault (errr, "alleged" assault--wink-wink), 49 yrs. old Wojciech Cieszkowski is a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 and he seems to be pretty credible. He just wanted to park his car. Evidently Baldwin had other ideas.

Or so it seems...


I Admit, I've Been Hiding...

Well, at least I've been away from the blog for a couple of months. My Bad! I come here for no other reason but to simply release some pent up tension. Okay... maybe to get a dig in at the libs and such too.

Either way, I've been trying to juggle a recent move, unpacking included. There's copious amounts of stuff to unpack and less space than before to put it in. It seems that when one goes through life one tends to accumulate "stuff" or "wealth" as my father used to call it. I find myself struggling to suggest that much of the "stuff" I've unpacked isn't "wealth" let alone usable for anything other than scrap iron or ground fill. Either way I'm almost unpacked and am in the process of settling in.

I had to do the move thing. I had to sell the house and move from that once sparsely populated "neighborhood" turned cramped development and return to a somewhat more laid back lifestyle with some pleasant, unfettered breathing room between me and my "neighbors". Things just weren't going all that well in that cramped neighborhood. I'm not a "homeowner's association" type of guy who will allow folks I don't even know tell me where, when and how I need to put or store my trash cans. I'm also not inclined to attend meetings to discuss why our HOA dues keep increasing each year while the HOA service continues to decrease. It's never ceased to amaze me how guv'ment finds the cracks in humanity, in life to seep through and contaminate a once fine environment with their Machiavellian ideas. Government is the ultimate, all consuming slime mold of humanity. Give them an inch and they'll eventually consume you, if you let them. Fortunately, I moved myself as their target. I'm no longer a part of that infestation, no longer their crop to consume.

Once we got somewhat settled (i.e. trucks unloaded and sorting through boxes at the "new" place) I took it upon myself to dig the trench for the Cat 6 and the Video Cable from the house to an unattached shop. It's up and running, I'm up and running and all things considered, LIFE's GOOD! Again...

...except for the State, National and Global politics. That crap's still alive and festering.

But now that thing's are starting to settle down on the "home front" I'm going to get around to the old blogging, brass collecting, reloading, plinking, placering life I was trying to stay on top of in that crowded suburbia of humanity known as a "neighborhood". I left some good neighbors behind but that's on them. They shared their angst with me as much as I shared mine with them. I remedied our problem.

Now, it's time to get back into the whole bass-ackwards politico scene. I did have to include a disclaimer re: comments to this blog because I had to remove a few over the past couple of weeks. There's no need for threats of violence on me or my family nor do I have any desire to "meet" anyone somewhere. We'll just leave things as they are. I'm here, I'm not going anywhere unless Google shuts me out like Yahell and Farcebook did over the years.

Anyways, I'm going to start throwing stuff on here again for craps, giggles and simply to share.