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Sunday, November 04, 2018

And Then There's Alec!

I don't normally dedicate a post to those who lie, act out fictitious scenes and deceive for a living. I normally don't post about actors, actresses... thespians- those who are pampered and catered that live amongst us but, I can't help myself here. Alec Baldwin... yeah I know, I know... "Smart Alec" Baldwin... he's evidently a liar AND a fool. He was recently arrested for assault by NYPD. Of course, Baldwin not only suggests no "assault" took place but he's chastising those in the press who would suggest such a thing. Even though he was detained, arrested and subsequently charged with assaulting a Boston Marathon bombing survivor for "taking his parking space" in a friggin' parking lot.

Yeah, the privileged... the Alec Baldwins of the world... they're fun to watch. The New York City Police Department did their part and arrested Baldwin now let's see what the New York City's judicial system will do to the prima donna. Will they charge him, will they try him in an open court, will the prosecutors agree to a plea, will the charge(s) be dismissed? It's going to be interesting. But then again anything "Baldwin" related is "interesting" in a sick, evil, self serving, privileged sort of way.

All I know is the victim of the assault (errr, "alleged" assault--wink-wink), 49 yrs. old Wojciech Cieszkowski is a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 and he seems to be pretty credible. He just wanted to park his car. Evidently Baldwin had other ideas.

Or so it seems...


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