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Saturday, December 12, 2009

health care reform???

I was reading some health highlights for December 11, 2009 today and there was this one particular highlight that bothered me a lot...

"Senate Bill Would Let Insurers Limit Annual Medical Costs

Patient advocates are upset about language in the Senate health care bill that would allow insurers to put yearly limits on medical care costs for people with expensive-to-treat illnesses such as cancer.

The bill would permit annual limits, as long as they're not "unreasonable," the Associated Press reported. But there's no actual definition of what level of limits would be permitted.

Such limits would have been banned under legislation passed by the Senate health committee last summer. However, a weakened version of that provision is in the bill the Senate is now considering.

The change surprised officials at the American Cancer Society Action Network, who said they haven't been able to get a satisfactory explanation, the AP reported.

"We don't know who put it in, or why it was put in," said group policy expert Stephen Finan.

The current health "care" discussions and proposals happening in the "other Washington" are really, really catching my eye. I'm not sure where anyone else stands relating to the proposed health "care" reform ideas being debated in this country but I think putting yearly limits on payment for care paid out by the insurance companies smacks of favors and sellouts to those companies. I'm of the belief that if there are to be any limits placed on anything relating to health care have those limits be for payouts relating to litigated monetary awards and settlements! Certainly not on yearly limits of those health care costs an insurance company pays out annually.

That's just another not so subtle attempt to create those alleged death lists. Cutting off care for the terminally ill or others in need of specialized care simply because it's too expensive isn't and should never be an option!

That IS unreasonable!

As the AP article mentioned, those limits were banned by last summer's legislation and now the politicos are trying to sneak it past us again in this boondoggled universal health care fiasco.

What gives? Why are our "representatives", those politicos we sent to D.C. to represent us... why are they trying to ram this legislation, this poorly written vessel of pork down our throats?

If there's to be universal health care do it right! Take your time, don't set a timeline on it. Gather your experts, your reasonable and practical people together (if they exist) and create a proposal that not only makes sense but can be fairly and reasonably applied to every citizen of this fine country without limitations. If you can't do that then get out of the way and let others do it. Don't do what you're doing! Don't piecemeal something together, don't cater to the special interests of lobbyists, insurance companies and the health care industry, don't play politics with our health... don't effect change just to effect change... it doesn't make sense.

Represent us, the citizens of this fine country who entrusted you to represent us not them, those who stand to gain politically and monetarily if or when the legislation passes.

This stuff simply makes no sense outside of greed!