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Monday, May 28, 2007


Remember those who gave all so that we can live safely, in freedom, with little fear of those who wish our demise.

Remember those who influenced our lives, mentored us, loved us, provided for us--- those who helped make us who we are.

Remember our family and friends who are no longer with us.

Remember those strangers--- citizens, police officers, fire fighters, soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines--- all of those who put their lives on the line so that we can "carry on".

If not for them where would we be today?

Thank God for those who share, for those who sacrifice, for those who care!

Thank God for them!

Have a safe, memorable Memorial Day.

It's okay to feel humbled today.

Thank You!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Yes, enough IS enough Obama!

It’s time for you to get down off of your high horse and take a lesson from those REAL Americans around you.

You showed the world that you are not of presidential ilk!

Much like Hillary did when the two of you voted against funding the troops in harm's way. You both showed your inability to lead during trying times, your shared cowardice and your failure to recognize threats--- evil. When the two of you cast your vote against supporting our troops you supported surrender to a vicious enemy.

However, when you went on to declare "Enough is enough" and stated that Bush should not get "a blank check to continue down this same, disastrous path" you stepped from behind the curtain. You showed us you are not the wizard you tried to convince a good portion of this fine country’s populace that you are. You’re simply another spiteful, vile, self serving politico with camouflaged, yet to be revealed intentions and ambitions.

How can you claim this fight against terrorism, against a declared and growing jihad movement is a “disastrous path”? How can you bury your head in the sand and ignore what is happening in the Middle East, in Europe, in Africa, in Asia, in North America, Australia? How can you do this and expect anyone to take you seriously?

Do you disagree with those who have quantified these threats, this growing hatred for western culture, western society, Christianity?

Are you aligning yourself with those who wish us converted, enslaved or dead? Are you suggesting we appease and dhimmify ourselves? Are you suggesting we abandon those who seek democracy--- seek relief from oppression by religious zealots? Simply walk away from them?

To abandon a cause such as this is a despicably traitorous act beyond comprehension! Leaders don’t abandon people in need. Leaders don’t run from terror, from oppression, from threats, from battle!

Leaders protect the innocent, the righteous, those seeking protection. Leaders expose, prevent and destroy evil!

You OBAMA, you are not a leader! You will not be a leader I will follow now nor in the future. You have exposed yourself for what you truly are--- a vile, contemptuous, self serving, power hungry politico looking for God only knows what from the American public!

Obama, wake up! There’s real threats out there, real people who want to destroy our very culture, real people--- organized, covert, well armed, wealthy, industrious and sophisticated terrorist and militant groups out there who want nothing more than to destroy us and you’re suggesting we abandon our troops on the battlefield, abandon our friends who sought our help, abandon those who will be slaughtered when we do prematurely withdraw and let those terrorists, those religious zealots, those militants have their way.

I suggest you step aside and let those with a spine, those with some semblance of pride, of desire to preserve the young but proud culture of the United States of America step up and offer their fine leadership to us, the citizens of this fine country!

I’m now-oh-so suspicious of your past, Barack Hussein Obama.

And here's a blog that has some interesting comments as well.

Bottom line Barack, a vote against funding the troops, those troops who are in harm’s way is a vote against America.

And you know that!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Fatah al-islam will take its fight---

---beyond Nahr al-Bared and Tripoli!"

If the Lebanese military will ever let them that is.

I mean after all, the islamic terrorists fatah al-islam provoked this fight. They tried to bloody the nose of the Lebanese government by setting off a couple of bombs and getting into some pretty wild shootouts here and there over the past couple of days. Now they're huddled in a squalid refugee camp hiding out amongst the "refugees", using the innocents as human shields--- the way of the islamic terrorist.

But the Lebanese commanders wouldn't fall for it. As the islamo rats ran back into their rat hole the Lebanese commanders sent their military after them. They showered the islamic pigs with artillery, an occasional bullet here and there whenever one of the islamo freaks mustered enough courage to shoot at them and a tank shell or two.

Having had enough of it for the time being the fatso al-islam "terrorists" are now calling for their second cease fire in as many days---

---or is it their third?

Who knows, I lost count.

Either way, the military tactics of this pathetic group of islumo terrorists are pretty damned sorry and predictable. Like the rodents they are they sneak out of the refugee camp during the cease fires, plant some bombs here and there to slaughter some innocents, shoot at a couple of folks and run back to the camp. Once there, they request another cease fire. That's it! I imagine this tactic can be found on page 4 of the fatso al-islum manual of terror and warfare (draft).

I even think there was at least one "truce" declared in this little "war". I read about it somewhere but when I went back to reference the article an hour or so later I couldn't find it. Besides, both sides were fighting again so I figured the news of "peace" was old news.

One has to admit though, this butt kicking that the Lebanese army is applying to this fatso al-islam gang is pretty impressive.

You have to hand it to the Lebanese troops. Their tactics are simple and effective. They respond to stimuli. It's a pretty natural and basic rule. Don't shoot at us and we won't shoot at you!.

That's the truth. That's their message to this fatso al-islum band of thugs. Here's the quote right out of Earth Times. "The Lebanese army on its part said that they will not shoot if they are not shot at."

Now any dolt should be able to figure that particular rule out.

Go figure.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Kentucky Amber Alert!!! UPDATE!!


Amber Alert cancelled for 5 Year Old Kentucky Girl

Posted: Monday May 21, 2007: 12:05 AM CDT
Updated: Monday May 21, 2007: 2:07 AM CDT

The Kentucky State Police cancelled the Amber Alert early Monday morning after the child was recovered by Louisville, PD. There is no further information available on the suspect at this time.


Amber Alert Issued for 5 Year Old Kentucky Girl
Posted: Monday May 21, 2007: 12:05 AM CDT

The Kentucky State Police issued the Amber Alert on Sunday night after the child was apparently abducted during a car jacking in Louisville.

Cerra Stott is described as being a 5 year old black female, black hair, brown eyes, 3' , 50lbs hair was put up with clear ball barrettes. She was last seen wearing a turquoise shirt and blue Jeans.

The suspect is described as being a male, black short hair wearing a light colored t-shirt

The suspect vehicle is a Brown 1998 Dodge Durango SUV with Kentucky license number 038AZL. with dark tinted windows and a Jay decal on back above the bumper

If you have any information on this incident, please call 911 or contact the Kentucky State Police Headquarters at 502-574-7111.

A mix of world news. My tirades for the week of May 19---

Okay, so the "Tirade" posts aren't actually posted on a weekly basis but hey, they're posted.

That's my nature. I'm one of those sporadic, spur of the moment, seat of pants, impromptu, when I feel the urge type of guys. It doesn't mean I didn't have any tirades over the past several weeks. It means I didn't commit them to this blog.

So, let's get started.

---This isn't the only border this nation has.

A whole bunch of folks from California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas seem to think it is. These folks seem to think they're the authority on our borders and the "border" is not a problem.

They'll argue we are the problem. Us, the citizens of the United States are the problem. We're the problem for wanting to keep our borders in check. For wanting to know just exactly who is coming into our country. We're the problem for wanting to know who's here, how long they intend on staying, what they intend on doing while they're here and where they're planning on staying, what they're bringing with them and what their criminal history might be in their own country.

In fact, quite a few of them believe we shouldn't even have border security. They believe leisurely trips across the borders on weekends or weeknights for a bit of grub, a cup of coffee, an exchange of smiles should occur unfettered, totally without government intervention.

The 1,900 plus miles of the Mexico - United States border is a troublesome border. There are thousands of well intended individuals crossing it daily in search of employment, of a better life, in pursuit of a personal dream--- in search of all sorts of things. These people travel across this border in BOTH directions yet, we only focus on the immigrants coming here to the U.S.

What about when we go there? What about the lines at immigrations, at the borders. The searches of luggage, vehicles. What about the arrogance of their border security people? Their open disdain for the American tourist. Their intentions are simple to read--- "come in, spend your money and leave. Go home as soon as you can."

So yes, for those of you who live on this little southwest border it's most likely not an issue for you. You've become familiar with the attitudes, the belligerence. In fact some of you even share these attitudes with them.

You share their dreams for open borders for your own personal satisfaction. Your own greed. Like them you want to be able to come and go as you please. You want to take advantage of systems, of others that you would normally not be able to take advantage of. You've done it for years but not without hassles. At times you've had to jump through some hoops to get your way and that annoys you. So now, "while the iron's hot" you want to strike! You want to reform this nation's immigration laws. You want to forgo border security because YOU do not perceive any threat there.

Personally, I have a problem with that. And yes, I do live in a border state. This particular border isn't all that secure either but we certainly don't have the problems you folks have. And this border is twice as long as yours.

My suggestion to our wonderful neighbors from the south--- Do it legally.

As a side note, did any of you hear Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's speech last week regarding immigration reform.

You know, the speech where he addressed hundreds if not thousands of immigrants, illegal and otherwise, in the streets of Los Angeles.

The speech where he claimed that this nations immigration laws are in sore need of repair. The speech where he alluded to amnesty, hinting that amnesty was in order.

The speech he made in spanish.

Not Vietnamese, not Cambodian, not Swahili, not Russian, Finnish, Arabic, Mandarin but in Spanish!

It seems he's locked in on that southwest mentality as well. A bit biased I'd say. Can we say "Racist"?

There are other borders and there are other immigrants. The huge difference is that most of those immigrants are trying to do things right.

There should be no amnesty for those who are here illegally. It's as simple as that.

Secure the borders, round up the illegals, send them home and show them the right way to come back.

Work on immigration reform! But let's enforce the laws we currently have on the books while we do.


---The dhimmi-crats and their version of "troop support".

Another funding package with timetables, deadlines. Another veto bill.

They know in advance they're not going to get anywhere with these half assed "troop funding" bills. They've been in "power" for months and they haven't passed a single piece of legislation! They're obsessed with their hatred of George Bush. They're obsessed with bringing Bush's leadership to it's knees. They're obsessed with smearing the Republican party's past successes, with shaming whoever they can shame, with promoting angst in this nation's political arena.

The dhimmi-crats are not representative of our American tolerance, progression, patience, unity.

The dhimmi-crats are obsessed with dividing the American populace, obsessed with fear.

They're desperate, they're scared and they're on the brink of panic. They know the 2008 elections are rapidly approaching and they know their popularity is waning.

They know their "leadership" is a shambles, devoid of an relevance, any integrity, credibility.

Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy, Murtha??? Are these the leaders we want for our nation tomorrow?

Do we want this leadership coupled with the likes of Clinton or Obama?

Personally, I don't. I voted for Bill Clinton years ago. Perhaps that's why I'm not going there again.

All I can say is the Republicans are letting it happen to them. They aren't united and they've become the whipping boys the dhimmi-crats have made them out to be. They're spineless and embarrasingly weak.

It's a rant, but it's mine!

For what it's worth.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ahmadinejad rocks on---

I'm not sure whose creation this is but it's good, entertaining and funny!

Many thanks to our friends over at Irate Nation for providing the initial link to the short video.


---It’s as simple as that!

There’s nothing more to this “bi-partisan” sell out than that! Some of those in the United States government, some of OUR ELECTED LEADERS are selling out our very ethics, morals, values--- OUR COUNTRY, OUR YOUNG BUT RICH CULTURE by trying to force feed us another “Amnesty” program.


SECURE OUR BORDERS! ROUND UP THE ILLEGAL ALIENS AND SEND THEM HOME! Back to where they came from. Back to their own countries so they can learn a bit about the difference between right and wrong, respect of values, laws, assimilation.

Let them know they’re in this country ILLEGALLY! Tell them that! Help them understand it and send them home.

If they wish to apply and come back through the legal process, so be it! Great! Let them apply, help them with the process, work with them and welcome them if and when they get approved. Help them adapt, assimilate.

But, let’s don’t reward people for bad behavior, lawlessness. Let’s have them go through our “immigration” process--- Our LEGAL “immigration” process. I mean, it’s worked for scores of thousands before them.

Let it work for them!

If the process needs streamlining, tweaking then let’s streamline it! Tweak it! Don’t wholesale it and don’t abandon it!

If it’s broken fix it and use it!

The dhimmi-crats and republicans need to get their respective heads out of their asses and listen to what the public is saying.

Kennedy, McCain, Bush, Feingold--- all of you jumping onto this giveaway bill--- you need to listen up a bit. You need to hear what is being said and understand that you’re not actually understanding what is being said now!


If we grant amnesty to these illegal aliens we’re affording those who entered this fine country for whatever purpose, whatever motive the opportunity AND SUPPORT to carry on, regardless of the circumstances.

As we’ve learned from history that’s a dangerous practice.

Ask these illegal aliens why they’re fleeing their countries. Ask these illegal aliens why their home countries vigorously protect their borders. Ask these illegal aliens if non-citizens in their countries can openly protest and demand government AND CITIZEN concessions and get them. Ask these illegal aliens if non-citizens in their countries can demand free health care, education, welfare, transportation, legal representation and get it.

Ask them then ask them again why the left their homeland.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fred Thompson responds to Michael Moore

Fred's response to Mikey Moore, the king pig of docufiction after Moore's "challenge" for a debate on health care.

I sure hope Fred Thompson gets into this presidential race.

He's what we need in this country right now. Once he gets in and gets elected the dhimmi-crats will be scrambling to make things right and the republicans will be rushing to clean their sorry acts up, grow some vertebrates and get back on track.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Update re: islamic state in Iraq executions---

I discovered this post over on The Muslim Question 2 blog regarding the previously reported kidnappings and subsequent murders of some of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense and Interior personnel.

As mentioned in one of my April 19 posts on this blog, the islamic state in Iraq claimed responsibility for kidnapping 20 Iraqi soldiers and police officers. They claimed the prisoners were executed because the Iraqi government failed to meet the group's absurd demands within a given time period.

I had no doubt that these cowards, these criminals murdered the soldiers and police officers as claimed. However, I found this article on TMQ2's blog today. It's a recently released video claiming (and displaying) that 9 of the group were executed. Keep in mind that these soldiers and police officers were Iraqi government employees simply out doing their jobs. I wonder what the condition of the other eleven prisoners is. If they're still alive they're most likely being tortured and "toyed" with by these muslim animals.

After their kidnapping they were tried by a Shari’a Court and the “Rule of Allah” was imposed upon them. Their "crimes"?? Being government employees in Iraq.

It's a graphic display of muslim savagery! Watch it at your own risk. See how peaceful islam truly is. Here's the video.

islam--- you gotta love it. Love it or die!

Ah yes, murder in the name of allah--- that so called good muslim "god". It's so damned contradictory and misleading this allah = God thing.

This allah lady cannot be compared to God!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

al-Sadr, be honest with us!

We know in islam it's acceptable for you to lie. That qur'an thing says it's okay to lie to a non-muslim, to deceive so long as islam benefits.

But, define "islam" and "benefits". Is "islam" narrowly defined as the way of the shi'a or does the definition of islam include the sunnis and others?

I'm just curious, not that I really care--- just curious. However, I do believe the answer does have some connection to what's been happening in Iraq lately with this Al-Qaeda "insurgency" and all.

According to what I've been reading it's difficult to believe that the shi'a (fully blown nut case) cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has nothing to do with Al Qaeda like he claims!

Remember him? He's the shi'a freak, the shi'a coward who fled to Iran when the latest "surge" began, leaving his loyal Mahdi army butchers behind to fend for themselves as the surge moved forward.

He's the same freak who tried to establish an "alternative cabinet" to the existing Iraqi government back in October of 2003.

Now we're seeing an increase in sectarian violence between the shiites and the sunnis. Certainly something right out of fatboy al-Sadr's playbook. I mean, afterall he is a "cleric", a muslim icon.

And, catch a glimpse of this latest plot. A school for girls wired to be blown up. The school's construction (financed by the Americans, being built with Iraqi labor and American military oversight) was almost complete and was six weeks away from opening when American military personnel uncovered the plot.

There could have been as many as 400 young, innocent school girls in the building. Imagine the slaughter of these innocents by those so called Religion of Peace practitioners had the plot not been discovered!

I question this plan, this plot to slaughter. Would it have been "okay" and in accordance with the teachings found in the qu'ran and other so-called religious books relating to islam? Would it have been "acceptable" because it would have happened solely to muslim females?

This islam thing just ain't seeming to be what it's all cracked up to be, now is it.

But you still have the appeaser of the house, senate dhimmi-crat leader and the rest of the dhimmi-crats all calling for our surrender and withdrawal.

Yah, we surrender and withdraw- you know, subscribe to the Pelosi, Reid, Murtha plan- and watch as the bloodbath begins--- err, continues--- err, increases.

Wonderful idea you politico idiots!