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Friday, May 25, 2007

Yes, enough IS enough Obama!

It’s time for you to get down off of your high horse and take a lesson from those REAL Americans around you.

You showed the world that you are not of presidential ilk!

Much like Hillary did when the two of you voted against funding the troops in harm's way. You both showed your inability to lead during trying times, your shared cowardice and your failure to recognize threats--- evil. When the two of you cast your vote against supporting our troops you supported surrender to a vicious enemy.

However, when you went on to declare "Enough is enough" and stated that Bush should not get "a blank check to continue down this same, disastrous path" you stepped from behind the curtain. You showed us you are not the wizard you tried to convince a good portion of this fine country’s populace that you are. You’re simply another spiteful, vile, self serving politico with camouflaged, yet to be revealed intentions and ambitions.

How can you claim this fight against terrorism, against a declared and growing jihad movement is a “disastrous path”? How can you bury your head in the sand and ignore what is happening in the Middle East, in Europe, in Africa, in Asia, in North America, Australia? How can you do this and expect anyone to take you seriously?

Do you disagree with those who have quantified these threats, this growing hatred for western culture, western society, Christianity?

Are you aligning yourself with those who wish us converted, enslaved or dead? Are you suggesting we appease and dhimmify ourselves? Are you suggesting we abandon those who seek democracy--- seek relief from oppression by religious zealots? Simply walk away from them?

To abandon a cause such as this is a despicably traitorous act beyond comprehension! Leaders don’t abandon people in need. Leaders don’t run from terror, from oppression, from threats, from battle!

Leaders protect the innocent, the righteous, those seeking protection. Leaders expose, prevent and destroy evil!

You OBAMA, you are not a leader! You will not be a leader I will follow now nor in the future. You have exposed yourself for what you truly are--- a vile, contemptuous, self serving, power hungry politico looking for God only knows what from the American public!

Obama, wake up! There’s real threats out there, real people who want to destroy our very culture, real people--- organized, covert, well armed, wealthy, industrious and sophisticated terrorist and militant groups out there who want nothing more than to destroy us and you’re suggesting we abandon our troops on the battlefield, abandon our friends who sought our help, abandon those who will be slaughtered when we do prematurely withdraw and let those terrorists, those religious zealots, those militants have their way.

I suggest you step aside and let those with a spine, those with some semblance of pride, of desire to preserve the young but proud culture of the United States of America step up and offer their fine leadership to us, the citizens of this fine country!

I’m now-oh-so suspicious of your past, Barack Hussein Obama.

And here's a blog that has some interesting comments as well.

Bottom line Barack, a vote against funding the troops, those troops who are in harm’s way is a vote against America.

And you know that!


shaz said...

power on the hour every hour

ttueoop said...

Yah, tell that to those Fatah islam freaks in Lebanon.

You gotta love what the Lebanese army's doing there.

Oh, and while we're at it check out the islumic scum in Somalia and the "Mahdi Army" in Shiite dominated east Baghdad. It seems all the world is growing tired of this muslim crap vermin.