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Friday, May 11, 2007

Update re: islamic state in Iraq executions---

I discovered this post over on The Muslim Question 2 blog regarding the previously reported kidnappings and subsequent murders of some of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense and Interior personnel.

As mentioned in one of my April 19 posts on this blog, the islamic state in Iraq claimed responsibility for kidnapping 20 Iraqi soldiers and police officers. They claimed the prisoners were executed because the Iraqi government failed to meet the group's absurd demands within a given time period.

I had no doubt that these cowards, these criminals murdered the soldiers and police officers as claimed. However, I found this article on TMQ2's blog today. It's a recently released video claiming (and displaying) that 9 of the group were executed. Keep in mind that these soldiers and police officers were Iraqi government employees simply out doing their jobs. I wonder what the condition of the other eleven prisoners is. If they're still alive they're most likely being tortured and "toyed" with by these muslim animals.

After their kidnapping they were tried by a Shari’a Court and the “Rule of Allah” was imposed upon them. Their "crimes"?? Being government employees in Iraq.

It's a graphic display of muslim savagery! Watch it at your own risk. See how peaceful islam truly is. Here's the video.

islam--- you gotta love it. Love it or die!

Ah yes, murder in the name of allah--- that so called good muslim "god". It's so damned contradictory and misleading this allah = God thing.

This allah lady cannot be compared to God!

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