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Sunday, May 20, 2007

A mix of world news. My tirades for the week of May 19---

Okay, so the "Tirade" posts aren't actually posted on a weekly basis but hey, they're posted.

That's my nature. I'm one of those sporadic, spur of the moment, seat of pants, impromptu, when I feel the urge type of guys. It doesn't mean I didn't have any tirades over the past several weeks. It means I didn't commit them to this blog.

So, let's get started.

---This isn't the only border this nation has.

A whole bunch of folks from California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas seem to think it is. These folks seem to think they're the authority on our borders and the "border" is not a problem.

They'll argue we are the problem. Us, the citizens of the United States are the problem. We're the problem for wanting to keep our borders in check. For wanting to know just exactly who is coming into our country. We're the problem for wanting to know who's here, how long they intend on staying, what they intend on doing while they're here and where they're planning on staying, what they're bringing with them and what their criminal history might be in their own country.

In fact, quite a few of them believe we shouldn't even have border security. They believe leisurely trips across the borders on weekends or weeknights for a bit of grub, a cup of coffee, an exchange of smiles should occur unfettered, totally without government intervention.

The 1,900 plus miles of the Mexico - United States border is a troublesome border. There are thousands of well intended individuals crossing it daily in search of employment, of a better life, in pursuit of a personal dream--- in search of all sorts of things. These people travel across this border in BOTH directions yet, we only focus on the immigrants coming here to the U.S.

What about when we go there? What about the lines at immigrations, at the borders. The searches of luggage, vehicles. What about the arrogance of their border security people? Their open disdain for the American tourist. Their intentions are simple to read--- "come in, spend your money and leave. Go home as soon as you can."

So yes, for those of you who live on this little southwest border it's most likely not an issue for you. You've become familiar with the attitudes, the belligerence. In fact some of you even share these attitudes with them.

You share their dreams for open borders for your own personal satisfaction. Your own greed. Like them you want to be able to come and go as you please. You want to take advantage of systems, of others that you would normally not be able to take advantage of. You've done it for years but not without hassles. At times you've had to jump through some hoops to get your way and that annoys you. So now, "while the iron's hot" you want to strike! You want to reform this nation's immigration laws. You want to forgo border security because YOU do not perceive any threat there.

Personally, I have a problem with that. And yes, I do live in a border state. This particular border isn't all that secure either but we certainly don't have the problems you folks have. And this border is twice as long as yours.

My suggestion to our wonderful neighbors from the south--- Do it legally.

As a side note, did any of you hear Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's speech last week regarding immigration reform.

You know, the speech where he addressed hundreds if not thousands of immigrants, illegal and otherwise, in the streets of Los Angeles.

The speech where he claimed that this nations immigration laws are in sore need of repair. The speech where he alluded to amnesty, hinting that amnesty was in order.

The speech he made in spanish.

Not Vietnamese, not Cambodian, not Swahili, not Russian, Finnish, Arabic, Mandarin but in Spanish!

It seems he's locked in on that southwest mentality as well. A bit biased I'd say. Can we say "Racist"?

There are other borders and there are other immigrants. The huge difference is that most of those immigrants are trying to do things right.

There should be no amnesty for those who are here illegally. It's as simple as that.

Secure the borders, round up the illegals, send them home and show them the right way to come back.

Work on immigration reform! But let's enforce the laws we currently have on the books while we do.


---The dhimmi-crats and their version of "troop support".

Another funding package with timetables, deadlines. Another veto bill.

They know in advance they're not going to get anywhere with these half assed "troop funding" bills. They've been in "power" for months and they haven't passed a single piece of legislation! They're obsessed with their hatred of George Bush. They're obsessed with bringing Bush's leadership to it's knees. They're obsessed with smearing the Republican party's past successes, with shaming whoever they can shame, with promoting angst in this nation's political arena.

The dhimmi-crats are not representative of our American tolerance, progression, patience, unity.

The dhimmi-crats are obsessed with dividing the American populace, obsessed with fear.

They're desperate, they're scared and they're on the brink of panic. They know the 2008 elections are rapidly approaching and they know their popularity is waning.

They know their "leadership" is a shambles, devoid of an relevance, any integrity, credibility.

Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy, Murtha??? Are these the leaders we want for our nation tomorrow?

Do we want this leadership coupled with the likes of Clinton or Obama?

Personally, I don't. I voted for Bill Clinton years ago. Perhaps that's why I'm not going there again.

All I can say is the Republicans are letting it happen to them. They aren't united and they've become the whipping boys the dhimmi-crats have made them out to be. They're spineless and embarrasingly weak.

It's a rant, but it's mine!

For what it's worth.

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