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Saturday, May 19, 2007


---It’s as simple as that!

There’s nothing more to this “bi-partisan” sell out than that! Some of those in the United States government, some of OUR ELECTED LEADERS are selling out our very ethics, morals, values--- OUR COUNTRY, OUR YOUNG BUT RICH CULTURE by trying to force feed us another “Amnesty” program.


SECURE OUR BORDERS! ROUND UP THE ILLEGAL ALIENS AND SEND THEM HOME! Back to where they came from. Back to their own countries so they can learn a bit about the difference between right and wrong, respect of values, laws, assimilation.

Let them know they’re in this country ILLEGALLY! Tell them that! Help them understand it and send them home.

If they wish to apply and come back through the legal process, so be it! Great! Let them apply, help them with the process, work with them and welcome them if and when they get approved. Help them adapt, assimilate.

But, let’s don’t reward people for bad behavior, lawlessness. Let’s have them go through our “immigration” process--- Our LEGAL “immigration” process. I mean, it’s worked for scores of thousands before them.

Let it work for them!

If the process needs streamlining, tweaking then let’s streamline it! Tweak it! Don’t wholesale it and don’t abandon it!

If it’s broken fix it and use it!

The dhimmi-crats and republicans need to get their respective heads out of their asses and listen to what the public is saying.

Kennedy, McCain, Bush, Feingold--- all of you jumping onto this giveaway bill--- you need to listen up a bit. You need to hear what is being said and understand that you’re not actually understanding what is being said now!


If we grant amnesty to these illegal aliens we’re affording those who entered this fine country for whatever purpose, whatever motive the opportunity AND SUPPORT to carry on, regardless of the circumstances.

As we’ve learned from history that’s a dangerous practice.

Ask these illegal aliens why they’re fleeing their countries. Ask these illegal aliens why their home countries vigorously protect their borders. Ask these illegal aliens if non-citizens in their countries can openly protest and demand government AND CITIZEN concessions and get them. Ask these illegal aliens if non-citizens in their countries can demand free health care, education, welfare, transportation, legal representation and get it.

Ask them then ask them again why the left their homeland.

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