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Saturday, May 05, 2007

al-Sadr, be honest with us!

We know in islam it's acceptable for you to lie. That qur'an thing says it's okay to lie to a non-muslim, to deceive so long as islam benefits.

But, define "islam" and "benefits". Is "islam" narrowly defined as the way of the shi'a or does the definition of islam include the sunnis and others?

I'm just curious, not that I really care--- just curious. However, I do believe the answer does have some connection to what's been happening in Iraq lately with this Al-Qaeda "insurgency" and all.

According to what I've been reading it's difficult to believe that the shi'a (fully blown nut case) cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has nothing to do with Al Qaeda like he claims!

Remember him? He's the shi'a freak, the shi'a coward who fled to Iran when the latest "surge" began, leaving his loyal Mahdi army butchers behind to fend for themselves as the surge moved forward.

He's the same freak who tried to establish an "alternative cabinet" to the existing Iraqi government back in October of 2003.

Now we're seeing an increase in sectarian violence between the shiites and the sunnis. Certainly something right out of fatboy al-Sadr's playbook. I mean, afterall he is a "cleric", a muslim icon.

And, catch a glimpse of this latest plot. A school for girls wired to be blown up. The school's construction (financed by the Americans, being built with Iraqi labor and American military oversight) was almost complete and was six weeks away from opening when American military personnel uncovered the plot.

There could have been as many as 400 young, innocent school girls in the building. Imagine the slaughter of these innocents by those so called Religion of Peace practitioners had the plot not been discovered!

I question this plan, this plot to slaughter. Would it have been "okay" and in accordance with the teachings found in the qu'ran and other so-called religious books relating to islam? Would it have been "acceptable" because it would have happened solely to muslim females?

This islam thing just ain't seeming to be what it's all cracked up to be, now is it.

But you still have the appeaser of the house, senate dhimmi-crat leader and the rest of the dhimmi-crats all calling for our surrender and withdrawal.

Yah, we surrender and withdraw- you know, subscribe to the Pelosi, Reid, Murtha plan- and watch as the bloodbath begins--- err, continues--- err, increases.

Wonderful idea you politico idiots!


HamsLife said...

You are right about the blood bath that will follow if we pull out now. It will be worse then Vietnam. But the blood shed will not be just over there it will be over hear. They will believe that we do not have the resolve to stand against the terror tactics.

If we leave the new government of Iraq will not be able to stand because Iran does not want us there and they will feed the insurgents with men and weapons until Iraq falls.

ttueoop said...


You're very right with your comment. It will be worse than Vietnam and it will continue far longer than Vietnam did. They will also come to us--- again.

So, as long as we're having this fight in their backyard let's keep it there until it's done. If we do Iraq will survive as a democracy and the middle east will be forever changed. If we fail--- if we follow the path the dhimmi-crats want us to take then Iraq will become a dark, very oppressive islamic state that will serve as a home for global terrorist organizations.