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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Fatah al-islam will take its fight---

---beyond Nahr al-Bared and Tripoli!"

If the Lebanese military will ever let them that is.

I mean after all, the islamic terrorists fatah al-islam provoked this fight. They tried to bloody the nose of the Lebanese government by setting off a couple of bombs and getting into some pretty wild shootouts here and there over the past couple of days. Now they're huddled in a squalid refugee camp hiding out amongst the "refugees", using the innocents as human shields--- the way of the islamic terrorist.

But the Lebanese commanders wouldn't fall for it. As the islamo rats ran back into their rat hole the Lebanese commanders sent their military after them. They showered the islamic pigs with artillery, an occasional bullet here and there whenever one of the islamo freaks mustered enough courage to shoot at them and a tank shell or two.

Having had enough of it for the time being the fatso al-islam "terrorists" are now calling for their second cease fire in as many days---

---or is it their third?

Who knows, I lost count.

Either way, the military tactics of this pathetic group of islumo terrorists are pretty damned sorry and predictable. Like the rodents they are they sneak out of the refugee camp during the cease fires, plant some bombs here and there to slaughter some innocents, shoot at a couple of folks and run back to the camp. Once there, they request another cease fire. That's it! I imagine this tactic can be found on page 4 of the fatso al-islum manual of terror and warfare (draft).

I even think there was at least one "truce" declared in this little "war". I read about it somewhere but when I went back to reference the article an hour or so later I couldn't find it. Besides, both sides were fighting again so I figured the news of "peace" was old news.

One has to admit though, this butt kicking that the Lebanese army is applying to this fatso al-islam gang is pretty impressive.

You have to hand it to the Lebanese troops. Their tactics are simple and effective. They respond to stimuli. It's a pretty natural and basic rule. Don't shoot at us and we won't shoot at you!.

That's the truth. That's their message to this fatso al-islum band of thugs. Here's the quote right out of Earth Times. "The Lebanese army on its part said that they will not shoot if they are not shot at."

Now any dolt should be able to figure that particular rule out.

Go figure.


Donald Douglas said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I haven't yet responded to your remarks over there, but I will. I'm bookmarking your page, in any case, and will come occassionally for a visit here and perhaps a comment. I like what I see after just a quick glimpse!

Have a great day!

Burkean Reflections

USpace said...

Good post, let's hope Lebanon puts these terrorist monkeys down...

terrorists control
Beirut attack Israel
- Lebanon at WAR

Dennis said...
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ttueoop said...


It was my pleasure. You have several good reads on your blog. I'm going to drop by sometime in the future when I have ample time and comment in a bit more detail. Currently, life is pretty busy.


Isn't it crazy? Judging from what's happening in Lebanon I think there's no doubt that the Lebanese are fed up with this little group and are most likely going to crush it. I loved their option to them... surrender so you can be jailed and tried or die.

Now that's pretty straightforward communications. The type of straightforward communications that should be going on between all legitimate governments and terrorists groups everywhere.

Too bad some of our politicians insist that we have to appease and acquiesce.

Oh well...

USpace said...

I totally agree, the only language these monkeys understand is one of force.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't slaughter your enemy...

see a job worth doing
not a job worth doing right