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Monday, October 30, 2017

How about a bit of political humor?!

More from my friend, Dan...

Your failed POS exPOTUS barry pinning medals on his four favorite buds. All of them accused at one time or another of sexual deviancy, sex abuse, etc.

I guess this is a whole new level for what to expect from the left.


Just sayin'. I mean, I have a right per both of thse amendments... ALL of the amendments and I'm good to go with exercising them. Oh, I'll also be good to do with a musket and an ink well and a quill pen if it goes there but it won't happen.


Being as how things are shaking out re: the most current investigation of Russian meddling, etc. I'm thinking this little meme can go several different ways. Anti-Left, Anti-Right... but either way we need to get back on track, back in focus and if relevant, charge and prosecute ALL of those who sold our country out or otherwise compromised our national integrity, security to ANY foreign government! If the shoe fits, wear it.
How Darned Timely these all are!

As Long As We're Mentioning Liars, How About The FBI?

LaVoy Finicum was killed while exercising his constitutional rights. In my opinion he shouldn't have been shot multiple times let alone at all but, I try not to second guess those who are on the ground and are trying to effect an arrest under most any circumstances.

However, once the arrest is made or the incident otherwise comes to a conclusion and the proper authorities are in control of the situation I believe in formally reviewing and learning from the incident(s).

In LaVoy Finicum's case I purposely checked my angst, my disgust with what I saw in the video relating to the shooting of LaVoy Finicum when I saw it. I knew there'd be public outrage and I knew there'd be someone "thrown under the bus". After watching the video many times I concluded that though Mr. Finicum did appear to pose a real threat to law enforcement and others at the scene and (in my opinion) was shot in response to that threat he posed. I also felt there needed and most likely would be an extensive follow up investigation related to Mr. Finicum's death, at least. The very idea that Mr. Finicum was executed in an Oregon standoff by federal authorities did not appear to me to be an accurate claim. From what I saw he, LaVoy Finicum was given ample opportunities to surrender before and during the incident and refused to do so. He chose to die for what he believed. Personally, I respect the man for that. I wish he'd have made another decision, if not for himself, for his family but he didn't. I felt and still feel his angst, his disgust with the outright trampling on the rights of generational landowners, ranchers, farmers... those who hold guv'ment leases that were negotiated decades earlier and are re-negotiated over the years. I understand his angst when he realizes his whole existence, his family's heritage is being stripped from him by Federal ink and San Francisco attorneys and broken promises.

I understand all of that. I'm not directly affected by our government's over-reach when it comes to century old ranching, farming leases but I am affected, my family's affected by the government's land grab tyranny. I'll simply leave it at that.

But, relating to this tragic, avoidable incident, yes, there's much, much more to this story. Some of it we'll never get to the bottom of.

In my summary of things that's how I saw it and that's how I called it.

Now, over a year later we're learning that subsequent to follow up investigations at least one Federal Agent has been indicted. Keep in mind many of the particular agents assigned to this Oregon "stand off" included the FBI's "elite" Hostage Rescue Team (HRT). They're trained at a much more heightened level than the regular agents and street cops which, in my opinion should suggest they're less susceptible to making these types of "mistakes" and certainly know what's appropriate and what's not appropriate.

But the bottom line? The charged agent and most likely others who may have been involved allegedly lied to the follow up investigators, tampered with the crime scene after the fact, allegedly removed evidence from the scene and or otherwise destroyed it, at least. If the information is factual then any rookie, probationer street cop knows better than that! You don't lie and you certainly don't tamper with the crime scene nor the evidence.

When Mr. Finicum made the choice he made he had several other choices well before and on the day he chose to die. For whatever reason it appears he made his choice and subsequently gave up his right to live. His death was determined to have been a justified death. It's unfortunate it ended that way for all involved but it did. That's not the issue here. The issue I see is that at least one very well trained, seasoned, career Federal Law Enforcement Agent lied about and/or allegedly attempted to cover up his level of involvement by allegedly tampering with and/or removing evidence from a homicide scene prior to the scene's investigation.

If accurate, that's most definitely a criminal act.

Here's another link to more related information on this particular killing. It appears the agent has plead "not guilty" to the charges.

We need REAL answers,


Thanks again for sharing this Dan!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Even Good Liars Can't Lie!

Ask the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, hillary clinton. She's lied her way through life and it's all coming down around her and slick willy's ears now. If you haven't read Peter Schweizer's book, "Clinton Cash" you truly need to! I had a friend recommend it to me some time ago. I bought it, read it several times and still review it for those crazy research ideas I get as I stumble through this whole "Clinton Cartel" mess.

But then I digress. Back to the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, hillary clinton.

Just when she thought the whole email, Clinton Cash, Russian collusion thing was over with. Just when she thought she'd dodged the proverbial "bullet", she got dumped on and abandoned by her own kind of folks, those other self serving politicos. 

And now THIS well document piece I borrowed from the Gateway Pundit!

It seems What her mouth doesn't say her body, mannerisms tell us! As a well-practiced, experienced, professional liar she just can't hide those truths her body tells us. She can't help suggesting to us she's lying and quite frankly it appears she's not alone. Me thinks the whole lid's going to blow off of this ugly mess soon. She and her cronies will have nowhere to hide.

Nope, she's toast. Don't believe me then listen to the link I posted in this paragraph. For the good of America watch the video in the following link. The message will begin at around 19 seconds after a brief "lead in" re: health, etc. Give it a listen and let's hope this whole Clinton Cartel will take a YUGE fall. Oh, and if you want a timeline of events that attributed to our previous administration's unchecked corruption here's that link!

Oh, and for us obummer "trashers"... yep, it's true. We can toss that POSPOTUS obama in the mix too!


Many Pakistani Muslims Argue That "Pedophilia Is Okay".

Pedophilia and homosexuality. But they don't quite say it that way.

According to a three years old study and subsequent poll by the Daily Mail in Pakistan, many Pakistani men believe that sex with young boys is okay, not wrong per their "religion", their custom. Whether the boys approve or not (like that should make any difference).

In 2014 The Daily Mail published this article about the seemingly rampant sexual abuse of young boys in Pakistan perpetuated by adult Muslim males. According to a 2014 survey one third of adult Pakistani males believe it's okay to have sex with young boys. Especially having sex with the young "street boys" who have no adults to provide protection for them.

Per the study "an estimated 90 per cent of street children have been victims of sexual abuse at some point in their lives".

And their "religion" (islam) accepts this?!

I'm sorry folks but that there islam thing, it's not a religion! It can't be! It's nothing more than a vile, despicable, demonic cult.

What is it about religion and pedophilia? Where's the "guidance" from their "holy books" that suggest pedophilia is okay? I'll suggest islam's not alone on this one but that particular cult of islam is certainly leading the way to hell!



Islam! It calls itself a "religion of peace"?

It's not a Religion, let alone a religion of peace!

Thanks for sharing this with me Dan!

Pelosi Is Losing Her Faculties!!! REALLY!!!

I don't mean to state the obvious but, well... I'll state the obvious.


Nancy Pelosi is losing her faculties. Watch this recent clip of her trying to address some simple topics related to her "agenda". She's obviously not quite hitting on any if not all of her mental cylinders.

She needs to go. She's of no valuable service to us, the taxpayers any longer. Watch the clip. She has no idea what she's trying to say or she's unable to say what she's trying to say.  You decide that one. I'm guessing it's both. I do believe she needs to accept that her time has finally arrived to leave her plush gravy train job and now she simply needs to get out of the way.

Actually that time for her to leave is long overdue in my opinion.  Thanks to The American Mirror's Kyle Olson for pointing this out to us.


Get Those Clinton Emails Out In The OPEN!

Let's get those emails and other information out in the open, out to the public as soon as possible! Let's show everyone what ACTUALLY did take place during that failed POSPOTUS Barack Hussein Obama's eight very long years of dark, destructive, divisive "rule" of our country.

Let's see, hear and decide for ourselves what the Clinton Cartel and their liberal friends were truly up to. Not the watered down, redacted, "held for national security" reasons we were force fed over the past eight years. Let's see why they were allowed to sell our security out to our adversaries for personal profit.

Let us, the citizens have full, complete, unrestricted access to an open and frank review of ALL of those emails, those documents, those notes... everything related to the Clinton cartel's (and all others involved) alleged treason. To Clinton's sellout of our world, national, regional, personal security via their emails, phone conversations, documents, etc.

It's time to bring those among us who would dare sell us out, the establishment to its knees. What better place to start than the Clintons and their alleged co-conspirators. But, don't stop there. Drain the friggin' swamp and fill the prisons with the vermin who've made fortunes off of our labors, our hardships.

Drain the swamp and rid it of all of those who made their fortunes at our expense!

WE NEED TERM LIMITS!!! 12 yrs. max., same health care as the rest of us, a nice plaque and letter thanking them for their "service" to our country (if warranted) and a monthly stipend not to exceed $2,000.00 per month for the remainder of their natural life or a simple $35.00 separation check... whichever is warranted, depending on the true quality of their service as determined by us, the voters, their constituents.


Friday, October 27, 2017

CNN Claimed Trump's a Conspiracy Theorist

Yep. Back when our POTUS Donald J. Trump mentioned the "anti-Trump" dossier that was created by his "opponents" and was being circulated amongst the throngs of liberal, left winged whining losers was a liberal "hit" of sorts, well, it appears he was right.

The Mainstream Media and in particular their flagship, the Clinton News Network (CNN... whatever their real title is) publicly came out and called our POTUS Donald J. Trump a conspiracy theorist for even thinking the real conspiracy against him was, well, a real conspiracy against him.

And now, come to find out? It WAS!!!

It's not a theory, it's a fact! It's a fact now, it was a fact then and CNN and every other leftist, mainstream media news source that covered the story covered it up as a conspiracy concocted by our POTUS Donald J. Trump.

Thank God we, the voters who voted for our POTUS Donald J. Trump knew and hopefully still know the difference between right and wrong, fact and fiction when WE voted! Otherwise we'd have the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, hillary clinton and the whole clinton cartel at the helm of our nation... again. We'd have been thrown under the bus by now and doomed for another eight years of failure at the hands of yet another failed liberal POTUS who would have continued the left's march towards the demise of our MIGHTY FINE REPUBLIC, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Those liberal elites, those democrats and liberal republicans and fence sitters are nothing more than bought and paid for politicos who hold an unwavering allegiance to a throng of global handlers.

Liberals, the left, democrats, fence sitters and RINOs... They have absolutely nothing to do with serving our country, us. It's all about them and their handlers.

I'm proud to be amongst the majority of those Americans who knew then and knows the truth now. Who voted and still votes against the demonic left!

The "conspiracy" has become a reality... but WAIT! it always was always a reality in this case. It was simply spun by the mainstream media as a conspiracy theory and the sheep followed the story line over the cliff.

Here's hoping there will be prison time for those responsible, at least!


Obama's HUD... over a half TRILLION DOLLARS "lost"?!

How in the hell does someone lose a half trillion dollars!

I don't know but Obama's HUD did!

There's over $520,000,000,000 dollars lost or otherwise "unaccounted for" somewhere "out there" and we're just now finding out about it?! How in the hell could this happen? How does this happen without anyone noticing until the new administration comes in and does their own audit?!

Oh yeah, because Obama's failed administration didn't care. They've most likely doctored the books and buried it. Now that it's been exposed whoever's responsible for the "loss" will be insulated by excuses, cover ups, written off to "poor practices". Most likely he or she or they will be let off the hook for the obvious outright theft of our taxpayer money!

After all, whoever's responsible WAS and/or might still be serving in the guv'ment. You know, that very government where corruption runs rampant and our money is theirs.

Murderers, tramps, liars, perverts and thieves. That's what our entitled liberal guv'ment has become over the past 8 or more years!


Thanks to Ben Marquis of the Conservative Tribune for sharing this information.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Bergdahl's Sentencing Hearing!

It's past time for the "press" to quit playing politics and let the judge do his damned job! I'm sick of the liberal press and the grandstanding idiots who, when given the spotlight, the microphone, the opportunity, they try to turn everything into a political circus.

Bergdahl himself admitted he's a traitor and admitted to all of the charges against him. He did so while knowing there would be absolutely NO deal by the prosecutors to cap his punishment in return for his guilty plea. He wasn't coerced, he wasn't beaten, he wasn't tortured by our military personnel. He agreed he did what he was charged with. In other words, Bergdahl agreed with the military and the rest of us that he IS the traitor that he truly is. He agreed he deserted his post and fully agreed he misbehaved before the enemy.

Bergdahl's accepted his fate.

This military judge, Army Colonel Jeffery R. Nance tells us  "I don't have any doubt whatsoever that I can be fair and impartial in the sentencing in this matter".

Okay then Colonel Nance, listen to what's being presented and simply sentence the traitor to life imprisonment. Pretty simple stuff. Be done with the traitor.

I can't wait to see the maggot in jail garb, no longer wearing those stripes on his sleeves.

IMHO and unbiased opinion!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Iran and Hamas

Iran's catering to hamas, fatah... PLA more now than ever. They see an opportunity to "gain some ground" so to speak, in the Middle East.

"The Palestinian Cause Is The Most Important Cause..." of the islamic world according to Ali Velayati, a shill for that pedophile ayatollah dude. Either way it doesn't bode well for peace in the Middle East.

Israel is not alone. I hope they realize that!


The Turks, They Love To Hate Us, Hate To Love US!

The Turks have a different type of "love/hate" relationship with us yet they have their personal, selfish expectations of us. The vast majority of the Turks believe that 9/11 was not an attack on the United States by an Arab group. They believe their problems that they do have with us, those of us in the "west" are entirely our fault, not theirs. They blame their global recognition failures on us and they hate Christians.

They even hate us as much as they hate ISIS (and that's allegedly A LOT!) yet, they EXPECT the United States to be the first nation to come to their aid if/when they need it.

But wait, there's more!

Read the Middle East Forum article in the previous link, it's entertaining at best.


Sunday, October 22, 2017


Is China Ready To Lead?!

With the European Union in disarray, Brazil falling off of their short lived global plate re: production and economy, India being (once again... or should I say "still") pre-occupied regarding their seemingly never ending quarrel with Pakistan it appears China's got a somewhat free pass to take a shot at increasing their global leadership if they want it.

At least that's my take from reading the article I linked to above.

China's poised to take on a more robust global leadership role in manufacturing, economy and trade and quite frankly we're seemingly encouraging it to happen. While we're so busy quarreling within about what tweet is appropriate or not, whether the NFL should kneel during our national anthem, whose lives matter more than others, our open borders, Clinton's travesties, etc., the liberal "hate America" agenda, global conquest and other things of the sort we're letting our what's left of our global influence fall to the wayside.

And China's poised to take advantage of our internal quarreling. Why wouldn't they? We would... hell, we have.

I'm thinking I'm witnessing a crumbling of our values, of our global influence. Every "empire", every dog eventually has its day and then it's all downhill from there.

Are we there yet? Because we're certainly not poised to lead or at least it doesn't appear to ME that we are poised to lead. Nah, from what I'm seeing we've become a distraction to many, a reduced influence globally and a liability to some. Our infighting is fraying our unity and the whole world's watching, noticing.

That given, why WOULDN'T other nations start posturing and start testing the global markets, the competition at least? It makes sense to me... I don't like it but it makes sense.

Life goes on.


Wake Up America!!!

I just added a new site to my preferred site list in the left column of this blog. It's Wake Up America! and seems to flow with some of what we post on this site though I'm probably a bit more daesh, isis, isil, islam heavy than Wake Up America! is. I was sent a note by blogger that they found another site I might be interested in. I followed up on it and voila, I liked what I saw.

Either way, it appears to be a pretty darned good, straight shooting site. Somewhat more domestically oriented than this one but it's a great place to visit.

I love the Antifa exposures and the vaginal feminist warriors pieces. Some great work and review went into those posts. I'm just now poking around there so I'm sure I'll become far more enlightened.

If you get the urge jump over and give it a look-see.

Leave a comment too.

The Cowards Have Met Their Match!

...in Syria.

So, that given what's going to be the fate of the jihadists who traveled to Syria to assist isis, et. al.?

Here's a pretty direct and simple answer.

"Our mission is to make sure that any foreign fighter who is here, who joined ISIS from a foreign country and came into Syria, they will die here in Syria," said Brett McGurk, the top U.S. envoy for the anti-IS coalition, in an interview with Dubai-based Al-Aan television.

"So, if they're in Raqqa, they're going to die in Raqqa".

They lived by the sword, now they can die by the sword or bullets or whatever else they might die by, excepting old age.

They made their choice now they can deal with it. I have no compassion for those who joined, fought next to and continued to fight next to their fellow isis, isil, is... daesh butchers. No compassion for them nor those who supported them including their wives, their families, their friends, etc.

I read this AP article posted in the Yahoo "news" feed and can't determine from the tone of the Yahoo folks or the author as to whether or not they're supporting the extermination of these vermin or are condemning it. But Brett McGurk, the top U.S. envoy made his message clear to the rest of the world. He wants to honor the jihadists wishes. He wants to ensure their wishes to die in Syria are fulfilled.

Me? I'm wholly in support of their extermination. Anyone who supports the savagery of those isis, isil, is, daesh vermin deserve the same treatment they dealt to others, at least!

C'est la vie!


Why There Is No Peace In The Middle East...

Here's a fantastically written piece by Philip Carl Salzman that was posted to the Gatestone Institute's social media website. It's one of the better articles I've read in some time.

The article by Salzman explains the challenges, the experiences of cultural and religious "diversification" in the Middle East and why it seemingly fails in many ways. Salzman describes the mentality of defeat, victory, the "winner/loser" mentality, acceptance and its influence on those affected. As mentioned by Salzman there's historically huge hurdles to "leap" before one can assume any sort of progress for peace will be made, let alone realize that peace.

The comments from the readers that were generated by Salzman's article present a myriad of ideas, perspectives and help to establish some sort of base and the climate to be expected when discussing these sensitive challenges to our global society, at least.


So, give it a read and add your comments to his article. Join in the discussion there.

The ongoing romance of CNN and Qatar Airways

Is it a match made by allah, satan?

Bruce Bawer says it best when he wrote  "There is more, much more, about Qatar that makes the Qatar Airways commercial a masterpiece of hypocrisy. CNN is aware of every last bit of it. And yet, CNN International is currently exposing its viewers on a regular basis to a commercial that is nothing short of grotesquely mendacious propaganda."

I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that many of us affectionately refer to CNN as the Clinton News Network and that many of us know or at least have heard of the alleged connections between the clintons and Qatar.

Many of us have also seen those "Qatar Airways" commercials on CNN programing quips. That given, let's assume there must be some connection between CNN and Qatar. I'll stop short of calling it a romance but hey, I already think I did.

In short, CNN has understandably and quite frankly, expectedly stooped to new lows given their current enablement of Qatar and islum via the Qatar Airways "commercials". CNN or more affectionately known to me as the Clinton News Network has opted to air the islamic doctrine via the Qatar Airways commercials. 

Much like most propaganda that we've been force fed over the past several decades CNN and Qatar have partnered to layer the "all one world" goodness bullshat on us while Qatar continues to fund the slaughter of those who will not dhimmify, those who are not muslim, those of us who are Christians. Qatar and those elements Qatar funds wants that "all one world" to be inhabited by muslims. And in particular, by those muslims Qatar deems "true muslims"... whatever the heck that might be.

Nah, the Clinton News Network, CNN has become the media outlet for Qatar's alleged (wink-wink) one world order... islamic paradise bullshat propaganda...


The Spanish caliphate!

Spain has become just another major daesh stepping stone to the west. daesh has been waiting for generations to remove Christianity from Spain and to instill the cult of islam as the ONLY religion allowed. They were expelled centuries ago yet they remained and now they're buying up Spain like it's no one else's business.

Much like Giulio Meotti the author of the article suggests the invading muslims are building far more mosques than there are muslims in Spain. Why? Perhaps to fill them with muslims in the future!?

The invasion of Spain, of Europe continues. The Saudis, et.al., daesh... they're conquering Spain one euro at a time! Most likely not in my lifetime but one day soon Spain, Europe... the world will be a collection of caliphates, a collection of islamic cults if this growth continues unchecked.

I likened islam to a devouring slime mold quite some time ago on this and other sites I've participated in. This planned and subsequently implemented takeover of Europe, the world by islam is evidence of the intentions, the very mantra of islam's terminal goal.

And we're watching it happen to us.


Saturday, October 21, 2017

So, an illegal alien has been arrested for starting some of the California fires?!

Go figure!

Who would've thunk it being as Californicatia's a Jerry Brown sanctuary state and all! You folks in Californicatia need to start explaining to some of your neighbors why your and their houses are no longer standing, why you and their friends and possibly family were killed in those fires and why you all shouldn't be held liable for the deaths, destruction and subsequently the suppression costs associated with all of those wildland fires that just happened to have happened recently.

Especially since it appears "some" of those fires were most likely caused by Jesus Fabian Gonzalez who was "arrested in connection with setting a fire in Sonoma County Wine Country (and) is an illegal alien from Mexico". Gonzalez  was returned to his “home country” twice but during his latest trip north into your "sanctuary state" he opted to light the world on fire.

Yeah, how's that liberal mantra working out for you folks now?!

I'm thinking there's going to be one helluva lot of lawsuits, head hunting and finger pointing coming down the 'pike before this whole mess is sorted out, if it ever is.

I'd start with that self serving, liberal Jerry Brown if I were you folks. Start there and follow through with all of the other minions who jumped on board Brown's idiotic, fatally flawed "save the world" plan!

But then again, most likely nothing will happen to those responsible except for that Jesus Fabian Gonzalez fall guy that's being hyped up in the main stream media as the sole bad guy in this whole tragic mess!

The government of Californicatia needs to stand up and take the heat for this mess as well. Every last one of those public servants who insisted that those who invade our country should be protected the enforcement of our immigration laws, at least.

This shat has to end!


Turkey?! I thought they were!

According to this article Turkey's acting like an enemy now. Personally, I already thought they'd turned that corner back when Erdogan surrounded our airbase and did his saber rattling. But then again, I tend to over judge the activities of a few sometimes.

Personally though, I don't think for a fleeting second that they're our "ally" let alone our "friend". Who are we trying to kid. Let's call it what it is. They're acting like and most likely are our enemy. You know, that "Duck Theory" thing. "Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck... most likely a duck." Just throw out the word "duck" and replace it with "enemy".

It's all about logic.


The 30 Most Important Islamist Stories in September, 2017

According to David Swindle at the Islamist Watch. They're all well worth the read!

They range from genital mutilation to death to those who dare slander the cult of islam and/or their pedophile prophet mooohamud to the enablers of Europe and the slaughter of those ex-muslims who ultimately saw the light and jumped off of the islamic ship into reality.

Here's the LIST !

Enjoy the disturbing reads! Remember, these animals walk amongst us! They want us to convert or  dhimmified or slaughtered and wants what's ours. There's no middle ground with them.


France, The Collaborators!

Gatestone Institute is being generous and kind when they mention the French as ONLY collaborators. France has done as much or more to encourage the invasion of Europe by the Islamic hordes than Germany, Great Britain and Spain have though I think it's a tough argument to suggest Merkel in particular and Germany did less than France. Co chief collaborators? Yes... I'd go that route.

Spain is nearly unrecognizable now. Great Britain's surrounded (again) and is somewhat helpless and clueless when it comes to the recognition of the Islamic threats being posed against it.

Damien Le Guay seems to get it right in his new book entitled La guerre civile qui vient est déjà là ("The Coming Civil War Is Here Already"). One of my favorite lines and probably one of the most compelling is  "In order to disarm terrorists, we must disarm consciences".

How do you argue that?!

A special thanks to Gieulio Meotti for the usually well written, researched, informative article I culled from the Gatestone Institute site.

It's a "spot on" piece that shouts a warning to us all.


As Kirkuk Falls!

While daesh, isis, isil, iwhatever get their arses kicked and flee like the cowards they are from the middle east, France, Germany, Spain... hell, all of Europe are welcoming them with open arms, or so it seems.

But at least Kirkuk and the middle east can rest easier, for now. Not so for Europe, or so it seems. Europe will be the next caliphate if this continues.


"Thank you" to the Mideast Forum for their link.

Germany, The Fascist State...


It's deja vu,  all over again. Germany wants social media sources (Farcebook, Twitter, etc.) to censor their contributors, their subscribers, their advertisements or else...

Germany, the renewed muslim sanctuary, the fascist state is rearing its ugly head again in favor of fascism, liberal government control. In favor of islam...

We've been down that path several times with them and quite frankly it didn't work then, it won't work now and it sure as hell won't work in the future. Why can't folks learn something from their prior mistakes. Especially countries who have failed miserably and are on that downwards spiral again.

Let's look at some troubling "contributors" to this most recent Merkel knee jerk. She's allowed Germany to be overwhelmed with shitrea critters, she's surrendered Germany to islam and her supporters are all glassy-eyed and salivating over a renewed, invigorating, fascist Germany. Much like the old, out with the current, in with the new.

Merkel, Germany, et. al. wants to rule Europe again... first. Then the rest of the world if that all works out.

I doubt it will but hey, daesh, those isis, isil, isaw freaks, they need somewhere to go and something to do. They can't hang around in the mid-east, they're targets there. I mean, after all, they got their sorry pedophile arses kicked in that neck of the woods. Europe is a much softer target for them.


Thanks to the Gatestone Institute for their link to the article embedded in my post.

As a side note, it isn't just Germany. France is falling (again). Or so it seems...

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Texas Demoncrat Al Green Introduces Impeachment Articles Against Our POTUS

Texas Democrat Representative Al Green has introduced impeachment articles against our POTUS Donald J. Trump.

The failed representative introduced them but very few from either side of the aisle paid any attention to Green.

I think it's past time we bring this whole mess to the forefront and call it what it is. The left is doing all they can do to terminate our constitutionally elected POTUS Donald J. Trump's presidency! It's past the point of finger pointing and foot stomping by the spoiled left. They've crossed the line again. This time in yet another failed attempt to discredit and distract and interfere with our POTUS Donald J. Trump's leadership, his presidency.

We need to change our country's course. We elected Donald J. Trump to do just that. Those on the left? They lost! Now it's time to get to work and change that course. Right the ship and get us back into some positive gain again. After the past eight years of liberal "rule" (I'm including the RINOs like McCain, Rubio, Bush, et. al. on that "liberal rule" list) it's time to get back on the conservative path. We voted for that, we won the vote now make it happen!

To hell with Al Green, John McCain, et. al.


Saturday, October 14, 2017


Before I go to watch my grandsons play their playoff game in their youth football league I thought I'd get another word in re: the Not For Long football league's absurd "protests".

I read THIS earlier today and felt compelled to share it.

Please read and share if/when you can.


Germany Warns The U.S. Of War...


This time they're using the Iran Nuclear Deal as their banner.

Can anyone see the irony of Germany warning the United States that our previous "agreement" with Iran needs to continue? You know, that "agreement" between barack hussein obummer and the Iranians. The very same barack hussein obama who paid the Iranians hundreds of millions of dollars in (wink-wink) ransom money prior to vacating the presidency! The very same Germany who's been responsible for the start of two "World Wars".

Yep, that Germany.

Germany's telling us we need to resume the agreement or we will most likely assure another global war. Third time's the charm eh, Germany?

This would be humorous if it wasn't a real suggestion. Germany... the gateway to Europe for thousands of "refugees" who are hell-bent on destroying us.

Iran's not to be trusted and Germany's doing nothing more than enabling Iran.

The question I have is "WHY?"


Ya' gotta love the Irish!

They know how to make good out of bad! This is a great way to spend a lengthy delay at the airport. I really didn't see anyone not enjoying it and most were "joining in".

Music, it's an integral part of communication, of society!


"Entitled" muslims gone bad...

Or mad... or whatever.

Maybe it's just me but I truly don't think they've "gone bad". I think they're doing what they're expected to do by those who mentor, handle them from within their "faith". Given that thought, that belief I can't seem to find any sympathy for theseentitled muslim "professors" and associates who believe their "entitlements" are being infringed upon.

They want what they think is theirs and only theirs. There's no middle ground, no sharing, no compassion for others affected, no desire to negotiate, no discussion. These freaks of nature? Well, they're muslims and they're professors or in some way associated with "higher education" so obviously they consider themselves superior to the rest of us. What they want they believe they're entitled to get and no one can prevent that from happening. Except maybe a cop or two.

Their demanding, self-serving, insolent selves wholly establish they're truly the bellends of society.

Yep... they've gone bad but they're certainly not "mad". It's just the way they are. Get used to it. Or don't. I'm not about to "get used to it". I'll call it out when I see/hear/read it. You should too!


Friday, October 13, 2017

And the RINOs act out again!

This time it's about the decertification of Iran's nuclear deal and Bob Corker's all over it. He wants Iran to have nukes in conformance with that failed POSPOTUS barrack hussein obummer's original plan.

I'm guessing once it gets to the legislators for their obviously liberal biased reviews the nuclear arsenal of Iran will be complete and the whole deal re: decertification, etc. would be a moot point. Corker, et. al... they're not conservatives. They're in it for themselves.

Why in the world would we agree to Iran having nukes? Not that it makes any difference anyways. Since when did Iran care what we thought. IMHO

Just askin'

Okay POTUS Trump... you're going too far.

At least in my opinion.

I woke up and read where you, POTUS Donald J. Trump are trying to dictate to the NFL Commissioner how to run his business. Suggestions and sharing of ideas is one thing but demanding, dictating action is a simple way to shut down all communications, regardless of what it's about, at least.

Rush Limbaugh, a true supporter of yours has this one right! And like Rush Limbaugh I'm concerned about your edicts to that NFL Commission Goodell on this NFL stuff too.

POTUS Trump, I don't like what the pampered pups at the NFL are doing either but then again, I don't have to, neither do you. I shut them off and shut them out. Not my problem anymore. But you're taking the issue over the top and I have to say I can't agree with you dictating what someone, anyone should do with or to their business.

If it's your business then by all means lay the law down and make it happen... your way or the highway but the NFL isn't yours. It isn't ours... it belongs to... hell, I don't even know or care who it belongs to but they have every right to run it into the ground if they want to. And quite frankly I hope they do. Much like I have every right to tune them and their prim a donnas out altogether.

But POTUS Trump, you're not a dictator. Don't go there. You won't win.


UNESCO- buh-bye!

We should never have gone back after POTUS Ronald Reagan pulled us out of that sham of an organization. They're anti Israel and they make no effort to hide that fact!

So, why should we support UNESCO?

They're just another shill for global, one world government. They have nothing to do with us and they really want nothing from us but our money. Our POTUS Donald J. Trump is absolutely right on this subject! They recognize the Palestinian Let UNESCO fend for itself. They'll do just fine without us.

Or not, but why should we care? I don't.


Well Damn! "PACKS OF MUSLIMS"...

They're prowling Farcebook looking for those who dare speak out against the islamic cult on the Farcebook timelines. The truth is finally coming out though it's been known long before now.

Either way, THIS explains a whole helluva lot.

I used to have a Farcebook account... actually two Farcebook accounts but they were both "shut down" by Farcebook. Their official reason (or so others were told)? I failed to properly provide my true and full date of birth on one account and failed to properly provide my true and full name on another one. In other words I did what hundreds of thousands of folks who use the internet do to mask my true information from hackers, etc... I used a pseudonym and a fictional date of birth.

I always wondered what it "officially" was that made them lock me out but then again, it is their territory, their forum so I had no choice but to go elsewhere. When pressed for an explanation I received a note that some "folks" who read my two separate timelines were offended by my disparaging comments and hostile online demeanor. In essence, I was drummed out because of my "anti-muslim rhetoric", or so I heard/read. My Farcebook posts were pretty much along the lines of what I've written here for over ten years. It should be of no surprise to anyone that I don't buy into the argument that islam is a "religion of peace", let alone a "religion" though, as it was pointed out to me decades ago, in the perverted, dark sense of the term "religion", islam could fit the definition. I'd call it more of an occult group than what one would expect when they lump islam in as a "religion". But then again, that's just me.

Anyway, now it's official. Farcebook is allowing muslim groups to hunt those who refuse to accept islam as a religion, let alone a religion of peace and Farcebook is banishing those Farcebook users for eternity based on the whining islamic pack's information.

I'm one of those banned... twice. I wear and will continue to wear that badge with honor!


NFL? Go to Hell!

And take your prim a-donna "players" with you.

Russell Okung has a message for his fellow players. He wants all of the nfl players to resist the nfl's latest direction.

Go for it. I don't care but hey, there's still idiots out there who support those who hate our country and what it stands for. 

Millionaires complaining about being mistreated?



Just sayin'

The NFL crowd at its finest.

The NFL tries to pride itself as America's sport but hey, they're nothing about America. Especially these days. In light of all of the racial pampering and kowtowing and the outright disrespect for our nation,  our communities I guess we can expect more of THIS from their "fans". All the guy wanted the punk to do was sit down so he could watch the game.

The NFL AND the fans of that cesspool "sport" are nothing more than cowards.


Here's an update to this story. The "fan" has been identified and the police are taking action on the incident.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

ISIS claims the rights to Paddock's killing spree...

Those isis, isil freaks. Those muslims... they're desperate for attention these days.

NOW they're trying to claim the right's to Stephen Paddock's killing spree in Las Vegas, Nevada. Don't they have any shame?! They've been reduced to nothing of any significance and have been pushed to the curb, essentially eliminated from the news these days until recently. Now they're desperate to get their name back into the headlines... isis, isil, daesh, islam, muslims... you know the routine.

Isn't this the same land and folks that brought us Baghdad Bob ?! Now damn, he was funny, entertaining!

Remember muslims, daesh, isis, isil... it's an accepted practice for them to deceive, to lie to the rest of the world and they do and will lie at every opportunity in their desperate attempts to claim some hint of recognition.

What a pathetically irrelevant lot they are!


Friday, October 06, 2017

ISIS Claims Paddock Converted To The Cult Of Islam.

I can't say I didn't tell you so! I knew ISIS would try to somehow find a way to lay claim to the Las Vegas tragedy.

ISIS made the claim earlier and have done it again, officially... they've made the claim that the Las Vegas murderer, Stephen Paddock converted to islum prior to going on his murder spree in Las Vegas. Given his Philippine connection that's not wholly improbable. It certainly feeds the conspiracy theorists and provides all the more reason to despise that despicable cult of islam AND Stephen Paddock. If that was possible.

The very fact that representatives of islum wants to claim a wholesale slaughter of innocents enjoying a day of fun and music is beyond the pale!

islum, it is not a religion of peace. It's a vile cult.


Keith Olbermann VS the National Rifle Association...

...and the rest of us.

Just what the heck does this keith olbermann thing think he is? I mean, no one seems to really listen to him anymore do they? I wouldn't know. I really have nothing to do with the fool. Is he still trying to be a comedian? If so, he's failed at that too. He's a horrible comedian and a failed "talk show" host. I don't think he does the news anymore does he? Did he ever have anything to do with the news?

So who the hell cares what he has to say about anything?! I don't but I thought I'd share some of his gibberish with you. Just so you know, here's his latest lunacy...  "the NRA is a terrorist organization"! 

The guy's so far in the cellar that he has to resort to sensationalizing a tragedy and dragging in the National Rifle Association in a very failed attempt to prove his point. Note the idiot's skewed view of the intent of our Second Amendment to the constitution in his "discussion" about it.

I take it back, he can be a comedian at times. Only he doesn't know it. He's trying to be serious.

What a pathetic excuse for a human being, this olbermann thing.


Thanks to Guns America and in particular S.H. Blannelberry for sharing the article referred to above.


Make no mistake, our national and international "news" sources are overwhelmingly biased. They're designed to give us only the information that they feel we should be spoon fed.

It's been happening for decades but in the past there were some attempts by them to disguise their underlying intentions. Lately the press, national and global... they've come out of the closet . They were and still are running an ultra-biased campaign against conservatives. In particular, against our very President Of The United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

Some of you who chat with me regularly already know we've discussed this but I thought I'd dust off the above article from PEW and post it on here to let others read and judge for themselves.

I have only one question for those who think we're not being led by the bought and paid for media... HOW DOES THAT NOSE RING FEEL?!

Surely it has to hurt when you're being led around by your nose all of the time.


John McCain needs to RETIRE!

Arizona! DO SOMETHING!!!

Get John McCain out of office somehow. Just do it legitimately and quickly. He has never really been a true conservative, he never will be a true conservative and lately the blood-sucking, back stabbing, flaming liberal has come out of the closet for the world to see that he truly is what he is... a blood sucking, back stabbing, flaming liberal!

When McCain calls out a truly combat proven hero's ability to lead then I have REAL problems with that sack of shat McCain who calls himself a "conservative", a "republican". He's no more "conservative" than that failed POSPOTUS obummer was and is.

McCain's simply a liberal shill in conservative clothing. Nothing more and Arizona falls for his lies election after election.

I would say John McCain surrendered again but it appears he's always had that liberal streak running through him! Yeah, he's not looking out for our best interests for sure. He's a liar and a fake.

McCain is another perfect example of what we need as a poster child for TERM LIMITS!


Arizona, give McCain the boot. NOW! Dammit!

Bump Stocks...

The legalization of "bump stocks"?! The legalization of gun stocks that are designed to, if effectively applied convert a semi-automatic rifle into an automatic rifle. Another one of the Demoncrat's... another one of Obama's bad laws that we now have to contend with.

And the left blames everything on us, the responsible gun owners of our mighty fine United States of America yet, they're the folks who passed the controversial, unwanted, unsolicited law in the first place.

It's vintage liberal politics. They tell us what we can't have then they give it to us hoping that someone, somewhere will make their "point" for them as to why they believe it should be banned in the first place. When "it" happens they'll turn and point to those of us who would never be remotely interested in doing dastardly deeds with the device, the contraption and hold the horrible event up as their purpose for the need to enforce more control over those of us who don't need it, don't want it.

The left, the liberals give the mentally deranged, their village idiots the "toys" and use them, their liberal village idiot's "toy use" results to govern the rest of us.

It's part of their mantra... they can't help themselves. So now it's past time for us to step in and help ourselves. No one else is looking out for our interests.


Wednesday, October 04, 2017

We're not alone...

Unlike many Americans and many of our "Allies"... Israel, Tel Aviv has our backs! 

Thanks for sharing Dan!

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Black Lives Matter cannot be sued...

It's official. A Federal Judge ruled that the terrorist group, the racist group Black Lives Matter cannot be sued.

To be more precise, an obama appointed black, liberal, federal judge declared that the racist, terrorist organization black lives matter cannot be sued.

End of story!



Gun Control Is Not The Answer

POTUS Donald J. Trump, heed the warning of Steve Bannon. You selected him for a reason. He IS your voice of reason. In light of the recent mass murder in our country.

But gun control is not the answer! after a lunatic, Stephen Paddock shot at and killed at least 59 persons and wounded at least 500 others at Route 91 Harvest country music festival, a recent country western music concert featuring Jason Aldean in Las Vegas, Nevada yesterday, October 2, 2017.

It's a sad time for all. May we keep the families of those who have perished and those who were injured and are trying to recover from their wounds in our prayers!

But gun control is not the answer!

As shown globally... even with "gun control" these mass murders will happen. And they'll be far more damaging, far more intense!

The left are all over ensuring this particular incident become the "poster child" for the left's push to strip us from yet another Constitutional Right... the Second Amendment!

If that happens I'll be an outlaw. IMHO

Pray for those who perished, who are injured and those families who are affected. Pray for our collective souls.

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Muslim Bro'hood turns to Erdogan, Turkey For Radical Recognition.

Islam, muslims... they're looking more and more towards Turkey, Erdogan's regime to legitimize their radical elements. In essence, Turkey seems to be the muslim bro'hood's choice for support, official recognition, globally.

The muslim brotherhood, the "Islamic Relief and the Muslim American Society -- two prominent Islamist groups designated as terrorist organizations by the United Arab Emirates in 2014" and other "U.S. Islamist organizations" are seeking collaboration and support from Erdogan's crowd.

That should tell us something about the intentions of those American comprised anti-American, anti-Christian muslim groups who aren't accepted elsewhere. They're turning to the most radical islamic influence in Europe... Ankara... Turkey... They're turning to Erdogan and his clowns (who seemingly want to be the next moohamud or something).

Yeah, and the mooslum bro'hood's our friend. Tell me again that their overt, blatant devotion to radical islam, to our very destruction is all a figment of my imagination too.

I'll believe that when I see it. Wink-Wink.

islam, it's nothing more than a cesspool, a petri dish for terrorists and terrorism, IMHO

Danish School Children Fear Their Classmates

 And it seems they should.

The Danes in Denmark are re-thinking their acceptance of the daesh, "muslim" migrants but I think it just might be a day late and a dollar short. It seems the little muslim immigrant "children" who are being taught in Danish government approved "private schools" private schools" are wanting to break their Danish hosts children's hands and legs. It's also been reported that the muslim "children" are writing prose and poetry about torturing and breaking the limbs of their new found, non-muslim victims to be. Further, Danish Christian instructors are not always permitted at these private islamic schools. In at least one instance, most likely many more, an imam from Iraq was "brought in" to teach the muslim students their lessons relating to Christianity. I can only imagine how well that went for our fellow Christians.

The imams teaching lessons describing Christianity to muslim children, muslim cretins calling their classmates "Danish pigs" and the Christian children who are obviously hated by the muslims are just a wee bit uncomfortable with the curriculum and their muslim classmates.

It may be too late but at least some of the government regulators of the private "schools" are reporting the muslim "lessons" taught to the muslim cretins in those "schools" to the authorities.

Welcome to Denmark. Soon to be a part of the European caliphate.