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Friday, October 06, 2017

Keith Olbermann VS the National Rifle Association...

...and the rest of us.

Just what the heck does this keith olbermann thing think he is? I mean, no one seems to really listen to him anymore do they? I wouldn't know. I really have nothing to do with the fool. Is he still trying to be a comedian? If so, he's failed at that too. He's a horrible comedian and a failed "talk show" host. I don't think he does the news anymore does he? Did he ever have anything to do with the news?

So who the hell cares what he has to say about anything?! I don't but I thought I'd share some of his gibberish with you. Just so you know, here's his latest lunacy...  "the NRA is a terrorist organization"! 

The guy's so far in the cellar that he has to resort to sensationalizing a tragedy and dragging in the National Rifle Association in a very failed attempt to prove his point. Note the idiot's skewed view of the intent of our Second Amendment to the constitution in his "discussion" about it.

I take it back, he can be a comedian at times. Only he doesn't know it. He's trying to be serious.

What a pathetic excuse for a human being, this olbermann thing.


Thanks to Guns America and in particular S.H. Blannelberry for sharing the article referred to above.

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