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Friday, October 06, 2017

John McCain needs to RETIRE!

Arizona! DO SOMETHING!!!

Get John McCain out of office somehow. Just do it legitimately and quickly. He has never really been a true conservative, he never will be a true conservative and lately the blood-sucking, back stabbing, flaming liberal has come out of the closet for the world to see that he truly is what he is... a blood sucking, back stabbing, flaming liberal!

When McCain calls out a truly combat proven hero's ability to lead then I have REAL problems with that sack of shat McCain who calls himself a "conservative", a "republican". He's no more "conservative" than that failed POSPOTUS obummer was and is.

McCain's simply a liberal shill in conservative clothing. Nothing more and Arizona falls for his lies election after election.

I would say John McCain surrendered again but it appears he's always had that liberal streak running through him! Yeah, he's not looking out for our best interests for sure. He's a liar and a fake.

McCain is another perfect example of what we need as a poster child for TERM LIMITS!


Arizona, give McCain the boot. NOW! Dammit!

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