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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Germany Warns The U.S. Of War...


This time they're using the Iran Nuclear Deal as their banner.

Can anyone see the irony of Germany warning the United States that our previous "agreement" with Iran needs to continue? You know, that "agreement" between barack hussein obummer and the Iranians. The very same barack hussein obama who paid the Iranians hundreds of millions of dollars in (wink-wink) ransom money prior to vacating the presidency! The very same Germany who's been responsible for the start of two "World Wars".

Yep, that Germany.

Germany's telling us we need to resume the agreement or we will most likely assure another global war. Third time's the charm eh, Germany?

This would be humorous if it wasn't a real suggestion. Germany... the gateway to Europe for thousands of "refugees" who are hell-bent on destroying us.

Iran's not to be trusted and Germany's doing nothing more than enabling Iran.

The question I have is "WHY?"



Dan T. said...

The Germans have always been allied with the muslims. Look at WWI and the Ottoman empire. Battle of Gallipoli is a prime example. (And the Armenian holocaust.) The look at the North Africa battles in the early part of WWII and beyond. It isnt any wonder that Fuhrer Merkel and her minions are taking up the banner of the muzzies once again.

ttueoop said...

Yep. I was leaving that part for later. But being as you've broached it let's not just leave it with Germany. We all know the Turks, Switzerland (hell, they've established over the generations that they'll jump into bed with anyone if given enough money, influence, recognition), much of Europe is already sucking on the muslim teat, rapidly becoming a European caliphate. The only question that remains is which "Caliph" will be the benefactor? Is it Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei? I mean, afterall they've made it clear they're preparing "the country's conditions, the region's conditions, and, Allah willing, the world's conditions for the reappearance [of Imam Mahdi] (who) will spread justice.”

They're not attempting to disguise their intentions and quite frankly, why should they? They really have nothing to lose... in Europe. Europe's "been there, done that" and seemingly are willing to give it another go. IMHO