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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Many Pakistani Muslims Argue That "Pedophilia Is Okay".

Pedophilia and homosexuality. But they don't quite say it that way.

According to a three years old study and subsequent poll by the Daily Mail in Pakistan, many Pakistani men believe that sex with young boys is okay, not wrong per their "religion", their custom. Whether the boys approve or not (like that should make any difference).

In 2014 The Daily Mail published this article about the seemingly rampant sexual abuse of young boys in Pakistan perpetuated by adult Muslim males. According to a 2014 survey one third of adult Pakistani males believe it's okay to have sex with young boys. Especially having sex with the young "street boys" who have no adults to provide protection for them.

Per the study "an estimated 90 per cent of street children have been victims of sexual abuse at some point in their lives".

And their "religion" (islam) accepts this?!

I'm sorry folks but that there islam thing, it's not a religion! It can't be! It's nothing more than a vile, despicable, demonic cult.

What is it about religion and pedophilia? Where's the "guidance" from their "holy books" that suggest pedophilia is okay? I'll suggest islam's not alone on this one but that particular cult of islam is certainly leading the way to hell!


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